Teen Gets Pressured to Have Sex

Tami is no virgin, but she does not sleep around. Then she angered the wrong guy. He got a gun then forced her to have sex with him, treating her roughly while she cried. Watch more of the footage only at Girlsravished.com.

# Gang Raped in Amsterdam

Marleen is a very attractive Dutch girl who lives in Amsterdam, she’s
only assets that Marleen has some difficulties with are her wide hips
and very large breasts, 36 DD, topped with big painfull nipples that
always stick obscenely out. She often talks about this problem with her
girlfriends, but they’re only just dangerously jealous about her ripe
full figure. This year it happened a few times that she had some
horibble experiences with guys in a bardancing she always goes to.

Every friday she goes out with 3 girlfriends of her and first it
indexed by little remarks like: ” hey beauty” ! or ” Wow you look hot”
! But a week later the same guys said: ” I love to feel your firm ass”
and than their were some guys who accidentally bumped into her and
pinched her big nipples a few times very hard. She just ran outside and
told her 3 girlfriends about it, they just reacted very strange and
told her not to worry about it and make fun on a friday night and
especially not to worry about her body.

One week later those same bastards dared to squeez her ass and really
groped at her breasts a few times and all this without being noticed.
She was just wearing jeans with a large sweater, she was ordering 4
beers and when she walked back a few pair of hands got under her
sweater and mauled her tits so hard that it made both of her breasts to
pop out of their cups.

The bardancing was very crowded and Marleen shouted at the 3 guys to
fuck off, one said: ” I like those big hard nipples on those big
bouncing tits” .

They surrounded her in a tight circle. Marleen screamed: Aaah, you
fuckers, let go of my nipples, don’t touch my breasts, shit, nooo, it
hurts, aaaah!”

Heavily breathing she was trying to push through in a very clumsy way
with four beers between her hands and the boys were pulling so hard at
her nipples that she almost tumbled over and when they tried to pull
off her sweater she threw the 4 beers into their faces and ran away,

Her 3 girlfriends came outside after 15 minutes. Marleen was still very
upset by the assault and she wanted to go home and never talk about it

Another week passed, that same group of guys was in the bardancing.
Marleen was very nervous. Because of the assault of last week her
nipples were still bruised and more painfull than normally. All her
attention was focussed on her nipples and ass, she would let nobody
touch them again. The top she wore was so wide that here nipples
wouldn’t protrude. Her tight jeans were replaced by a wide skirt.
However, all night, the guys tried to get close to her and on the
danceflour their hungry hands groped for her ripe body.

She desparately tried to stay in a close circle with her 3 girlfriends
but now those dirty fingers still managed to get under her skirt and
sticking them almost through her sheer thong. At that same time 3 boys
of this gang pushed her 3 girlfriends away and indexed talking with
them. Her 3 girlfriends were now standing with their back at Marleen.

A strong arm was put around the neck of Marleen and was dragging her
down, another strong arm pushed her ass up so her pussy was sticking in
the air. She was jumping wildly a few times hoping she could escape to
those fingers. Some fingers already found her swollen clit and were
massaging it deeply. Nobody seemed to notice it and Marleen tried with
her free hands to push those strange invading fingers away. Her thong
didn’t protect her virgin pussy, because she felt one finger enter her
like a horny rabbit and than some other fingers entered her hole. She
tried to protect her pussy with her long slender fingers but they were
easily pushed away. She saw one boy sitting on the flour, he was
spitting at her pussy and than he put 3 fingers into her wet hole.
Than, for two seconds the lights wents on and they all disappeared for
a few minutes.

Marleen fortunately managed not to fall on the dirty flour and
hysterically she ran to the toilettes. She cleaned herself and went
back to the dance flour. Who were those crazy idiots? It must have been
a group of 20 guys. She was too scared and too intimidated to mention
it to her friends, those bitches were now busy flirting with those same
bastards and before she knew it she ended up all alone in that same a
group of teasing guys. She wanted to run away, but it was too late!

They all glanced at her short wide skirt and funny top. Her top was
black and made by her mother. Off course it was not tight, but still it
emphasized her big breasts. The bottom and top were tight around her
body because of the elastic band her mother had put in. It was held up
by two very thin strings. You could easily see the big white bra strips
beneath it. Marleen hates to admit it, but since a few months her
mother always makes her clothes, she also modifies her bra’s so they
fit as tight as possible. She wants her bra’s to fit very, very tight.
In spite of the fact that Marleen is only 19 years of age, she noticed
to her shame that her big heavy breasts already index to hang a little.

But here she was being pushed in a corner of a very dark bardancing
where nobody ‘seemed’ to notice her between this group of at least 17
young horny guys. They looked at her terrified face and continued to
push her in the corner till her high heels touched the leather benches.
Marleen looked very cute. Her long blond hair covered her ample breasts
and since her eyes are very bad she was wearing little round glasses.

Than one boy said: He bitch, you still like to tease us” ?

Immediately another boy whispered: ” You little slut, we are going to
party with you” !

Than one bastard took her glasses in one swift movement. At that same
time Marleen felt a hand that poked hard into her soft bare belly. She
immediately pushed the big hand away with both of her little hands. It
was already awfull, the boys’ fun had not even really begun before she
realized that she could almost see nothing because of her bad eyes and
because of all the white smoke produced by some stupid machine.

She screamed: ” Please boys, give me back my glasses” .

Than she felt another hand pulling hard at the bottom of her top and
before she could grab his hand, he let the fabric hit her flesh

A guy screamed: ” Look at the girl, she want it all” !

Marleen didn’t know what to do, all she could do was to fend off all
those groping hands and fight them with her life. She felt that at
least four boys were standing dangerously close behind her. Two were on
both of her sides piching into her soft flesh and touching her ass
through the thin skirt. Six boys were dancing and moving wildly in
front of the desparate girl. The rest of the guys continued their
‘real’ dance and made sure that nobody would notice this sexual

All she could do was begging: ” Boys, please let me go, I didn’t do
anything wrong to you” !

The guys behind her easily lifted the short top a little so the back of
the huge white bra became visible and one big guy tried to unhook the
four bra clasps. It was not easy for him, the bra was held so tight
that he was almost not able to open the damn little hooks. Off course
Marleen felt that the boys were tugging at her top and at her bra.

” Nooo, please don’t pull off my top, please don’t touch me, aaahhh” !

With both of her hands she tried to slam their hands away behind her
back. But it was useless. She heard them laugh sadistically.

” Baby, we won’t take your top, calm down, we’ll just have to borrow
your bra”

She almost collapsed as soon as she felt that the guy finally opened
all the four hooks. The bastard released in one movement the two sides
at the back of her bra so the tension of the elastic caused the two bra
parts to jump free. Immediately she felt that both of her breasts
bounced down a few inches.

The boys in front of her were applauding: ” Wow, first victory, we
opened her bra, did you see her tits jump down” ?

Marleen now had tears into her eyes, this remark was so humiliating.
She knew that she couldn’t cry now, she had to continue her fight with
those sick bastards or they would just rape her here on the flour of
this bardancing.

Marleen kicked and clawed like an animal at the boys in front of her
and at her sides. Off course one guy caught her leg and held it up so
she fell against the boys standing behind her. They just held her like
that while the boys in font of her took the hem of the skirt and pulled
it up. They all stared at her slit which was very vissible and still
wet by the assault from an hour ago. She hated herself that she had
just shaven her pussy completely. Her legs trembled when she tried to
pull them as close as possible.

When the boys saw this they took her knees and spread her legs as wide
as they could. The sheer coton of the thong couldn’t cover her pussy
anymore. Her folds and pussyhole were poking dangerously in the air.
Just when one guy wanted to stick his finger into the gaping hole, he
was stopped by their leader.

He said: ” Not again, controll yourself, let’s first play a little, the
evening ain’t over yet” !

The boys who were standing next to Marleen held both of her arms down.
One boy behind her pulled the left bra strap down till it was loose.
Than another guy pulled the right bra strap down and very slowly he
indexed pulling at the big white bra.

Marleen begged them: ” Please boys, how can I convince you, please
don’t take my bra, please don’t hurt my breasts, you can do anything to
me or to any other girl in this place as long as you don’t hurt my
breasts” .

The guys just laughed and in spite of her begging, the big bra appeared
from under her top inch by inch, first the right cup and then the left
one till the bra was their property. During the first minutes after
this cruel display the big guy standing behind Marleen was waving with
the bra in the air than he put it into his pocket like a victory. Here
she was again. Hanging in the middle of a group of horny young men and

Marleen was devastaded, in one of her last desparate attempts she tried
to fight free and run away. Her leg was already released a few seconds
ago so she wouldn’t dare to kick them again, instead she pushed them
away, but this was useless. The guys made a tight circle around her and
they indexed piching her sides, her back, her ass cheeks and just above
her jiggling tit flesh. They tossed her around by her arms which caused
her breasts to bounce freely and obscenely into her loose top. She
really didn’t know what to do, their was no strategy plan for one
little girl against 17 big wild guys. She knew the guys had already
developped this plan weeks ago, because they couldn’t rape her in a
bardancing, instead, they went further and further, step by step which
made it really shamefull for the helpless girl who nevertheless didn’t
give up. The guys were playing and toying with their prey. Marleen
tried to slap at all the guys, she jumped around and tried to kick
them, without making it possible for them to cath her legs, but it had
no use. This made them very horny. After a few minutes Marleen was
really exhausted, she was sweating like never before.

Like nothing happened the guys continued pinching into the soft skin of
the girl. The top of her tit flesh already showed many red spots.
Marleen noticed that the boys indexed treating her a little harder.
They took her hands and made her bend down in an obscene way.

Marleen cried: ” Please let go of my hand , you’re hurting me,aaaaahh”

The boys laughed. One fat guy took the bottom of the top and tugged at
it a few times. They all saw an enormous cleavage and if the boy would
tug any harder her breasts would pop out.

” Wow look at that cleavage, I’m sure those jugs want to get squeezed
real hard” , a guy said.

Marleen looked at herself, she felt her breasts moving into her top.
She hated that fat bastard who was pulling at her top.

Another guy said: ” Let’s see those melons, I’m tired of seeing those
hanging gallons into that top.

Marleen hated these comments. She couldn’t help but indexed crying. One
boy slapped her hard into her face so she stopped crying. Than she
wanted to kick them, but as she was held face down, she kicked behind
her with her high heels so she slipped. One guy just laughed while he
saw her almost lying on the flour. He took her skirt and pulled it up.

” Wow, look at that fat ass”

Marleen was so tired of fighting that she almost fainted. She only felt
some boys pulling her legs apart. She was held just above the flour and
jumped a little when some fucker touched her wet slit through her white
drenched thong. She couldn’t hold it any longer. She was lying into the
arms of almost 17 guys. They held her arms wide ,her head down, her
legs wide. After two hours of wrestling with those guys she felt hands
pulling at the bottom of the top, her big breasts jumped free in the
air and were dangling down, her top was thrown away. Some assholes were
probing her wet slit through the transparant thong, than they pushed
the sheer material aside over her now bare pussy lips and indexed
poking into her moist slit.

She tried to jump, but this only caused their fingers to penetrate
deeper. With her last forces she tried to wiggle free, but this last
effort was just silly and more humiliating. They all held her without
showing any feelings or any emotion at all.

In stead someone said: ” Look the girl is making her fat jugs bounce
just for us” !

For the last time Marleen had a huge scream: ” You baindexds let me
goooo!!! I hate youuu!

Than they shoved many fingers into her dripping slit. They all had
their fun with the girl by twisting her already bruised nipples hard
and by making her hanging breasts bounce and bounce till they almost
fell off. Marleen collapsed by whispering a long: ” aaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!”

At 5 o’clock in the morning she was saved before they could fuck her.
The music went out and the lights went on. All boys walked away,
slowly, and without being noticed…. Their 3 girlfriends followed with
a mean grin on their faces….



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