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# Husband’s Night Part 2

John stared helplessly at his bills. Unbelievably he had made a
clerical error in his check book and he was behind on his bills. The
money he thought they had in the bank was not there and the bills were
piling up on table but he had no money in the bank to be able to handle
the bills that he had. He barely had two hundred in the bank. He sighed
in frustration. Many times he regretted the decision to have the
vacation that Lea had wanted but he accommodated her and went ahead
with the vacation to Florida. He didn’t even have a good time because
she didn’t want to do anything except lay out in the sun and work on
her tan. Now she had the awesome tan and he had the bills and the
possibility of bankruptcy.

He could have had a good time, he thought, if only he had used the
special powder that he had made sparingly but he had used it up in two
nights on Lea and didn’t have anymore left. He could make more but he
was afraid that there might be after effects on her later and he wasn’t
going to go through with that. Just as he was thinking this, his mind
seized on an idea so bizarre that he almost stopped breathing.

One month ago John and his friend Steve were drinking together with
some other friends at a party. The guys were grouped at one end and the
ladies at the other end. The men had too much to drink and they began
to smirk lecherously at each others wives. A small vote was put to the
test and they decided that Lea was the best and hottest looking of them
all with Steve’s wife Teresa next. Then Steve pulled John off to the

” Dude.” He said to John, ” I would pay good money to be able to sleep
with your wife. I don’t mean to be like disrespectful or anything but
that is just that.”

John guffawed at the idea and informed Steve, ” She wouldn’t go for it
man. She just wouldn’t even think of it.”

Steve looked blearily at him and replied with, ” I would take her
anyway I could get her. Man, I am not the only one either. I know that
Joe and Ronnie would go for it and pay you big bucks for the chance.”

John remembered laughing and telling Steve to knock it off and then
they went back to ogling and playing around. John remembered the night
clearly and thought about his drug. The designer drug was still raw but
it worked on Lea with no problems. One night and he could be solvent
again. Just one night.

The next day at the lab, John went to work making another cut of the
special GHB mixture. This time he cut more of the arousal drug in to
make it more fun and then carefully tested out the results on paper and
computer. Formulating the correct cut and working the mixture
carefully, he then went and called Steve.

” Steve, this is John.” he said, barely controlling the waver in his
voice. ” You remember the conversation that we had the other day?

Steve immediately answered with, ” Dude, which one?”

” The one about fucking my wife for pay.” John replied.

The long silence afterwards caused John small palpitations in his
heart. ” Yeah dude, I remember.” Steve finally answered. ” What’s the

John and Steve hashed out the details and John explained about what he
would do. The agreed to set up a small dinner party for in two days,
Steve since his wife would be out of town that day. He would invite
Steve over for a home cooked meal and then afterwards they would have
some drinks. John would spike the drink then and let the party begin.
Steve was willing to pay one thousand dollars for the event and if
things went good, he would buy some of the drug for himself for an
additional one thousand. John agreed and then called his wife. Lea
agreed and began planning the dinner.

The night came faster than John thought and he could barely contain
himself. Another fantasy would happen for him and he would be
financially solvent again. He watched as Lea finished the preparations
to the dinner.

She was dressed in a long front button denim dress with the bottom
buttons undone to give her legs a little show. The dress hugged her
figure through the bodice but then flared at the bottom, showing her
black nylon clad calves and small feet covered in low pumps. She looked

Soon the knock John was waiting for came and when he answered, there
was Steve. Steve was a large man with a balding head. Large shoulders
from weight training and football mixed in with a waist that was slowly
going to fat, but still trim. He was in the standard blue jeans and

Steve handed John a bottle of wine for the evening and without a word
they went into the house together. Steve quickly gave Lea the once over
while her back was turned and then smiled. ” Hey lea, you sexy thing.
How are you tonight?”

” Fine Steve, just a little tired from work but things are going
great.” she replied.

Soon the small talk ensued as they sat down to dinner. It carried on
all through dinner and then they sat down in the living room as John
quickly loaded the dish washing machine.

Once finished, he opened the wine and brought out the first glasses. He
waited to spike the drinks so that nothing would look out of the
ordinary. Soon all three were laughing and joking as they loosened up.
John went back and opened the bottle that Steve had brought and then he
spiked Lea’s drink. Bringing it back out, he gave it to her and then
handed Steve his. Steve and John’s eyes met and it was instant

Still carrying on the conversation they joked and laughed some more as
Lea drained her glass. Ten minutes later, she began yawning a little,
at the same time, John noted the small flush that she was getting from
the wine index to grow a little more than usual. Leah then said she had
to go to the bathroom. She got up and left into the guest bath and used
it. When she came out it was obvious that she was a little under the
influence. She sat back down and tried to focus on conversation but
then laid her head back and was out.

John and Steve waited a few more minutes and then got up. As planned,
Steve went outside and got a video camera out of his car. John checked
Lea’s vital signs and made sure that she was indeed out of it for the
night. Then he helped set up the tripod and mount the recorder. When
all was finished, both men turned their attention to the girl sleeping
on the couch.

Both men surveyed how her legs situated, one under the other, pulling
the skirt taut and straining the buttons holding the dress closed. Both
men looked at her arms lying across her small stomach, fingers
intertwined. Their eyes both caressed the curves of her breasts in the
gentle motion of rising and falling in slumber. Her hair had fallen
back when her head slipped to rest against the upper slope of the couch
over the armrest, exposing her soft tanned skin and smooth complexioned
face. It was time to open her treasures for another man and John could
barely wait, his heart tripping like a jackhammer so that he thought
Steve could hear it.

Steve was the first to move. Slowly he approached Lea while John went
and turned on the video camera. Steve sat down next to Lea and slowly
caressed her legs. Moving slowly and enjoying the feel, he rubbed her
calves and then slid his hands up to her knees and slowly untangled her
legs. Pulling one leg straight onto the couch, he left the other to sit
on the floor. Reaching out, he unbuttoned her buttons till her waist
was exposed. Lea’s other leg on the floor slowly swung wider with each
button till her leg was leaning back, fully exposing her crotch.

Steve then ran his legs up and down her legs, enjoying the feel of the
nylon, covered skin and the contrast of his pale hands on her dark
covered legs. Feeling up slowly, he moved to her crotch and began
rubbing her pussy through the double layer of sheer, dark nylon and her
white cotton panties. The more he rubbed, the more saturated her
panties and nylon got. Soon they were slick and saturated with her

During Steve’s ministrations, Lea’s body began to respond as her ass
indexing small jerky motions, her head began slowly moving back and
forth and her mouth came open as her breathing began to pick up. Small
moans could soon be heard from her as Steve slowly pushed both
underwear and nylon slowly deep into her pussy as far as they would go.

She was hot and helpless in her drugged sleep. Even if she woke up, she
would never remember due to the drugs amnesia like effect, rendering
her totally helpless.

Steve left the material inside Lea and began unbuttoning the rest of
her dress, pulling it apart to reveal a front clasp white bra. Pulling
the clasp open, he let her constrained breasts free, reveling at the
soft whiteness of her breasts contrasting against the rest of her
tanned flesh.

Reaching out he began to manipulate one breast as he began ministering
to her pussy again at the same time. Lea’s body become more flushed and
her moans turned into whimpers of delight as Steve pinched and pulled
gently at her nipple and rubbed her cloth clad pussy. Then Steve

He stood up and pulled his pants and underwear off, revealing a thick
eight inch cock that resembled a small bat. Going back to Lea, He
reached up to the waist band holding her panties and hose up and pulled
them down till her soft brown and red bush was exposed. Picking up both
her legs, pushed her knees up to her chest settled in, burying one leg
in the couch cushions while partially standing on the other. He then
pushed his dick up to her exposed pussy and then began to penetrate.

John watched as Steve slowly pushed his cock head in, the large head
parting her pussy lips and slowly sinking into her warm soft, wet hole.
He watched as the lips stretched to accommodate the head and then
envelope and pull the rest of the large cock in. Lea moaned a deep loud
moan as Steve drove his cock in as far as he could go. Leaning against
her knees for balance and leverage, Steve began thrusting in and out,
slow at first and then faster as Lea came for the first time. Her
mewling cry mingled with his grunts as he worked himself into a frenzy.

John watched in amazement and lust as Lea’s cunt pushed and pulled with
the large cock inside her. He zoomed the video in on the action and
then panned it to her face as she came, mouth open, eyes fluttering,
and head jerking back and forth from the movement.

As her orgasm subsided, she opened unseeing eyes and then closed them
again as her head still jerked back and forth from force of Steve
pounding her pussy.

Steve then pushed even higher on her knees as he began to cum. He
pounded and shot load after load into her as he grunted out. Cum came
in spurts out of her, landing on the inside of her dress and oozing
down the crack of her ass as Steve slowed to a stop.

Steve looked up to the ceiling and said, ” My god she is tight. That
was great. She came and didn’t even wake up.”

” That was the idea my friend.” Replied John with a smile. ” You
realize that this drug could make you very rich, my friend.” stated

John looked back and said quickly, ” Maybe, but I prefer to try it out
first with you and your wife to see the results. Then we can look at
the marketability of this thing.” Steve just shrugged and then pulled
out. The results were astonishing as to how much cum came out of Lea’s
gaping hole and John wasted no time catching it on tape.

Steve put Lea’s legs back down, observing how her rolled up hose and
underwear pulled her legs in. Smiling, he reached out and took the rest
of her dress off her arms and then rolled her over so that her head
hung partially off the armrest of the couch. Pushing her knees under
her, he experimentally began to knead her ass as he watched her brown
pucker hole pop in and out of sight between her ass cheeks. The hole
glistened from the cum that had ran down it earlier and was looking
very enticing.

Steve began working his thumb into the small pucker, using the residue
from his first experience with Lea. Slowly he glided his thumb to
collect more moisture and then he penetrated her with his thumb,
working in and out slowly. Then Steve pulled his thumb out and grabbed
his already hard dick and placed it at the entrance of her asshole.
Pushing in, he grunted at the tightness and resistance. Pushing harder,
he felt the muscle ring give and he forced his way into her ass.
Watching in fascination, he pushed and pulled in and out of her ass,
watching the skin stretch to take him. Sighing in contentment, he began
to fuck in earnest.

He reached around her and grabbed the one exposed breast that he could
see as he pushed in and out of her ass. He didn’t care at this time if
she enjoyed it or not, for to him, she became meat for the fucking.
Driving in and out harder, he reveled in the tightness of her. Soon the
passage way got a little slicker as her rectum began to bleed but Steve
was beyond caring. Pushing harder he could feel himself coming s he
brutally drove his dick deep inside her. John watched and again got it
all on tape as his wife took it all and then zoomed in when Steve came.
Steve’s shirt stuck to him from sweat as he pushed his dick in till his
balls were against her ass, shooting his seed deep inside her ass.

Steve then pulled back out and watched as her distended asshole gaped
cavern like back at him, slowly closing back up, cum and blood leaking
out to stain her white underwear. He stuck his finger back in to feel
her ass close around it, pushing his finger deep where his dick had
been and then pulling it back out. Showing it to John, he said, ”
Fucked her a little to hard, dude, sorry.” Then he smiled.

John replied with, ” She will heal up and not even know what happened.
Don’t worry.” With that they both laughed.

Picking Lea up, they then moved her to the dinner table and placed her
on it. With nothing but her nylons and underwear rolled down to her
upper thighs, they arranged her on the table and video taped her from
head to foot. Replacing the camera back on the tripod, they then
repositioned it to over watch the table.

Then both men began fondling her breasts. Each one intent on the woman
before him, they pulled her arms out and began working her breasts,
rubbing and suckling them till they stood out hard and red. Lea began
to moan again as John moved to her feet and took the rest of her
clothes off. Once done, he pushed her legs wide apart and moved back up
to the side and began rubbing her pussy while he again sucked on her
nipple. Steve then ran his hand down as well began playing with her
pussy, each man pulling her labia apart and thrusting their fingers
simultaneously into her juicy cunt.

Lea again began to whimper and moan as her pussy was harshly
manipulated by two fingers, then four, soon the men tried getting three
fingers a piece into her, pushing and pulling relentlessly until that
was accomplished. Both sat back and held her arms as they watched her
pussy stretch to take it all. Then in an unspoken consensus, they went
for all four. Pushing and wiggling, they managed to get all four in
each as they watched Lea’s face grimace from pain and pleasure.

Her whimpers and moans drove them on until her body tightened up. With
a low moan that ended in almost a shriek, they watched as her body
convulsed madly in orgasm. Her legs bounced on the table as her stomach
heaved, her head thrashing from side to side as her arms attempted to
flail uncontrollably. For almost five minutes she thrashed and bumped
as the men watched with satisfied smiles. She finally subsided. And
then lay still, her breathing short and ragged, still unconscious to
her surroundings. The men pulled their hands out of her, slick with all
the combined juices of the night, and wiped them on her body.

Steve got dressed and then received his supply, a small vial of the
powder, with special instructions. John received two thousand dollars
in cash.

As Steve was leaving he turned around. ” Dude, want to come over and
see if this stuff works on my old lady? You can video it and we can see
if it works on her like it did on yours. So how about it?”

John smirked and said, ” You got it Dude.”



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