Teen Gets Some Rough Love From Ex-Boyfriend

She was just hanging around the family home when her ex-boyfriend barged in. She took it as a chance for them to talk, but he had other vicious, wicked plans. He penetrated her mercilessly from all holes. See it at Abusedteenagers.com!

# The Boss

Glenda came in to work everyday at 7:30am; I mean you could set your
watch by it. I have been her administrative assistant for 3 years. I
think she likes having men beneath her in the work place, as it is a
sense of power that she needs. On her desk, everyday, I have to have
the days events planned, name all parties involved with the projects at
this ad agency.

Her husband, whom she rarely spoke of, stopped by about once a month.
He was a small man by most respects, only about 5*6 tipping the scales
at 155 pounds. An artist for a modest gallery in east Chicago, his
commute here once a month could not be worse, with the salt in the
wound of having to deal with Glenda. Glenda somewhat towered over her
husband, as her frame was 5*11 and about 125 * 130 lbs. She loved to be
confrontational with people she was taller then, as looking down on
them physically just went hand in hand with how she felt about them.

I could easily hear their arguments. ” You are so pathetic, I mean, why
I fell for your sorry ass, I will never know” was Glenda*s favorite
expression to use on her husband. He would only take it, as the office
sort of concluded the marriage was based upon the money her husband
Roger had. Glenda*s omnipotent domineer was not limited to her husband,
as I was the brunt of that lighting strike if anything went wrong in
her office. My desk is in plain view of hers; the control tower is my
nickname for her. Watching over everything is her way.

For a mean lady, I do have to give her credit on looks. She always has
a nice business suit on, that complimented her hourglass figure. She
has two exercise machines in her office and she does put mileage on
them, I assume it is from the sexual frustration. ” Neil ! !” she
yells. ” Yes Glenda, coming” I answer. ” Why is it that I have to often
ask to get the items for my desk that you know I need??!” I have to sit
for a second before I answer, because it*s always my first reaction to
say ” Shut up bitch!” however, I simply tell her that I am sorry if I
missed anything.

Friday came quick this week thank god and Roger came in a tad early
with some paperwork under his arm and closed to the door to Glenda*s
office. I could not hear much, other then Glenda shouting that he was
making some mistakes he will regret. ” I dare you to you little fucker”
was another lovely shout out to her pie hole as Roger opened the office
door and left. Even after a good 30 minutes after Roger left the
building, Glenda was pacing in her office and mumbling how much she
hates her husband.

” Neil, I am leaving for the weekend, close up when you leave, make
sure you don*t fuck anything up” she said. ” I have worked for you for
three years Glenda, have you had to worry about that before?” I asked.
Glenda leans over my desk and has her nose four inches from my face and
just louder then a whisper says ” Just remember, you DO work for me and
its because you limit your fuck ups, that*s why I allow you in the
building everyday, lets not forget that little man”

At this point I had to find out what went on with her husband in that
office today. After two hours passed, I walked into her office and sat
at her desk. After reading through the stack of papers, it was only a
profit and loss statement for the Art Studio, nothing dreadful. So, I
filed it the way she wanted, but there was already a file for the
studio. The other file showed Glenda as being a full time employee
there with benefits. Thought that was a bit odd, as the sums of her
salary was over thirteen million dollars from the Gallery. I indexed to
photo copy everything and put it in to a database. I of course kept
this under wraps for a few weeks. Everyday, taking verbal pot shots
from Glenda like every other day.

Finally, another week came to a close and Glenda was in well past

file and walked into her office, which was something, she hated.

” Neil, what the hell are you doing in here?” she shouted. I sat on her
Italian leather couch and crossed my legs at the knee and told Glenda
to please close the door and have a seat with me, as we need to talk.
She had a puzzled look on her face, but surprisingly complied. Glenda
walked over to the couch, all the while I am checking out her new suit.

The burgundy two-piece suit, flared skirt with a zipper front top and
as she walked you could catch glimpses of her flat tummy. Glenda
plopped down as if to be annoyed by invasion of her space.

” What already?” she asked.

I did not beat around the bush; I indexed in on all my research and
went on about my in-depth knowledge of embezzling and Tax evasion. As I
went on and on her face ran the gamete of emotions, finally resting in
the position of shock.

” You little prick, so, what, you think you are the big man now, you
want some money?? Fine, how much?” . She asked.

I walked over to the door and locked it. When I turned around and said,
” I don*t want money you little bitch, I want you to do what I want” .

The color left her face, as she did not see that coming. ” First thing
to do, unzip your shirt and take it off.” I told her.

Though in shock, her hand trembled up to her zipper and she slowly ran
the zipper down to her hips where the two sides of her shirt fell to
the sides.

” I said take it off bitch” and with a mean look on her face, she let
the shirt drop to the floor. I felt my dick getting hard, because holy
shit, she had some big tits. I walked over to her and slowly walked
behind her and pulled the tag tight on her bra and read ” 36D” and I
commented to her, ” nice size tits you have*bitch” .

Glenda indexed in with ” Listen her you little fucker*”

I yelled shut up! And interrupted her. I put my hand on her hips
standing over her shoulder looking down at her cleavage. You have a
front clasp on your bra, let those big tits out and not one more word
out of your mouth or I turn you in to the IRS and the police AND the

Her bottom lip began to tremble as her shaking hand grabbed the clasp
and her breasts fell free of there constraints. I immediately cupped
both breasts and played with them. I whispered in her ear, you have
nice tits*but I have had better”

” Give me a break, my tits are perfect..” Grabbing her tits tightly and
her letting out a whimper due to pain ” shut up I told you, now get on
your knees.”

The pain I just inflicted on her huge tits really hit home with her
that this was not a situation she could get out of. Now, just wearing
her flared skirt, she dropped to her knees. I walked in front of her
and told her to take out my dick.

” I don*t do this, oral sex is gross” she stated. I reached down and
grabbed her right tit and twisted the nipple and yelled out in pain
again ” OK OK ok, she gently passed her hand over my cock and began to
unzip my pants.

My cock is average, about 8 inches rock hard and it was now in her
hand. She took a deep breath and began to bob up and down on it sucking
noises coming from her mouth. I could tell she had not done this much,
so I grabbed the back of her head and helped her pound. away. Every
other pound I was able to get down her throat and she would gag.

” How does it feel to have a Dick in your mouth you loud mouth pushy

She mumbled something but my dick covered her words. I grabbed her hair
tighter and really made her go to town on my dick. I used my other hand
and played with her tits and I could tell she was disgusted. As I
noticed I was about to cum, I told her not one drop was to hit the

” She whimpered no-no” as I could tell she did not want me to cum in
her mouth.

I reinforced my statement that if anything happened that caused me to
not be satisfied, we would do this everyday before I sold her out” She
gave me a gentle nod and she began to slurp. I let go of her hair and
told her to keep bobbing and she did. I grabbed her tits and tilted my
head back as I blew my load in her mouth. She chocked a tad, but
swallowed and some trickled down my dick. I told her to lick it all up
and she lick down my shaft and began licking my balls.

” Am I done asshole?” she asked.

” Do I look done?” I replied.

She looked at my dick and I was just as hard now as I was when we

I told her to stand up and go over and stand next to her desk. ” Take
off your panties I told her”

She complied but was not happy. She began to sit down and I asked, ”
What the hell are you doing bitch? Turn around and bend over” I yelled.

She turned away from me and bent over her desk. I flung her skirt up
and on to her back. I just jammed my dick in her pussy and with every
hard pound; I called her a bitch, a cock, a cunt, a whore, a dumb ass
floppy titted motherfucker. I was just pounding away, my balls were
smacking her triangle every time I buried my manhood. I grabbed her
hips and pulled her in on every stroke and she cried out in pain. She
tried to turn and look at me and tears from pain were rolling down her

” This fucking your getting now is for the fuck you have been giving me
for three years” I once again blew my wad, this time it was deep in her

As I relieved my self, I told her to get a towel from her desk and
clean me up. For the first time, I now see Glenda crying and upset that
she is not in control. She hobbled and limped around her desk to get
the towel. She handed me the towel, and I told her to clean me.

” Since you can*t listen, get back on your knees and clean me with your

” You can*t be serious” she said, I just grabbed her by the hair and
forced her to the floor. I continued to force her down my cock again.

She seemed into it this time, slurping noises every time. ” I wont cum
in your mouth this time Glenda” I told her and she made no reaction. As
I began to come again, I took my cock out and shot it over her face.
She made attempts to move her face, but I never let go of her hair
forcing her face to take it all.

She grabbed the towel and I told her to keep it on her face for a

About 30 minutes, I let her towel herself down. She attempted to put
her clothes back on and I told her that she is not done. She sat down
on the couch and folded her arms. I walked over to her and gave her a
smack in the face and told her not to cover up her tits for the
remainder of the evening.

Her eyes filled with tears again and she lowered her arms. I got on my
knees and began to suck her tits and play with them. I did this for
about 20 minutes when there was a knock at the door.

She covered up and asked who it was. I smacked her harder in the face
and reminded her that she was to stay topless and uncovered.

” Now answer the door as you are bitch”

She slowly walked across the room and opened the door. ” Holy shit” my
best friend Joe said at the size of her tits. He said nothing to her
and just grabbed her tits and played with them.

” Glenda, get on your desk and tell Joe that you are a bitch and you
need an attitude adjustment right now” I shouted.

Glenda complied and got on all fours and told Joe though her shaking
mouth that she was a bitch and she needed help not being a cunt. I then
again, threw up her skirt and told her to let Joe*s manhood out.

Joe was about my size and she without instruction from me just indexed
sucking his dick. Nice long slurps, I knew she was doing it right just
to get it over with. I grabbed some Vaseline from Glenda*s handbag and
rubbed it all over my cock.

” Glenda, I have here on this paper the name of all four hundred and
eleven employees here at the company. Time for you to take it in the
ass on their behalf.”

She stopped sucking Joes cock and told me ” NO, no way, that is out of
the question!”

Joe and I just grabbed a tit each and twisted and yelled at her. I
jammed two fingers in her ass and pulled her back in position. She
pleaded with me and I trusted my cock deep in her ass and she howled in
pain, with her mouth open, Joe stuffed his cock in her mouth again. For
every time I pounded her ass, I called out a name of an employee. This
time, the bitch boss got it in the end.

For the next year, I got my dick sucked at 6:30am in the office by this
bitch and she is nicer now then ever!




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