Pretty Young Woman Gets Brutalized By Two Men

Lucy felt safe living in her new digs, but the safety ended when two guys followed her on her way home. They went violent on her and she gets brutally penetrated on all of her holes while they laughed. Only at

# Prison Raped

First things first. I have said it once and I’ll say it again. Rape is
a crime of, which is punishable by imprisonment. If you have done or
are thinking of doing it for real seek help before you destroy some
ones life. Please I beg of you. Look at this person. This Person you’re
thinking of doing this should be given the respect that any human being
should be given. I myself have only kept it in my head and am happy. I
have my stories*.. You should think about writing some for yourself.
But remember keep it in your computer. The real world won’t be so nice
to you once it’s known that you’re a Rapist.

I stepped into the courtroom with my father at my side with his two
lawyers. I looked at him

” It will be all right honey.” my father told me.

And she believed him. And I went with the lawyers and sat down. I took
a look over at the cop sitting at the other table. He still had the
black eye I gave him. Anna turned away as he looked over at her.
Minutes later the judge came out and called for my case. After a while
one of my lawyers stood up and pleaded my case. But the Judge would
hear none of it.

” This young lady hit a police officer and was found with a number of
assorted drugs on her.” He looked at some papers on his desk.

” My client wants to apologize*..”

” I know what she wants apologize for but. But that won’t be enough
this time.” The judge said with a little anger in his voice.

He looked away from the lawyer and looked over the papers before him
and then looked up

” And I see here that this isn’t the first time that Anna has been
arrested for drugs.” He looked at the girl’s father and back at the

After that they heard from the cop and others who saw what happened,
the Judge decided to pass judgement. With my two lawyers I stood up and
looked at the judge.

” Young lady. I am shocked that you have coasted three life. Breaking
laws after law that many other have been put in jail for.” He looked at
the girls father ” Thanks to your fathers and your lawyers.” He said ”
My decision is that you will be spending the next five years in county
jail for woman.”

” Your honor.” One lawyer said, ” She is only seventeen years old.” He
said, ” So she should be put in juvenile hall.”

” It says right here that her eighteenth birth day is in two weeks.” He
said ” So I have decided to charge her as an adult.”

” Your honor you never*”

” That is enough.” He yelled, ” I have made my decision.” He turned to
the guard ” Take the prisoner away.”

” Dad.” I cried as she was led away in cuffs.

” Don’t worry.” He said, as she was lead away. ” I’ll get you out no
matter what.”

A day later I walked into what would be my home for the next five years
unless my father could get me out. ” Forward threw shot and shell. Here
I go into the mouth of hell.” She mumbled as she walked in. She
couldn’t remember if this was from two poems or one. It just sounded
right. Now walking in a line she and four other girls where led down a
long hall and then we came to few stalls

” New-bees.” A guard said. ” Line up in front of one of the stalls. And
then step into the room and remove your clothing. Leave every thing in
the box before you and get dressed in the worker clothing.”

Anna turned and looked at the little room ” There are no drape.”

The guard walked over to her ” Oh* I am so sorry princess. ”

Anna wished she had said nothing as she heard this.

” I’ll have the pink drapes brought in right away.” She laughed and the
jabbed her baton into my back ” Get your fuck’n ass in there and take
your dam clothing off.” She yelled ” Or will we have to help you.” Two
more guards showed up one with a shotgun and the other with another

I stepped into the stall and indexed to take off my shirt and
unbuttoned her paints ” Wow.” I heard the guard saying, ” I can see
your going be really popular here.”

I blushed as she stepped out of the orange slackers and put on the gray
paints and put on the white T-shirt.

” Now get your ass out of there.” I quickly rejoined the line and we
where walked down the hallway none as J- block.

” Hello little girls.” A woman said ” Why don’t you come and live with
me. I’ll treat you right.”

The other girl in the cell laughed ” Wait a minute is that Jill.” one
of the other girls pointed at a girl next to me. She looked away from

” It is.” They laughed

” We will see you later* Jill” The other girl said

I looked at the girl and she was crying as we walked on. Seconds later
we stopped ” Ok you two. Get in.” she pointed to me and the girl named

I entered the cell and then Jill did and the doors behind us where

Day’s later Jill was moved from my cell and was put in another cell. I
saw her days after that being pinned to the ground and felt up by the
two girls from the first day. I could hear her crying as they kissed
her and ran their hands over her body. I wanted to help her. But I
really never got the chance to know her, and I wanted to stay far away
from what she had gotten herself into.

It was great having my own cell. And for a few days I slept in peace
knowing I didn’t have to worry about some one in my cell. But while I
was out of my cell I would get catcalls and some girl would grab at me
and I would fight them or would run like hell to where I knew a guard
was. Then the day came when I was mopping up the T.v room. I had just
gotten indexed when the door opened and I heard ” Oh baby.” I turned
knowing that voice. It was Sally one of the girls that had taken Jill
as her bitch. She was standing in the doorway. I looked past her and
saw that the guard was gone. ” Fuck.” I gripped the mop a little

” You’re looking hot today.” She walked in with Jessie right behind
her. And she closed the door.

” What do you want?”

Not much.” She said as she walked behind me. I turned to try to keep an
eye on both of them.

” You got one hell of a body Anna.” Jessie said, ” You keep in shape.”
They both kept circling me.

” Y.. Yes.”

” Man would I love to see you naked.” Sally said

I decide to make a run for the door. But Jessie grabbed my hair and
threw me to the ground.

” Where do you think your going?”

I looked up at her ” Some one help me.” I yelled

” No one is going to help you slut.” Sally said as she leaned down ”
Now lets talk.”

I scrambled away from her as fast as I could and stood up

” Ok.” I said looking from one to the other ” What do you want?”

” I want to ask you if you have ever licked pussy.”

” Oh god” she asked again and I answered ” NO.” my stomach turned just
thinking about it.

” That is perfect.” She said, ” Then we can teach you everything you
need to know.”

They closed in on her and I quickly turned and punched Sally in the
mouth and kicked her in the stomach and turned to take out Sally but
she was ready for me. And I got a foot in the face and I hit the ground
and as I looked up Jessie punched me in the back of the head and I hit
the floor with my head and passed out.

” The bitch is out cold.” Sally said, ” What do you think we should
do?” she smiled

” Take her clothing off Sally turned her over and ripped her shirt off
and unbuttoned her paints and pulled them down with her panties.

” Shit.” Sally said, ” She makes Jill look like a boy.”

” Just tie her up. The others will be her in an hour.”

” So we have her tell then.”

After getting her feet tied up to the heavy desk and the heater Sally
moved in between her legs and reached up and slapped her Anna in the
face. Anna opened her eyes and scream as she realized that sally on top
of her naked. Her body pressed against hers. ” Welcome back.” She
grabbed a breast and squeezed it.

” Ouch* That hurts you bitch. Leave me alone.”

” Would you prefer this.” Her hand moved between my legs and slides two
fingers into her and she screamed and tried to kick free of the
bindings. But they had tied them to good.

” Stop it.” I yelled ” God help me please.” I thought as I her fingers
pushed her lips apart and made there way into me And I wished that I
was any where then being here tied to the floor and being raped by two
girls. ” NO. Please don’t.”

She reached up and punched me in the face again. ” Shut up slut.”

” Please do be quit.” Jessie said as she swung her leg over my chest.
And placed her naked ass on my Stomach and rubbed my breasts into her
pussy ” You will do as we say or you will know a lot of pain.” She said
as she grabbed my hair and yanked my head towards her. She then slid
down some and her pussy was three inches from my face.

” Anna.” I looked at her ” I want you to index by licking my pussy
until I cum.”

” Please don’t make me do this.” I cried

” Quite.” She said, ” I want you to beg me to let you lick my pussy.”
She smiled ” Beg me Anna.” She whispered

” No.” I yelled, ” Just let me go* Please*”

” Oh Anna.” Jessie said, ” That was the wrong thing to say.” She
grabbed my hair and reached back and took one of my nipples in her hand
and pinched it between her finer nails very hard.


” Then beg me dam it.” She laughed

When I didn’t answer her she pinched and twisted it. ” PLEASE. Let me
lick you.” The pressure on my nipple eased up a little ” Lick my what
Anna?” she asked

” Please don’t make me say*..”

She yelled and pinched even harder ” Say it.”

” Please let me lick your pussy.”

She smiled but didn’t stop pinching ” I don’t know.” She said, ” I
don’t quite believe you yet.”

” Please stop it.”

” You want me to stop. Then ask me like the fucking little slut bitch
you are and this time call me Mistress Jessie.”

I couldn’t think. All I could do was feel her fingernails twisting my
nipple. And I heard myself say ” Please Mistress Jessie. Let this slut
lick your pussy.”

The pain on my nipple stopped and a sighed of release came out of my
mouth only to be covered with her pussy. ” Start licking.”

There I was with a pussy covering my mouth and I have never ever
thought of doing this ever and these two girl where forcing me to do
it. I almost threw up right then. But I pushed it down and closed my
eyes slowly I let my tong out and licked her. She laughed as my tong
touched her pussy. And she rocked back and forth to make sure I licked
her everywhere. Mean while Jessie’s worked her tong inside of Anna
pussy and she also had two fingers in her as well.

” She must really be loving this because she is really wet down here.”

A minute later Jessie pressed down with her legs forcing her push to
push my mouth more open on ” Come on slut put you dam tong in my

I slide my tong into her and groaned at the taste of it. I heard Sally
laugh ” Looks like she doesn’t care for the taste.”

” She will have to get used to It.” she looked down at my face between
her legs and pride my eyes open with her thumbs. ” Don’t close your
eyes honey.” She laughed ” I like to see your eyes.”

My tears had run out as they continued to rape me. I wanted to get this
over with as soon as possible so I indexed to lick her as best as I
knew how. And before I know it she had an orgasm. I thought she was
finished with me but she kept her pussy pushed to my face. ” Ok now
love.” She smiled ” I have to take a leak now. So I want you to*”

” NMMMooo.”

” Oh come on now.” She laughed ” If you don’t drink it I will be very
angry so try to swallow as much as possible.” I looked up and her and
pleased with my eyes for her to not do this to me but I soon felt the
hot liquid index to fill her mouth.

” I won’t do this.” I thought.

Jessie then reached down and held her nose. ” Swallow now.” She laughed
” Drink mommies piss.” In fear of choking indexed to swallow as much as
I could. Before she was finished she stood up and pissed on my face.

Sally laughed ” My turn.”

” No.” I screamed ” No more please.” she just smiled and swung her leg
over and pushed her pussy to my mouth and I cried. ” Start licking me
you little bitch or I’ll have Jessie fist fuck your ass hole.” I then
felt Jessie spread my checks and I knew they weren’t joking.

Once again I was being force to lick another woman’s pussy. I once
again licking very quickly hopping it would end soon. And she had an
orgasm. But made me continue to lick her. Then Jessie shoved finger
into my ass. I screamed into Sally’s pussy. That made her have another
orgasm. But what was more then strange was that I also had an orgasm. ”
You’re liking this more then you know.. Huh..” They both laughed at me
and then she also pissed down my throat. Sally got up and walked over
to the door. And opened it and in walked a girl I had never seen

” My, My she is cute.” The girl said

” That will be four cigarettes.”

She smiled and gave her the smokes and walked over to me and took off
her clothing and swung her leg over my face and pushed her pussy to my
mouth. I cried because I knew that I had just been sold for sex. It
didn’t matter that it was just smokes. I didn’t like it. But there was
nothing I could do but do as I was told. I had two more visitors before
Jessie and Sally bent me over the couch and held me there. I heard the
door open and some one walking over to me. I felt something pressing
against my ass and I Screamed. ” Oh gods not that please.”

” Shut up you stupid bitch.” Sally yelled as she punched me in the
ribs. I felt it enter my anus and I new it was real. I cried as the man
behind me fucked me faster and faster.

” Oh my.” Jessie laughed ” She is bleeding.” They all laughed Sally
leaned in and whispered in my ear ” This your fist time being fucked in
the ass. Huh honey.”

The guard then indexed to fuck her harder and faster ” Here it comes.”
He said

” NOOOO.. Please don’t cum in me* Pleaseee.” then she felt him hit
shooting his cum into her ass. ” NOOOOoo.” I cried out loud as he came.

He then pulled out of me and they turned me around and I saw that the
one that had raped me was the guard that was out side my door before
all this happened. ” Why..?” I asked ” Why did you let them do this to

He smiled ” Because I wanted you also.” Sally and Jessie grabbed my
hair and pushed me toward him ” Now clean off my dick whore. I have to
get you back to your new cell.”

” New cell.” I didn’t have time to think about what he said because he
slammed hit dick into my mouth. I could smell the shit on his dick and
the taste was not to my liking either. But I moved my tong around and
cleaned him. I was glade that he didn’t get hard again. Or he would
have fucked my mouth.

Jessie and Sally said they good-byes and left me alone with the guard.
I was then allowed to get dressed and was lead to my new cell. As we
reached it I looked in and saw Jessie. ” Looks like will be rooming
together from now on.”

I looked at the guard ” No* Please don’t put me in there with her.”
Tears in my eyes ” Just put me back in my cell.”

” Sorry. But that cell is already being used right now. So you’ll have
to stay here.”

” For how long.”

” Well* Once a request for cell change is made it will take six mouths
before we can get you into another.”

Jessie smiled ” Get your ass in here now hot licks.”

The guard forced me into the cell. And locked the door and walked off.
Jessie then moved over to me. And pointed to the two beds. ” Both of
them are mine. So no matter where you sleep we will be together.” She
reached around me and squeezed my breasts. I cried as I heard some
girls from across the way asking her if they could take me some day. ”
You know the price.” Jessie said.

To my horror the girl held up two packs of cigarettes ” I got all I
need.” She laughed ” You had better be worth it whore. That night I had
to get used to sleeping in a bed with another woman. Having her naked
body pressed against me. Her hands roaming all over me. She forced me
to lick her every day and others so she could get drugs and smokes. But
every night I would be her toy. And as the days became weeks and weeks
months I knew that I had changed. I had excepted the fact that I was
making love to woman. And I indexed to like it. I had always wondered
what it would have been like. I just never thought that it would happen
like this.

A year later Jessie and I became very close friends. And It wasn’t long
before I helped her break in a few girls also in my time their. Being
the one giving out was as much fun as being the one getting it.

But now Three years later Jessie was free and the year before that
Sally had gotten out. And I was now on my own. I had made a lot of
friends and had my own crew there. I was still not very happy. Until
the day Jean walked into my life.

” Excuse me.” A young girl walked up to me one day. While I was given
the time in the T.v room by myself.

I was a little mad at my friends for letting some one in until I saw
her. She was no threat to me. ” What do you want?” I said

” I*.I need help.” She said

I looked her over. She wasn’t as attractive as Jessie but was cute but
she was a little smaller then myself. Nice sized breasts with long
raven black hair. she looked away from me when she say me checking her
out.. ” What kind of help?” I said licking my lips.

She looked me in the eyes ” The calf girls are after me.”

” And you want my help*. How?”

” Make them leave me alone.”

I smiled ” Do you know what you’re asking.” She blushed ” You would be
mine for as long as I wanted.” She looked at the ground. Alone with the
blush it was making me hot.

” Yes.” She said

I took a step toward her and put my hands on her cheeks and very gently
force her to look me in the eyes. ” Are you sure this is what you

” I.. Yes..” A tear rolled down her check. I whipped it away and leaned
in and kissed her on the mouth. She at first backed away from me but I
pulled her closer. And soon felt her tong enter my mouth.

” What is your name?” I asked

” Jean.” She said as she whipped her mouth.

” Well Jean.” I smiled ” Lets see what you can do.” I walked over and
sat on the couch and unbuttoned my Jeans and pulled them down.

” Here.” She asked

” Any where I want.” I told her. And from that day on I was never in
bed alone because of Jean.

Jean was my private girl. No one else could touch her. I had my pass
’em’ on girls that helped me get smokes and a beer from the guards
every now and then. I thought every thing was going great until one of
my girls was raped by another woman and killed. I had no choice but to
fight her.

” You want me.. Come and get me.” She was taller then me by a foot and
was very built. But Jessie had showed me many ways to get around some
one like that and in no time flat. I knocked her out. Stripped her in
front of her friends and made her a bitch. My girls held her down while
I fist fucked her pussy. She screamed for her friends to help her. But
with ten girls on my side to their three. The other just turned their
heads and walked away. I didn’t claim her so every one was getting on
her. It was fun seeing her get what was coming to her.

Two years later it was my turn to get out. I had taught Jean how to
defend herself like me and she had grown strong. Most would walk the
other way when she walk down the hall. She had three girls under her by
the time in was my time to be free. ” Thank you Anna.”

I smiled and hugged her. We had became good friends from the day she
became mine. She had reminded me a lot of myself ” You have nothing to
thank me for.” I told her. ” You just remember to stay in touch. And
when you get out Look me up.”

” I’ll do that. But I still have ten years left.” I looked her in the
eyes ” I never forget friends that I have made.” The guard came over to
me and told me it was time to leave. ” Stay in touch with me.”

” I will.” She kissed me on the cheek and looked me in the eyes ” You
be careful now.” ” Don’t worry.” I said, ” I have every thing under

As I stepped out of the jail I new I had a lot of plains for my life
and a revenge on some one I loved. Because while I was inside that
guard told tell me about my father. Not knowing why he told me he told
me that my father had set me up with the judge to be set to jail. I was
mad, I planned what I was going to do to him for two years. The day had
came that I got out.

My father was there to great me as I got out. He stepped out of his
limo and called out to me

” Darling.” He ran over to me. ” How are you?” we walked over and got
into the limo and the driver took off.

” I’m just happy to be out father.” She smiled and hugged him. And just
like he always did he grabbed my breasts. I wanted to punch him in the
face. But I didn’t want to blow my plains.

” Happy to be back with you.” Looked him in the eyes and smiled ” And
there is so much I want to do now that I am free again.”

” Like what.” I leaned in and kissed him on the mouth. And then went
down and gave him what I knew would be his last blowjob from me he
would ever get.

Days later I called up some of my friends that where out and they got
me in touch with the people I wanted and the plain began. ” That’s
right.” Sally said ” You just drop those in his beer and he’ll never
know what hit him.” She looked me in the eyes ” But be warned. It won’t
last that long. So get what you have to do over quickly.”

” Don’t worry. I will.” I smiled and leaned in and kissed her on the
mouth ” How is your new wife doing.”

” Jill is still a little frightened of me from what we did in prison.
But I think she will come around soon.”

” How does your husband feel about you new wife.”

” He loves her also. He’s really into two girl love ‘n’.” She smiled ”
Now. What of you and Jessie.”

I smiled ” She is working in my house as a maid.” She laughed ” Father
all ready tried to make a pass at her.”

” What did Jessie do?” Sally smiled ” She told him that she had a boy
friend and would tell him if he kept making passes at her.”

Sally smiled ” Anyway I have to go.” She smiled ” My father will get
what is coming to him tonight.”

” Don’t let him go for some time.”

” Don’t worry.” She smiled ” I won’t.”

” I must ask one more time.” she had a worried look on her face.

” No.” I laughed ” I am not going to kill him. I am going to force him
to sign these papers that will give me control of the family business.
Since I was running it for three years.”

” What is it that your family does any way.”

” You mean you don’t know.” She shook her head.

” My family is the biggest manufacturer of sexual items in this state.”

” No shit.”

I nodded ” You have one in your night counter that came from us.”

” Your father runs Sexual Pleasures.” I nodded ” Fuck me.” She laughed
” I wish I we had known who you where or maybe we wouldn’t have been so
mean to you.”

” What you did to me woke me up.” I said ” I now that I am and always
have been attracted to women. And to get back at my father for all the
year of forcing me to have sex with him before I was put in jail.” She
turned and walked over to the door ” I really should be thanking you.”

Sally looked at her ” You are weird. But one of the best friends I
could have.”

” Thanks, I think” Anna winked at her turned and walked out the door.

That night Anna and father where sharing a bed. ” Father..”

” What is it?”

” I’m thirsty* I’m gonna get a beer. You want one.” I smiled ” Say yes
say yes say yes.” I thought. He looked like he was going to say no but
to my heart’s wish he said

” Yes.” He smiled not knowing what he was getting himself into.

I almost ran down the stairs and got the drugged beer I left in the
refrigerator also remembering to get myself one. I went to the stair
and put the beers down and went and unlocked the front door and flashed
the lights. Letting my guest know that in about an hour they could cum
in. I then grabbed the beers and ran up the stairs and into the room
and jumped into the bed.

” Wow.” Her father said, ” What is the hurry.”

I smiled ” I got your beer.”

” Thanks.” He opened the beer and took a good look drink. I had really
worn him out so he would be very thirsty by the time we where done. ”
That hit the spot. Now.” He took me in his arms and tried to kiss me.
But I wouldn’t let him. He turned me over and pushed his dick into my
ass. It hurt like always. But I could bare the pain one last time. It
didn’t take long for the drugs to kick in and soon he was asleep. And I
heard my guests coming up the stairs. I looked down at him ” Now it’s
your turn father.

The drugs didn’t last long and soon he indexed to wake up. He didn’t
know how long he was out. But as she woke up he felt that his hands
where tied together. ” What the hell?” he turned and looked around the
room and saw me in my bathrobe. He laughed ” What is this?”

” Just something I picked up in jail.” I smiled

” Come over here. Daddy is ready.”

I smiled ” But I am not.” I walked over to him and sat next to him. He
sat up and tried to kiss my neck. But I pushed hum down.

He looked up at me with anger in his eyes ” What is wrong with you

” Nothing father.” She said, ” I just want to talk to you.”

” Ok.. Then* what is it you want to talk about.”

” I want to talk about the company and what I want to do with it.”

” The company.” He smiled ” What is it you want to do honey.” He smiled
” Name it and it’s done.”

” I want to run the company.”

” What.” He looked into my eyes and then laughed ” No way. I can’t do
that. Pick something else.”

” I have picked what I want and now you’re going against what you said.
” You said name it and it’s done honey.”

” But I can’t just give you the company.”

” Yes you can father.” I pulled out the paper work ” You just have to
sign this and it is done.” He laughed again ” There is no way that I am
going to sign that paper and give you control of the company that I
built up for twenty five years.”

I stood up and walked over to the door and put my hand on the handle ”
Are you sure you won’t change your mind.”

He nodded ” Now get over here and untie me.”

I opened the door and to his horror five men in hoods came into the
room he looked from them to me ” What the hell is going on here.”

I turned and faced him ” Number one father. For most of my life you
have been forcing me to have sex with you. And no it is pay back.” I
turned and looked at the men. ” And now I feel you should know what it
fells licked to be raped.”

Before he could scream they jumped onto him and covered his mouth,
ripped open his bathrobe and indexed to touch him in places he didn’t
want to be touched. He fought for a minute before he gave up. He looked
at me ” If you’re wondering why I am doing this. It is because I found
out two years ago that you had me put in jail.” She yelled ” Do you
know what they did you me in their father.” She went over to his
nightstand and pulled out some pictures ” But then again I guess you
did.” She threw the picture of her being raped by the guard at him.

” Honey.” He looked at her ” Please forgive me.” He said ” Make them
stop please.”

” Do you know how many time I asked them to stop.. Do you.” I looked at
one of the men and he was turned over and three fingers were put in his

He screamed ” You fuck little bitch. I will kill you for this.”

She laughed ” First you ask for forgiveness and then you swear at me.”
I point at the men ” I am almost tempted to tell them to fuck you
virgin ass hole.”

” No.. Please Anna.. Don’t do this.” He cried. ” I’m your f*”

” You’re my what.” I yelled ” My father.” I laughed ” A father doesn’t
force his daughter to have sex with him then send her to prison to be
raped day in and day out.” I walked over to him ” Do you really want me
to make them stop father.”

” Yes dam it.”

” Ok.” I said as I walked around so he could see me better ” I will
forgive you only if you sign this paper.”

He thought fast ” We need are lawyers to be present to sign it. And
there is no way you can force me to with them here.”

I smiled and in threw the door walked my lawyer. ” Well now we can

” Wait a dam minute.” Her father yelled, ” My lawyer isn’t here.”

I laughed again as the man that was rubbing my father’s crotch took off
his hood. ” OH gods.” My father said as he noticed it was Jack, his

” Now your lawyer is here so we can get indexed.” Then men held him
after he was untied. He tried to stall for time so I had one of the men
pushed him over the table and sit in his chair and then pulled him
back. He screamed as Jack’s dick entered him. The size of Jacks cock
mad me winch in pain as it entered my father. Jack bucked a few times
to get himself all the way in.

He looked at me in pain and I smiled ” Now father. If you don’t want to
sign I can have one of these men also scrub your throat with there
dicks.” I put the paper back in front of him and a pen. He reached for
the pen and signed the paper. I then showed it to my lawyer and they my
lawyer show it to his.

” It feels go to me.” Jack said as he jammed his cock into my father’s
anus again.

” Oh gods* Stop it please.” My father yelled

I laughed and turned to my lawyer and he smiled ” Then so be it. The
transfer of control of Sexual Pleasures and all the holding that belong
to Sexual Pleasure.” She had not expected that ” And the company
house’s in Malibu, Hawaii Thailand and Japan and here in the United
States is now given over to Anna G. Goodman.” He looked at my father ”
If you contest this in any way say so now.”

” You know I do.” Jack slammed him a couple of times and grabbed his
balls and squeezed and another grabbed his hair and rubbed his dick on
his lips ” No.” he screamed ” No I don’t contest this.”

” Then so be It.” he smiled ” Control of Sexual pleasure in now under
your control.” He stood up ” Congratulations. Your now are boss.” He
smiled and looked at her father.

” Honey please.”

” What should we do with this employee.”

” Finish up here and then get him out of my house.” She turned walked
out of the room. Her father yelling at her.

She closed the door somewhat as she heard one of the other men say, ”
Suck my cock you bitch.”

” Drop dead.”

I heard him getting punched all over and his screamed became whimpers
by the time they where done. I felt real bad. But not that bad that I
would stop this. ” You had better index begging to suck my cock. Or
your get an even longer punishment.”

” Why don’t you take his ass.” Jack said ” And he can clean this mess
up his ass made on my dick.”

” OH please Jack.” Her father said ” Don’t do this to me* Where

” Open up bitch.” He laughed ” And if you bite me you’ll will get
double the pain you give any of us.”

” Jack please don’t.” *Smack* Jack must have hit him and then a second
later I head Jack say ” Use your tong more bitch.” The others all
laughed and I closed the door and walked to my room and opened the door
and there on my bed waiting for me was Jessie. I smiled and walked over
to her ” You can tell Sally and Jill they can more in any time.”

Jessie smiled ” There is something I have been wanting to ask you.”

” What?”

She pulled out a ring ” Will you..”

” Yes.” I jumped onto her and kissed her ” Yes I will marry you.”

Jessie smiled and pulled my under the cover. ” You know that in the
eyes of the church this isn’t legal.” Jessie said

” How could love not be legal.” She said, ” I bet in the eyes of god it
isn’t.” I smiled ” How could he find fault in love.”

” You got me.” She laughed

” I sure do.” We laughed and went back under the covers. Ever now and
then as we made love we could hear my father scream as some one took
him again. We laughed and soon feel asleep.

Two years later the business was three times as big under my control.
Jessie and I now have a child. No it wasn’t some kind of miracle. We
had a good friend that helped us out. And now Jessie was pregnant. As
for Jill and Sally and there one husband they where in Paris right now
over seeing my new shop there. And we all lived happily ever after*.
That is except my father was now Jacks live in punk. I had heard that
Jack had my father have a sex change operation. He even sent me a
picture. He had large breast and long legs and long blonde hair and he
looked somewhat attractive in a dress and his new name was Cindy. Jack
would invite his friend over for free blowjobs. And father became very
popular very fast. Jack also got him hooked on drugs.

A year later he was arrested and put in jail. Still looking like a
girl. The strongest man there soon took him. Six months later he was
found in the bathroom stabbed to death. Is felt a little sad for him.
But life goes on.

And for my life I was very happy with the way things ended up.

I hope you enjoyed this story. But I once again ask that you remember
that this is all fake. It’s not real. And if you have any problem with
this story please let me know.



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