Super-hot nurse shagged raw

Super-hot nurse shagged rawThese two soldiers who have spent most of their lives in the barracks and war fields are definitely not used to treating their bitches too gently. Unfortunately for this young sexy nurse… Watch them share her at Abusing Uniforms!

# Jamie gets drunk

This is the story of what happens to pretty teenage girls who get drunk
at parties. Jamie watched Karen and John leave, anxiously, trying to
think of a good reason to go herself. Jeff’s party had long since wound
down, and now only he and his friends Kevin and Tim were still there
with her. She didn’t want to hurt his feelings but she really should be
go- ing home, what with her grandfather here and all. “No, Tim.” She
pushed his hand away from her breast for the third or fourth time. Her
voice sounded quivery, and she blinked at the sound of it. She’d had
too much to drink, she knew, but then so had everyone. “C’monnn Jamie.”
he whined. His mouth found hers and his tongue darted past her lips.
She pushed him away feebly. “H… haf tu ghooo.” she mumbled. “You
don’t want to ruin the party do you Jamie?” Kevin asked mournfully. She
thought blearily about that. She didn’t want to ruin the party did she?
Wasn’t the party over? she thought. Tim’s hand was on her breast again,
squeezing it hotly. She shook her head slightly, to clear the cobwebs.
She wished someone would open the window. Kevin dropped onto the couch
on her left side, his hips touching hers, Tim was on her right. Kevin’s
hand slid over her stomach and up onto her left breast, pushing it
firmly into her ribcage. Wasn’t she… Didn’t she have to.. go… or
something? She looked down to see her shirt parting, the two boys
having unbuttoned it com- pletely. She could see her breasts, half
covered by the red and white striped bra, and was glad idly that she’d
worn it because the colors matched the shirt. But then She felt her
head pulled backwards. She mumbled a brief confused protest as her head
was pulled far back so she was staring up at the basement’s low ceiling
tiles. She could see Jeff far far above her, looking down and smiling
at her. She smiled back. He pulled her back further, so her back bent,
her shoulders going over the top of the couch as her upside down face
looked into Jeff’s crotch. She was uncomfortable, and mumbled something
to that effect. Her bra opened, popping aside quickly once released by
Kevin’s nimble fingers. Her rounded breasts sprang into view, bringing
sighs and mur- murs of appreciation from the admiring boys. She laughed
suddenly, not sure why. She could breath better now, and the air felt
cooler on her bare skin. She tried to move, to straighten her back, but
Jeff held her head down, while Kevin and Tim each had a hand on an
upper arm, pinning them to the top of the couch. She felt hands on her
breasts, soft warm probing hands that slid up and down the sensitive
surfaces, tweaking her nipples, pinching them slightly and lifting them
upward. She felt hands cupping her breasts, squeezing and stroking. It
felt good, she thought blearily. She closed her eyes briefly, her eyes
tired. “Suck this Jamie.” she heard. The words came from a great dis-
tance. Then she felt something against her face. She opened her eyes.
She wasn’t sure at first what it was. Then Jeff pulled back slightly
and she realized it was his penis, very hard, with a purple head. “Suck
it Jamie.” he said, pushing the hot fleshy tool against her lips. She
opened her mouth automatically, and Jeff pushed his cockhead past her
lips, surprising her and making her struggle briefly. “Suck me.” he
ordered, holding her hair tightly, his hand under her ears. She indexed
working on the rigid cock in resignation. She couldn’t move after all,
and it was his party. His cock slid deeper into her mouth, she felt his
cockhead push- ing insistently at the entrance to her throat. She
swirled her tongue around the shaft, then rubbed it up and down, as she
sucked in her cheeks and suckled on the prick. She winced as Tim
squeezed harshly on her right breast, his fingers digging deep furrows
in the soft white flesh. His mouth closed around her nipple and he
sucked enthusiastically. Kevin slid his tongue up and down her left
breast, paying par- ticular attention to her stiffening pink nipple.
His left hand slid down over the girl’s straining stomach and onto her
jeans covered crotch. Jamie’s legs were straining far apart as she
sought instinctively to counterbalance the pressure Jeff was putting on
her neck, lifting herself slightly upward. Kevin’s hand covered her
crotch easily, squeezing and rubbing on the small girl’s pubic mound.
Tim seized the opportunity which Jamie’s slightly raised position
granted him. He slid his hand under her behind, squeezing her ass
cheeks as he continued to chew and suck on her nipple. Jeff pushed his
cock down deeper into Jamie’s throat, despite her muffled protests. He
leaned forward, his pants dropping down to his ankles as he shoved his
cock into the blonde’s mouth so his cockhead thrust past her tongue and
into her throat. Jamie strained against their hold on her. She had
sucked cocks before but never had one pushed down her throat. Her head
was far back though, allowing Jeff’s cock to slide directly forward
through her lips and down her throat without any obstructions. Jeff’s
cock slid down further, shooting a thrill of excitement into his body
as he felt her throat around his shaft, and saw inch after inch of his
prick disappear into the gorgeous little blonde’s mouth. “OOHhhhhhhh
Yeahhhhhhhh!” he gasped. “Suck it. Suck it suckit!” Kevin continued to
squeeze and rub Jamie’s crotch as his tongue lapped over her breast. He
pulled his head back and shook it slightly, his breath coming in ragged
gasps. What a set of tits! he groaned. He watched the fat round orb
jiggle and bob as Jamie’s mouth was reamed by Jeff’s cock. His hand
caressed her skin, caressing her body, sliding over her firm warm belly
in delight. His other hand squeezed again on her cunt, not able to feel
anything especially through the thick jeans, but de- lighting too in
the mental stimulation provided by the knowledge of what lay beneath
it. Tim undid her belt, and popped the catch on Jamie’s tight jeans. He
pulled the zipper down, and tried to stuff his hand into the pants.
They were too tight. Her widely spread legs, and sitting position pre-
vented him from getting more than his fingertips into the light tangle
of hair beneath the zipper. Jeff began sliding his cock back out of her
throat, bringing the head up and out with a pop like a cork coming
loose from a champagne bottle. Jamie gasped and drew in a huge
shuddering breath of air, which pushed her chest out to Tim and Kevin’s
delight. Their mouths’ returned to her breasts. Jeff pushed his cock
downward again, thrusting his rigid prick deep into her throat tube
again, pushing down until he could feel her lips pressed firmly against
the base of his shaft. Tim and Kevin both jerked and yanked on Jamie’s
pants, tugging them lower inch by inch, dragging her bikini panties
with them as they slid over her hips and then down quickly past her
knees and off, leav- ing her naked save for her socks and tennis shoes,
and the open shirt which clung to her shoulders still. Tim and Kevin’s
hand’s fought for possession of her pussy. They jerked her legs wide
apart again, each holding a slim calf over their legs as their hands
rubbed and squeezed at her newly revealed gen- itals. Both of the boys
gasped in excitement, their hands sweating as their eyes ravished the
lewdly displayed teenage girl’s body. Kevin was strongly attracted the
sight of Jamie’s thatch of golden fur and began massaging squeezing her
inner thighs and crotch with delight. His middle finger felt the
indentation of her slit, and pressed down- ward. He bent his finger,
pushing eagerly at her cunt entrance. He found the right angle at last,
and felt his fingertip slide into her tight hole. He pushed harder,
jamming his finger down determinedly. He felt it sink in to the first
joint. His eyes gawked at it as it moved deeper, the second joint
disappearing. He could feel her tight grasping pussy around the digit.
Felt the burning heat as the finger slid in to the knuckle. He groaned,
feeling his erection squeezed in his tight pants as he wiggled his
finger around inside her. Abruptly, he came, shooting into his pants as
he indexed to pump his finger in and out. Tim settled for squeezing and
caressing her bare buttocks. His finger found her asshole and dipped in
and out as his lips suckled and chewed on her breasts. Jeff was pumping
his cock in and out of Jamie’s throat with a slow easy stroke now.
Fucking her face as the blonde girl’s tongue whipped back and forth
over his shaft. Her throat squeezed him tighter than his fist ever had
each time he pushed into it. His eyes feasted on Jamie’s nudity,
looking down the length of her body beneath him. He pushed one hand
down past her neck to her left breast, squeezing it furiously, watching
his hand twist the malleable flesh into different shapes. Kevin was
pushing his finger in and out of Jamie’s cunt with greater and greater
speed. His head bent to her tit, just beneath Jeff’s hand, then his
tongue slid down onto her belly, stroking up and down, slicking up the
hot white skin. His tongue dove into her belly button, and pushed
firmly, wrig- gling around in the tiny hole. Jamie’s hips thrashed and
humped up and down under the furious sexual assault. Her soft buttocks
ground up and down on Tim’s hand as she pushed against Kevin’s finger.
Little gurgles of confusion and pleasure escaped from around Jeff’s
cock. Tim turned his eyes upward, and watched Jeff’s cock sliding in
and out of Jamie’s throat with awe. He watched the entire length of the
his cock tube disappear down into the blonde girl’s mouth, and the lust
burned higher within him. He jerked his pants down and off, his own
erection popping up eagerly. “I gotta fuck her!” he gasped, rolling
onto her, pushing Kevin aside as his hips ground into Jamie’s
outstretched thighs. Kevin drew back slightly to watch, his hand
squeezing absently on Jamie’s left breast as Tim’s form covered the
girl. Tim’s cock pressed against Jamie’s pussy slit. He grabbed the
hard shaft and rubbed it up and down, searching for the entrance to her
body. His sensitive cocktip found it and he thrust forward and down,
jamming several inches of his fat meaty prick into her belly. His arms
encircled her, his face buried itself against the right side of her
neck. His hands slid down her back, onto her soft but- tocks. He
squeezed tightly, then jerked up with all his strength, slamming his
groin down at the same time. Jamie’s body strained and arched back as
Tim’s fat prick thrust balls deep inside her. She felt his hard
cockhead slice far up into her belly as he gasped and bit down on her
neck. He lay atop her for several seconds, luxuriating in the feel of
her clasping pussy around his manhood. Feeling every breath of air she
took as her soft breasts pushed up against his body. He sucked on her
skin, his hands squeezing and kneading her hot ass flesh. Then he
slowly pulled upward, dragging his cock pole reluctantly out of her
sucking fuck tunnel until only the head was inside. He held it there
for a moment, a moment which seemed like eternity to both of them, then
he slammed back down, thrusting his cock up her to the hilt. Kevin’s
own cock hardened once more as he watched Jamie’s slit envelope Tim’s
fat prong, watched the entire length of the cock slide into the slim
little blonde teenager. His hand continued to squeezed on Jamie’s tit
as he watched raptly. Tim began to pump into the girl with a rhythmic
thrusting movement. His ass rising and falling, his loins pushing
forward and back as he fucked the blonde. His bloated fuckwand sliced
in and out of her furiously, bringing astonishing bursts of pleasure to
his elated mind. Jamie groaned against the stiff cock skewering her
throat, sucking almost mindlessly on the tool as Tim jammed his cock in
and out of her hot fuckhole. Her belly was sizzling and twitching with
desperate desire. Her cunt burned like it was afire, and her every
nerve ending vibrated and pulsed. She could feel the delicate walls of
her pussy tunnel opening and closing as Tim’s cock moved in and out of
her. Her breasts throbbed and sparked atop her chest, especially her
left breast, engulfed in Kevin’s clutching hand. Her nipples were like
hard little pebbles as her excitement shot higher and higher toward a
climactic release. She sucked furiously on Jeff’s cock, her tongue
whipping against it as it slid up and down through her mouth and into
her throat. She could do nothing else to help her fiery delirium pass.
Her arms and head were still pinned down, her left leg was held firmly
in Kevin’s grip, and Tim was pushing down on her right leg, using it as
leverage as he bounced atop her. Then she swallowed reflexively as
liquid spurted down into her throat. Again and again she swallowed,
gulping down wads of cum as Jeff jammed his cock into her and sprayed
her mouth and throat with hot sticky fuck juice. His furious pounding
against her face raised her now hypersen- sitive body a notch higher
into orbit. Her skin now one big erotic erogenous sexual tool. She
could feel every minuscule touch against it. Could feel Tim’s cock
plunging inside her, his hands gripping her ass, the smooth fabric of
his shirt covering her, Kevin’s hand squeez- ing her tit, his hand
holding her leg across his lap, Jeff’s cock buried in her throat, his
hands in her hair. She exploded into a monumental orgasm, that made her
writhe and shudder against the hands and bodies pinning her down. Her
ass bounced up and down on the couch, lifting Tim’s body up and down
with it. She jammed her pussy upward onto his pole and screamed around
the cock filling her mouth and throat. Jamie’s wrenching cum, made her
cunt erupt in sizzling spasms that squeezed and pulled his prick down
into her deepest depths, and sucked the cum juice right out of him. Tim
came with a bang, firehosing his jism around in her belly, flooding her
with his hot semen as he pounded his cock inside her. Jamie gave a
final wrenching lurch upwards with her hips, shoving her ass a full six
inches off the couch, before dropping weakly back in exhaustion. Jeff
staggered backwards, pulling his softening prick from between her lips
and letting loose of her head. Tim collapsed atop her, both of them
gasping for breath. He lay there for a minute regaining his strength,
then got shakily to his knees, then his feet, moving away and grabbing
feebly for his pants. Jamie lay sprawled there, her legs still
outstretched, her head tilted back against the back of the couch. Her
body was drenched in sweat, her hair tangled around her face and head
in a messy stringy pile. Kevin leaned forward eagerly, his tongue
flicking out around the nape of her neck, his mouth closing, chewing,
sucking. Jamie groaned, disoriented and weary. She rolled over to her
right, Kevin following as her head slid down the couches back until she
half lay on her side. Kevin’s hand’s raced over her body, probing,
squeezing, fondling. He shoved his hand between her legs, rubbing and
caressing her skin along her inner thighs and groin. He sighed at the
sight of her bared ass cheeks, so round and soft and perfect. His hands
closed on the pliable flesh, squeezing it de- lightedly. He slid his
hand up and down the cleavage between her but- tocks, his fingers
passing over her crinkled little anal opening. “Got a nice ass on her
too.” Jeff sighed, looking down from above. “Fuck her in the asshole
Kev.” Tim urged. “Oh wow! You’re sick!” Jeff grinned. “No man! You
never fuck a chick in the ass? It’s incredible!” Kevin rolled Jamie
over onto her stomach, lifting her legs up and pushing them under her,
shaking her a little to bring some life into her drunken body. “On your
knees Jamie, come on!” He demanded, slapping her on the ass a couple of
times. “Oww!” she complained sulkily. “Get on your fucking knees. I
want to ass fuck you!” Jamie didn’t really hear the words, though she
realized he wanted her on her knees. She complied, pulling her legs up
under her, but then couldn’t keep them straight and sagged down so her
face and shoulders pressed into the seat of the couch, and her ass
stuck up by itself. “Stick it in her cunt first to get some
lubrication.” Tim advised. Kevin dutifully prodded the blonde muff with
his engorged cock and then gasped in satisfaction as her pussy
enveloped and swallowed his meaty fucking tool all the way to the hilt.
He began sliding in and out slowly, enjoying the luxurious sensations
of pleasure travel- ing up the shaft of his cock and deep into his
belly. Jamie murmured in happiness, glad to have her cunt filled and
used again. She was only half conscious, most of her awareness focused
on her pussy now. She grunted weakly each time Kevin thrust himself
into her. Then he slipped out and pressed his cockhead against her
little asshole. He exerted more and more pressure on the tiny opening,
his cockhead pushing aside her sphincter muscles and sliding into her.
Once the cockhead was inside her tight gate, he could feel the ass tube
itself squeezing and sucking on it. Jamie whined in complaint,
discomfort and pain piercing her muggy brain as Kevin’s prong slid
deeper into her. She squirmed weakly, knowing only the location of her
pain and trying to crawl or jerk away. Kevin had a good hold on her
though, his fingers were locked around her waist, just above her hips.
He held tight as he worked his cock into her with little jabs and
wiggles. “Fuck this is tight!” he wheezed. “Told you.” Tim smirked.
“Can she take the whole thing up there?” Jeff asked doubtfully. “She’ll
take whatever you give her.” Tim sneered. “Put your hand under her and
rub her pussy.” he advised. Kevin slid his right hand down over her
belly and between her legs. He cupped her pussy and began stroking and
squeezing it, bring- ing a sigh of happiness from the blonde. His cock
seemed to overcome some kind of barrier inside her rectum as it stopped
pushing and sucked on his shaft instead, pulling it deeper inside. He
pulled back and her active asshole squeezed and pulled it down again.
“Her asshole swallows your goddamned cock!” he marveled. Tim nodded
knowingly. “I wanna screw her next.” Jeff said. Kevin began fucking
into her in earnest now, pulling his dick out and thrusting it back in,
speeding up the length and speed of his strokes until his body was
jerking her forward and back with the impact of his hips against her
ass. All three boys excitedly watched his red meat stick slicing in and
out of the rounded anal opening. He locked his fingers together under
her belly and pulled, lifting it up, pulling her off her face. “Put
your hands down Jamie! Get on your hands and knees! he enthused. Jamie
blinked wondering what he wanted. Tim stepped forward and placed her
hands on the couch seat as Kevin lowered her, and then held her arms in
place for a few seconds until she held the position her- self, swaying
slightly from side to side. She looked around dizzily for a few
seconds, then her head lowered weakly until her hair completely
obscured her head and face from them and her eyes blinked open and
closed at the couch seat. Kevin began sliding his penis up and down her
ass chute again, loving the feeling of her clasping rectum around his
shaft and cock- head. The force of his strokes rocked the small blonde
girl forward and back, and only his hold on her kept her upright. Tim
moved forward then, too excited by the scene to stand idly by. He knelt
in front of Jamie, and grabbed a fistful of her thick tangled hair,
jerking her head up until her face looked into his groin. He brought
his cock out again and pressed it insistently against her lips until
she opened them and his cockhead could enter her mouth. He pushed
forward, jamming his cock deep into her mouth and then down her throat
as the girl struggled in confusion and bother. “Suck it baby! Suck my
prick!” he cursed, pushing his cock deeper into her throat. Jamie had
little choice but to swallow the fat fuck pole, her tongue wiggling
around it like a butterfly caught in a jar. Kevin increased the force
of his fucking thrusts, sending his cock spearing up her asshole with
tremendous force and rocking her body forward, helping Tim to drive his
cock down into her throat. Her mouth worked mindlessly over Tim’s cock
as her body reacted instinctively to the fucking penis shooting up and
down her asshole. She shuddered and pulsed with sexual excitement, her
skin flaring hotly. Then Kevin gave a shout and drove his cock deep
into her rectum. His fingers dug painfully into her sides as jism
spewed out of his cocktip and up into her bowels. Her spasming asshole
sucked and swal- lowed the sperm, squeezing more and more out of him
until he was drained dry and knelt exhaustedly behind her, his prick
slowly soften- ing. Tim indexed sliding his cock in and out of her
mouth and throat, reveling in the new sensation of having his cock
encased in a girl’s throat. No girl had ever deep throated him before.
Kevin pulled away from her and Jeff hurriedly took his place. He jammed
his cock into her cunt hole, pounding it up her quim with furious
strokes as his eyes watched her asshole winking seductively at him. His
hands slid up and down over her ass cheeks, caressing the soft skin,
then traveled up along her spine to her shoulders, clutch- ing them for
leverage as he fucked into her. Raw sexual energy flowed through them
as the three humped and mashed together. Jamie pushed her ass back
against Jeff’s thrusting prick as her mouth worked over Tim’s juicy red
dick. Jeff watched, squeezed the girl’s pulpy crotch mound between his
fingers, marveling at the softness and heat of the velvety smooth skin,
and the silkiness of her fluffy golden pubic hair. He was on the verge
of coming and knew it. He pulled out of her suddenly bringing a sigh of
disappointment from the heavily stimulated girl. He pressed the tip of
his prong against her anus and thrust deep impaling the whimpering
girl. Jamie felt this new and different penetration break into her
rapidly escalating spiral of sexual gratification. It slowed, but could
not stop the build up of heat within her belly and brain. The pain was
ignored, overwhelmed by the lust within her. Her body arched, then gave
a massive shudder as her cum exploded from it’s source deep in her
loins, to envelop and encompass every fiber of her mind and body. She
thrashed and shook as waves of sexual ecstasy poured over her. It was
all the two boys could do to keep her in place as she writhed and
danced between them. Jeff’s cock reamed out her asshole as she quivered
and trembled, and then more cum spurted into her anus as he came with
her. He could feel each individual spurt of jism as it exploded out of
his cock and drenched her insides with it’s salty white tang. Tim was
drawn into their sexual firestorm He grunted as his cock blasted his
seed deep down her throat and into her belly. He jammed his tool down
her throat to the hilt, his hands tight around her head as he pushed
his juice spewed into her. Spent, the boys all fell back onto the couch
and floor, and Jamie indexed to upchuck all over them. Gallons of
WARNING: This story contains unsafe sex. In this day and age it is just
plain stupid to perform unsafe sexual acts. This story is for
entertainment, not to be imitated. Be smart, take care of your body,
you are only issued on per lifetime!



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