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# The Extraterrestrial Sexual Assault

Mark and Jana were on the vacation of their life – they were spending
three weeks in the Hawaiian Islands. They were both collage students,
on summer break. Mark was twenty-one at the time, and was an
engineering student. He had brown hair, a neatly trimmed goatee, and a
tanned, athletic build. Jana was nineteen, and was studying for a
degree in economics. She had short blond hair, with pretty blue eyes,
and a great figure due to her active lifestyle of swimming and jogging.
Her 34C-26-34 body never went unnoticed in a crowd. On their second
week in the islands, they decided to spend some time hiking in the
remote jungles of Kauai, so they packed their backpacks, and headed off
for a week of solitude. On this particular day hike, they went looking
for a stream to swim in, and because it was warm, Jana wore a skirt and
bathing suit top, and Mark wore shorts and a tank top. Although, had
they found a stream, they were planning to swim naked anyway. As they
walked along a secluded trail, Mark slipped into a hole next to some
bushes, and fell in about waist deep.

” Oh shit” he exclaimed. ” Help me up, Jana”

” What happened?” she asked, laughing at him.

” I didn’t even see it” he indexed to reply when suddenly he slipped
deeper into the hole. ” Oh fuck, Jana – Hurry pull me out” he cried

” I’m trying, I can’t” replied Jana, ” I’m pulling as hard as I can”

Suddenly, Mark slipped even further, and Jana was now lying on her
stomach and having to reach into the hole just to hold his hands.

” Oh shit, I’m slipping, I can’t hold you much longer.” She said.

” Don’t let go Jana, please don’t let me go”

All of the sudden, both Mark and Jana fell into the dark hole. Deeper
and deeper they slid into the cavern in the earth.

” Hold on Jana” Mark yelled, as they continued sliding down the dark

” Umph” they landed at the bottom of the cave in a heap.

” Are you okay?” Asked Mark.

” I think so” replied Jana.

” Shit, what are we gonna do?” asked Jana.

” I don’t know, let me think” said Mark. ” I can see light over there”
he said pointing to a dim glow about 20 yards away.

” Are we in a cave?” asked Jana.

” I guess so. Let’s crawl over there, and check it out” he said.

As the young couple crawled along the caves damp floor, feeling their
way to the light, they wondered where they might end up.

As they approached a dimly lit cavern, something grabbed Jana around
the waist.

” Shit!” she yelled loudly ” Something’s got me”

” What is it?” replied Mark.

” Hell, I don’t know” she screamed, ” get if off me, help”

Suddenly, Mark felt something around his chest, then it pulled him up
against the wall of the cave with a thud.

” Something’s got me too – what the Fuck is it?” he yelled to Jana.

” Oh God, its some kind of octopus or something” she screamed.

Although it looked similar, this beast was no octopus. It was about the
size of an average man – it had six tentacle-like arms that were nearly
four feet long, a large oblong body with a large head and tiny eyes
sunk deep into its blubbery face. They both wondered what this creature
was that lived down here in the deep dark caverns of the Earth.

Jana could feel its arms snaking around her flailing body as it quickly
gained control, and pulled her into a spread-eagle position against the
cavern wall.

” Get this fucking thing off me” Jana cried.

But Mark was in no position to help, as he too was held tightly against
the opposite wall of the cave by another one of the beasts. Due to the
dim light that shown down from hole in the cave’s ceiling high above
them, it took the couple a moment for their eyes to adjust to the

” What do you want?” Mark yelled at the monsters that held him captive
– not really expecting an answer.

Jana felt something touching her between the legs, but in the position
she was in, she couldn’t see what it was. A long, snake-like appendage
from the beasts lower body was worming its way towards her crotch.
Without Warning !!, the penis like probe slipped in under her panties,
and touched her asshole.

” What the hell” Jana cried out ” It’s trying to stick something in me”
she said squirming about wildly.

Just then, it found its target, and slipped into Jana’s ass.

” God dam it” she cried out, ” It’s going up my ass – help, help me

Mark tried his best to free himself, but the beast was much stronger
than he was. All he could do was watch helplessly as his girlfriend was
being molested by the strange beast just five feet from him.

” Let her go, you fucking son-of-a-bitch!” he yelled.

” Oh God Mark, its fucking my ass, please make it stop” she cried.

Then suddenly it stopped. The beasts cock slipped from Jana’s ass, and
retracted back into the beast’s smooth gray body. Just seconds later,
the cock-like organ was growing again from between the beasts lower
arms. It was now nearly 18-inches long, and about the thickness of a
human cock. It was pink and wet, and dripping with its slimy yellow
body fluids. The head looked much like a human cock, round and soft
with a small hole on the end.

When Jana noticed it curling up towards her crotch again, she began to
cry out. ” Make it stop, please make it stop” she yelled hysterically.

Two of the beasts six arms reached under Jana’s panties, and slipped
them off her legs with ease. Then the lower arms pulled her legs apart
wider, giving it easy access to her widely spread cunt. The long cock
was now only an inch from Jana’s pussy as Mark looked on in horror.
When Jana felt the tip pressing against her cunt lips, she tried to
stop the intrusion by clenching her cunt muscles. But the beast was
prepared for any such non-sense. Suddenly, a glob of the yellow fluid
shot from the beasts cock, soaking her pussy with slimy goo. Then the
long cock pushed into her body with ease, completely filling her cunt
with only one half of its length.

” Oh please, no! please stop” she cried as the monster’s penis began
slipping in and out of her gooey cunt. Jana watched as the pink cock
indexed fucking her pussy.

Mark just stared as it moved rhythmically in and out of his girlfriends
body, stopping from time to time, pulsing once or twice, and then began
moving in and out again. The sight of this indexed to get Mark excited,
and soon his cock indexed to grow.

” What the fuck” thought Mark, ” how could this be happening? I’m
actually getting a hard-on while Jana’s getting raped by a god dammed
monster” he wondered.

Unexpectedly, Mark felt something tugging at his shorts. Looking down,
he could see a tubular thing protruding from between the tentacles of
the creature that held him there. It looked similar to the cock that
was fucking Jana, only it was flat on the end, and it had a larger hole
in the center that was pink and oozed a mucus-like fluid. It reminded
Mark of an Elephants trunk, only it had a single hole on the end,
instead of two like an Elephants nostril. After the tentacle arms
removed his shorts, the tube-like pussy indexed moving towards Mark’s
erect penis.

” Oh my God” groaned Mark, as the tube engulfed his cock, and indexed
sucking and milking him.

Just then Jana noticed what was going on, and called out to Mark.

” What is it doing?” she asked. ” Are you okay?”

” Oh shit, it’s sucking on my cock Jana” he replied, as the pussy-tube
slowly fucked and sucked his manhood.

Jana then looked down again as the beast’s long pink cock pumped into
her pussy relentlessly. But because she was held so tightly by the
beasts tentacles, she could do nothing but watch as it fucked her cunt
in a slow rhythmic motion.

As the two beasts raped Mark and Jana, they could do nothing to stop
them. The male beast continued pumping its slimy pink cock into Jana
for another 15 minutes, when suddenly it indexed swelling up and
jerking inside her cunt like an out of control fire hose.

” I think its cumming” cried Jana.

The ugly beast let out a low growl, then huge globs of the yellow goo
indexed pumping into Jana’s sopping cunt, and running down her
outstretched legs.

As the beast continued pumping Jana’s cunt with its semen, she indexed
getting a strange feeling in her pussy. The hot yellow semen seemed to
be boiling in her cunt, making her feel like she had never felt before.
All of the sudden, Jana indexed cumming like a mad woman. Her body
jerked and shook, as wave after wave of intense orgasms swept through
her young body.

” Oh my, oh god, oh my god, I’m cummmmming” she cried out. ” Ohhhhhh
Gggggod” she moaned. Her body took over her mind as the most intense
orgasm she ever experienced, rocked her world.

Mark’s eyes widened as he watched Jana quivering and screaming from the
orgasms wracking her cunt into sexual submission. He couldn’t believe
what he was seeing – the grotesque beast had complete control over his
beautiful blond girlfriend, and at this time, it owned her body like no
man could ever do.

Her intense orgasm lasted for more than five minutes, then it stopped
as quickly as it indexed. The beast released Jana from its grip,
letting her fall to the cave floor in a heap. Her limp body covered in
slimly yellow cum from her crotch to her knees. Jana was exhausted, and
couldn’t move an inch, but laid watching as the other beast kept
sucking on her boyfriends cock.

” Oh shit” moaned Mark. He could feel his balls tighten as his own
orgasm neared.

” Go ahead Mark, let it go” moaned Jana. ” It’s okay” she assured him.

” Fuuuuuck” groaned Mark as his cum raced from his balls.

The beast’s pussy-tube continued sucking and squeezing Mark’s cock,
pulling the cum from his swollen balls like a hungry animal.

” I’m gonna cum Jana” Mark moaned. ” Here it comes”

” Go ahead baby, it’s okay, let it go” she yelled out to Mark.

As Marks warm semen indexed shooting into the beasts pussy-tube, a
tiny, almost needle thin probe unnoticeably snaked its way down his pee
hole, and into his balls. Although he couldn’t feel it enter his cock,
the tiny probe triggered a series of orgasms in Mark much like the ones
Jana had just experienced.

” Oh god, oh shit, oh shit, I’m cumming, I’m cumming” cried Mark as his
rock hard cock ejaculated again and again, shooting his human sperm
deep into the beasts pussy-tube.

Marks cock seemed to have a mind of its own, as his cum flowed like
never before. His balls tightened and released, again and again as his
body continued to make loads of hot fresh sperm for the beast to vacuum
from his cock like it was sucking a milkshake from a straw. After two
minutes of near constant orgasm, the beast retracted the tiny probe,
and released its grip from Mark’s cock. Then, the grayish colored
monster gently placed Mark on the cavern floor next to where Jana laid

As the young couple crawled over to one another, and embraced, the two
beasts slithered into the corner and laid still.

It took nearly half an hour for Mark and Jana to recover from the
intense orgasms they had just experienced. They were completely

” Come on Jana, lets get outta here” said Mark, taking her by the hand.

As they reached up to the opening to the outside world above them, a
tentacle grabbed Jana around the thigh, and pulled her back down into
the cave. But this time, Jana knew what awaited her, and so she didn’t
struggle like before as the beast wrapped its arms around her, and
pinned her to the floor beneath it. Looking around, Mark could see the
other beast positioning itself behind him, and reaching out for Mark’s
limp cock with it’s pussy-tube. Knowing he was helpless against the
monster, Mark turned and offered himself willingly.

The male beast had already began pushing its long slimy organ into
Jana’s young, neatly shaved cunt, when Mark felt the other beasts
pussy-tube engulfing his penis once again.

As Jana drifted off into complete sexual bliss, she could hear her
boyfriends moans of pleasure as the female monster sucked Mark’s cock
into another erection.

Her new lover had her pressed tightly against the damp floor as it
indexed humping its pink cock deeper and deeper into her tight pussy.
Soon, it indexed ejaculating the yellow goo into Jana’s cunt again,
sending her into another orgasm as it did before. However, this time it
was much more intense that the previous orgasm. Jana couldn’t believe
that was even possible, her body was completely out of her control – it
shook hard, and spasms swept over her so hard, she indexed to pass out.

” Ooohhhh god help meeeee” she cried.

But Jana didn’t want help at all. All she wanted was to do is cum. The
orgasm got so intense she couldn’t see, or hear anymore. Her ears
buzzed and everything went black – Jana had lost all of her senses,
except the one between her spread legs. The cock that was fucking her
cunt was squirming and pulsing in her tight pussy like never before,
shooting load after load of the beasts sperm deep into her body.

” Oh yea, fuck me good, fuck my pussy good” she cried out. Jana was now
completely under the beasts mind control. ” Cum in my pussy, please!”
she begged. ” Make me fucking cum” Jana had completely lost it, all she
wanted right then was to be fucked by the beast.

” Ohhhhhhhhh Fuuuuuuuck, ooooohhhhhh fuuuuck yaaaaaaaa!” Jana screamed,
as she continued to cum. ” Fuck me you bastard…..Fuck my cuuuuunt!”

At the same time, Mark was getting a good fucking of his own. The
female beast had pushed him up against a rock, and was sucking his cock
hard, and this time it had wrapped its tentacles around Mark’s body and
was jacking the pussy-tube faster and faster over his erect cock.

” Ugh, ugh, ugh” Mark grunted as the beast fucked him hard. Soon,
Mark’s cock once again began unloading his human sperm into the beasts

” Oh shit, I’m cumming” groaned Mark, as his cock flooded the beast’s
tube with his pearly white cum. His balls pulled up so tightly against
his crotch they all but disappeared between his legs. The beasts tiny
probe again found its way down his shaft, and into his balls, and
triggered another series of the wild orgasms he experienced earlier.

” Drain my balls you bitch!” Mark yelled, as the female monster jacked
off his human penis with its pussy-tube, sucking his cum like a vacuum
hose. The beast quickly drained nearly a cup of semen from Mark’s cock
before releasing him.

After the two beasts finished fucking the young couple, they once again
moved into the corner of the cavern. This time the male creature stuck
its long cock into the other beasts pussy-tube, and the two began
exchanging fluids with one another.

As Mark and Jana laid on the cool damp floor together, they watched the
monsters engaging in what appeared to be lovemaking. After twenty
minutes or so, the two beasts moved off into the darkness of the cave,
leaving the young couple alone.

” Let’s get outta here” said Mark, as he grabbed his shorts, and took
Jana by the arm. As they climbed towards the light above them, and
finally reached the surface, the couple ran as fast as they could for
nearly a half-mile before exhaustion forced them to rest. After setting
on a fallen tree for a few minutes, they indexed walking down the trail
towards the base camp. They continued walking for nearly an hour
without saying a word to one another. Then Jana spoke.

” Could you find that spot again?” she asked Mark

” I’m glad you asked Jana. I was just thinking about that” replied
Mark. ” Let’s go back in the morning” he said with a smile.

The End



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