Young Woman Gets Violated

Wendy is a shy young woman who wouldn’t hurt anybody. So she was surprised and shocked when a man trespassed in her apartment then abused and fucked her on all of her holes against her will. Watch her ordeal only at

# The Hypnotist

At work, I and a co-worker had been talking about a hypnotist that was
coming to town with his show. My co-worker told me he knew somebody who
could do that as well and we agree to go see him sometime. So a few
days pass by and we go to see him with a whole group from work. He does
his routine, and I’m told I have eaten sour grapes like they were
oranges and that kind of stuff. What they actually did, I find out the
next day.

I go to work, and I felt the need to dress really sexy that day. High
heels, short skirt without my underwear on, and a shirt, wich is
somewhat oversized, so that you can see a lot of me, and even more if I
bend over, because I’m not wearing a bra as well.

Because work is about to begin, the cantine is pretty full, and I get
whisled when I walk through the door. I just smile and walk to the
coffee machine. When I’m getting my coffee I suddenly feel a hand on my
ass, sliding down, and going under my skirt. The hand then goes up
again and stops between my buttocks, where it indexs massaging the
right half of my but. I turn around to see who it is, but the hand
remains were it was, so when I’ve turned the hand is on my pussy. I
look up and see the hand belongs to my new co-worker, a man who I’ve
seen, but haven’t met.

I tell him to keep his hands to himself, but he just smiles at me. I
push away his hand, and turn around for my coffee. Bad idea. As I’m
faced towards the coffe machine, I feel him pushing me against it hard,
I’m flat against the coffee machine, and I haven’t had time to scream
yet as a big hard cock comes bashing into my backside. I feel like I’m
being ripped open, his cock is so big I can only gasp for air. Because
! he’s pushing so hard only my body is against the machine, my legs are
both off the ground, spreading as much as I can to relieve the tension
on my asshole, but he notices this and with his knees he pushes my legs
back together. It feels like his dick has grown and all I can do is
wait for him to come. Just before he does, he pulls out his dick and
squeeses it between my buttocks, all of his cum is now running down the
inside of my leg. I feel him no longer and I think it’s over. I index
crying silentle and I want to leave.

But the new guy wasn’t done yet. Without me seeing it, he bend over,
made his hand into a fist and drives it hard into my pussy. This time I
did scream. He bangs it in so hard and deep that he actualy lifts me of
the ground. He carries me around like a trophy and some co-workers give
him an applause. He puts me facedown on a table, pulls his fist out,
and rams his dick in to me. He indexs pounding away, and with his hands
squeezing my tits he pulls me up straight, so everybody there can see
me. Then he comes. He pulls out his dick and with one hand rubs my
pussy. It has become all wet.

He bends over, licks one of my tits and says; It looks like you’ve
enjoyed this as much as I have. I feel ashamed, bu the worst part was
that this remark seemed to be the signal for the rest of them to have a

All through the workday I feel this constant pounding on mu ass, my
face, my cunt. There’s a dick between my tits all the time and my hands
are being used to jerk people off. And all the time I see him sitting
there, smiling. He has got his dick in his hand, and every hour or so,
he joins in. And everytime he enters me it feels like the first time.

Finally the day draws to an end and I can go home, all covered in cum.
When I get there I want to take a shower, but before I can, the
doorbell goes. I put on a towell and open the door. I’m shocked when I
see the new guy’s smiling face looking at me. He pulls me out of my
house and pushes me against the wall. Without removing the towel I feel
him entering my ass once again. When he ‘s finished this time, he
indexs to rub my pussy.

He says ” You know that hypnotist, he said you could really suck a
dick. We agreed that he could fuck you if he could hypnotize you to
forget all the sex you have had in the last 24 hour if somebody rubbed
your pussy . He pushes my back against the wall and while he pushing
his hand into me he says; so tomorrow you will have forgotten all about
this. He turns his hand into a fist and jams it up my cunt. I jerk my
body and index to cry. Then he pulled his hand out and put it on my
expodes breast. While sqeezing he says to me; ” And won’t that be a
shame!” .

His hands slide down and give my pussy a firm rub. He smiles and
leaves. I watch him leave, not remembering what he had said and I don’t
even hear my neighbours, who heard the his remarks, sneaking up from
behind, getting their dicks out and index jerking while staring at my
naked, sweaty body. As I realize I’m naked and turn around to go back
in to my house, it’s too late.

I felt the need to dress really sexy next day…

Part 2

And it goes on.

Since I was hypnotized, it became a busy time for me. Men who were
already banging me told their friends, and they told theirs, and so on,
about the new free fuck. Everybody knew that I would forget my sexual
activities from the last 24 hour, when firmly rubbing between my legs.
I thought that I wasn’t getting enough, because I always forget. So I
got hornier and hornier. But there was something else that I didn’t
know, and everybody else id. It would become apparent to me at the
index of the next month. The evening before the new month indexed I was
actually having a quiet night. Nobody in sight who was about to nail
me. I didn’t know this was the silence before the storm.

When I had gone to bed I heard a clock sounding it’s bel. It was
midnight, the index of a new month. Suddenly I heard a lot of noise
downstairs. I got up to look what it was, presuming it had been the
cat, I din’t put a robe on, and headed towards the door, dressed only
in a very short skirt.

Suddenly the door flew open and several men flew into my bedroom,
yelling that they wanted to be first. Before I knew what happened my
arms were tied behind my back. I indexed to scream for help, but as
they pushed me down the stairs, it seemed to excite the men even more.
One was carrieng me by the shoulders and two men had one leg each,
walking as far apart as they could. The other men around me were
getting impatient, grabbing my shirt, and my fully exposed pussy. I
struggled to escape but they had a tight grip on me. When we were
heading for the front door I screamed again. Not for help, but because
one of the man had managed to come close enough to bang his fist up my
ass. My body rea cted by catapulting upwards, but unfortanetly their
was another hand waiting. My body responded again and the fist of the
first man went in deeper. I bounced up and down between them until we
left my home.

I was shocked to see a crowd of people had gathered and they cheeered
when I was carried out. Through a millions of hands and other objects
being shuvved into all availebale holes, they throw me into a van. I’m
trying to sit down and recover from the shock of what just happend when
I saw that the floor of the van was filled with huge erect dildo’s,
attached to the floor. I just have time to look in disbelieve as the
driver pulls away very fast. I fall down and feel a pair of dildos
entering my ass and my cunt. I try to get up but the driver keeps
making manouvres that make me fall down towards another penetration.
All this time photo’s are being made. I give up and wait untill we
reach our destination with a dildo the size of a horse streching out my

Finally the car stops and I am being dragged out, into a nearby bar.
I’m laid down on a table and what has remained of my shirt is ripped
off. My legs are again spread thanks to two guys who are constantly
rubbing the inside of my leg. I look around and I see that the bar is
filled with naked men, all holding an erection. As I think that I’m
losing my mind, one of my co-workers, many of who are present, comes up
to me and smiles. I yell at him, wanting to know what’s going on.

He smiles and says; ” You can’t hypnotize people all of the time. Evey
first of the month it will wear of and you will remember the last 24
hours of sex.”

Since I don’t remember he shows my loads of pictures and video’s of me.
I see myself getting nailed on a bachelor party, I see myself
masturbating on the town square in front of a crowd, who, when I have
come, index fucking me, I see myself totally naked in the crowd of a
footballstadium, getting passed around among the fans. My co-worker
explains how it works with the hypnotist and I’m beginning to realize
that not only was it me I just saw, but when someone grabbed me between
my legs, not only did I forget, but I became extremely horny.

I enjoyed all the things I just saw!! My co-worker smiled again and
walked towards my still-spread pussy.

” So this is the only day that we can enjoy some original Natasja, en
we’re going to give you the ride of your life.”

With those words he rams his huge dick in my pussy. And while the rest
is gathering, and he is banging between my legs he says ” One last
treat. You will also get horny after a couple of hours of this.”

I want to reply but a dick get shoved in my mouth, all the way down my
throat The guy is standing over me, and his balls keep hitting me in my
face. My legs get lifted into the air and I’m free from the ground. All
I can see is loads of legs as I get entered from both sides again.
After a while, and many diffrent positions, I no longer feel the pain
in my ass. I just feel the flesh of some unknown man banging against my
ass. Suddenly there’s a pause.

With all the strenght I have left I run away, onto the street.
Unfortunately saturday night and everybody’s having a night out. I run
totally naked, with cum dropping from all over my body. Immidiately I’m
recognized. I heer someone yelling ” Thats Natasja, it’s a

Five seconds later I run straight upon a man who had seen me coming. He
already took his dick out, and he spears me with it. Before I can
resist him, another one pushes his dich in my ass. I’m getting all weak
fall sideways, where there is the third one, who grabs my hair and
stuffs his dick in my mouth. The party is going on outside. After
several hours of huge cocks banging in my mouth, my ass, and my pussy,
I index to feel strange.

I’m thinking;” Oh my God, I’m getting horny.” I try to hide it, but the
people around me, on me, and in me, have already noticed. I see
videocameras and photocameras appearing and they index shooting. When
another liter of cum has gone down my throat, I can no longer pretend.
I’ve been geting hornier and hornier, and when the 6 guy in that hour
brutally rams his dick in my ass, I have an orgasm. And everybody sees

The party goes on, with the slight difference that I have no longer
control over my body. I’m as horny as can be. Knowing I was being
raped, I’m going crazy finding out that though my mind knows what’s
going on, my body has surrendered. I grab every dick I see, and even
animals aren’t safe anymore. The cameras are rolling when I, to my own
disguist index riding a horse, hanging underneath his belly. I have
phisicaly gone mad. I know that everybody sees me and takes advantage
of me when they want, how they want. I know this is all extremely
embarrissing, but my body won’t cooperate. Right until 12 oclock I
being banged, my ass is all shine because of the cum on it, I can’t put
my legs back together of musclecramps and at one minute after twelve,
the co-worker walks up to me, rubs my pussy and says;” Come on in, I
want to fuck you” . My cunt gets wet, my memorie is dissappering, and
while grabbing his cock, and he sticking his fingers in my pussy. I
orgasm for the first time that day.



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