Blonde Girl Brutally Forced For Sex

Innocent college coed gets brutalized and forced to have sex by a masked man. She didn’t mind the news in her college so she became the next victim.Only at

# The Night They Ganged Up On Cyndi

Cyndi Dawson was 25 and very pretty. She was, as one neighbor would
describe her, “really slapped together”. She was younger than most of
the women in the neighborhood and they were jealous of her. Whenever
she went outside to work in her yard the men of the neighborhood found
a reason to go outside.

She had thick, dark, shoulder length brown hair, and a curvaceous body
that she made no great effort to hide from anyone. In the summer she
favored halter tops and cut-off jeans. In the winter she wore tight
sweaters and equally tight skirts or jeans. The bra industry did not
prosper because of her. In fact her very firm 36C breasts appeared even
larger when she wore certain ribbed sweaters – another favorite of

But Cyndi had a weakness. Two, really.

The first weakness was alcohol. She couldn’t hold her booze at all. Two
beers and she’d be climbing on top of tables to dance. Three and her
skirt would be up around her waist. She had no inhibitions when she
drank – and no resistance.

The second weakness was men. She absolutely loved men. She loved their
attention, she loved how they smelled and, most of all, she loved men’s
legs. She craved their attention and was a notorious flirt – some
called her a cock-teaser. And she was.

Rumors of Cyndi’s neighborhood conquests were whispered among friends.
It was said that she had an ongoing liaison with their neighbor – a
landscaper, 25 years her senior – and there was the story of the night
she was caught giving head to a 15-year-old neighborhood boy behind the
garage. But the most popular rumor was not a rumor at all, but fact.
The story concerned the night she was gang banged, raped really, at a
party by, at least, a dozen men.

The irony of the event was, that it was set in motion by two
neighborhood women, Ann Ruskin and Joanne Martin, who had had just
about enough of Cyndi’s flirtations. Ann, the landscaper’s wife, had
originally planned to have her abducted and beaten, but Joanne
convinced her that by humiliating Cyndi in front of all the neighbors
the end result would be much more effective.

And so a neighborhood party was planned for the week after Hallowe’en.
Invitations went out to all the neighbors and, for good measure, Joanne
invited some additional male friends of her police officer husband. To
digress just a second, the police parties that Joanne had hosted in the
past generally got totally out of control and the cops were legendary
drinkers and womanizers. Cyndi had already attended one of those
parties and attracted lots of interest from the men in blue.

Cyndi’s husband, Walt Dawson, was a quiet guy who sold sporting goods
for a living. He was good at it, but often traveled and when he was
gone his wife was likely to stray. He knew of her indescretions, in
fact he was her second husband. He met her at a sporting goods
convention in center city Philadelphia where she was working as a
model. He actually dated her for two months before he found out that
she was married. On their second date she got so drunk that when he
took her back to her apartment she took off all her clothes and they
made love on the kitchen floor.

Walt had suffered through many of Cyndi’s flirtations, but did so
quietly. He simply wasn’t the kind of man to make trouble and he truly
loved his sexy young wife. But on the night in question Walt made a
decision that impacted what happened next, he decided that if Cyndi
acted like a slut again this night he would let nature take its’
course. He would do nothing to stop her and nothing to help her if she
got in over her head.

The party was in full swing when Walt and Cyndi got there. Kegs were
located in at least three rooms and hard liquor was set up on the bar.
The Police added a recently confiscated stash of marijuana to the
festivities and there were joints lit and in use all over the place.

The music was loud, the place was packed. There were close to thirty
people crammed in to Ruskin’s house. Some made their way to the
basement, the rest filled the upstairs rooms. It didn’t take Cyndi long
to get in the swing of things and she had barely removed her coat when
someone thrust a beer in to her hand. She smiled and drank it.

Joanne and Ann had let it be known to a few key men that they wanted
Cyndi to get worked over and degraded at this party they were more than
willing to help. Cyndi, being herself, quickly began to mingle and
flirt with the men at the party. It was 9 p.m. She was dressed in a
tight white ribbed sweater, a short black skirt and, for good measure,
a pair of black boots. Two beers became three, and then four and she
was completely blitzed.

It wasn’t long before she was cajoled in to dancing and she was more
than willing to let them maul and paw her. She loved the attention and
she was soon turned on. The dancing got more intense and more physical
and Walt sat there and watched as two cops sandwiched her between them
and began to grind with her. It was 10.30 p.m. Her skirt rode up to her
waist and everyone who was watching saw that she was wearing a pair of
lacey black panties. The sexual act got more aggressive and soon there
were a pair of hands under her sweater, massaging her tits. She wore no
bra. And then the dancing ceased and the assault began – and a crowd of
men gathered around her.

Her arms were pinned behind her back, thrusting her tits forward.

She struggled, she begged “please don’t do that, you are going too far”
but had no chance.

A young cop standing in front of her slid his hands inside the elastic
band of her panties and found the warm wetness of her clit. His fingers
probed inside of her – and there was a look of sudden fear in Cyndi’s

“Stop it, this isn’t right,” she yelled.

And then her sweater was raised and her firm 36C tits were on full view
and another man began to fondle her breasts, pulling on her nipples
until they grew firm and rigid. Tears began to run down Cyndi’s cheeks.

Walt was watching, but not saying or doing anything.

The young man standing in front of her with his fingers in her cunt
looked at Walt as if to say “is this okay with you?”

Walt, understanding, stared back at him and said, “go for it”. It was
“Dance bitch,” somebody said and cranked the music up even higher to
drown out any potential protests from her. People in other rooms of the
house had no idea what was going on, but the loud music did attract
their attention.

Ann and Joanne stood by as Cyndi’s sweater was pulled over her head
leaving her naked from the waist up. They smiled at each other. Her
panties were soon down around her knees and any possible sounds that
would have come from her mouth were muted by a big meaty hand clamped
over it. She was actually being raped in the company of two dozen party

Before anyone realized it a bottle of vodka was being forced in her
mouth, her head pulled back by a man holding a handfull of her
bountiful hair, and she was swallowing it, at least swallowing the part
that didn’t run down her chest. It was midnight.

Cyndi’s head was spinning, she was drunk..and getting drunker..and in
the haze that was before her she could see countless blank faces and
feel scores of hands and fingers probing her, pinching her, tugging on
her enlarged nipples, prodding her between her legs, fingering her ass.

Ann set the stage with the proclamation, “the bitch is drunk again and
she’s ready to fuck the let her..I hope they screw her
brains out..sorry Walt.”

Walt just nodded. He was sick of her act, sick of being embarassed by
her and he thought that, just maybe, this would cure her. If, of
course, it didn’t kill her.

He got his coat out of the closet and left. As he was going out the
door he saw Cyndi, now with her wrists cuffed behind her back, being
forced to her knees as a circle of men with their cocks hard and
extended awaited her. Men took turns grabbing handsful of her hair and
forcing their cocks deep in her mouth. One after another they came in
her mouth. She was gagging and gasping but doing her best to meet the
challenge. It was 12.30 a.m.

Soon the men got tired of waiting their turns and one big burly cop
took the initiative and shoved her on her back, two of them grabbed her
legs and spread them obscenely wide open. And then, in a flash, he slid
his cock deep inside of her as her boot-clad legs kicked wildly in the
air. Soon she was overwhelmed, fucking and sucking one after another.
People would pop by the room to watch and, sometimes, to participate.
Walt was home watching TV. It was 1.30 a.m.

She was being totally used an abused. She was a piece of meat, nothing
more, nothing less. Ann and Joanne stood by and smiled as their nemisis
was reduced to a sobbing sex object. Her nipples were twisted and
pulled, pinched and bitten and fingers probed inside her when cocks

She was now sobbing hysterically from the abuse.

This went on for almost two hours – and she was entered by at least a
dozen men -and soon she was so full of cum that it was oozing out of
her cunt, covered her face and chest and hardened in her hair. One man
actually unloaded his cum in her ear. She lay there on the floor,
uttering some unintelligible sounds. Some said she was sighing, some
said she was crying, but it was unintelligble. She was well-used,
alright, and totally out of it. But there was still one virginal hole
left to fill, her ass.

Actually it was Joanne who suggested that Cyndi still needed to be ass
fucked and went looking for someone to do it. And she soon found him. A
black police officer named Ruddy. Ruddy had avoided the scene up to
that point and was down in the rec room shooting pool when Joanne came
and asked him for a “favor”. At first he declined but Joanne begged him
and he said that he’d consider it.

Cyndi was sprawled on the floor in a very unladylike pose..her legs
splayed wide apart.

“I want you to ass fuck her Rud,” Joanne whispered, “she’s a nasty
bitch and I hate her, I want her hurt and you are the guy to do it.”

“Alright, I will, but not here,” he said. He told them to take her
upstairs to a bedroom. “I don’t want no fuckin’ audience,” he said.

Joanne agreed and ordered Cyndi’s limp body dragged upstairs..and drag
her they did, by the ankles. She was a wreck.

The police carried her to an upstairs bureau and laid her face down on
it. They cuffed her wrists to the back legs and her ankles to the front
legs. Her ass was positioned for an assault.

She sobbed, “please don’t” when they were draping her over the bureau
because she knew what was coming. They ignored her.

Down the street Walt Dawson was sound asleep in his bed. It was 3.30

Ruddy got naked and took his time feeling and stroking Cyndi. She was
virtually sober, all the booze had been fucked out of her. She was
hurting, she was bruised and she wished she was dead.

She felt the cockhead of her new assailant probing her anal regions.
She felt him pulled her buttocks apart.

“Oh please not that, please, I’ve never done that before,” she sobbed.

She knew that it was going to hurt, but had no idea how bad. After a
brief period of probing Ruddy mounted a full-scale assault and drilled
his very large black cock directly in to Cyndi’s ass-hole. The more she
pleaded the harder Rud shoved against her anus. She screamed as a pain
shot through her and she saw stars as his cockhead penetrated her anal
ring…and the pain was worse than giving birth. Her ass felt like it
was being torn open and, for good measure, he had one of her tits in
each hand and he was squeezing them as if they were oranges and he
planned on getting a quart of juice from each. She moaned and cried and
screamed as he sank deeper and deeper inside of her. Finally her
muscles loosened up and his cock slid in and out with ease. She felt
her ass filling up with hot fluids.

Her head hung down low enough so that right before she fainted she saw
the streams of blood running down both her legs. She was unconscious
when the streams turned pink, her blood mixing with Ruddy’s semen.

It was after 4 a.m. when Ruddy declared himself finished with her and
for the next 45 minutes other men took turns poking their cocks deep
inside her ass too. It didn’t matter to them that she was unconscious
because most of them were too drunk to even care.

At 5.30 am the last guest left. All except Cyndi that is. Joanne and
Ann were still not completely satisfied with Cyndi’s degradation and so
they took a magic marker and wrote “fucked by a dozen” across her chest
and dragged her outside the house. They loaded her in the back of
Joanne’s station wagon and drove the two short blocks to Cyndi and
Walt’s house. There, as Walt slept, they dragged her limp body in to
the backyard and suspended her, by the arms, from a birch tree.

At 10 a.m. Walt found her and cut her down. Within three months the
Dawson’s moved from the neighborhood and within a year they were



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