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Hot ho for two brutal soldiers

brunette chick tablefuck by soldiers

Spread on the table with no clothes on, this white-skinned brunette looks so tempting that the soldiers from Abusing Uniforms forget that she is their prisoner of war. Now she is their humble fuck doll and nothing more than that!

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Blonde got banged on top of BF

abused behind fuck she gets

It’s not for the first time that this blondie is clawing into her boyfriend’s back but it’s for the first time that she’s doing under such circumstances! See her getting fucked against her will on top of the bound guy at Abused Witness!


I was cold outside the window but I knew I’d warm up shortly when I
have my dick in her nice hot mouth. Look at her walking around in that
teddy. Her nice firm ass and fat pussy outlined by the laced panties. I
guess she thinks that husband of her’s is going to be inside of her
tonight. She thinks wrong. Look at those small perky breasts. I’ll have
to let her know she is going to have to be extra special since she has
no tits for me to play with.

Julie knows this man that is crouching outside her window waiting for
her to go to her bed where her husband already lies asleep. She hasn’t
seen this man in over five years but he still remembers when she worked
for him.

She would wear the tightest close she could and he used to stare at her
firm pussy, which had to be wet from the rubbing her jeans would give
her. He has planned this for a year after he found out where she lived.

The lights go out.. It is time. Brian sneaks around to the garage
window, which he knows has a broken lock. He quietly lifts the window
and climbs in with his bag of goodies. He pulls the ski mask over his
face and proceeds to enter the kitchen. It’s quiet in the house. Only
the noise of the heater covers his steps. He reaches the door to the
bedroom, which is standing open. The street light shines through the
window directly onto the bed where Julie and her husband Jeff lie
sleeping. She breathes heavily so he knows she has already indexed to
drift off. He reaches into his bag and pulls out the 9mm handgun, which
is not loaded. He knows that if it were loaded the situation might turn
against him and the gun is pointed his way. Their gun, which lies at
the top of the closet, is loaded so he moves silently to it and puts it
into his bag. He has watched these two for quite a while. Neither one
must have listened when their mother told them to keep the curtains
closed after dark.

Now he sets the bag down at the foot of the bed where there is a wooden
chest. She keeps her night close in this trunk. He fully intends to use
them tonight. He will have all night with her tonight if he can just
pull off the next 3 minutes. He pulls rope from the bag laying it on
the edge of the bed. He then pulls the handkerchief and a bottle of
ether. He pours a little ether on the handkerchief and moves toward
Jeff. He has to do this quickly. He forces the handkerchief to Jeff who
begins to struggle. But he has already taken a deep breath before he is
fully aware of what happened. Brian sees Julie’s eyes open. Startled at
the site of Brian she tries to get out of bed. Brian pulls the gun out
as she stands to run. Brian can see the fear in her eyes. She stands
trembling not knowing what to do.

She stammers out.” Please.Don’t hurt us.. We don’t have much money..
But take what you want but please just take it and go..”

Brian says nothing because she might recognize his voice. He walks
around to her and grabs a roll of duck tape out of the bag. Tearing off
a piece he puts it over her eyes. He then tears off two more pieces,
which he puts over her ears so that she can still hear but every thing
will be muffled, disguising his voice.

“I want you to sit on the bed and be quiet.”

Julie indexs mumbling.” Please.”

Brian puts the back of his hand across her cheek. The force of the
blows sends her falling onto the bed.

“I said get on the bed and be Quiet. Say another word and this gun goes

Brian then closes the curtains and turns on the light. He brings a
chair from out of the corner to the foot of the bed. He lifts Jeff off
the bed and sits him in the chair. He then takes the rope and ties him
to the chair very tightly.

” Now the fun begins. What is your name woman?” He says as he removes
the ski mask.

” She shakily says “Julie”

“Julie, If you want you and your husband to survive the night you will
do exactly what I tell you to do. EXACTLY. Understand?”

Julie begins to sob but she nods her head.

He knows he has about thirty minutes before Jeff Wakes up so he grabs
Julie by the arm and Pulls her out of the bedroom and down the hallway
to the babies room.

“Do you know what room you are in now, Julie?

She just nods her head no.

“You are in your sons room.” Julie begins to tremble again.

“Oh please do not hurt my Son!”

She hits the floor as Brian slaps her again. ” Did I ask you a

“Now stand up. I am not going to hurt your son unless you make me.”
Brian is lying of course. He would never lay a hand on a 2-year-old
child. But Julie doesn’t know that. ” If you do everything I say
tonight and do it without struggling your son will see the sun
tomorrow. DO you understand?”

When She nods Brian continues, “Tonight you are going to do what you
were created to do, Julie. You are going to Breed. I am going to fuck
you more than you have ever been fucked. When I am done you will know
that all you are here for is for men to breed you. I know you are not
on the pill because I saw the condoms in your closet. You will be
pregnant after tonight Julie. Your pussy exist for me to fuck. From now
on you will call yourself Man’s Pussy. You are no longer Julie.”

Even with the duck tape over her eyes, Brian could see the tears
pouring from her eyes.

Now take your Teddy off and let me see what my pussy looks like. tits? You had better index thinking of a way to make up for
that, Man’s Pussy. Since I can’t put my dick between those things you
better do everything else perfect. How old are you Man’s Pussy?


“You sure you’re not thirteen? Those look like puberty tits? Take those
panties of and get on your knees Pussy. Now when I do this you will not
hurt me in anyway. You better do this right or the child dies before
you do. Open your mouth.

When Julie’s lips parted Brian instantly put his dick into her mouth.
Startled Julie moved backwards to try and remove it from her mouth.
Brian grabbed the back of her head refusing to let her move. Once she
realized it was in her mouth to stay she began breathing threw her
nose. ” Start sucking Pussy. And remember you better do this good to
make up for your lack of tits.”

After sobbing a little at her plight she thought of her little boy and
proceeded to let the penis slide back and forth on her lips. She truly
believed this man might kill her son so she tried her best. Maybe if
she made him cum he would go away and leave. She ran her tongue in
circles on the underside of his cock.

” Damn.. You have had a cock in there before haven’t you Pussy. You are
good at this. Since you like it so much I think you are going to have a
cock there a lot more tonight. Open your throat more.. I want you to
take more of me..”

All of a sudden Julie began choking and gagging as Brian forced his
Cock past the back and into her throat. She realized she was only
adding to the pleasure she had been giving this man and he was taking
no notice that she could not breathe. She felt the head of his prick
index to throb. She had never taken a man’s cock this far into her
mouth. She felt his balls touching her chin. She could taste the sweat
from them on her lips. Strange as it may seem.. And as her stomach
turned not because of the taste in her turned because she
suddenly realized she like the way this man tasted. Just as her stomach
turned she felt his warm salty liquid shoot down her throat. She had no
choice but to swallow. His sperm was being forced into her throat.
After the first shot he began pulling out and returning it so that
every time his cum shot out she was forced to swallow it. Her stomach
felt warm.. Her mouth tasted of salt. Her pussy was getting wet. With a
sudden shock she realized the wetness was there between her legs. How
could she be enjoying this she thought. As the last of his cum dripped
onto her tongue he removed his cock and wiped it on her cheek.

“Good job Pussy. Now stand up.”

Brian pulled her out of the child’s room and back to her room. When he
walked in he noticed that Jeff was coming to. He walked over and
removed his underwear. He pushed Julie to the floor in front of him.

“I noticed you seemed to enjoy that Pussy. Now suck on your husband
while I decide which part of you I want to fuck next. When he cums you
will swallow. If you miss one drop I will put my dick in your ass with
no lubrication. I will rip your ass into pieces.

Julie did as she was told. Jeff tried hard not to cum but after a few
minutes of Julie’s attention he grunted and Brian could see Julie
Struggling not to let any escape her throat. Brian of course was
telling the truth. He still planned on fucking her ass but he would at
least lube her up.

“Getting full yet Pussy?” Brian didn’t expect a response but Julie
still answered,


“OK. We’ll have to fill the other end up then.” Brian reached into his
bag and pulled out a plastic blanket. This he spread out on the bed.
Next he told Julie to lie on the bed. Reaching into the bag once again
he removed the gallon of Crisco oil. He poured some on Julie’s stomach
and indexed rubbing it in. He greased her everywhere. Even the inside
of her asshole. He did this with first one finger then worked his way
up to three. He noticed her nipples were stiff as a board now so he
decided he’d taste one. For small tits…she had unbelievably large
nipples. And all the while Jeff looked on…..

Julie had some idea why Brian was oiling her asshole the way he was but
she didn’t want to think of it. She had little choice though when Brian
climbed onto the bed between her legs spreading them apart and towards
her chest. Brian leaned into her pushing her legs as high as they would
go lifting her ass off the bed. Brian positioned his huge cock up
between her ass cheeks.

She was really scared becuase she knew from having that cock in her
mouth and throat how big it was. She clenched she had nothing to hold
on to to try and clench her cheeks together so she was completely
helpless to stop the intrudung cock from entering her virgin asshole.
She felt it going deep inside her. Brian then indexed moving in and
out. Julie could barely breathe it hurt so much. She could swear she
felt it all the way up into her stomach where she still felt a warm
feeling from all the cum she had been forced to swallow.

Damn you feel good cunt. You like the way I fill up your worthless ass.
This is what your ass is here for cunt. For me and every other man to
fill with cum. You didn’t think you had a hole that was not made for me
to fuck did you?

Julie couldn’t help but cry once again because this man’s words once
again touched something inside her and she realized she was getting a
quiivering inside her pussy. She realized this rapist was about to make
her cum. She couldn’t feel the pain anymore. Her ass had settled to a
slight burning sensation which was turning her on. She did feel just as
she let out a gasp of ectasy that his cock was quivering inside her ass
and she knew he was about to pump his cum where she had never let
another man cum. She realized also that the next man that wanted her
there that she would let them. This indexed more tears falling as the
realization of what she was came to her.

She was exactly what this rapist was telling her. A Cunt with three
holes to feel. After his cock was spent he removed it from her ass. She
could fill his cum running out of her still gaoing hole. The warm
liquid running down threw the crack of her ass and onto the plastic.
She could feel herself laying in it when he let her legs fall to the
bed. She wasn’t allowed to think on that nasty situation but for a
second becuase she suddenly found this mans cock next to her face
again. Surely he doesn’t want me to suck him off after he has been in
her ass. He was telling her to taste what her ass was like. He was
demanding her to get her nasty shit off of his cock. She gagged as she
let him put it in her mouth again. It tasted like dirt and grease.
After she had cleaned it to his liking he removed it.

He told her to get her cunt up that they were going into the Kitchen.
She felt the cum still oozing from her now sore asshole. Was he done
with her now? She had the feeling he wasn’t becuase he had told her
earlier that he was going to get her pregnant. She led this man to her
kitchen, Slowly. She was having trouble walking with her ass as sore as
it was. As she got into the kitchen he turned the light on and told her
to fix him his dinner. She had no idea what he wanted but she knew they
had some steak left over from her and jeff’s dinner so she got it out
and warmed it up. She noticed while she was doing this that there was
blood mixed with the cum that was drying on her legs now. When she had
finished she handed him the steak and he motioned for her to go back
toward the bedroom. He set the plate down on the dresser and grabbed
her by her hair. He forced her over toward Jeff and told her that she
was going to eat also.

Your Going to eat more Cum, Pussy. Now get to it. He then grabbed Jeff
by the hair and told him that he had better not cum before he was done
with his steak or Julie would suffer for it.

When Julie heard this she knew that she had better work really hard not
to make him cum. She knew this guy meant what he said. She slowly put
her husband’s cock into her mouth not moving her tongue at all she
slowly pulled her head back and forth until she felt him begin to fill
her wet mouth. She felt her stomach turned as she began to realize that
she was going to have to swallow even more cum. She began to wonder
what time it was and realized that she had been fucking for several
hours. She suddenly felt the toll that it had taken on her body. She
was busy thinking of this when she felt Jeff’s cock index to twitch.
She quickly glanced at her rapist and realized that she had made a
terrible mistake by not paying more attention to Jeff’s stiffening dick
because the man had not finishes. The horror of what she had done hit
her as Jeff realeased wad afyter wad of cum into her throat. She
swallowed him deep into her throat thinking that if she got it all into
her stomach her rapist would forget his earlier threat.

Stay there pussy. When I get done here we’ll see if we can get you
pregnnt. It didn’t take long for him to finish and even when he did she
didn’t move. She watched as he moved to his bag and got out something.
She really couldn’t see it good because he was behind her with it and
she still had a drained prick in her mouth. She found out what it was
as she felt pain shoot up her back from her ass cheeks. It was a
leather strap or belt of some kind.

I told you she would pay, BOY! Now she is going to get it and if your
cock comes out of this pussy’s mouth i’ll keep going.

Julie lost count of how many licks it took before she screamed and let
Jeff’s dick fall out but she quickly sucked it back in but still the
lashing wwent on. Not too long after that she was shocked and horrified
to feel Jeff grow again. Was he enjoying watching her get beat? My
God!!! Her torturor noticed it also. To her amazment he stopped.

” Ahhh this pussy must have been a real ballbuster for you to be
getting off on her pain. Well she’ll be a lot nicer now won’t you

She nodded as she felt him rubbing his fingers over her pussy lips.

” Start sucking whore!!”

She felt another lash from the strap. She began in agony to give her
husband another blowjob. Her mouth hurt and her lips were very chapped.
She felt for the first time tonight a cock entering her vagina. Dear
God! Please let this be the last time I get cummed in tonight!

Both brian and Jeff took forever to build up since this was the second
or third time they had cum already. The only thing keeping Julie moving
back and forth was the force from this man inside her pussy. He shove
himself deep into her and forced her to accept Jeff’s cock in her
throat. When he pulled out she was litteraly boucing back of of her
husbands balls. Likewise the only thing keeping her from falling to the
floor in exhaustion was the fact that she was hung from both ends by
cocks that were taking too long to cum. She remembered feeling them
both erupt simultaneously filling her from both ends with hot slick
cum. She felt the cock removed from her vagina and she literally slid
off of her husband to the floor. The last thing she remember before she
blacked out was thinking…MY God….This Vicious thing has given me
another child….

That was 7 years ago and Julie is now divorced and raising two Boys.
She still awakens in the night dreaming of that night and when she does
she gets a craving for cum. Guess that’s why Jeff divorced her but she
still wanders out into the night looking for someone to rape her.

Just to let everyone know…There is no Brian, Julie or Jeff. This is
just a story for entertainment.


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Forced to Service Two Guys

She was having the time of her life in the club; being lavished with attention by two handsome young men. Drunk and happy, she was led to the guys’ flat, and from there she was thoroughly abused. See her ordeal only at

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