Lover Turns Cruel

Karen loves her boyfriend but she’s not ready to get intimate with him. He couldn’t wait, and so he turned cruel on her. Suddenly she found herself being fucked brutally, her lover laughing at her discomfort. See what happens only at

# The Deliveryman

As a deliveryman I get to see a lot of professional women, good looking
women, some are sweet, some are cunts. At one office there was a
receptionist named Amy, nice enough but cool, she would bend foward
sometimes and give me a good view of her cleavage, I decided to give
her a night she wouldn’t forget.

Getting off duty every day at two thirty has its benifits, being her
office closes at four thirty. I waited in the parking lot for her. She
walked down the stairs and over to her car, tits jiggling 34C at least
inside the bra that could be seen outlined in her blouse, nice tight
butt wiggling in her tight designer jeans. She stopped at the grocery
then drove to her house, a quiet neighborhood of middle class homes. It
was clear after watching her awhile that she lived alone. Middle
twenties, good looking alone? Divorced maybe? Doesn’t realy matter.

Saturday morning I parked down the street from her house and walked
back to her house, my bag over my shoulder. Across the street some guy
was mowing the lawn, I passed three kids playing in a yard. Some
bitches trust to much, Amy is one, her garage door was open. I walked
casualy in and opened the door to the house. Stepping inside everything
was quiet. Knife in hand, I looked thru the house, no Amy, then I saw
her in the back yard.

She was on her knees, pulling weeds with her back to the house. I set
down my bag by her sofa then stepped out on to the patio, I walked over
to her and grabbed the blond hair that was pulled back in a pony tail
on top of her head. She squeelled then shut up when she saw the knife I
stood her up and dragged her into the house.

Forcing her, face down on the sofa I folded her arms behind her back
and as I duct taped them wrists to elbows she indexed beggiing.

“Please don’t hurt me, I have money, take what you want but please,
please don’t kill me.”

I flipped her over and with the knife under her left eye I told her to
open her mouth. I packed a wash cloth in then wraped tape around her
head five tight times. Amy grunted and groaned as she was gagged.

“You don’t move, or even twitch, understand.” I told her with the knife
on the bridge of her nose.

She grunted and nodded her head, tears flowing out of her eyes. I stood
and looked at her, barefoot, sweatpants and a tee shirt were all she
wore, her braless tits bulging, fear hardened nipples poking at the tee
shirt. I found her purse, jewelry and money she had stashed. I tossed
her purse by the back door then sat on the couch by her.

She shook her head and screamed into the gag as I pulled off her sweat
pants, next her panties were removed. I looked at her neatly trimmed
blonde bush, Amy wept as I put my hand between her legs and stroked her
pussy. Next I picked her up and dragged her kicking and screaming to
her bedroom. SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP.

I raised my hand to slap her face again but she finally laid still,
across her bed, sobbing. Moving her ass to the side edge of the bed I
raised her legs and forced them back and out. She indexed kicking when
I unzipped my pants, but she was pinned tightly to the bed. Amy grunted
when I entered her dry cunt, then she indexed to scream, for twenty
minutes she screamed then just grunted while I raped her. I exploded
deep inside her and got up. Her legs hung down off the bed and she
stared blankly at the ceiling.

For the next five hours she endured being raped and sodomized every way
possible. On her back tits jiggling or face down ass up she was fucked
doogy style her butt spanked with each hard stroke..

I finally took out the gag and she weakly said “Please no more, please
God no more.”

Grabbing her pony tail I walked her into the living room and had her
kneel in front of her sofa to give me a nice long blow job, she choked
and gagged but did a real fine job when I finished forcing her to
swallow, I patted the top of her head and told her what a good little
cocksucker she is. I left her there, gasping, crying and groaning, her
arms still taped behind her.

I got dressed, grabbed her purse and my bag and put my hand under her
chin and raised her head. Looking into her puffy red eyes I told her I
would kill her if she said anything to anyone, then I cut her arms free
and left.

Three weeks later she went back to work but is never around to take



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