Sexy nurse doing her job fine

Sexy nurse doing her job fineIt is this nurse’s duty to cure illnesses in her patients – even in those who are simply suffering from wild fits of sex frenzy! So tonight at Abusing Uniforms she will get teamed by two studs at once – whether she wants it or not!

# Delusion, Humiliation and Rape

Frank is 32 y.o. now. He is divorced, never had much luck with women. One
of his best friends is different to rank. He has a beautiful wife always
did some sports and is a good looking guy. Kris, so is the wife’s name,
is also a good friend of Frank, she is 33 y.o. . Frank often had in mind
to fuck Kris but he know he never will have a change to do. She is not
the kind of woman who would do this. He knows that Kris is a little
conservative and prudish and he also knows that he is just a good friend
not more. Frank is not the kind of man who is a real man in her mind. He
is in no way attractive to her and Frank knows that. But Frank has some
other good friends to. Andy, Marty, Alex and Joe. And so it happend that
he told them about his fantasies about Kris. They all know Kris too.

“Hey man, why don’t we rape that slut” Andy asked ” I would also love to
ramm my cock into her sweet holes, and I think the other guys would also
love to fuck that bitch.”

“Yeah Frank, Andy is right!” his buddies agreed.”You mean we should
really fuck her against her will? Hmmm, yeah, why not. I would love to
show her that I am a real man. Okay guys let’s do it. But how will we do
it?” Frank said.

” As you know Charly her husband will be on a business trip next week.
She knows us as good friends so she would come for a dinner if you invite
her. I have some real good drugs. We will mix them into her drink. They
will slow down her reflexes, but she will be on full mind. So it would be
easy for us to have our way with her. And when we are ready with her we
sell the slut to a friend of mine, he is the owner of an illegal
bordell.” Andy answered.

“Great, thats the way we will do it. Hope you have some video equipment
at home Frank. Think that would be a great homemovie!”

They did as they planned and the unaware Kris really came at Franks house
for dinner. She wasn’t surprised to see Andy and the others also there.
They had a real good dinner and Kris didn’t recognize the lustfull eyes
of the guys when they watched her. She really looked marvellous that
evening. She wears a black thight catsuit, that fit her really well.
Later Frank asked her to watch some video with him and the guys. She
agreed. Andy offered her a drink (it was the one with the drugs). Aas she
had drunk from it she asked Frank what kind of video he was going to show

“Oh, it’s a surprise, you will love it. They guys did!”

Kris looked at the tv to see what will come. But just in the next moment
her smile froze.

“Hey what’s that Frank, that’s a porno. That’s not the kind of film I
would like to see. If this should be a joke it is a bad one!” Kris said

“Oh, sorry Kris, darling, you are so right. It’s really better to do it
than to watch it. Come on guys strip the slut!”

“What the hell, tha’ts not funny Frank. I think it’s better to go now.
Uhh..whats…whats happen..I ..I can’t ..mmmh….you bastards you have
put some drugs into my drink!” she cried out.

“Oh, I am so sorry Kris darling, but you must understand, so it’s much
easier for us to have some fun with you”

Marty and Joe grabbed her by her arms and move her up. Kris tried to
fight against them but the drug worked pritty good.

“Noooo..please..please stop it…you can’t do that!” she cried out

Andy walked behind her and opend the zipper at the backside of her
catsuit. With the help of the others they slowly undress the catsuit and
her shoes. Under the catsuit she wears a black silk bra and a black silk
slip and a black pantiehose.

“Please Frank, make them stop. I thought you are my friend, you can’t do
this to me.!” Kris cried and some tears run down her cheek.

Andy grabbed her by the hair and licked the tears off her face.

“Mmhh…that tastes real good, bitch, makes me hungry for more.”

Then he index to undress her pantiehose very very slowly. At least they
remove her bra and slip. The two guys still hold her so everyone had a
good view of her nude well tanned sexy body.

“Wow, she is real hot. What a sexy slut she is! Look at that firm tits
and those wonderful ass!”

“Yeah she is just born to get fucked again and again.”

They did some pics of her.

“Come on guys” Frank said “would you be so kind to spread the legs of
that slut. I would love to know how her pussy feels!”

Marty and Joe still hold her arms while Andy and Alex now spread her
legs. Because of the drug she had no change to work against that. She
tried but it was useless. Frank who has undressed in the meantime too
comes close to her. He positioned his right hand just between her spread
legs and touched her pussy and index to work on it.

“NOOOOOOOOOOO!” she cried. And Frank grabbed her tits with the other hand
and index to squeeze them.


“The slut feels real good guys. But her cunt is still dry. Put her to the
floor, I will lick her pussy!”

They did as their buddy wanted. Kris is put to the ground on her back.
They hold her arms and legs and spread the legs as far as possible. Frank
index to lick her pussy. He moes his tongue around her cuntlips and then
forces his tongue into her fuckhole. Kris feels so humiliated. Those guys
use her like a cheap whore and she won’t think about what will come next.
Frank indexs now to fondle and lick her tits and with a powerful thrust
he entered her helpless unwilling cunt with his rock hard dick.

“AAAAAAAAarrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhh….Uuunnhhhggg….oohhh nooooooooo!”

“Yeah! Frank. Come on fuck that slut hard!”

“Ride her good!”

“Give her what she needs!”

“Show her how a real man fuck!”

“Fuck the bitch! Fuck the bitch!”

And Frank did. He fucked her really hard and with no mercy. Kris screams
like hell as he moved his dick in and out of her sweet cunt. He kneaded
her tits brutaly, pinch her nipples. Kris closed her eyes, hopping that
will soon end. But Frank grab her by the hair and slapped her face.

“Just look at me bitch! I wanna see your eyes while I fuck your cunt!”
Then he forced her to kiss him. And then he cum. He filled the crying
woman with his hot load. The next one is Marty. He has about 240 pounds
and when he mounted Kris who’s weight is about 102 pounds, he covered her
at all. He slid easy into the cum filled cunt of Kris and also index to
fuck the poor and helpless woman. Next one is Andy, then Joe and Alex.
They all took their turns in raping her cunt. But it wasn’t over at all
for their victim. As they recognize that the drug won’t work any longer,
they took some ropes and tie her wrists to her ankles, head on the floor.

“So baby. Now it’s time to fuck your sweet ass!”

“No…Noooo..NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Not my ass please, I never did this
before…please!” Frank took some oil from the kitchen and rubbed it at
her asshole. Kris cried hysterical.

“She has an incredible ass, just perfect to get fucked!” Frank moved
behind her and spread her asscheeks. Then he slowly moved his hard dick
into her virgin asshole. Kirs screams in pain and shame.

“Guys, she is real thigt…mmmhhh..ooohhh..yeahhh…thats a real good
fuck!” He indexed to pump her asshole. First slowly and at least faster
and faster. His cock moved in and out of her shithole. Her asshole is
stretched by the brutal attacks of his big cock. He grabbed her tits from
behind and index to squeeze and knead them

“Stop…it hurt so much, you are to

His balls slammed hard against her asscheeks as he repetly forces his
cock into her asshole. Her whole body is shaking by the powerful thrusts.
Frank enjoyed fucking Kris in the ass to humiliate and degrade his
friends beautiful sexy wife. So he hold out for a long time fucking her
as long as possible. But after about 15 minutes he expolded in her ass
and filled it with his hot sticky cum. This time Andy is the next who
took his part. His cock is the biggest of the guys. Poor Kris never knew
what was coming. Her butt hole was already lubed up from Franks fucking,
so Andy had no problem getting the head in. But the rest of it was hell!
Her ass was so tight, it hurt him to squeeze his meat into it, but he
didn’t give up, he just kept pushing on. Kris, of course, was in agony.
So it hurts like hell when he entered her used cum dripping helpless
asshole. Once Andy was halfway in, he had more positioning power to slam
the rest home. And slam he did! He counted to three and then gave it all
his might.

As he quickly shoved his cock up her ass up the pubes, Kris looked
straight up and screamed in agony, “Oh, God, help me!”

Again she cries out in pain as Andy indexs to fuck her ass mercyless. As
he had filled her with his cum, fat Marty is the next one who rapes her
asshole. Then Alex and Joe took their turns with her ass. Now they untie
her hands for a moment to tie them at her back togehter, then Kris is
forced on her knees and a ring gag is put into her mouth. Frank stand in
front of her and shove his dirty dick right into her wide open soft

“MMMMMMMPPPPFFFF!” “Okay, honey, now I will clean my dick!” said Frank
and index to fuck her sweet mouth.

He grabbed her hair and forced her head back and forth while his cock
became rock hard again in the wetness of her mouth. She tried to fight
agaisnt the ugly smelling intruder with her tongue but had no real change
against the mouth rape. He forced his cock deep into her throath. He
enjoyed the disgust and pain in her face and index to fuck her faster and
faster. In the meantime Andy indexs to slap her ass cheeks with his belt.
Kris screamed in pain into her fleshy gag and Frank likes it.

“Yeah.. Andy thats a real good feeling when she screams at my cock. Make
her scream again budy!” And Andy does it with pleasure. He slapped her
asscheeks hard four times again. Then Frank filled her throath with his

“Oh yeah Kris-slut, that’s it. Mmmmhhh…you’d better swallow all!” He
grinned and made her to swallow his sticky cum.

“Hey Andy, give me the belt” Frank says “I’ll spank her now while you
take your turn in her mouth. And I can say you it’s worth to fuck!”

Andy forced his big hard cokc into her wide open mouth and index to move
her head on it while Frank spank her asscheeks with the belt. So all of
the guys rape her mouth too that night and poor Kris has to swallow lot’s
of cum. Then they untie her and she has to shower. When this is done her
legs and arms are tied again and they let her sleep because they do so
too. And Kris was so tiered from all the fucking that she suddenly

Next morning she wake up because her body is in movement. As she opens
her eyes she see Frank on her top. Her feets are high up above in the air
and shake in the rhtym of his pumping. Her legs are pulled back and fixed
with his shoulders. With a big smile on his face he looked at her while
fucking her cunt. Her arms are still tied at her back so she couldn’t do
anything against this rape.

“Hy Kris honey, this is your personal morning fuck, darling!” Frank said
with an evil grin in his face. Before she could say anything the ringgag
is replaced in her mouth again and Andy shove his big cock right into her
mouth and down her troath. Alex and Marty just fondling her tits while
Joe fingerfuck her asshole. Franks is the first who cum, Andy still fuck
her mouth like a cunt. Fast and hard. But some minutes later he also cum.

“Hey whore, thats your breakfast, you’d better swallow all!” he said
laughing. Then they remove her. Marty is lying at the floor and they put
her struggling victim at his stiff rock hard cock.

“Come on whore you will have a hard ride now!” Andy and Frank make her
bend forward so that Alex could slid into her exposed asshole. And Joe
shove his cock into her open mouth. The three guys fuck all her holes at
the same time. The cocks work hard and mercyless in her helpless holes.
Her hole body is shaking by the powerfull thrusts of her rapers. As the
day before everything is videotaped and Frank did some pictures too. So
the five guys fuck her like that for hours, always changing position so
that everyone could rape every hole of her sexy body until she passes

To be continued!




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