Forced at the Park

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# Customers Delight

Angela Parker had just indexed her education as bankers lawyer in the
Lawson Bank. Her parents had spent all their money to achieve this
exclusive and highly classified job for their daughter. Bob Lawson,
managing director, knew all these details of beautiful young Angela and
planned to take advantage of this. After the first 2 weeks a short
report about the initial appearance was due to prevent the bank of
misleading employees. It was Bob who has to make this report and he
ordered Angela in his office to discuss the details.

After knocking on the wooden door to Mr. Lawson’s office Angela appears
in the frame. She`s a real beauty: 17 years old, 165 cm tall, long and
curly black hair with matching warm, brown eyes and a perfectly shaped
figure: smooth legs, a pert ass, beautful face and on top of all 36
C-breasts like cones, easily visible and imaginable under every sort of
clothes she wears. Today she was dressed in a sheer white blouse (white
silk bra underneath easy to be seen), grey skirt, loose falling to
midthigh, matching black silk stockings and high heeled business shoes.

” Good morning, Mr. Lawson. You wanted to speak to me?” was the shy
opening of the dialog.

” Yes, close the door and take a seat here by my desk”. He enjoined the
way Angela was moving, the slight shivering of her breasts, the
movement of her ass-cheeks under the form-fitting skirt.

” We have to talk about your report. I’m not very happy about your
appearance in the first days and I’m going to give you a kickback to
your parents to become a cashier in the supermarket.” He had choosen
his words carefully to frighten the girl from the beginning. As planned
she fell out of control, covered her mouth with both hands and looked

” But…what…I thought..” Bob looked sternly into her wide opened
eyes. ” Your dress code was false. You dressed too much… open and
your behaviour towards the staff was not correct. I got a few
complaints about.”

Angela looked horrified. ” But… I can’t get a kickout report. My…my
parents would kill me! Please…what can I do to get a better report?”

Things began to move into the right way… ” Nothing at all. It’s the
string convention of our Bank to decide about kickout or not after the
first appearance. My decision has been made and means kickout!”

Angela took her heart in both hands and stood up. ” Please, Mr. Lawson,
I need the passing report. What can I do to convince you about that I’m
the right girl for the job? I…I would do…everything to make you
change your mind. Pleeeassse…” With the last words she lost her mind
balance and fell back onto the chair, tears streaming out of her
shining brown eyes.

” Well…”, Bob indexed the engines, ” there’s only one way to save the
job: You have to agree to be my personal assistant for customer

She looked up through a tears curtain. ” Oh yes, I … would like …
to do that.”

Bob waved his hands ” Not so fast, little lady. There’s a few rules and
a binding agreement which you have to sign up. You will agree to fulfil
every order I give to you, without any complaint. You will have to do
absolutely anything I wish from you,… including personal services.”

She thought in that moment about dancing with customers or going out
for dinner with them and recovered her shape quickly. ” Thank you, Mr.
Lawson. I’m not going to disappoint you, I swear. I agree with the

” O.k., young lady, as you wish. Here is the contract, sign up below.”
She made her signature and felt happy to prevent her parents and
herself from damage and loss of reputation. &

quot; So, I keep the paper here in my safe to be sure that you will
obey to every order. Your new career will index today at 3.45 p.m. here
in my office. Be in time.”
opening an account to move all their business transactions to Lawson
Bank. It was an important date for Bob Lawson and he wanted to be sure
to get the contract. He knew that Dickson and Lomax were in contact
with two other Banks and he knew from recent discussions with both,
that they were open minded and ” on the girl’s side”. Few Bankers try
to get contracts from important customers by inviting them to local
whore houses or private dancing bars, but Bob planned to aquire this
contract by special service. Nothing is more exciting than seducing a
girl with private attitudes, a real amateur, a normal person, maybe an
office assistant…

Exactly in time 3.45 came a knock on his door and Angela entered the
room. ” Close the door and let me have a good look at you. Turn around
a few times and show me every detail of your appearance.” Reluctantly
she turned, slowly and hesitantly, but continuing the motion. He
enjoined the view of the young girl under his control.

” Open one more button of your blouse, I want my customers to have a
good look at you.”

” But…I…what”

” Open the damned button or I kick you out of this Bank immediately!”
Slowly she fumbled with the button, blushing a little bit. ” O.k., now
sit down on the couch and await our customers-to-be. I want you to be a
very nice little girl to them and to make them have a look at your body
every moment they are in this room. Understood?”

” Yes” ” It would please me if you say ” Yes, Sir” ” Yes…Sir”

His Intercom buzzed. ” Your 4 p.m.-date has arrived” ” Lead them in,

Dickson and Lomax were quite impressed as Bob presents them ” Ms.
Parker” as his assistant for the meeting. Unseen by Angela, he blinked
to the two businessmen. They took places and indexed with small talk
about social life and modern clothing. Both couldn’t take their eyes
away from the cleavage of Angela’s blouse, showing a lot of her white
silk bra.

” Do you like the outfit of my assistant?” Bob asked.

” Oh yes, very appealing” ” Angela, why don’t you ask the gentlemen to
feel the stuff of your clothes?” She looked puzzled. ” Or do I have to
open the safe?”

Quickly she stood up and moved to the two men. ” Please… Sirs…would
you like to…to…feel…my clothes?”

They were a bit astonished about the development of the meeting, but
this chance to get hand at a young well dressed girl wouldn’t come
twice, so they grabbed the hem of her skirt and felt the smooth silk.

” Angela, bend forward and offer your blouse to be touched.” She
hesitated and felt now, that she has been trapped by Lawson.

” Please, Mr. Lawson,” she whispered, ” don’t make me do this. I’m a
good girl and not for this sort of entertainment”

” Shut up, you virgin slut and do as I ordered, otherwise…”

” O.k., I do it. Please, Sirs, …would… you like to…touch my
blouse?” she said and bent forward, so that a deep look to her
bra-filled cleavage was open.

” Yes little lady, we would like to”, and they felt up every inch of
the blouse, including the inside of her cleavage, while they brushed
backhands against her pert bra-covered tits. Bob recognized, that both
men were in heat with the girl and so he made his final offer: ” Sirs,
if you sign up our new contract here and now, Ms. Parker will be at
your full command to fulfil every wish you might have, including dirt
and filthy acts, rape or what ever you would like to do to her.”

” Nooo, please, let me out of here”, Angela cried and was running for
the door.

But Bob had closed it and reached her before she could make further
noise. Easily he put her to the carpeted ground, turned her on her
front and binded her hands with handcuffs. Fast he put a ball gag into
her mouth and strapped it behind her head. She kicked and screamed
behind the gag and was a cock straining sight for the men.

Bob held her towards the men. ” So, what’s your decision?” he asked. ”
We’ll sign up” came the quick and hoarse reply. Bob took all signed
papers into his safe and turned back. ” So, she’ll be yours for the
next hour. Do as you please with her. I’ll stay to make sure she
bahaves right.”

” Make her sit on the edge of your desk, legs spread over the edge”,
said Dickson. Bob whispered to the frightened girl:”Do as I say you
will not be hurt. Sit on the edge of my desk and spread your legs.”

She moved and did as ordered. Both men stood on the sides of the girl,
Bob sat on his chair and held the girl from behind to offer her to his

” We want a little feel up and undressing, inclusing french kissing.
`Cause her mouth is filled up, we take her ears for frenching”, said
the men and leaned towards the girl.

They brushed her hair out of the way and lapped over her ears and put
their tongues deep into the ear holes, salivating the tube with their
spit. It made splashing sounds to Angela and was a terrific feeling.
Continuing their ear frenching the men grabbed Angela’s blouse buttons
and opened them one by one, until it was open. They took the blouse out
of her skirt and peeled it backwards over her shoulders down to the
handcuffs. Next came the bra: They felt up the outside of the silk
material, stroked over her hardening nipples and enjoined the sight of
the bulging silk under their hands. Each man took one bra strap and
peeled it deliberatelly down her arms, baring her white shoulder

” Now, Mr. Lomax, would you like to have a look at that tits naked?”
asked Dickson

” Of course, Mr. Dickson”, replied the other man smiling. Angela
writhed in Bob’s hands and tried to protect her body from further
undressing, but useless: Lomax took the front clasp of her bra, opened
it with a snap and her recently bra-strained cone-breasts sprang free
into the air, nipples stiffening from coldness and fear.

Both manipulated the milk boobs severely, pinching the nipples and
molding the soft flesh in their hands, making them quiver and giggle.
Bob held Angela fixed up in the seated position.

” Now let’s get into her girls panties” said Lomax. She made stiffened
noise under her gag and wiggled in Bob’s arms, but was helpless in the
hands of her seducers: They felt up the inside of her thighs at the
knee and let their hands walk slowly under the skirt.

Angela tried to close her legs, but due to the edge of the desk it was
impossible. Slowly they uncovered her thighs, until the white silk
panties came into view.

” Come on, Mr. Lomax, let’s feel up the girl’s cunt to wet her for our

Now Angela was under extreme panic: She tried to kick, but all three
men held her for further abuse on the desk. She made screams and pleas
into her gag, drooled out of the edges, but all with no help: Dickson
and Lomax reached under her panties and put them aside to get the first
access to her cunt. Fingers probed over the virgin slit, only slightly
covered with short pussy hair, and put her cunt lips aside to open her
pink girl slut hole, indexing to wet with fear excitement. While Lomax
again frenched her ear hole and mauled her delicate breasts, Dickson
stuck his middle finger half-deep into her girl cunt tube and felt her
virgin hymen.

” Hey man, this slut has never been fucked before. She’s a real
virgin!” Bob was astonished.

” Sirs, under these conditions you will understand that the price for
fucking her today has been increased: I want you to sign another
contract to give our Bank all further transactions to charges we
declare without negotiating”. Dickson and Lomax, nearly paralyzed by
sight and smell of a bound fuckable virgin in their arms, signed
quickly and returned to their victim.

” Now virgin girl, we show you what real men do with little girls like
you:” They grabbed her waistband of the panties and peeled them down
over her pert ass-cheeks, down her thighs and over her shoes, leaving
her naked under the skirt in stockings and high heels.

” First I want a little suck off to cool down before fucking the slut”,
Lomax declared. They pushed her under whimpering and writhing down to
her knees and towards the crotch of Lomax, who unzipped his pants and
revealed a 10-inch cock, hard as a steel pole.

” Come on, little darling, suck uncle Lomax off and swallow all his
semen deep into your baby throat”Bob released the gag strap, covered
her mouth with his big hand after removing the ball gag and whispered
into her drool filled ear: “If you don’t cooperate, I’ll beat your tits
with my ruler”

Hastily she opened her mouth and took the big cock into her soft, wet
mouth, which was full of drool from the ball gag. It was a magnificent
feeling for the man and he shoved his prick deep into her cavern, over
the gagreflex into her throat. She croaked and slushed and her
throbbing tonsils massaged his cock.

It was more than he could bare:”Come on, slut, take my seed down your
throat.” She tried frantically to get the cock out of her mouth and
made animalic sounds of despair and plea, but there was no rescue for
the helpless girl. ” Yes, I’m coming into your girlie mouth,
yeah…aaahh….” and he pumped his seed spurt after spurt powerful
into her throat and deep into her belly. The remaining drops landed on
her chin and lips to be licked up under further threatening. Dickson
was impressed. ” Well, my first load of thick semen I’m going to pump
into her ear hole. Hold her head and prepare her!”
behind her back, and shoved her towards the waiting man, who stroked a
fully erected cock in his hands. ” Mmmngh…ooooargh” , her tries to
avoid this further insemination of stranger’s body fluids into her
girl’s head zone was exciting and awakening for the dark lust feeling
of abuse-attituded men.

” Yes, little lady, I’m going to give your girly ear hole a special
sperm washing. But before you have to take in your mouth! Open up,
little slut!”

Bob grabbed her chin and poked two fingers deep into her face flesh.
She opened her mouth and Dickson shoved his cock inside to gag her

” Really nice feeling. you dirty virgin office whore. Come on, suck
it!” Bob crushed her head deep onto the impaling cock and for the
second time this day she had a cock in her throat, gagging, coughing
and wriggling her.

” So, and now for the best part of it” , said Dickson and took his cock
out of her mouth (Bob gagging her directly with his big hands). He
wiped the salivated cock-head over her deep blushed cheeks and
whispered into her ear: ” Listen carefully, bitch, now I’m going to
flood your ear hole with my man’s seed. You will not be able to hear
any sounds than splashing and gurgling, when my semen rushes in. Have
fun…” , and he aimed his cock head directly into her ear opening,
stroked himself to climax and exploded in deep spurts into her ear.

Tears of humiliation ran over her cheeks and mixed up with some semen,
running down to her chin and dripping onto her outstretched tits. James
Lomax had become hard again due to this amazing show of forced flooding
a young girl’s ear with semen and he wanted to fuck now the virgin’s

” Gag her and make her stay upright in the middle of the room” , was
his advice to Bob. Now she stood, hands bound behind her back, only in
skirt, stockings and high heels before the leering men, her breasts
naked and shivering to the look of the men. ” Take your skirt off”

She didn’t move and shook her head backwards to signal, that her hand
were tied up. ” Oh, don’t mind. You can manage it even with bound
hands. Come on, remove the skirt!” Again she hesitated, knowing that
the skirt was her last protection of her virgin vagina. Lomax took the
belt out of his pants and doubled it. With a quick movement he batted a
strong slash against Angela’s bare breast, making the boobs jiggle and
jumping her aside with a painful shriek.

” Undress the skirt for us, or I beat your breast into shreds!” She
blushed more deep, pleaded into the gag and writhed under the stern
look of the men, but reached up with her bound wrists to the zipper of
her silk skirt. It was an exciting sound, hearing the zipper hesitantly
being pulled down and seeing the skirt rushing down her tighs (nothing
has a better slip-down effect than a silked skirt following gravity!)

” Beg me to fuck your virgin girl’s cunt, bitch!”

Completely frightened she shook her head no. ” Maybe you change your
mind…” , he said and waved the belt to give her another blast onto
her breasts. ” Rrrrrghr….iieeehhh….nnngggghhh” , there came
interesting sounds out of her gag. ” Will you beg me to fuck you?” Bob
Lawson made additional threatening towards his safe. She nodded very
slowly yes. ” O.k., we take your gag out and you beg me” Again the
drool leaked out of her mouth after removing the itemn. ” O.k., bitch,
what wanted you to say?” ” Please…” her voice was almost a whisper ”
please … f….fuck….me.” ” But what shall I fuck? Your ass, your
mouth or your virgin girl’s cunt? Say loud, what do you beg me to
fuck!” ” Please” , again a long pause, hoping for the wonder which
would not come. ” Please … fuck …. my vir…virgin ….gir..girl’s

Now was no longer hold-on for the business men: They sprang over the
frightened girl, drew her to the ground on her knees, one took her
forward and impaled her on his stiff cock (so she couldn’t fall
forward, due to her bound wrists) and James Lomax shoved his cock deep
into her virgin cunt, popped her cherry (which caused such animalic and
blood curling sounds and movements around Eric’s cock in her mouth,
that he came violently into her throat), and fucked like crazy the shit
out of this delicate office girl, until he deposited his second load of
man’s seed deep inside her virgin’s womb, hoping to get her pregnant by
this treatment.

” Well, Sirs, next time Ms. Parker will be more cooperative and dressed
as you wish, when we talk about the contract for your new head

Story will continue, with forced whore’s outfit-dressing, presenting
her to strange clients, making her pregnant by continous insemination,
playing with the pregnant teenager, making her fuck with an eel,
drugging her with special hormones to lactate her breasts, milking her
with torturous machines, impaling her with speculums to let different
kinds of small animals into her womb, of course shocking her by hidden
electrodes and making her do slutty things, and all the while fucking
and throating her like the playdoll she has to be.



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