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# Humiliating

America*s Most Em-BARE-ASS-ING Home Surveillance Videos: The PILOT

Your host of humiliation, mkarl

Story will contain [F/Dog/NC]

Hot on the heals of North American*s finally getting the good taste to
stop watching trek like America*s Funniest Home Videos comes this
totally dated attempt by mkarl to cash in on the concept for an erotic


Consider if you will: a studio setting, a crowd of voyeuristic fans,
and a smarmy moronic host who thinks he is funny* these are the
building blocks that establish the illusion of a television show
environment modeled after America*s Funniest Home Video*s. It was a
show that lasted way too long where people submitted their own
embarrassing home videos in an attempt to earn small cash prizes for
their humiliations. It led me to wonder just how great a humiliation a
person might be willing to expose to a national audience in order to
get their *15 minuets of fame.*

For the purpose of this story, please allow that there have been
several videos already aired as this is a contest show, but frankly for
convenience*s sake, I will only be illuminating one shameful scenario
here. If the story goes well enough for my own enjoyment, and if anyone
else likes the format enough to let me know; I may make this a series.
For now I simply hope you enjoy the rather awkward situation Lisa Baum
of Sacramento, California recently found herself in.


Mkarl: [the host] ” Okay, that was *MOMMY CAUGHT WITH THE PAPER BOY*

Crowd: [smattering of applause]

Mkarl: ” Our next most humiliating home surveillance video was
submitted from Sacramento K9 Home Protection Services and stars a very
lovely twenty-year-old, brunette. For those keeping score at home the
relevant numbers are 5*6″ and 110 pounds, with a very curvaceous

and a mouth watering ass all played their *parts* to have our hero, Mr.
IAMA DEVIPERV, select miss Lisa Baum to get a little more than she
bargained for when she recently was put in contact with Sacramento K9
to provide her with protection from the big, nasty world* Ladies and
Gentleman, put your hands together for Mr. IAMA DEVIPERV.

Crowd: [polite smattering of applause as a rather average if not
actually unattractive guy enters from stage right* He waves at the
crowd even though they really couldn*t care less]


Mkarl: ” MR. DEVIPERV, I must say I have already previewed your video,
and I must say that I give you my full cock salute.”

IAMA: ” Thank you, it was something the guys were thinking for a while
with all these young single cunts out there acting like they could ever
be safe* I mean the dumb bitches are coming to us for the protection
instead of getting themselves a husband like they should, so by the
time miss Baum entered our preview, we had King ready for action.”

Mkarl: ” King is the rather *LARGE* Great Dane that stars in the video
we are about to watch.”

IAMA: ” Exactly, A very bright animal, and delightfully well *equipped*
for the mission we were assigning to the lucky beast. I have to say
that a couple of us weren*t all that sure we could train him just
right, but maybe King is just a extremely special dog, or maybe we just
got damn fortunate cause as you can affirm from having watched the
video yourself; we really got a WINNER here, huh?”

Mkarl: ” It was a unanimous vote from our judges, but it is only fair
that the audience sees that you were a very worthy winner in our
inaugural pilot episode of our show, so please why don*t you quickly
finish the background so we can index to roll tape.

IAMA: ” Yeah, right* well, as I said, women belong at home bare foot
and pregnant. Nothing pisses me off more than when I ask a bitch out
and she thinks she can say no. Way the boys and I figure it, the
situation is getting worse with all these cunts leaving home and trying
to live on their own or with other cunts like fucking lesbians or
something. I gotta tell you that at least 75% of our requests for home
protection systems come from these little bitches like they are going
to deny even the guy that wants to break in the middle of the night.
Anyhow, we got to make a living so we put the systems in, but it really
pains me to see some special piece of ass and know if I get that urge
the next Saturday that I ain*t going to get my satisfactions if I drop
back for a late night visit.”

Mkarl: ” And you get that urge a lot?”

IAMA: ” Sure, don*t we all* That*s why we came up with the plan to have
King ready to go, and his training wasn*t complete more than a week
when we got the contact from the senior Mr. Baum that little Lisa was
out on her own and the dude wanted some protection for princess.”

Mkarl: ” So it was actually the father that set up the daughter? He
wasn*t *in* on it, was he?”

IAMA: ” Daddy? Naw, he just gave us a phone and told us to head on over
to 788 White Street cause he wanted us to install some perimeter
cameras and provide the little angle with a K9.”

Mkarl: ” Okay, so you head over to the apartment and I guess Lisa wins
what was behind door number two.”

IAMA: ” Sure, I did the call myself, and first thing I think when I lay
my eyes on this cunt is that I could have myself a good time breaking
that little bed of hers in the master bedroom. Anyhow, the bitch has it
all going on: the long dark hair, those *fuck-me* eyes, those
*made-to-be-kissed* ruby red smackers* and I*m playing it cool, right?
I ask the cunt about a boyfriend and stuff but you got to be there to
get the attitude.”

Mkarl: ” She*s not in to doing the bump and grind with you?”

IAMA: ” No* and the bitch is looking at me like she is just too damn
good for it all. I think she didn*t even want to leave us alone in the
apartment for the camera installations, like we were going to fucking
thieve something. It really made me smile when finally the cunt had to
run off to class leaving us to get busy.”

Mkarl: ” Okay, so you decided to install the surveillance cameras
throughout the entire apartment to ensure your able to capture all the
action, and than you called back to the kennel for King.”

IAMA: ” Well, of course, with a K9, it is a little more complicated* We
got to give the cunt some lessons to familiarize her, slut-self with
the animal. I mean King had himself a program trained into him that
would really be a spectacular show, but in order to best be assure that
the stupid cunt would never have an opportunity to come back at us with
any ignorant law suits or nothing, than we had to make it all look
accidental like it was all the bitches fault to begin with, if you
follow what I mean.”

Mkarl: ” Right, so this is a little convoluted, but basically you
trained a dog to administer your own version of justice to a young
bitch who had dared to say no to you; and through circumstance, the
lovely Lisa Baum of 887 Whyte Street, Sacramento was selected to be
that bitch getting your justice.”

IAMA: ” That was that, and now that we had our fun with the cunt for
these past five months we are going to win the $10, 000 top price
tonight by letting the whole world know what a humiliated dog-raped
bitch, Lisa has been, so shout out to you princess if your sitting at
home, smile cause daddy may be watching.”

Mkarl: ” ROLL TAPE NOW.”


The view changes and we are suddenly watching through the eyes of the
many hidden cameras which had been secretly installed throughout the
private single apartment of twenty-year-old, Lisa Baum. The voice that
accompanies the footage is that of the humiliated girl herself, coerced
from her with the thoroughly laughable promise that her cooperation
would save her this public unveiling.

” Hi, I am Lisa Baum, 20 years old. I used to have a shitty attitude
about guys. I left home last year to attend university here in
Sacramento, California. After someone broke into my apartment and
boosted my crap, dad decided I needed a dog to be here when I was at
class. I always liked dogs so I thought it would be cool until the guys
at Sacramento K9 Home Protection Services decide I was going to be
shown a new way to be the *bitch* I always was and to find out why dog*
are really called man*s best friend.”

Our view shows Lisa: walking from her room to room, eating, brushing
her teeth, laying snuggled under the comforter in her bed, and even
sitting on the toilet to establish that every ounce of her privacy is
ours to enjoy. Lisa continues the voice over as the view changes to
profile a very handsome animal.

” This is King* He is behaving himself at the moment, but don*t let his
demeanor fool you. I guess they want me to make this good so let me
tell you all that King is a first class stud. I never knew that he was
a stud when he first came to my apartment* All I was looking for was a
watch dog, so I had no way to suspect that what he would be watching
for was an opportunity to jump my ass. I guess I am suppose to say I
deserved it for looking too good and being a cock teaser, so whatever
you all want to hear to make sure my family doesn*t find out about
this. If you all want to be so perverted to enjoy my humiliation than
get ready.”

The footage shifts back and we see Lisa in the shower* Water beads down
her luscious, deeply tanned body. The lighter shade of her tits, pussy,
and butt reveal telltale that Lisa isn*t the type of girl to get too
adventurous with her nudity. She isn*t altogether sexless though as she
keeps the shower head applied between her legs for longer than a
*clean* girl needs too. The image blends to Lisa standing in front of
her mirror in a pair of very snug and naughty black panties with a
matching bra framing her great tits. Lisa is brushing her lovely, long
dark hair before she puts the brush down and goes to shut the door as
we see King in the hallway. Her voice over indexs again.

” I know now that there was never going to be a chance for me to
escape* Not with King here watching everything I did. It disgusts me to
know that those bastards at Sacramento K9 were also watching and
waiting for the *big show.* Well, I may not have had any chance to
escape forever, but I did last the entire first week and most the
second. The way that asshole, beeeeeeeeeeep, explained it to me, him
and those other assholes wanted the video to show I turned the fucking
dog on by getting naked so I couldn*t turn around and sue or anything*
but it*s my fucking apartment. Anyhow, I don*t parade around showing it
all off or anything to begin with, so I was frustrating the whole
shitting setup into I heard the phone rang that Thursday and this is
what the hell happened.”

Camera shows Lisa in the shower again. She is naked and soaked to the
bone. Water drips from her long dark hair and streams down her slender
elegant neck beading on her beautiful, firm breasts with their hard,
little erect nipples* More streams of water flow down her firm, taunt
belly and soak her neatly trimmed bush between her legs before dripping
down in a steady pour from the lips of her nearly virginal pussy. The
sound of the phone is heard over the patter of the water spray onto
Lisa*s mouthwatering body.

” Fuck,” we hear the not so ladylike exclamation from the young woman
as she hurriedly stumbles out of the shower grabbing her body towel for
modesty. The phone rings again and again as Lisa navigates the door to
her washroom and than begins the dash down the hall to her kitchen. She
doesn*t have a chance to avoid King as he steps in front of her from
the spare room.

” SHi*” Lisa begins as she tumbles head over ass and crashes
unceremoniously to the floor. The crash is rather spectacular and
claims the girl*s towel as a casualty. Lisa is down on the floor and
BARE-ASSed naked.

The phone rings again as the camera unfolds the little drama for our
enjoyment but Lisa no longer has answering the call as her number one
priority because she suddenly is very much in a struggle to save
herself from becoming her dog*s new girlfriend. Her voice-over

“See, the assholes had programmed this dog to wait until I was naked
and than do me* I don*t know if he fucking tripped me on purpose but
here I was knocked on my ass and this beast indexs growling at me like
I think he is pissed that I fell on him and he is going to rip my
throat out but I don*t know he is going to take his pound of flesh in a
far more perverted way. You will see that I was fucking freaked here so
I never wanted this shit, but since I can*t stop anyone from watching I
have to tell everyone it was the fuck I deserved for being such a

Now the action is in full swing* Due to time constraints, the footage
has been edited to be more of a highlight reel* [The full 100+ hours of
Lisa*s home surveillance videos will be available from PornoVision*s
distributions as soon as they are processed* Mail [email protected]
to reserve your copy*s today]

The dog begins the *date* with a quick kiss to the lovely Lisa*s mouth.
Fresh from the shower, the bitch has no lipstick and so the King just
gets a nice receptive human mouth to slobber his tongue into* at least,
the girl*s mouth is receptive in so much as it is open to try to voice
her protests* [actually, the footage shows the girl acting all grossed
out and trying to break the kiss almost immediately* THE BITCH!!!]

Lisa tries to climb to her feet but King isn*t about to let his fuck
escape that easy. The big dog pounces and the full weight of his
powerful body sends Lisa back down proper to her hands and knees in
classic bitch pose. She feels the first scratch as his claws find her
delicate skin.


King growls at Lisa and it doesn*t take a linguistic expert to realize
that he is telling the cunt to shut the fuck up cause he doesn*t like
his bitch*s yappy. King goes to give her another wet, sloppy dog kiss
to her shocked, wide-open mouth.”

Lisa is squirming like such an ungrateful bitch. The young woman still
obviously thinks she isn*t going to get fucked* Like the slut actually
has any chance of escaping her righteous education that not only is a
girl like her nothing but a cunt for men, but on the grand scale, any
cock is above the bitch, even dog cock. All Lisa*s squirming does is
get her stepped on a few times as King doesn*t have quite enough room
to properly dog-handle her in the confines of the hallway.

The dog decides to fix the situation and takes a firm bite of Lisa*s
long, beautiful, wet hair between his powerful jaws and begins to yank
at her to begin the trip back to the master bedroom which was going to
be his new room for nightly activities. The camera capture*s Lisa*s
painful protests and cute little skid as she is dragged like a rag doll
to her new status as a dog*s bitch. In the background the phone finally
stops ringing as call display would later reveal that mommy gives up on
her little girl, not knowing just what princess was about to be up to*
or is that *underneath of???* Lisa*s voice over tells the tale.

” On the phone was my mom. I guess that makes it worse, that if I could
have just got there, she would have been able to call the police or
someone to send help. The shitty walls of my apartment are so paper
thin that someone should have heard me screaming bloody murder, but I
couldn*t come out and yell that I was being dog raped or anything, and
I guess the neighbors were like fucking assholes that thought I was
getting what I deserved too. No one came to help me at all, and that
fucking dog was like biting my hair and dragging me. I was still
thinking he was going to kill me so I was terrified, but I think I
would have fought harder if I knew what that animal really wanted to do
to me.”

The footage captures as the dog backs his big, beautiful body into
Lisa*s master bedroom dragging his captured bitch behind him. Lisa
skids off the linoleum of the hallway onto the carpet of her bedroom as
she manages to spin from her back over onto her belly. King momentarily
loses his bite full of her hair but quickly snaps a second mouth full
as he positions himself more at Lisa*s side for domination. It was time
to try that human mouth thing he had been trained for.


” We pause briefly for these paid considerations.”

” The midwinter replacement season is here for PornoVision so stay
tuned. Projects based on Star Trek, The X-Files, and Who Want*s To Be A
Millionaire are joining the lineup within the next two months. Viewers
interested can talk to the program manager at [email protected]
with their requests or suggestions.”

” Now back to our regularly scheduled program.”


Camera brings us back to mkarl and IAMA DEVIPERV.

Mkarl: ” Okay, you have to let us know how you trained King, to go

IAMA: ” Sorry, tricks of the trade.”

Mkarl: ” Well, it is nothing I have ever seen before so lets roll
camera cause I want to see it again.”


The image of the still naked and beautiful, Lisa Baum is back on the
screen. The camera shot captures the priceless look on her face as the
first few tears have indexed to roll down the helpless bitch*s face.
Even in her state of shock, the wide opened panic that fills her brown
eyes next acknowledge that she is aware of what the dog is now
attempting. The voice over confirms that assertion.

” O-okay* This is it* I was hurting and scared, but I guess that is
what all your sicko*s looking at this like* So the dog was like pulling
at my hair* and growling at me and I was afraid he would fucking bite
my neck. And his* his* his SLIMY DOG COCK* was out. I can*t talk about
this part.”

The cameras continue to roll as Lisa is awkwardly maneuvered ever so
systematically to the point where she is mouth to cock with the dog.
From the complicated penetration angle, the actual insertion is
unfortunately obscured from view. All that is left for our enjoyment is
the struggled gasps and moans as little Lisa suddenly has several
inches of doggy cock in her mouth. King demonstrates the remarkable
flexibility of his animalistic talents as he continues to compel the
bitch*s oral cooperation while securing his own pleasuring with a rapid
humping of his slimy cock in and out of her mouth. Perhaps most amazing
of all, is the dog*s suddenly demonstrated impossible awareness of
camera views as he maneuvers to un-obscure the money shot.


Lisa chokes and gags as the big dog cock fucks her mouth. Unable to
break off, she drools undignified as the dog*s knot secures in-behind
her teeth and locks her in place* The length of the massive cock is
just enough to be at the girl*s throat as it indexs to spurt it*s
clear, pungent spray of sperm. Lisa has no choice but to spend the next
nearly half hour desperately drinking down dog cum to save herself from
drowning. However, that action is rather boring for prime time
PornoVision display, so lets move on.

” I had to drink it* and it tasted yucky* I never swallowed before. He
was like stuck behind my teeth and my mouth was forced open and that
dog just came and came until I couldn*t drink anymore. Some of it
leaked out of my mouth and I felt like such a filthy skank when he
finally pulled out but it wasn*t done yet. He indexed licking himself
and I indexed to try to get away but than he jumped on me again and bit
my hair. I screamed and told him to get the fuck off me and leave me
alone, but he was holding me between his paws and that*s when he* when
he fucked me.”

The camera now shows the big dog mount the cute little bitch. Lisa is
trying to crawl away but the big dog outweighs her and his powerful
forepaws dig into her ribs for traction. The dog*s bite of hair is the
final insurance that the girl can do nothing but give it up as he
begins to search for her unprotected cunt with his big potent


Mkarl: ” OKAY, Well, as fucking fantastic as that doggy oral was, this
is the stuff that wins you the $10 000 this week over *kid caught
wanking off in mom*s panties,* so why don*t we set the stage just
briefly* You had no idea that puppies were possible?”

IAMA: ” Fuck, a guy thinks about that shit, but everyone says like no
way* I mean we had the cunt under observation for the two weeks so we
know she ain*t protected, but it was too much to hope for that she ends
up bred.”

Mkarl: ” And yet that is exactly what happened* I understand that as of
today, Lisa is just on the verge of delivery?”

IAMA: ” Yeah, we were hoping she would be here with the pups tonight,
but she is in labor as we speak* Anyhow, it has been a fun five months*
We got Lisa to do the voice overs before she knew she was bred and
still thought she could escape the ultimate humiliation with her family
and all* but now that she has puppies and we are showing her breeding
on nation wide TV, guess she is well deserving as the title of most
humiliated bitch in America.”

Mkarl: ” Let*s check out the first known documentation of a dog
breeding a human female.” ***

We now get the image a zoo fan can never tire of. Human female, naked*
Beautiful, and utterly helpless; with canine male, in full, nature
splendor* powerful forepaws wrapped firmly in place to secure total
domination as his length begins that magical search for it*s temporary

Nature*s little quirk of giving the average dog the aim of a
nearsighted, crossed-eyed, redheaded stepchild, prolongs the
anticipation of the viewer as we get the clearly humiliated tones of
the lovely Lisa*s voice to once again provide commentary.

” Okay, I guess I have to see this and share what I was thinking. I
guess, I was like really scared. I felt disgusted that dog had fucked
my mouth and I wanted to get sick that I drank all that disgusting dog

I could feel him trying to put it in* I am suppose to tell everyone
that I was a virgin. You can see hear where these sicko*s put
everything in slow motion that King wasn*t able to find me at first. I
felt him push it into the back of my legs and stuff, and almost up my
ass* Right* there and* there.

It really hurt when it almost penetrated my ass there. I was still
trying to get enough strength to crawl away from the dog, but you can
see he was draped right over me and I felt like over 100 pounds of him
weighing me down. I guess I am suppose to point out that you can see
from the camera that King*s forepaws are down around my waist and
hooking my legs to keep me in place.

Anyhow, it sure didn*t seem that long when it was happening* Mean like
how many times he tried to stick it in* All I remember was like
screaming cause it was so BIG. I guess this is going to be it so just
watch since I can*t stop you anyhow*”

On screen we see the dog*s long, slimy length of dog cock complete with
swelling bulge being thrust again and again to find the girl*s cunt.
Lisa is in classic doggy position and with the exhausting process of
supporting the beasts weight, she is forced down somewhat as her knees
spread a bit and the force of an impact knocks her to more of a three
point stance onto her elbows instead of her hands.

The dog SCORES and powers his huge cock into Lisa*s pussy.

Can a dog ever be said to be smiling? The look on King*s face with his
mouth open for heavy breathing, and his long dog tongue lapping out
seems to be a huge smile as he secures his bitch for breeding. Long
powerful thrusts seem designed to ram his knot in before it swells up
to it*s full softball size. The only indication as to his success is
left in Lisa*s new mind-numbing scream which we can only assume is the
shock of getting that 10 inches of diameter fucked into her, as
unfortunately, the dog*s own hind end is now obscuring the money shot.

We get around three minuets of simple humping until suddenly we see the
front door to her apartment open and three men enter. From her bedroom,
while hungup with the dog, Lisa can do nothing but freak as she has no
idea who is in her apartment.

Even as the men enter her apartment, ski masks obscure their

” Hi Lisa,” one of them says.

” Who are you? How the fuck did you get into my apartment?” Give the
girl points for being coherent and even poignant.

” Relax princess* We are just going to make sure we have some nice
close-ups of the action so we can get some footage of King*s seed
leaking back out of your pussy* Afterwards you can blow us all too.”

Lisa probably wanted to just die as the guys than used their hand holds
to get right in close for the remainder of her first fuck* The way dogs
sperm, she was taking the potent seed in her almost at once* With that
big puppy-maker stuck in her, all she could do was helplessly take it
as spray after spray of the dangerous seed was squirted deep into her
womb to begin its efforts to impregnate the girl.

Finally, the dog is finished, and for all intents and purposes, so was
Lisa. It would take a couple weeks to confirm conception, but allowing
for all the weirdness of cross-species breeding, she was already likely
bred at that very moment. A dog needs to lick itself to cool down, but
the three guys made sure Lisa did that job as a special thank you to
her King.


Mkarl: ” Absolutely fantastic* While, Mr. DeviPerv, it gives me great
pleasure to award you the grand prize for this first ever edition of
America*s Most Humiliating Home Surveillance Videos* I will also be
sure to enjoy all the other wonderful tapes you made with Lisa over the
last five months. To tell you the truth, I think have the laugh is that
this bitch basically cooperated with you until the tapes you continued
to make got so incriminating that she is at this point unable to escape
you even if you put her on nation wide TV.”

IAMA: ” Well, she always had that hope somehow her folks wouldn*t find
out, but I understand a copy of this show is going to be express mailed
to them immediately following sign off.”

Mkarl: ” That*s right, so I imagine there is a little phone call being
placed to the humiliated slut right about now* Anyhow, you are more
than invited to film her at the vets when she delivers her pups, and
there is an open invitation to reenter our contest anytime your home
surveillance cameras capture some new humiliation of an unsuspecting
cutie* That offer goes out to the world, send your ideas to
All viewers comments, questions, concerns will be addressed. Please let
us know what story you are primarily replying too and maybe what site
you saw this story at so I can make my replies meaningful and possibly
tune you to other stories of mine you might enjoy.

The current volume of stories is now more than 60 and growing all the

Thanks for you support,
Jan 8, 2000



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