Ginny at the Hands of a Cruel Man

Ginny is a carefree, pretty young woman but not all pretty girls get good guys. She gets involved with a bad boy who turns out to be this sadistic freak with the hots for brutality in bed. See what happened to this girl in

# Heather and the Clowns

On one of Heather’s rare off days, she decided to go to the circus that
had just come to town. She made sure that she got a first row seat just
like when she was a little girl. Later she would wish that she hadn’t,
because she would draw the interest of some very nasty men.

Of course she was always doing that. She couldn’t help it. She was a
goddess. 19yrs. old,beautiful face, long golden blonde hair, huge 44DD
tits, and a killer ass. She was a walking wet dream. She also had a
knack for attracting the worst men.

She quickly became the focus of three of the clowns. Stu, 39 5’7” 220
lbs. of fat. Gary 55 5’10” 150 lbs. And Dutch, 36 6’2” 240 lbs. of
muscle and prison tattoos. They talked to between sets and flirted
openly with her. They even offered to take her see some of the animals
after the show.

Heather reluctantly agreed only because she wanted to get a close up
picture of the white tiger that had come out earlier. After the show
ended, Heather waited for 40 minutes. And just as she was about to
leave Stu and Gary arrived.

“Sorry we’re late doll. We had to put some stuff away. We didn’t even
get to take off our make up.” explained Gary,as he and Stu ogled her
hot body.

“Oh, that’s ok.” Heather said. “I really want to take a picture of the
tiger. He’s so beautiful.”

“Well you can take as many as you want doll. We’re all alone here.
Nobody’s gonna interrupt us.” Gary said as he put his hand on her hip
and pulled her close as they walked. Suddenly the spot light came in
the center ring. As Heather turned to look, Stu ripped her blouse open
spilling her huge, braless melons out. She screamed in shock as Stu
grabbed her right tit and squeezed as he sucked her left tit. She
turned to Gary and screamed him to help her. But to her dismay he was
already naked from the waist down with a growing erection. He ripped he
skirt and G-string off and breathed.

“Scream all you want doll. Nobody can hear ya ‘cept the animals. But I
gotta fuck that ass of yours!”

“No, please don’t… ooh!” Heather moaned. Her nipples were getting
hard from Stu’s sucking and mauling. Against her will, her shaved pussy
began getting wet as well as Gary stuck a couple of fingers in to help
lubricate her anus.

“Hey this bitch is wet!” Gary laughed.

“Stu, get on your back and I’ll put this bitch on cock and Gary you
fuck her in the ass.” Dutch ordered.

Heather looked over to see Dutch’s massive tattooed frame. She had
forgotten all about him. She most afraid of him. Dutch picked her up in
his massive arms and held inches from Stu’s upturned swollen cock. Gary
spread her cunt lips from behind as Dutch shoved her down on Stu’s

“Aaagh! Nonononono!” she wailed as cunt was stretched and impaled. Stu
reached up and grabbed her knockers and thrust upwards. At the same
time Gary had his wrinkled dick at her tiny anal opening and pushed
down. Heather let loose with a blood curdling yell as her ass ripped
open by the 55 yr. old clown.

As her mouth was wide open, Dutch shoved his giant foot long cock in
her mouth and down her throat.

“That ought to shut her up for a while.” Dutch laughed.

“Hey Dutch, her ass is so tight, I think I’m in love. Can you marry a
bitch’s asshole?” Gary joked as he grabbed the twin globes of her
lucious ass and raped her anus.

Heather couldn’t believe this was happening. She came to the circus
relax and be entertained and now she’s being gang raped by three
clowns. An old one in her tight ass, a fat one in her shaven cunt, and
an ex-con in her wet mouth. All she could do now is moan around the fat
prong sawing in and about of her mouth.

The three clowns raping Heather began fucking in unison as if they had
done this before. Suddenly, Gary really began pounding her asshole. She
felt him indexing to expand. He pulled his cock out until only the head
was in her. He grabbed her hips and buried his cock all the way in as
he came deep in her bowels.

The hot cum shooting in her ass was more than Heather could take as
she, much to her dismay, had came with him causing her to inhale the
dick in her mouth. Having never been deep throated before, Dutch yelled
a pumped a load of cum down her throat forcing her to swallow all of
it. She had never felt so degraded in her life. Unconsciously she began
bouncing up and down on Stu’s dick.

While staying deep in her pussy, Stu rolled on top of her and began
raping her furiously. He took short fast strokes, each one causing her
big tits to shake and quiver.

She couldn’t believe that she was cumming while being raped by this fat
clown. Yet she was. He began fucking her even harder and then howled as
he finally came with her bald pussy spasming around his invading prick.
There! She had taken a load in her ass, mouth and cunt. Finally it was
over she thought. Wrong. Dutch had other plans. Having his dick sucked
was nice, but after 7 years in prison he wanted some pussy.

By this point, all the animals were in a frenzy. That gave Dutch an
idea. He said to Stu and Gary,

“You know those animals always put on a good show for us. I think I’ll
put on a good show for them. I’m gonna rape this cunt in front of them.
And in honor of animals every where I’m gonna her doggie style. Whatcha
think fellas? ”

Of course the loved the idea. Gary even offered to take pictures. What
sweet guy! Dutch picked Heather up and carried her to center of the
animal cages. They went wild because of the scent of her pussy.

As humiliating as this was to Heather, she didn’t even bother
protesting. She dropped to her knees and sucked his dick to full
erection without being told. Dutch shoved her down on all fours and
mounted her from behind. He grabbed her hair with one hand and a tit
with the other and pulled her back on his raping cock while he lunged
forward. She screamed in pain/pleasure as he rutted her like an animal.
The scene was too much for Heather. A massive clown raping her doggie
style, one clown taking pictures, the other cheering on and the animals
going berserk caused her to have one earth shattering orgasm after
another. The overload caused her to pass out. Dutch kept raping her
unconscious body. Pounding her pussy until he finally came deep inside
her. On cue all of the male animals in the cages came all over the
passed out beauty.

When she came to two hours later, the clowns were gone the animals were
sound asleep and she was covered in dried cum of every species in the
circus. She got up, her ass and pussy sore and still leaking cum, and
stumbled to her car. She found her clothes and camera minus the film of
course in the hood her car. She got in and contemplated calling the
police. She realized that she had never seen their faces because they
kept on the make up. Besides, they have the pictures of her being
fucked and cumming like a slut. No, she’ll just keep this to herself
and hope they send her some of the photos to frig off to.



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