Crying girl gets holes filled

Crying girl gets holes filledTonight at Real Brutal Sex you will see one charming crying freshie getting her pussy and her mouth fucked at once – though in a very unusual way! See her getting fucked and sucking on the cold scary barrel of a gun!

# Diary of a Rapist

I’m 24 and from a small college town in central Maine, Orono. I began
college when I was 18. It was only for two as I committed my first rape
and really botched it and was sent to prison for 12 years and was
released on parole after 4, Jail was not a deterrent it only made me
realize I have to be more patient and careful.

But the first bitch deserved it wearing tight jeans. Alone on a library
elevator in the middle of the day. I hit the emergency stop and pulled
a knife, forcing her to take her pants down and grasping the rail I
slashed the panties off tossing them aside. As soon as I entered her
stuck up cunt from behind she screamed the whole time. I was in heaven
and let her scream. Bad mistake. I was so violently raping her the car
shock and just as I blasted into her and my dick still in. The door
opens to two cops at gun point point slammed me down and handcuffed
me.My victim had crawled into a ball in the corner sobbing
uncontrollably. I still remember walking out of the court room acquited
and I just smile at her and made a kissing gesture with my lips

Victim 2

She was so hot and Cindy knew it. I use to spend hundreds of dollars in
the massage parlor she worked in. Getting to see her naked and getting
pumped off. The only thing was she wore a plastic glove. That really
sucked. I finally could not take it any longer.

With a knife I got into her van unseen in the lot where she worked.
Covering myself with a large box. This was perfect as I knew I would
never be prosecuted for this even though she could I.D. me. The stupid
tramp had wrongly fingered an innocent man knowingly for rape. Her
story fell apart and she confessed.

It could not be more perfect. I could not see her as she got in but as
usual she had on a tight mini skirt and blouse with ruffles up the
front. The van indexed and as it did we began to move and my cock
stirred. I watched in the hole I cut to see the general area we where
moving in. The peaces of my plan where quickly fallen into place. I
waited like a cat until the perfect time when we where to reach the
outskirts of the city.

I felt the van veer to the right onto Route 2 and that was my signal to
emerge for my 19 yo prey. Suddenly she saw me in the mirror and
indexled she swerved. Brandishing a knife.

“Do as I say bitch and you won’t be hurt”

As she drove I ran the knife along her breast outside her shirt. The
hairs on the back of her head curled in fear from realizing I was going
to rape her.

While driving I forced her to use one hand to open the front of her
shirt. Her shaking hand went to work and before to long it was wide
open. Her tits strained against the tight lacey bra. Slashing the front
they sprung free.

She began crying “Please don’t do this”.

But I ignored her. I could feel her cringe as I groped them.

“Ever been tit fucked slut”

“nnnnn nnno” Just the thought of have this guys ugly prick between them
was revolting.

Forcing her to park in a dark cemetery and killing the lights. This
slut was mine and there was no stopping me. Forcing her into the back
and ordering to lay face down she began crying as she slowly complied
“Please don’t do this” her voice begged.

Straddling over her ass. I pushed the skirt up. What saw almost made me
blow my load immediately. Her creamy white mounds trembled in fear as
her panties clung along her mounds crack. I was out of control and
unzipped my pants. Rock hard my niner jetted out.

Groping her cheeks ” Oh this is going to be sweet. Sliding the knife
under the right side of her panties. I slashed the side and tore them

“Oh God please no please ”

Laughing God can’t help you now bitch”.

My oozing cock rubbed on her as I molded my self to her back. Digging
in with my knees I forced her legs apart with ease. Pulling her head
back by the hair I forced her to kiss and forcing her mouth open. She
began to gag as I flicked my tongue around in her mouth. Then suddenly
with one savage blow my cock tore into her virgin shit hole. It only
made me hotter when she screamed into her mouth. After breaking the
kiss she quickly said ” Oh god please it hurts really bad take it out.

” Oh bitch we have only begun. I said forcing more into her.

Her teeth where gritted from the pain and her little fist grasped at
the carpeting. After the initial shock she began to cry only wanting
this over. Her ass was so tight and plugged only a trickle of blood ran
out, even though she was bleeding badly inside as the cock stretched
and tore her shit hole. I began to pump moaning in butt rape pleasure.
My cock stroking along her torn shit hole walls only intensified the
pain. Crying she knew there was nothing she could do to stop her ass
from being raped.

Grunting “Oh yes cock teaser I am fixing to cum in your ass”.

Whimpering at this point as her ass raping only intensified with a pace
slowly get higher. Suddenly I felt my load only seconds away. Taking
one last shove all the way in I held it in convulsing as my cum sprayed
in her as deep as possible.

She just kept whimpering saying ” Ok now please get off me and take it

But I layed across her until I was soft. Pushing her from the van I
drove it onto the parking lot on the campus ditching it near where I
had parked my car. Later that night the local news reported a car
jacking and they said luckily there was not any sexual assault. I just
smiled to my self knowing I had gotten away with a rape and wanted more

Teen Secretary It had been 10 days since I was acquitted of rape and I
was going to my attorney’s office to pay off my bill. When I turned the
door knob the office door was locked. This was strange so I knocked and
a young women called out who was it I told her her I was there to pay
my bill.

” Just slide it under the door ”

” Well I can’t I need a pen”

After a few seconds passed the door opened.

” Well im not suppost to let anyone in but I suppose I can this time.
As she opened the door she was hot. Blond hair, hot tits and ass.around


” Just put it on his desk, I’m here alone ” She was taking care of
files and bending over show part of her crack and pink panties. Oh man
this was to good to be true.

” Well I’m sorry I really need a receipt”

Of course she coped a typical teen attitude. Handing it to and seeing
the name on it she began to tremble as her face turned a sickening
paste white knowing I was a rapist. After giving me the receipt I could
literally hear her breath a sigh of release. But instead I locked it.

“You know a cute teen like you should never let your guard down around
a predator like me” I said laughing evily.

Her eye’s darted around and she realized I was going to try and rape
her. Suddenly she darted into her fathers office and locked the door.
Dam I had to think quick or she was going to be able to call the
police. Seeing a steel heavy mobile coat rack I grabbed it and began
busting out the glass on the door. I stepped in, where the fuck did she
go. I was thinking. Then I heard her whimpering. Stupid cunt was
cowering under her father’s desk. Walking over confident I had my prey.
I reach under the desk and grabbed her by the blond hair and drug her
out. Standing her up I back handed her sending her reeling over the

“Strip to your panties cunt”

She lunged for the door and I caught her by the shirt. It tore down one
side and she had know bra on and one of her tits was completely

” Take the skirt of slut ”

She was crying really bad as she lowered it. Standing there with one
tit exposed and in panties she continued to cry as I forced her to turn
and show her panty clad ass.

” Nice ass bitch ” Shoving her from behind toward her fathers desk.
“Now drop the panties and bend over daddies desk.”

“Oh god why why” she said.

“Because I am horny bitch, said I cruelly.

She pushed them down and bent forward and tried to keep her butt tucked
in. Taking my cock out I walked up behind her and indexed slapping her
ass cheeks.

“Come on get that ass up”

As she slowly did I marvelled her ass and ran my hands all over it.
Making her cringe and her skin crawl from my touch.

She felt my cock perched at her dry pussies entrance and begged ”
Please I’m not on birth control.”

” Well you should have thought of that bitch ” I said laughing.

Rearing back I drilled it deep into her pussy.

The blow took her breath ” Please, Please it hurts, stop, stop”

But I ignored her and put my hands on her hips as I began raping her

“OHHHH yes your teen pussy is heavenly. Oh fuck you feel good” I said
while pumping teen pussy.

I began grunting and moaning as my load neared.

“Oh God please don’t cum in me please”

Like know other time I had a passing since of mercy and I pulled out
and shot all over her ass. My load had saturated her and collected
along the cravess and dripped down. Pulling my pants up I slapped her
on the ass.

“Nice pussy cunt” turning out I walked away and she didn’t want to lose
her boyfriend as he was a jerk and it went unreported.

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