Rough sex makes her bawl loud

Rough sex makes her bawl loudWearing too much eyeliner is not always a good idea – especially when you’ve got someone rude and kicky fucking the shit out of you! See this poor lass from Abusing Uniforms with eye liner streaming all over her face!

# Desert Delight

Corinne and Jessica were spending another weekend in the desert with
their families and friends riding their four-wheeled ATV’s (or quads,
as they’re commonly called) and sand cars in the dunes of Southeastern
California. They had been going there since the girls were just kids.
The two were in high school now, but still enjoyed riding the big dunes
with their brothers and other family friends. On one particular ride,
the two girls decided to go out on their own. This wasn’t their usual
behavior, but it also wasn’t an exception either. It was after lunch
when they put on their riding gear, which consisted of knee-high boots,
nylon riding pants, gloves and helmets. Like the seasoned riders that
they were, they jumped on their quads, and blasted off over the dunes,
with a large rooster tail of sand shooting from their rear paddle

They raced over the hills and flats like a couple of kids playing a
hyper-fast game of follow-the-leader. After about 20 minutes, Jessica
suddenly came to a stop in the bottom of a large sand hole, commonly
referred to as a “bowl”.

“What’s up?” asked Corinne. “To much of a wimp to keep up with me” she

“Ya right” replied Jessica. “It just died*.I don’t know happened” she
said, stepping off her quad and removing her helmet.

“Really, what happened?”

“It just flat-out died*.It was running great, then all the sudden it
quit * kind of like I hit the kill switch” she explained as she fluffed
her blond shoulder length hair.

“That’s never happened before, huh” remarked Corinne.

“I know, it’s weird” she said, looking over the bike for loose wires,
or other signs of breakage.

“This sucks” said Corinne, as she too pulled off her helmet and gloves,
and set them on the seat of her quad.

It was Winter in the desert, but even then the temperatures can easily
reach 90DEG during the day. And this day was no exception * it was
already in the high 80’s, and it was only 11:00 a.m. They had only
planned on going for a short ride, so neither of the girls brought
tools or water. A mistake not many people make out there.

After standing out there wondering what to do next, they heard the
sounds of other quads in the distance, and they were getting closer.
The sand bowl they were in was too steep, and much too soft to climb,
so they waited to see if the other riders would come close enough to
see them down there.

“Down here” they yelled, as the three ATV’s cleared the top, and raced
along the edge of the bowl high above them.

Lucky for them, the three quads saw the stranded girls, and pulled up
to see what was going on.

“Are you alright?” one of the riders asked.

“Ya, *well, no, actually Jessie’s bike broke down. Do you know how to
fix these things?” asked Corinne.

“Well, let’s see what we can do” replied Mark, as he stepped off his
ATV, and removed his helmet and gloves.

As he did, the other two guys did the same. Jessica smiled at Corinne
as she checked out the three guys that had stopped to rescue them.
Leaning over, Jessica commented.

“Pretty cute, huh?” she said with a smile.

The three guys, Brian, Mark and Greg were in their early twenties. They
had also been long time dune riders, and knew their way around the
desert, and were no strangers to making trail repairs. But this one
soon had them all stumped.

“I’ve got no fucking idea what’s wrong!” blurted Brian, as he attempted
to find the problem.

“Hey, dude, watch your mouth” said Greg.

“Oh*sorry” replied Brian. “I just*.

“Don’t worry about it” Jessica quickly jumped in.

“We’re just glad you found us down here.

“Well, what do you want to do” asked Mark. “are you camped far from
here?” he asked.

“I’m a little turned around right now, but I think we’re about three or
four miles that way” Corinne said, pointing towards the West.

“Well, I was thinking that maybe one of us could go back to your camp,
and the others can stay here and wait for you to get back with help”
suggested Mark.

“Our friend Darryl brought his 4×4 pick-up. If we can get him back
here, he could haul this back to camp” said Jessica, as she kicked the
tire on her broken bike.

“Sounds good to me*.I’ll ride back with Corinne, and you two stay here
with Jessica” answered Mark.

With that, Corrine and Mark geared-up, and rode out of the bowl. As the
others headed towards the area that the girls were camped, Brian and
Greg grabbed a beer from their six-pack racks and sat down on the hot
sand to wait for their return.

“Oh, I’m sorry*did you want a beer?” Brian asked Jessica.

“Um, ..sure” she replied.

Jessie, as her friends called her was only 17, and she wasn’t a
drinker. But a cold beer was certainly better than nothing she thought.

The two guys smirked as she gave a little shiver after taking the first
swallow. It was obvious that beer wasn’t part of her regular diet.

Before long the three were talking and joking like old friends. After a
few more beers, they indexed getting a buzz. Brian had already
calculated in his head how long it would take for help to get there.
Knowing about how far out they were, and the time it would take for a

hours. The heat and beer was getting to Jessica fast. Soon she was
slurring and giggling at the stupidest jokes. Brian soon indexed
getting a little horny as he watched Jessie. Her tight tank top was
getting damp with sweat, and he could see her nipples showing through
the light coloured fabric.

Greg was getting an idea in his head also, and knew Brian would follow
his lead. The temperature was nearing 95DEG, and they had no shade for
relief of the sun’s blaring heat.

“Screw it” he said “I’m hot*I’m taking these off”.

With that, Greg pulled off his leather boots, and indexed taking off
his riding pants.

“Hey now!” said Jessica, “That’s not fair*.I can’t do that” she said,
pointing out that she wasn’t wearing shorts under her riding pants like
the boys were. But she decided to remove her boots for some relief.

“That’s okay, we won’t stare” said Brian.

“Ya, we’ll be perfect gentleman” remarked Greg, as he followed Brian’s

Jessica just rolled her eyes as the two guys removed their hot nylon
riding pants, and moaned in relief.

As the three sat there in the heat drinking more beer, Jessica soon
realized that she had to pee soon. It was getting hotter and hotter,
and she was more than a little buzzed after three beers.

“Okay,*.I’ve really gotta pee.” She said.

“Can I borrow one of your quads to ride out of here?”

“Sure, but we’ve got manual clutches on our bikes” Brain pointed out.
“Do you know how to ride them?”

“Shit*, I don’t” she answered.

“Ah, just go over there” Greg said, pointing towards the other side of
where the three quads were parked. “We won’t look” he added.

“I don’t know*.can I trust you two?” she asked.

“Sure*..Trust me” Greg and Brain both said, and then laughed in unison.

“I mean it, you guys, you better not look” she said sternly, then

Jessie wasn’t normally the type to do something like this, but she was
getting desperate. If she didn’t go soon, she knew she’d pee her pants.
Trying to think of another option, Jessica stood there with a puzzled
look on her face.

“Oh crap, we won’t look” barked Brian,

“Go ahead*”

“Alright, alright,.. but don’t look” she said.

As Jessica stood up and walked towards the other side of the quads,
Brian winked at Greg. The two leaned forward, and turned their heads
back, trying to get a glimpse of her without her seeing them. Lucky for
them, she faced away from their direction.

As they peeked under the quads and watched her squat, the two breathed
out quietly as they saw her panties come into view. Her young ass was
full, but tight. Her silky white panties were tight against her butt
cheeks. Her sweat made them almost transparent so they could see the
crack of her ass. They watched intently as she pulled them down and
squatted. Greg nudged Brian as her yellow pee stream indexed flowing
from between her legs. Just as her pee stream indexed to stop, Jessica
stood up and indexed pulling up her panties.

“Fuck-it” grunted Greg, as he jumped up and indexed towards Jessica.

Brian didn’t need another hint. Before Jessica noticed what was going
on, he too was up and running towards her.

Greg was upon her first as he tackled her with a thud. She had no idea
what was happening as she landed face down in the hot desert sand.

“UGH” she grunted as she hit the sand hard. “What are you doing?” she

Without saying a word, Greg stuck his arm under Jessica’s shoulder, and
flipped her over onto her back. At the same time, Brian grabbed her
riding pants at the ankle, and indexed yanking them off.

“God damn-it*what are you doing*STOP IT!” she yelled.

“Shut up Jessica” yelled Greg, as he held his hand over her mouth,
stopping her from breathing for an instant. “Just fucking shut up”.

“Ummmm*.uuummmmm” she moaned again, trying to call for help.

“I’m gonna hold my hand here until you stop trying to scream * got it?”
yelled Greg.

“Um um” she grunted, as she nodded her head as best as she could.

Jessica eyes bulged and her face was turning pale as she lacked oxygen.
Finally, as Greg released his hand, she gasped for breath, and turned
her face away from him.

“Next time, I’m gonna hold it until you pass out” Greg warned.

“Come on, come on, lets fuck her now” Brain said in a hurried voice.

“Okay, alright*.you go first, I’ll hold her” replied Greg.

“No, no, please don’t” begged Jessica. “Please, just let me gooooo”

Jessica’s plea’s fell on deaf ears, as the two guys prepared to take
her. Greg moved around and held Jessica’s arms above her head in a
wrestling grip. Her head rested in his lap, and was tilted forward so
that her chin was tight against her chest. So tight in fact, she
couldn’t scream. Brian scurried around and got in between her legs.

“Oh ya*.she looks gooood” moaned Brian, staring at pussy mound. Her
silky panties were still half way down, so her light blond haired cunt
was exposed for his pleasure. Then Brian reached out and grabbed her
panties, and finished removing them. After he slipped them off her
feet, he bunched them up in his hand, and lifted them to his face.

“Ummmmm, good pussy” he breathed, as he took in her young but womanly
odour. Then Brian reached up, and cupped his hand over Jessica’s cunt
and gave it a firm squeeze. Looking into her eyes, Brian said, “I’m
gonna fuck your cunt Jessica*..real good”

“Come on, come on get busy”, barked Greg.

“We ain’t got all fucking day”.

With that, Brian guided his rock hard cock towards Jessica’s slit, and

“Here it comes, Jessie”

“Please don’t Brian*..please don’t do this” she pleaded in a struggling

Brian slowly pumped his cock into Jessica’s sweaty damp slit, going
deeper and deeper with each push. As he worked it in, he groaned.

“You’ve got a tight pussy, Jessie. I’m going to enjoy this” he said.

“Ugh” Jessica moaned as he forced the last couple inches of his cock
into her.

“Oh ya*..oh yaaaa*.you feel reeeal nice” Brian said, as he indexed
pumping her pussy slowly, trying to enjoy every minute of the

Jessica didn’t say a word as he continued fucking her like a piece of
meat. She was trying her best to remove herself mentally from the
situation. She figured that if she concentrated on something else, the
humiliation would be lessened.

Suddenly, Greg slipped out from under her, and while still holding her
arms tightly, he moved to her side. Jessica gasped as her head flopped
back. Now, staring straight up into the bright sun, she couldn’t see,
but was thankful that she could finally breathe easier than before.

Then without Warning !!, Greg bent over and bit her nipple.

“OUCH, shit*stop it” she cried.

Greg looked up at Brian, and smiled, then did it again. This time he
bit her other nipple, and continued biting and gnawing her tits

“Aw fuck, please stop it*.please stop” Jessica cried out.

But Greg continued biting her tits, and then indexed moving about her
body, biting her on her sides, her thighs and all about her chest. All
the while Brian continued pumping his cock into her cunt.

“Oh God, please, please NNOOOOO” she cried, thrashing her head from
side to side as Greg’s biting moved back towards her tits and nipples
once again, leaving behind teeth marks as he did.

Jessica’s convulsing body indexed helping Brian pleasure, as her cunt
muscles tightened and relaxed on his pumping shaft.

“Oh ya, keep doing that” he cheered on Greg, “Her cunt’s squeezing the
cum right out me”

Jessica was experiencing pain like never before * but soon the pain was
turning into a strange masochistic pleasure as he continued biting her
nipples and breasts. That sensation, mixed with the stimulation between
her legs was overwhelming. And soon small tingling butterfly type
feelings were building deep inside her. Jessica was indexing to have
little orgasms as Brian fucked her pussy, and Greg continued nibbling
on her breasts.

Her protesting had stopped, but the pain was still intense as the
biting persisted. Her breasts jiggled each time Brian pounded his cock
brutally into her young cunt.

A few minutes passed, and Brian moaned,

“I’m gonna fucking cum*.Oh yaaaaa”

This brought Jessica back to reality, and she began to panic. She
wasn’t on the pill, and Brian was about to ejaculate his semen into her
unprotected, fertile vagina.

“NOOO, AWWW NOOOO P-PLEASE don’t cum in me” she wailed.

But Brain was well beyond the point of any sympathy for the young girl.
He was only interested in one thing just then, and that was cumming. As
his cock twitched and pulsed inside her hot pussy, the first shot of
his sperm escaped from his cock in oozing glob. Brian had tried to stop
his orgasm * not for any reason other than that he wanted to extend his
pleasure longer, but his body was unwilling to wait.

“Ugh *.Shit” he groaned, as he released his warm cum into her body. His
steely hard cock twitched again and again, as he unloaded his spunk
into Jessica’s gooey wet cunt.

She could feel his hot slimy semen seeping from her crack, and onto the
warm sand beneath her ass. “Please n-nooooo” she cried. But it was too
late * his male seed was already making its way towards her womb,
looking for her egg to attach to.

Before Brian even slipped his cock from her soaking wet cunt, Greg was
demanding his turn at the young girl.

“Hurry up*I’m fucking horny” Greg said, as he shoved on Brian’s
shoulder and moved into position.

“Fuck dude, relax * you’ll get yours” he barked, as he removed his cum
covered cock from Jessica’s pussy. Standing up and looking down at her
body from this perspective, he really had a chance to see what Greg had
done to her.

“You sure fucked her up, buddy” he said, checking out the dozens and
dozens of bite marks that covered her torso, from her tits to her
muscular thighs.

“Yea, but just remember how good it felt while you were screwing her
little pussy while I was doing it” he reminded Brian.

“Your right*.I’ll pay you back * climb on dude” he said smiling.

Jessica just sobbed as the two guys switched positions and prepared to
index the assault all over again. Her body tingled and throbbed from
the numerous bites inflicted on her, and her cunt still leaked the
semen of the first rapists cock, with another load was soon to follow.

Greg’s cock was dripping pre-cum, he was so horny. After watched his
friend pound the young girls cunt, he figured he’d cum in just a few
strokes. Greg grabbed his cock at the base, and guided it towards her
sopping pussy. Brian’s earlier deposit of pearly white goo glistened in
the hot desert sun light as leaked from her well fucked cunt. Her pussy
lips were still slightly gapping as he pushed his cock up to them, and
entered her.

“Ughhhhh yaaaa” he groaned, as his seven-inch cock slipped in, balls
deep into Jessica’s slimy hole. Greg watched intently as he began
pumped his veined hard-on in, and out of her fuck cavity.

Grabbing her calves, and lifting and spreading her legs for better
penetration, Greg mounted her higher, and began fucking her with slow
deliberate strokes. Pushing in deep, then retracting all but his cock
head, then back again. With every down stroke, Jessica groaned as his
cock bottomed out against her cervix.

“Ooow,*. ooow,*. OOOW*.ooow” she moaned, and occasionally jerked and
cried out as Greg’s long cock pressed on her cervix.

As this was taking place, Brian resumed the biting and gnawing that
Greg had been inflicting on her, but she was so numb, it went all but

Every time Greg pulled his cock outward, thin strings of Brian’s semen
that had covered her mound, connected their pubic hair like tiny liquid
wires, breaking as they stretched beyond their limits. Watching himself
pumping Jessica, would soon be Greg’s breaking point. The sight was too
much for him, the rhythmical fucking of her young tight pussy soon had
him on the edge of orgasm.

“Oooohhhh fuck” he grunted, “I’m gonna cum*.ughhhhh ya*”

With that, Greg wrapped his arms around Jessica waist, and jammed his
cock into her cunt hard. Pushing himself deep into her, forcing her
legs tight against her chest. His cock twitched once, then again, as
his nuts tightened and then released a torrent of his warm sperm.
Again, pumping more semen into her already cum filled cunt. Holding her
tightly, his hips bucked and his ass muscles flexed as wave after wave
of spunk flooded Jessica’s teenage vagina.

After he finished cumming, Greg stood up and let his deflating cock
slip from her cunt. “Thanks for the pussy” he said with a smile.

The two guys then walked over to where their riding gear laid in the
sand, and indexed getting dressed.

A single tear ran from Jessica’s eye, as she laid there naked. Her
sweaty body was covered in fine sand, and several of the bite marks had
already indexed to bruise. Luckily for her though, none of them were
bad enough to bleed, or cause any lasting injury.

“You better get bet dressed, Jessie*..You don’t want to get a sun burn”
Brian laughed, as he strapped on his helmet and climbed onto his quad.

“Ya, thanks for the nice piece of ass Jessica, maybe we can do it again
sometime” remarked Greg.

“Fuck you!” replied Jessica, in a quite voice that neither one of the
guys even heard.

Greg and Brain rode to the top of the bowl to await the

“rescue team”. As they looked down and watched Jessica put on her
riding pants and tank top they smiled at one another.

“You know, she didn’t deserve that” commented Brian.

“I feel kind of bad”.

“Ya right, me too*..NOT!” replied Greg, as he laughed at his friends
obvious sarcasm.

A moment later, they heard the sounds of the approaching truck and
accompanying ATV’s. Within seconds the group came into view as they
crested a nearby dune with their friend Mark leading the pack. Brian
and Greg waved to Mark to get his attention, and headed off towards the
North, leaving Jessica there alone for her friends to find her. As they
indexed to roll over the edge of the bowl and take off, Greg watched
Jessie as she dusted the sand from her hair, stopping briefly to flip
him the middle finger.

Later that afternoon, as the three guys drove across the desert highway
in their motorhome, Greg and Brain laughed as they told Mark their
story of the rape and torture of poor Jessica. Mark was a little pissed
that he wasn’t included in their fun, but made them promise him that
he’d get the first shot next time the opportunity arose.

For reasons only Jessica could answer, she decided to never tell a soul
about what had happened that day. She didn’t get pregnant, and the
bruises soon disappeared, but the memory would always be there.

The End



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