Wimp loses his GF in a fight

Wimp loses his GF in a fightSo this skinny worm thought that he would be able to protect his hottie of a girlfriend from real thugs? Haha, that’s funny! Watch him end up on his knees watching his honey get fucked from behind for the audience at Abused Witness!

# Amy’s Rape

My name is Amy. This is a story of the worst day of my life. I’m
eighteen years old. When I was seventeen I was baby sitting for the
Johnson’s while they went to a private function. The kids I was baby
sitting I thought were a little too old. Their ages ranges from Timmy

happened. I had just called the kids in from the back yard when two big
black guys came rushing in through the back door. I never new their
names so I’ll just call them Snoop and Biggy.

I was so busy watching the kids that I never noticed the fact they were
right out side the door. I almost made it too easy for them to creep up
on me. As soon as all the kids had made their way in they came creeping
in. Before I knew it I felt my 34-24-34 body grabbed. I had never been
held as hard as I had at that moment. I had never let anyone hold me
that close. I was the captain of the cheerleading squad, and I had an
image to keep.

As soon they made in the door they showed their gun to the three kids
who rather then getting scared they all screamed, “cool.” Snoop had his
hand around my stomach. I was wishing I had gotten changed, because I
was still wearing my daisy dukes and cutt off shirt from practice since
I had been in a rush to get there. Snoop quickly throw me down on the
couch and warned me that If I tried anything He’d kill me. I had no
doubt since he had a 9 mm Glock in his hands.

After getting us all to sit on the couch, snoop guarded us while Biggy
search the house for all it’s riches. He Biggy returned with a pillow
case of all the belongs he had chosen to take.

Snoop said, “Lets get out of here dog.” Biggy just look at me with a
grin, and said “not yet”. He then graded me from the couch and put his
hand over my mouth. He whispered into my ear that if I didn’t want to
watch the kids die I’d do what he said. He then tripped me knocking me
on the ground. I had no clue about what was going to happen.

He asked the kids if they had ever wanted to see me naked. Timmy
quickly said, “Hell yah.” Snoop then replied well here’s your chance.
Holding my hands down I. Heard him egg Timmy on to come take a look. I
indexed to struggle, snoop quickly hit me across my face, and then he
whispered into ear, “I don’t give a shit about these white kids, you
keep fighting and you can watch them Die.”

I didn’t know what to do, so I just shut up and quit fighting hoping a
look was all they robbers waned the kids to get. I felt Timmy’s hands
slide up my muscular legs. When he reached my shorts he grabbed my head
and made me look at his face while he smiled. The little bastard like
this. He quickly yanked down my shorts leaving me in my thong
underwear. I swear I heard him laugh as me slowly pulled them down
exposing my shaven slit.

Snoop said,” come here boy show us her tits. He hesitated and then
moved his hands up my shirt. He moved his body closer to Face. I could
see his little hard on.

Biggy told him to put his love twig into my mouth. I had never had
anyone’s dick in my mouth before. I watched him as he unbuttoned his
shorts and slid down his witty tighties. His dick must have been about
six inches long. His hand was still on the outside of my sports bra. He
leaned over and grabbed the back of my head and laughed as he put his
erect dick into my mouth. I didn’t know what to do. I kept gagging
because this kid kept pushing his way has far into my throat as he
could. Soon he was fucking my face. Much to my disbelief I could feel
his balls hitting my chin. My head felt like a rag dolls head as it
bounced up and down with every pump. I could feel his balls getting
tighter and tighter every time they hit my chin. I knew he was going to
cum, all I could hope for was that he wouldn’t go in my mouth. I soon
realized that he wasn’t giving a shit about me, and instead was taking
advantage of having me laid out in front of him. Suddenly I felt Him
using his fingers to enter my slit. In and out just like His organ in
my mouth. All of a sudden he moaned and held my head so that my chin
was hugging his balls. I felt his warm cum pore into my mouth. Snoop
quickly put his hands on my head and told me to swallow. I couldn’t
stand it’s saltiness but I swallowed it so they wouldn’t hurt the
younger two kids.

My mouth was still dripping with Timmy’s cum, as he pulled away. He
bent down and whispered into my ear, “thanks amy.” As he pulled away he
took some of my long blonde hair with him. Biggy obviously got a kick
from watching me be face fucked by a kid. I could see the bulge in his

Suddenly Mark and Davie stared towards me. I looked up at Snoop who was
still holding my arms and begged him not to let them fuck my face any

He just smiled and said, ” Don’t worry honky, your cunt is going to get
the works tonight.”

I was a virgin and while fucking my face was one thing, fucking me was
another. Biggy got down near my waist and pulled my legs apart and told
me to take it lact like a good slut. I could feel his long black
fingers entering my slit. Suddenly I noticed Mark had his penis in my
face trying to get it in my mouth. I fought as long as I could till
snoop grabbed my head.

He said if I fought any more they’d kill one of the kids. So I opened
my mouth and let his little cock fuck my face just like his brothers
had. Unlike his brother he pulled my shirt all the way up and pulled my
bra up over my breast. He mauled my pirky breast. I could feel my
nipples getting hard, soon I realized that Davie was sucking on them. I
could hear Timmy telling them to fuck my cunt.

Then quickly biggy grabbed Davie and put him between my legs. I broke
free of marks Dick and begged them not to do this to me that I was a
virgin. They both laughed as Mark undid his pants and put his penis to
my cunts lips. I could feel him popping my cherry as he kept pushing
his way in. Biggy handed him some lotion from the counter and told him
to put it on his Dick. Mark did and then pushed even further in me.

I couldn’t believe I was being fucked by this kid. He bent over and
grabbed my face and made me watch him as he took his pleasure from my
virgin, shaved slit. His balls kept ramming my ass as he dug deeper
into me. I felt his body jerk as I begged him not to cum in me. He kept
pumping my cunt full of his cum while his brother Davie fucked my

When he was done Davy took his place while biggy put his long black
cock into my mouth. They fucked me at both ends for about the same
time. I could tell from biggy’s balls (which were hitting my face even
though he was much longer then Timmy) that he was close to cumming.
Suddenly he did while holding my head has close to his nuts as he
could. I could feel his warm seed float down the back of my throat. So
I just swallowed it thinking that would keep me from any more danger.
It wasn’t long after that I felt Davie cumming in me. I kept begging
him to pull out but he didn’t care. He just jammed his Dick in my tight
slit and made sure to deposit his full load.

As soon as he was done Snoop flipped me over on my stomach, and put
himself at the opening in my ass. He quickly began ramming my ass and
in wasn’t long before he came but before he did, he made sure to put
himself in my cunt so he could pump me even more full with cum.

After that both the robbers left with all they had stolen, including my
dignity my rape continued for a few more hours as the kids held me down
while they and their friends took turns fucking my face, cunt, and ass.
After awhile I stopped fighting and let each one take their turn. Even
the neighbors dog got into the action. All the kids flipped me over and
aided the dog in fucking me. I could feel his knot building then it
entered me and I could feel his cum pumping in me. After that the kids
showed me the video tape that Had most of them fucking me on it, as
well as the dog. I agreed not to report them if they kept the tape to
themselves. Since they had me black mailed a few more took turns
fucking me while my naked tan body lay helpless. When their parents
came home I didn’t give them a clue that their kids had taken me,
instead I said nothing and went home and cried.

It’s been almost a year and Timmy and his brothers still get me once a
week so they can take their turns.



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