Trying to escape the evil dick

Trying to escape the evil dickThis blondie’s attempts to slide off her evil fuckmate’s dick are really pissing the guy and his accomplice off. Well, it looks like it will take some hair pulling and arm twisting to make her ride it like a cowgirl at Russian Violation!

# Four Cowboys (MMMM/f, rape, non-cons)

The sun has just set beyond the dusty Arizona horizon, leaving the sky
with a warm reddish glow that was quickly fading to black. The white,

thick layer of dust coated the outside of the vehicle, almost
effectively hiding the numerous rust patches, dents, dings, and years
of abuse under a smooth layer of gray. It was a beat-up, quite worn-out
old machine, but it served its purpose, and that was all that was
important. There were no side windows at all; just two shaded vents on
the back doors and heavily tinted driver and passenger windows in the
front. Inside the van, the back seats had been removed in order to make
room for the spread-out blanket that now rested over the dirty, worn
carpet. Two men sat in the front seats, and two more, a father and his
fifteen-year-old son, sat on the floor in the back, guarding their
tightly-bound prize. Mike shifted the van into park and turned off the
engine. He and Bruce immediately stood up stretched their legs as much
as they could in the cramped interior. It felt like they had been
driving for hours, though when Bruce glanced at his watch, he realized
it had only been 45 minutes. They each walked to the back of the van
and knelt down on the blanket. Steve and his son, Chris, stretched
their legs briefly as well and then joined the others in looming over
the unconscious 13-year-old brunette who now lay limp before them, her
hands bound firmly behind her back and an elaborate gag tied tightly
across her mouth. Mike gently patted the girl*s face, bringing her back
to fuzzy consciousness. She stared, disoriented, into the blackness for
a few moments, until a painful surge of light burned into her eyes. She
winced and squinted for a few moments, waiting for her eyes to adjust.
She tried to move her arms, but found it impossible. She heard a male
voice say, “Yep, she*s awake,” but she couldn*t identify who it
belonged to. Mike removed his flashlight from the girl*s face and set
it on the floor next to him, casting eerie yellow glow and harsh,
brooding shadows on the walls of the van. The girl blinked a few times
as the image before her came into focus. There were four of them above
her. Four men, all in cowboy hats. Three of them looked to be in about
their mid-thirties and one looked like a young teenager. She looked
quickly from face to face, a feeling of sheer terror welling up inside
her. One man knelt next to her head. He was a big man, with broad
shoulders and a seemingly powerful torso. He stared intently into her
face from under his brown cowboy hat, as though lost somewhere in deep
thought. His face looked frighteningly mean, with scowling, burning
eyes and a scruffy five o*clock shadow. There was a red neckerchief
tied around the collar of his blue denim shirt, and his belt buckle
reflected brightly in her eyes as he gently massaged the bulging crotch
of his tight blue jeans. The one next to him also wore a hat, but he
was a bit shorter and looked clean-shaven. He appeared sweaty and
dirty; but then, they all did. He had one hand clasped around his belt
buckle and the other one hung at his side. He licked his lips as he
eyed the helpless girl up and down so intently that she could almost
feel his horny gaze slithering all over her body, prying into every
nook and private place she had. She trembled, confused and frightened,
as he reached out and stoked her breast with his powerful, sweaty hand.
The young one on the other side of her looked to the man next to him
and said, “Can I?” The man responded, “Sure son. We*re gonna have us
some fun tonight,” as he guided his boy*s hand to her other breast. The
boy squeezed and needed painfully, as he moaned and immediately tugged
at his crotch with his other hand. His dad did the same as he
unbuttoned the first few buttons of his shirt, airing his hairy chest.
His shirt had the sleeves torn off, obviously to show off his large,
rippling muscles and the serpent tattoo on his upper left arm. And
then, in one terrifying flash, it came back to her. How she had been
bike-riding on the gravel road near her house when the van pulled up
next to her, how the doors flung open and men jumped out at her, how
they grabbed her and clasped her wrists painfully behind her and cupped
their salty hands over her mouth as she tried frantically to yell, how
they dragged her into their van and how they beat her when she
struggled. She remembered them cruelly pulling off her T-shirt and
jeans and shoving her panties in her mouth. She remembered how the man
had used his son*s blue neckerchief to gag her face and how the big
mean-looking one had painfully bound her wrists with clothesline. She
remembered the young one telling his dad that he didn*t feel right
about this, and his dad telling him to ignore it and to think with his
cock instead. She remembered him referring to her as “my boy*s birthday
present.” And she remembered drifting into unconsciousness after the
scary one had slammed her head into the wall. Now they were all talking
around her, over her, about who would get to “go first” and about
whether or not they should untie her. Bruce*s cock ached to be let
loose from its tight denim prison, but he didn*t want to just yet. He
would prolong this night as much as possible; they only did this once a
year. He wanted to make this little prize remember him. He swung his
leg over her head and straddled her face, to the cheers of the men
around him. He leaned forward and thrust his hungry groin into her
face, then pulled back and cupped the bulge with both hands in front of
her wide, trembling eyes. “You want this, little lady?” he asked her
cruelly, touching the tight bulge to her nose. She made a pathetic moan
through her gag and turned her head to the side. He angrily grabbed her
head in his powerful hands and pressed it to his crotch. “I don*t give
a fuck whether you want it or not!” he howled at her, “Yer gonna get it
anyway, slut, and it*s gonna hurt.” She closed her eyes tightly, trying
to hold her breath as he held her head firmly to his groin with both
hands. He slammed her head into the floor once, and then pressed it to
his manhood again. “Open you*re fucking eyes, cunt! Yer gonna look at
this huge cock!” She opened her eyes and shook in pain and fear. He
then let go of her head and violently undid her gag, tossing the
saliva-soaked panties and the handkerchief to the side. Mike picked
them up and rubbed them against the bulge in his jeans as she lay
gasping for air, her mouth and throat too dry to form sounds. Bruce
then reached into his pocket and pulled out a small knife. He flipped
up the blade and held it to her throat. The fear in her eyes made his
cock jump. Suddenly, he flipped her over and cut the rope that bound
her wrists. Her arms fell loosely to her sides as Bruce turned her over
again and pulled her into an upright position in front of him,
straddling her once more. Though it hurt her a great deal, she managed
to beg a raspy “Why?” through her dry mouth. Bruce laughed. “Because
yer a cunt, and this is what cunts are designed for–servicing their
cowboy men.” All the men laughed. “What*s her name?” Mike asked, still
rubbing the soaked panties into the crotch of his jeans. “What*s yer
name?” Bruce ordered. “Megan,” came the dry, forced whisper. Bruce
smiled a cruel smile and pressed her face into his jeans again, so hard
this time that his belt buckle made an impression her forehead. Every
part of her young, naked, body trembled. Even though she was a virgin
and had never even seen a man naked before, she knew that the rock hard
cylinder pressing into her face was his dick, and it made her nauseous.
“Take a deep breath,” Bruce ordered in his western cowboy accent. Megan
did so. It was amazingly difficult to do; she was almost being
suffocated. A lungfull of musky, sweaty manscent entered her, nearly
making her gag. “Do you like it, little lady?” Bruce asked, his fingers
digging deep into her scalp as he pressed her face to his groin even
harder. Her nose ached, and she saw blue spots in her right eye as his
stone bulge crushed into it. She took another breath, and it was even
harder this time. Bruce then released her and she dropped back to the
floor, gasping. “See this belt?” Bruce said, looming over her. Megan
looked stared at the thick, studded leather belt and at it*s large,
shiny buckle. When she saw that he was waiting for an answer, she
nodded hastily. “Well, I*m gonna beat yer naked little body with it
over and over and over, until it hurts so bad you*ll wish you were
dead.” Megan*s eyes widened as a wave of adrenaline shot through her.
“It*ll leave huge, bloody welts all over yer skin that*ll never heal.
And I*m gonna like doing it, too. Do you want that?” Megan cowed slowly
away from him until she was firmly against the back doors of the van.
Bruce stayed where he was, watching her. His dick was going crazy,
watching this dominated, naked girl shiver at his words. “Do you want
that!” he yelled at her, making her jump. She shook her head no. “Well
guess what?” Bruce said, a wide grin coming over his face, “That*s just
too fucking bad!” Mike and Steve smiled. Young Chris rubbed his crotch,
loving every minute of this. He had never been so horny in his life,
and having his dad right next to him, feeling the same thing he was,
was even more exciting. He was going to get to lose his virginity
tonight, as well as fulfill every fantasy he had ever had. His dad was
right; things are a lot clearer when you let your cock do your thinking
for you. “Now,” Bruce said, “Come here, undo my belt, take it off, and
hand it to me.” Megan froze. She couldn*t move even if she wanted to.
“NOW!!” Bruce shouted at her in such a frightening tone that she was
afraid of what would happen to her if she didn*t do as she was told.
Slowly, on trembling limbs, she crawled back over to him. Naked, her
skin felt at least 110 degrees, and the whole van was beginning to
smell like Bruce*s crotch; musky, sweaty, hot. She knelt in front of
him and raised her hands slowly, each arm feeling like it were weighted
down by a thousand pounds of lead. As she reached for the buckle of
Bruce*s belt, her hand brushed past the bulge in his pants and his dick
lurched at her like a starved animal attacking through its cage. It
indexled her. To be honest, she was more afraid of facing that monster
than of being beaten to death. Slowly she lifted the buckle and
unfastened the belt, careful to avoid touching or looking at the
pulsating bulge in his tight, faded jeans. She looked up pleadingly
into Bruce*s face, but he just looked down at her with a huge grin and
a blank, empty stare. And then she knew that he wasn*t there anymore;
she was looking into an empty shell. Everything that was Bruce was now
down in his pants, pulsating, writhing, straining to get at her. She
looked around at the three other men, and got the same frightening
impression from all of them. Their blank, wanton expressions. Their
full, undivided devotion to their swelling groins. She realized that
their entire selves had migrated into their dicks, and there would be
no reasoning with them. She slid the belt out of the loops in Bruce*s
jeans, and held it in her hands. “Fold it,” Bruce ordered. She did so.
“Now hand it to me.” Megan couldn*t. “Now, cunt!” he yelled, causing
her to jump again. She slowly handed him the ends of the belt. As soon
as Bruce closed his hands around it, he sailed it across her face so
hard she was send sprawling out onto the floor, her would-be shrieks of
pain muted to crackling whispers by her dry throat. “Chris, rustle this
cunt something to drink,” Bruce said, “I can*t hear her scream.” Chris
took a brown glass bottle of beer from the six-pack beside him. He
twisted off the cap and took a swig for himself first, then held it out
for Megan. Megan didn*t respond, still shaking and crying from the pain
of Bruce*s lashing. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up
to him. He shoved the end of the bottle into mouth and poured. She
drank eagerly. “This is what you*re gonna do to my cock later,” he said
to her. Steve yanked the bottle from her mouth and set it on the floor.
Megan gasped for air and sobbed aloud, this time with voice. Steve
positioned himself behind her so that his hairy, exposed chest was
pressed up against her naked back. He took one of her hands and guided
it to his son*s crotch. “Feel it!” he ordered as he rubbed her hand all
over the hard mass. She could feel the coldness of the man*s belt
buckle in the small of her back, his gritty chest hair against her
skin, and his hot, horny breath on her neck. He guided her hand up and
down the pulsing manhood that strained under his son*s stretched jeans.
“My boy just told you he*s gonna let that prod rip into yer mouth. Tell
him thank you.” Megan didn*t say anything at first, but then trembled a
defeated, “Thank you,” to the boy. Chris smiled. “Better do yer talking
now, bitch,” he said, “It*s gonna be hard with a cock shoved down yer
throat.” Megan*s felt a surge of fear ripple through her body again.
Steve then painfully clasped her pussy with his free hand and pressed
her back against him. She could feel his rod running the entire length
of her crack. “And yer gonna get this piece of meat up your ass,” he
said to her, then threw her back to Bruce. She cried out in pain as she
hit the floor, her face buried into the smelly yellow blanket. Bruce
grabbed her by the hair and yanked her to he knees so fast she didn*t
have time to finish her yell. Steve and his son sat back and relaxed
against the wall, stretching out their legs and resting them on the
blanket, their hard boots clicking together. Steve put his arm around
his son and handed him the beer. They looked at each other, seemed to
smile a mutual “good job,” and massaged their anxious cocks as they
waited for the show to begin. Mike crawled over to their side of the
van and sat against the wall next to Chris. He was now tasting the
girl*s panties, poking them in and out of his mouth and occasionally
wrapping them around his tongue. Tears streamed down Megan*s face and
Bruce positioned her in front of his hungry bulge once again. “It*s
awfully tight here in these pants, little girl,” Bruce said in a
fatherly sort of tone, “Why don*t you let my bull prod out so you can
play with him?” He unbuttoned his jeans and guided her face to his
crotch. “Unzip them with your teeth, or you*ll get the belt across the
face again.” Megan continued to cry, her tears making the man even
hornier. Hesitantly, she grasped Bruce*s cold zipper in her teeth and
pulled it downward. Her nose brushed down the shaft of his cock as it
strained though his pre-cum and sweat-soaked briefs. The smell was
overwhelmingly musky, and she gagged. Bruce then moved away from her
unexpectedly and laid himself backward onto the floor. He stretched out
languidly on his back, his jeans unzipped and his cock now protruding
obscenely from under his briefs. “Take off my boots,” he said. Megan
did so, trying her best not to look at his frightening prong. She set
the boots neatly to the side. “Now the socks.” She tugged at his socks.
They were soaked with sweat. Getting them off was a more difficult task
than she thought it would be. When she was done she set each one in its
respective boot. Bruce then grabbed her wrists and violently yanked her
on top of him, his dick pressing wetly against her stomach. Just the
feel of it made her sick. “Open my shirt,” he barked at her. She did so
quickly, undoing the buttons methodically and pulling it out from his
pants. His chest and stomach were now completely exposed in front of
her face, except for the handkerchief still tied around his neck. His
chest was muscular and broad, the sparse hair glued down by sweat. He
gestured to his jeans. “Slide *em off.” Megan rolled off him and looked
at his open jeans. She cautiously grabbed the waist and pulled down. He
raised his hips to help her. As she slid them down, past his thighs,
past his knees, and finally off, his cock jumped wildly, begging to get
at her. There he lay, his shirt wide open, the outline of his cock and
balls clearly visible through his soaked briefs, his sweaty chest
heaving, and an audience of horny, sweaty, dirty cowboys just waiting
for their turn to pounce on her. Bruce pulled the frightened girl to
him once again. “Do you see my dick jumping at you like that?” he
asked, grinning as her lips and eyes trembled in fear. She nodded yes.
“Lick *im.” “Please let me go,” she pleaded. “Do you want the belt
again?” Megan touched the welt on her cheek from the last blow she had
received. “No,” she sobbed. “Then lick him.” Megan lowered her head to
his pungent groin and licked the jutting pole once, holding her breath.
“More,” Bruce barked. Megan began to lick vigorously, up and down the
shaft, the salty taste of pre-cum and sweat stinging her tongue. Bruce
sat up suddenly, and Megan backed away. He finished taking his shirt
off and set it neatly next to his boots. Now clad only in his briefs,
neckerchief, and an old, brown cowboy hat, he grabbed her by the
shoulders and positioned her on the floor. The men folded their legs so
that Bruce could spread her out on the blanket before them. He then
straddled her torso and moved his starving groin to her face. Her eyes
were wide with fear. She imagined the cock would be some kind of scaly,
slimy monster with sharp teeth and claws that would rip into her mouth,
like the man had said. “Are you ready to see God, little lady?” Bruce
asked as he slowly slid his briefs down, first exposing the proud
purple head, then the rough shaft, and finally the hairy, round balls.
He slid the briefs to his knees and then took them off completely. He
crawled so his groin was positioned right over her face, so she could
have the best possible view of his manliness. He brought his cock close
to, but not quite touching, the bridge of her nose and forehead. It
struggled and jumped to reach her skin, aching for contact, but Bruce
wouldn*t let it. Every pulsation was thrilling ecstasy for him,
bringing him to an excruciating peak of desire. The torturous intensity
of his raw cowboy lust burned and pounded inside his aching cock. Cum
swirled in his balls. He couldn*t wait any longer to shoot his full
load of white hot cowboy spunk into this little virgin. His dick was a
lethal weapon, and he want to impale her on it. He wanted to rip her
with it. He wanted to kill her with it. Megan was now face-to-face with
the writhing monster as it lurched out toward her face like a starving
beast lunging at the last morsel of food. It looked like it was being
tortured, and the expression on Mike*s face looked like he was in sheer
pain. The men watched with huge smiles at the spectacle, their little
cowboys jumping and fighting, trying relentlessly to rip through their
denim cages and shoot their spunk into her pussy. Bruce*s cock jutted
out proudly at her, like a soldier in a purple army helmet. The large,
hairy balls that hung down by her chin were terrifying and disgusting.
She had never seen something so scary or so ugly in all her life. Bruce
moved down her, positioning his cowboy by her pussy. “You know what I*m
gonna do with this?” he asked her, licking his lips. She didn*t
respond. She just lay perfectly still but for her trembling and her
occasional sobs. She knew what he was going to do with it. Mary had
told her in school that men always want to stick their peckers into
girls* pussies. She thought it was gross at the time, but now she
thought it was scary. She never imagined that the peckers would be so
big! He would rip her apart if he showed that monster in her hole. She
wanted to cry out, she wanted to beg him to stop, but she knew it would
do no good. She simply lay still and continued to cry silent tears as
his huge, powerful body prepared to enter her. “I*m gonna shove my
cowboy up your cunt, and then I*m gonna pump my load into your womb.”
Bruce placed his hands on her knees and gently spread them apart so
that her pussy was wide open. When he saw how small her opening was, he
pushed her legs apart even more. She screamed in pain, but Bruce didn*t
care. The other men just laughed. Bruce positioned his cowboy at her
opening and happily informed her that “this is gonna hurt you more that
it hurts me!” With a wild cowboy yell and one powerful, cruel thrust he
surged into her so hard that she slid backward and slammed her head
against the metal door. Bruce brutally ripped through her hymen and
slammed into her cervix all in one thrust. Megan screamed in agony as
Bruce screamed in pleasure and the other three horny bulls cheered and
celebrated. She felt like she was being split in two. Bruce was in
heaven. Never in his entire life had he felt a cunt so tight. As she
lay there screaming, painfully impaled on his prick, blood running from
the new wound on her head, tears flowing freely from her eyes, Bruce
held himself firmly and comfortably inside her. He felt like a
conqueror, and indeed he was. He had to admit that, while the other
five had been amazing as well, this was definitely the best rape they
had ever done. Ever. Her tortured screams only served to swell his dick
more. Her hole was so tight around him, it almost hurt. He knew he had
to shoot his load soon. He collapsed his enormous body onto the little
girl and pressed his mouth to hers. His beard scruff felt like sand
paper on her soft skin and she thought he smelled like sweaty
livestock. He closed his mouth over hers to stifle her screams, and
then gave her the wettest, most passionate kiss he had ever given. He
never kissed anyone, not even his own wife, like that. And then, amidst
the eager shouts of his proud companions, Bruce slid his cowboy out a
little way, and then back in. Megan screamed into his mouth. He did it
again. She screamed again. The blood flowing from her vagina was
providing an excellent lubricant for him. He finally released her mouth
and began quick, brutal thrusts, each one harder and longer than the
last. He raised himself almost upright as he let his cowboy stretch and
open the tight little tunnel. He reached over and took his belt from
the floor next to him. He folded it in half and began whipping her face
and chest as he thrust in and out like a bull on steroids. “Yeee-haw!!
Ride *em cowboy!!” he shouted as he continued to whip the girl and
pound her cunt. The horny men had by now crowded around him and echoed
his cheerful sentiments, drowning out the cries of the girl. Each whip
of the heavy cowboy belt sent fierce waves of pain through the little
girl*s body that translated into waves of pleasure on his cock. The van
creaked as it rocked violently back and forth with each forceful
thrust. The windows had long ago fogged over and a thick cloud of raw
cowboy musk hung heavy in the damp, superheated air or the van. Bruce
couldn*t hold out any longer. He had to shoot his load into this little
girl, to breed more cowboys like himself. He increased the speed of his
thrusts as a tingling sensation of pleasure surged from his balls up
through his shaft and then engorged his entire cock. With every last
bit of his strength he shot glob after glob of white hot seed inside
the screaming girl. He thought it would never stop. He yelled in pure
exhilaration. He could feel all his little cowboys swimming around
inside the tight cunt, searching for their prize. There was so much
that it spilled out onto the floor as Bruce continued to pump even more
into the girl. His face contorted into a tight expression of agony as
the pleasure of the conquest finally exploded to a peak of sensation
that rumbled through his dick for what seemed like torturous hours
before it eventually began to subside. Bruce collapsed his whole weight
onto the girl, knocking the wind out of her and shutting her up. She
was unable to breathe under his enormous cowboy mass and she
frantically beat at him with her arms and kicked her legs wildly in the
air, but Bruce didn*t care about the little cunt. He was too spent. He
was simply going to rest there until his cowboy relaxed and went to
sleep inside her. Eventually his cock did shrink down to it*s original
soft mass and he pulled it out and rolled contentedly off her. She
gasped for air, but only managed to get a few breaths in before Mike,
now uncontrollably horny, straddled her head and brought his groin to
her face. He lifted her head up, and clamped his hips around it so
tightly that she couldn*t get a breath of air. Mike moaned in pleasure
as he saw the girl struggling for a breath, desperately trying to push
him off her. But he was too strong and too large to be moved, and so
she continued to futilely beat at his hips and buttocks with her fists.
She tried to take in air, but her face was completely buried in the
man*s powerful crotch. His hungry cock and balls pressed against her
through his tight gray jeans. Finally he unclamped his hips, dropping
her head to the floor with a loud and painful thud. As she gulped in
deep breaths of the dank and musky air, he unbuckled his belt, unzipped
his jeans and released the hungry cowboy from his briefs. He then
reached down to her broken cunt, stuck his index finger inside, and
scooped out a glob of Bruce*s cum. He brought his friend*s seed to her
face and ordered her to open her mouth. She reluctantly did so, and
Mike stuck his finger inside and wiped the sperm off onto her tongue.
He leaned forward, pressed his mouth to hers and began to sloppily rape
her mouth with his tongue in a deep, forced, passionate kiss. Megan
gagged on the salty taste of Bruce*s cum, but Mike loved it. When he
was done, he brought his little cowboy to her face and brushed it
against her cheek. “Take it in your mouth, girl,” he growled as he
pressed the eager cockhead to her open lips. “And if you don*t, I*ll
have a go at you with my belt. And believe me, I won*t be as gentle as
Bruce.” Bruce, still lying naked and exhausted next to them, just
smiled. Mike lifted the girl*s head up once again. “Open your mouth!”
Megan did so almost involuntarily, too frightened not to. As Mike
slipped his swollen, salty member passed her lips and onto her tongue,
she gagged again, more violently this time. Her disgust didn*t bother
Mike, who continued to let his cowboy crawl further and further into
her mouth. He savored the feel of her raspy tongue against his shaft as
she fought to get it away from the invading cock, seeking refuge but
never finding it. Her efforts drove Mike crazy. Megan closed her eyes
but Mike instantly ordered her to open them. He wanted her to see his
full manhood as it disappeared inside her. By now Mike had his cock all
the way to the back of the girl*s virgin mouth, but he continued to
drive in, slowly but surely, down her throat. Her constant involuntary
gagging only excited him further. Finally he was all the way in, the
girl*s nose buried in his sweaty black pubic hair and his huge cowboy
balls rubbing against her chin. He began pumping himself in and out of
her, the girl taking in as much air as she could on the out strokes.
“Fucking little cock sucking whore!” Mike cursed as he pounded her
face. Steve and Chris were now completely naked except for their hats,
belts, and boots. Steve looked first at the girl*s gaping, abused cunt
and then back at his son. He licked his lips eagerly and said, “I gotta
put my load in *er.” “Me too,” Chris said, massaging his pulsating
member. “But I wanna watch you first.” His dad smiled and nodded and
within an instant was driving his fierce cowboy prick deep into the
raped pussy. He grabbed a hold of Mike*s hairy thighs for leverage as
the two synchronized their efforts, driving their poles in and out of
their victim*s body in perfect rhythm. The two began grunting and
making animal noises as the sensations built inside their pricks. Mike
tried but couldn*t hold his load in any longer, and with an
earsplitting cowboy moan he shot spurt after spurt of his creamy
essence deep into the girl*s throat. Her mouth quickly filled with to
the hilt with his cum. She swallowed as much as she could to keep from
suffocating, but some dribbled out anyway. This angered Mike, so he
shoved his cowboy as deep as he could down her throat and held it there
while he pumped the remaining globs of his cum into her. Steve peaked
next, ramming himself deep into her pussy and positioning the head as
close to her cervix as possible. He thought about impregnating the
little thirteen-year-old girl as cum pumped from his balls, surged up
through his dick, and blasted like a rapid-fire cannon into her womb.
He was shooting so much cum it felt like his dick was going to explode
as he spiraled higher and higher to the peak of ecstasy, where he
teetered on the edge for a few moments before falling off. As soon as
Steve pulled out, his son drove his member in. He fucked with mad
speed, like a bull on steroids. In, out, in, out, he pounded the girl
mercilessly. His speed was brutal. The sensations on his cock were
greater than anything he had ever felt in his entire life. He slammed
his cock as deep into the tight cunt as he could and stopped. He wanted
to savor the feel of being inside this girl. He wanted to let his
cowboy explore every hot velvet fold she had. Megan simply looked to
the side and continued to sob. She could feel him digging around inside
her, probing her. It was pain and humiliation like she had never felt
before. The boy began thrusting again, this time even faster. The other
men smirked. “Ah, the energy of youth,” remarked Bruce as he watched
the animal rape. Soon Chris was on the brink of climax. “Go *head and
shoot yer load in *er, boy!” his dad urged. Chris complied, quivering
suddenly. His body rocked and his stomach pulsed. The men watched as
Chris instinctively pressed himself as deep into the girl as possible
while he ejaculated his creamy manhood inside her. He soon collapsed
and pulled out of her. His father congratulated him while Bruce picked
the girl up and placed her on his lap. His cowboy suddenly awakened
again and crawled up inside her hole. Face to face with the girl, he
closed his eyes and let his thoughts travel down into his cock. He held
his body perfectly still, wanting to let his cock do all the work this
time. Megan felt him crawl inside her, pulsing, probing her sore cunt.
He made small gyrations in her hole and thrust his hips once or twice
ever so slightly. His eyes were closed and his head hung low. He was
completely drained into his cock. He moved in her determinedly, seeking
out her deepest folds. He played in the slippery cum of himself and his
companions, their collected goo making the tunnel smooth and silky.
This went on for several minutes before finally, with his cockhead
planted firmly against her cervix, he pumped another batch of his
little cowboys into her. A lot of it spilled out and into his lap, but
he didn*t mind. Her cunt was so full of cowboy sperm he hadn*t expected
it to hold much more. Once his cock had softened, Bruce opened his eyes
and raised his head. He threw the girl off him and onto the floor. “I
want a go at *er cunt,” Mike said, not satisfied to have just pumped
his seed down her throat. He straddled the girl and forced his way
inside. His thrusts were long and slow. Steve and Chris knelt on
opposite sides of her body and began jacking their cowboys into her
face. Mike increased the speed of his thrusts and the other two men
sped up their jerking. All three came at the same time, and with a wild
chorus of “Yee-haw!”s her face, as well as her insides, were splattered
with white cum. It coated her nose and ran down her cheeks and chin.
Once they had finished squirting, Mike pulled out and Steve and Chris
began to massage their sperm into her face. For two more hours the four
took turns heaving her each and every way they wanted. Mike got her in
the ass while Chris got her in the mouth and Steve took her cunt. Bruce
almost suffocated her by shoving his huge cowboy cock down her throat.
Chris laid on his back with the girl on tip of him, letting the other
three cowboys provide their movements. The air became so hot and thick
with their manly, cowboy scent it was getting difficult to breathe, but
none except Megan minded. Once their potent cowboy loads had been
entirely spent and their cocks drifted off to sleep, all four of them
knew what was coming next. Bruce was the only one who had taken his
belt off prior to the fucking; the other three had left their cowboy
accessories on for the thrill. Bruce picked his belt off the floor and
put his hat back on. The other three cowboys removed their belts,
folded them over and straightened their cowboy hats on their heads.
They all crowded around her at once, grinned at each other, raised
their belts and indexed whipping. The smiled and cheered as they drove
their belts across her body, emptying all their anger into her. The
beat with all their manly strength while the girl wailed in agony. For
what seemed to all of them like hours, they whipped and laughed and
cheered, completing their conquest. Eventually her screams subsided and
the men lost their strength. She was barely breathing when they finally
stopped. They backed away from her and casually began to get themselves
dressed. Mike opened the back doors of the van. The rush of cool air
almost knocked them over, and then they realized just how hot and thick
the air inside the vehicle had become. The four jumped out onto the
cool gravel road and looked up at the starry night. They tucked in
their shirts, zipped up their jeans, and buckled their belts. They
wiped their sweaty foreheads with their neckerchiefs after then re-tied
them around their collars. Once they were finished, they looked like
four average cowboys who had just spent a hard day at work on the
ranch. Bruce dragged the almost lifeless body from the back of the van,
closed the doors, and tossed her carelessly in the ditch. She landed
with her face to the sky, the brightness of the full moon almost
blinding to her. Her mind swum free, the hiding somewhere from the
physical pain she vaguely remembered she had felt at one time. All four
gathered around her and looked at her beaten, abused shell. Bruce
casually unzipped his jeans pulled out his soft dick. The other three
cowboys did the same. Something primal, ancient, masculine had clicked
inside them, and instinctively they looked up at the moon. With a long
chorus of cowboy howls, they began urinating on her. They howled and
howled powerfully up to the sky as they covered her body with their
urine, marking her as theirs. Their howls continued long after they had
emptied themselves, until they all stopped at once and looked down at
the naked, soaked body. Bruce walked to the passenger side of the van,
pulled a small handgun from the glove compartment, returned to the
girl, and casually planted one bullet in her head. The four howled up
at the moon once more, then carefully placed their soft dicks back into
their pants, zipped up their jeans, climbed back in the van, and drove
home to their families. The End.



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