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drilled behind unwanted

Who does this butterface bitch think she is, a beauty queen? It’s only her body that deserves some attention and, hell yeah, it’s going to get it in this Girls Ravished scene! Watch the girl get fucked in the bathroom – so rudely!

# Eva’s Long Run Part II

As the bread truck began to move, Eva could not believe her

” How could I have been so foolish,” she thought, ” I have to get

Eva assessed her situation. She was tied tightly around the legs and
her thighs pulled open. Her hands remained tied behind her back, but
nothing prevented her from straightening up from the stool. Her breasts
ached from the torture the small man had inflicted on her nipples and
her cunt and ass continued to throb from the assualts inflicted by both
men. Eva was also struggling to breath in the black mask they had
placed on her. She could hear them speaking as she felt the sway of the
truck and her apprehension grew as she realized there was no escape for

Jack and Joe were proud of their captive. Things had gone as plan and
now they were preparing for Phase II. Jack was not content with just
raping the woman, he wanted her total submission and he had just the
plan as the he pulled the truck down a deserted alley and into the

Eva pushed forward as the truck came to a stop. Her legs were cramping
because of their position. She could hear movement in the front of the
truck and made at the voice of the large man.

” Have you got the tools,” Jack said to Joe as Joe entered from the
front of the truck, ” let’s hurry and clean her up.”

Joe handed the long hose-like tube to Jack and went to the rear of the
truck to open the back doors. Eva felt the rush of air against her ass
and exposed cunt. She could feel their seed drying on her legs and cunt
lips and began to struggle again. Suddenly Eva felt something at her
cunt, like a small dildo. Someone was pushing a tube into her cunt. Eva
was relieved that it was so small until she felt the first gush of warm
water filling her abused vagina. The two men’s voices were muffled in
her mask, but Eva knew they were cleaning her vagina. She could feel
the water flow in and around her vagina then back out onto the floor of
the truck. After about ten minutes, the tube was removed from her
vagina and placed in her ass.

Eva squirmed as the warm water began to expand her bowels. Eva
remembered as a child her Mother had given her an enema one time and it
was so disgusting she had never wanted another. Eva tried to hold the
water in as her bowels grew and the warm water travel up to her
stomach, but it was too much and her humiliation intensified as her
bowels let go. Eva hung her head in shame as she felt the warm water
explode from her ass and the disgusting sounds her ass made as the
water came out. She could smell her own feces and feel the vile water
on her knees.

” That should just about do the job,” Jack said as he handed the enema
bag back to Joe, ” now let’s get this mess clean up and get her ready.

Jack and Joe both worked around Eva using a hose to spray the floor of
the van clean. They then took water and clean Eva’s ass and cunt with a
sponge and soapy water. When they were finished, Jack removed the
leather patches from Eva’s eyes. The light caused her to squint and
Jack waited until she her eyes had adjusted. He wanted her to see what
was coming next.

Eva was paralyzed with fear when her eyes finally adjusted to the
light. The large man held three wires with clamps at the end in his
hand. She tried to move away as he attached a clamp to each nipple. Eva
sighed as he moved away and did not replace the weights. Her signed
quickly turned to a muffled scream as she felt his finger on her
clitoris. He pitched and pulled at her clit until she could feel it
involuntarily enlarging to the stimulation. Then to Eva’s shock, she
felt the third clamp attached to her swollen clit. The large man
positioned the wires attached to the clamps to that the came over each
of her shoulders from her breasts and around the side of her hip. In
this manner, they would not be in the way if they decided to subject
Eva to more sexual abuse. While the large man worked with the wires,
the smaller man approach Eva and placed a collar around her neck and
secured it tightly. Then both men moved in front of Eva.

Eva looked at them and noticed the large man held a black box in his
hand with two dials. When he saw Eva watching him he turned the first
dial. Eva instantaneously felt the electricity flowing into her breast,
just a low current but enough to make her nipples swell and her breast
tighten. The pain in her breast was on the verge of unbearable. Eva
felt like someone was sticking thousands of pins into each nipple and
breast. As suddenly as it had indexed, it stopped. Eva saw the large
man turn the second dial. This time Eva felt the tingling in her clit
and cunt, again a thousand pins being stuck in this sensitive area. Eva
began to work against the ropes when the sensation in her cunt stopped
also. Eva looked pleadingly at the large man as he turned both dials
all the way to the right. Eva arched her back as the electricity shot
into her breast and cunt and the same time. Beads of sweat appeared on
her body as she strained against the pain in her cunt and breasts. She
pleaded through the mask for them to stop the pain and then passed out.

Eva was quickly revived with slaps to the face from the large man. He
was talking to her and Eva was unable to make out his words. He would
say something, wait and then slap her again.

” I want you to say ‘Please fuck my ass, my cunt, my mouth,” Jack
shouted at Eva. ” I’m a whore and I want to be used.” Jack continued.

Eva finally could hear him. The large man told her if she did not say
it, he would turn the dials again.
Eva shook her head ” No” and immediately felt the electric current
piercing through her breast and cunt.
Eva could not stand the pain and tried to speak through the mask. The
large man unzipped the mouth . . .

” Please fuck my ass, my cunt, my mouth,” Eva groan as the electricity
continued to torment her cunt and ass.”

” Louder,” the large man shouted.

” Please fuck my ass, my cunt, my mouth,” Eva shouted with all her
might, ” I’m a whore and I want to be used.”

Eva hung her head and sobbed out loud as the electrical shock subsided.
Her cunt and breast still quivered and tingled from the sustained
exposure to electricity. The large man grab her by the pony tail and
pulled her head up.

” Now, bitch, you are our little fuck whore. We are going to sell you
ass, cunt, and mouth, and you will help us and cooperate. If you don’t,
then the dials will be turned up full blast until you pass out again,”
Jack ordered, ” Do you understand?”

Eva shook her head ” Yes” and then closed her eyes to block out the
past few hours.
Her legs were almost numb from the ropes and now her cunt and breast
were hurting from the electricity. She could not resist anymore, she
made up her mind to do whatever they wanted to do to her just to
survive and have it end. She felt the truck moving again and looked to
see the smaller man driving. She turned her head and saw the larger man
releasing the ropes attached to her thighs.

” You will stay bent over this stool. When a customer approaches, you
will say what we have told you to say and spread your legs for them. I
am also going to untie your arms so you can use your hands to support
yourself or to hold their dicks while they fuck that pretty little
mouth. If you fail to do as you’re told, I will turn the dials all the
way and fuck you anyway. After we are done with you, you will be set
free. If you don’t cooperate, we will still fuck you and then sell you
to white slavers. Do you understand,” the large man instructed Eva.

Eva nodded to indicate she understood and felt the blood rush back into
her legs as the ropes were released. Her arms had begun numb so she
worked her finger and arms to bring the blood back into her hands. Eva
slowly brought her legs together and lifted herself slightly from the
padded stool. She knew she was to be a ” fuck slave” as the large man
said and prayed they would not sell her or worse.

Jack and Joe turned out the long street toward the outskirts of town.
It was about lunch time and Jack knew that men on their lunch break
would be gathering at the local bar just outside town. Usually there
were 30 or 40 men from various construction sites and factories
stopping by at lunch. The bar owner had stippers during the day and
this gave all the workers a break from the monotony of their job and
Jack the idea of where to make money with their whore.

Joe pulled the truck around to the side of the bar, just out of site.
Jack asked Eva if she remembered what she was to do and Eva nodded.
Jack went into the bar and it was better than he thought. The bar was
full of about 50 men, mostly black. He approached a group of six large,
black men watching the strippers from the bar.

” You guys interested in a cheap piece of ass and pussy,” Jack
inquired, ” only 20 bucks for the pussy, 30 for the ass and if you buy
both I’ll throw in a blow job.”

All six black men followed Jack to the back of the truck. When he
opened the doors, they all hooted and howled at the site of the white
woman, with her ass and cunt staring straight at them bent over the

” Please fuck my ass, my cunt, my mouth,” Eva moaned as she heard the
men, ” I’m a whore and I want to be used.” Eva did not want to risk
being shocked again.

The men began pulled out their money, some 20 dollars, some 30 dollars
and one 50 dollars.

” Whose first,” one of the men asked.”

Jack explained that the cunt was first, then the ass, then both as he
counted the money. Each man, in his turned climbed into the back of the
truck and fucked Eva. Eva spread her legs wide and felt each dick
penentrate her and fuck her hard. At times she had to support her
weight with her hand to keep from being pushed off the stool with the
force of the fucking.

She could also see the flash of the camera as the smaller man took
pictures of her being fucked. After three had abused her cunt, Eva felt
the first dick in her ass and tried to relax. She was glad that her
cunt was given a break, but dreaded the violation of her ass. She tried
to relax to allow penetration without pain but her tormentor took no
time and drove his dick deep into her bowels without preparation or
thought of her pain. Finally, the last of the six climbed into the

Eva’s cunt and ass were well lubricated with sperm now and she could
only feel the penetration and movement, no pain as he fuck her cunt
first, then her ass. As he finished in her ass, he slowly withdrew and
walked around to the front. Eva did not even hesitate as she raised her
head and took his semi-hard dick in her mouth ignoring the odors and
stains from her own bowels. She sucked hard and long, using her tongue
until he began to pump jism against the back of her throat. Eva
swallowed every drop, ashamed she had begun such a whore. She trembled
as she heard more voices at the rear of the truck and spread her legs
and made her request again.

” Please fuck my ass, my cunt, my mouth, I’m a whore and I want to be

As evening approached, Eva was a sight. Her ass and cunt had been
ravaged by at least 30 men and she had sucked 15 of those. Eva was
growing weary and the larger man on two occasions had to splash her
face with water to keep her awake. Eva played the role of whore as well
as she could. Her ass at one point had bled a little and her cunt was
raw. The corners of her mouth were split from the over-sized dicks
forced down her throat and her stomach was upset from all the sperm she
had swallowed.

Most of the men had left her breast along, content to fuck her and have
her suck them. She heard four voices in the background after a brief
break and may her statement again in a faint whisper. The large man
crawled up beside her face and told her that these four men wanted
something special and that they had paid 500 dollars to use her at the
same time.

He ask Eva if she remembered the shocks, and she mouthed yes. He told
her this would be the last, then they would let her go. Eva was helped
to her feet, her legs wobbling from being bent over the stool for so
long. She was led the back of the truck where three of the men were
standing and the fourth lying on his back, naked with the largest dick
Eva had ever seen standing straight up.

The large man motion for Eva to straddle the man, and Eva realized what
they wanted. She positioned her cunt over the 14 inches of hard dick
and slowly lowered herself down. Even with all the lubrication, this
stretched Eva cunt to the maximum and she again could feel the
friction. When she was completing impaled, the man pulled her foward by
her breast and began fucking her. Then Eva felt another dick at her
ass. She finally realized that they intended to use all of her holes as
the third man came around and pointed his dick at her mouth. As her ass
was penetrated, the large man removed her hood, and the man in front
grabbed her head and shoved her mouth onto his dick.

Eva felt so full, she knew that the dick in her ass and the one in her
cunt were separated by only the thinest piece of skin. The friction was
increasing as they got into a rhythm, one out, one in, and the one at
her face pumped slowly in and out of her mouth. Eva did not know where
the fourth man was, but felt the man in her ass move up further on her
back while continuing to fuck her ass. Suddenly Eva felt the other
man’s dick at her cunt. The three men held her tight, one in her ass,
cunt, and mouth, as the fourth double penetrated her cunt. Eva jerked
and struggled to free herself as she felt the fourth dick push slowly
inside her cunt beside the other over-sized one.

Then Eva felt the sensation of pleasure coming from her cunt. She was
appalled as the four men got into a rhythm, two now fucking her cunt.
The intense friction and pressure on her clit and the fullness was
causing her to become aroused. Eva tried to fight it remembering she
was being raped, but she felt herself getting closer and closer. All at
once the man in her mouth began to come, then the one in her ass. Eva
had never felt so full or such intense pleasure.

As the double dicks in her cunt contracted at the same time, she saw
the large man with the black box just as he turned the dials. The
sensations were too much for Eva and she exploded with the four men
into the most intense orgasm of her life. Waves and waves of orgasmic
pleasure shot through her body as she raised up and twisted from side
to side. The man in her ass pulled out and grabbed her by her tits
while the one in front continued come all over her chest. The two men
in her cunt were struggling to stay inside her as Eva continued to
thrash and squirm with the intensity of the orgasm. Eva thought they
would never end even as the final two men pulled from her cunt and they
stood and watched her wringing on the floor. Eva was so lost in her
orgasms that she did not noticed the pictures Joe was taking of her

After her ordeal, Eva slept in the back of the truck as the two men
drove back to the garage. Once there, she was again cleaned both inside
and out and placed on a clean blanket. Eva slept again until the truck
came to a stop. As the back doors opened, Eva noticed it was late
afternoon, almost dark. The larger man threw her a thin, tank top which
Eva quickly put on. It barely covered her ass and her nipples, raw from
the abuse scratched against the material.

The larger man approach her, ” We are going to let you go, but thought
you would like to see these first.”

Eva was devestated. There she was, fucking four men and obviously
enjoying it. There were at least a dozen pictures, and in each one, Eva
was clearly visible, and the look on her face was not fear, but

” Now, if you do not want these sent to your husband and children’s
principle, I don’t believe you will be telling anyone about what

Eva shook her head know and the two men jump in the truck and left. Eva
had to be careful going home because of her clothing. She arrived
before her husband and went upstairs to shower and check for damage.
Her cunt was in fact raw, and her ass was sore but neither were beyond
repair. What distrubed Eva the most was her nipples. They were at least
a 1/2 inch longer, red, and swollen to their maximum tightness. In
addition, Eva was exhausted.

The next week or so, Eva made love to her husband once and felt
nothing. She had been able to rationalize her behavior because no one
could take that much stimulation without responding regardless of the
circumstances. She would think about what happen, the four men, the
abuse and would feel the wetness in her cunt and her nipples would
harden again. Eva knew that she had changed, but was not sure how until
the phone rang one morning.

” This is Ace Trucking,” the voice said.
Eva remembered, it was the voice of the large man.
” Are you ready for use to make more money?”

” Yes, Please fuck my ass, my cunt, my mouth,” Eva gasped in
excitment.” I’m a whore and I want to be used.”



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