Hot babe’s worm of a boyfriend

Hot babe’s worm of a boyfriendThe pathetic worm of a man from this Abused Witness scene is not even getting any attention from the brute raping his girl. He’s not strong enough to oppose the kink or snatch that nice piece of pussy away from him, so… Why bother?

# Britney’s Nightmare

Britney waited out the minutes as she had done all week, the weekend
was six minutes away, and there was no way this dumb curfew was going
to stop her having a good time. She’d bought a new outfit, tight
cropped top and soft salmon pink mini skirt, she planned to drive the
boys at that party wild. But she’d have to get there first, a lot of
her friends parents were keeping a tight grip on their kids fun since
that girls disappearance a few days ago, but that didn’t bother her She
wanted to party and she knew how to!

The bell rang and the usual chaos whirled around her, she smiled and
stood, not listening to the teachers weekend assignment, she’d pick it
up from her girlfriends later that night, it wasn’t important..she
smoothed down her cotton shirt, her hands brushing her tight tanned
stomach, she looked up and noticed him! Mark the geek! He was looking
at her again, that guy was so gross! She smiled at him and winked, she
stifled a laugh as he nearly fell out of his chair, she loved to tease

Making her way through the hallway she chatted with friends about the
party, 8.00 sharp. No room for cool lateness, the door was gonna be
locked at 8.10! She giggled and laughed, they had all their outfits
planned out, Cheryl would wear the grey, Patty the Green, they were
sure that no-one would clash! Waving her friends goodbye she walked
away from school and down the main road, bustling with kids and
parents. The sun was out, this party was gonna be hot!

She was so engrossed with her own thoughts she only just saw Mark in
the corner of her eye, coming down the street towards her, what could
she do? She didn’t want to speak to the guy, she had better things to
do, so under the cover of a group of kids walking in front of her she
ducked down into an alleyway off the main street, she ran down it and
turning the corner hung on to see if he’d seen her.

He hadn’t, she could see him glancing around, confused. She giggled and
made her way down into the small side alley was long and
narrow, trash cans lay around, on the other side of a fence a dog
barked..but she was fairly certain how to get home from there, so she
went on her way and went back to her plans, should she were the pink
lipstick? Nah, not with a pink skirt.too much. She idly made her way
until she suddenly turned a corner nearly crashed into a guy coming the
opposite direction, they quickly exchanged apologies and polite smiles.
He was about thirty, black hair, nothing special. He smoked a cigar
which hung from a corner in his mouth..

“Do you have the time?” He asked.

Britney saw the watch on his wrist.
“ Sir.” She moved to get away.

“How old are you?.”

This seemed a really weird question to ask so she turned on her feet
and while not running certainly walked fast back down where she had
come, her pig tails bobbing as she fled. And then half way down a
second alley way she saw two men who hadn’t been there when she passed
earlier..she stopped, they seemed to be just passing the time of day.
Minding their own business, but in the near dark of the alley she could
hardly tell. She began to slowly walk towards them, when she heard the
footsteps of the first man come to a stop behind. Her heart began to
beat faster, suddenly all thoughts of the party left her, she felt

She came close to the two men and paused, waiting for them to part so
she could get past them and on her way. They didn’t move. Instead the
man walked slowly towards her, so he was just behind her.

“I asked you a question old are you?”

Britney was now very afraid, she blurted out the answer.

The first man grabbed her by the shoulders, she took a sharp breath.


Britney heard the sinister tone of his voice. She turned away and
desperately tried to make it past the men but after a short struggle
she was in the mans grip, now the second two men were holding her, one
hers arm, the other hers shoulder, she opened her mouth to scream but a
rough hand was forced over her face, soon she felt a cloth, she felt
dizzy, could feel the sensation of being lifted, of being taken, she
felt, nothing..

Hers arms hurt, that’s all she could feel at that point. She tried to
move them but they seemed bound, she moved her neck, it only moved
slightly. Brash lights were turned on and her dazed body recoiled at
the ferocity, she was cold, that much she could feel, and she was naked
save her panties and cropped top. “Where was she?” She remembered the
men and screamed. The noise echoing around the cavernous cell which she
was in. Britney looked up to the ceiling, strobe lights, bare
featureless walls. She looked down to her hands. Hers wrist was bound
with tape, tightly, she couldn’t even move them an inch apart. As she
tried to move she discovered her feet were similarly tied, she began to
cry, fear rushed through her, she began to shake with terror, partly
she was cold, but partly it was the. What were they going to do to her?
And who were they? Suddenly she felt a sharp slap across her face, it
knocked the breath from her and she only just managed to keep upright
such was the force.

“Wake up slut.”
Came the monotone voice, out of the bright light came three man, large,
wearing black, black gloves and menacing black hoods. One of them came

“Hello are going to be our plaything for the few days we
have you. We shall refer to you as bitch, and that shall be your name.
You shall refer to us as one, two and three. Now, we are going to rape
you, cause you a lot of pain, but we don’t give a fuck. We’re going to
get a lot of pleasure form our time together, oh, and try not to die,
that is so tedious.”

Britney wept, the full impact of her situation came over her, she began
to beg, plead.
“Please don’t, please. What have I done? Please no! Please!”

“The men paid no attention and came close to her frail body, their
hands moved to there crotches and soon three hard pricks were in front
of her face, she looked up into their dead eyes and begged.

“please no..”

Man Two laughed and grabbing the back of her head forced his stiff cock
deep into her warm wet mouth, sticking her so deep she nearly choked on
it, she coughed and spluttered but he kept pumping her wet mouth,
grunting as he did so. His two hands gripped her head like a vice as he
fucked her mouth remorselessly.

Man one laughed. “Like that bitch?”

They all laughed. Britney could feel his hot meat slide in and out of
her mouth, her screams were muffled by him, her arms useless, she could
feel him touch the back of her throat, she could taste his pre-cum
juice. Suddenly he pulled out, making way for man three, a line of
saliva trailing from her mouth to the first mans tip fell onto her
neck, and began to roll down to her firm breasts.

“Try this for size bitch”

Violently a second hot prick was forced into her warm mouth, the men
were laughing now, pounding her tiny mouth, all she could do was weep,
silently and uselessly. The second man was smaller, his penis was
thicker though and Britney could barely take it all deep in her mouth,
her pink lips stretched around his hot thick prick, she felt the man
quicken his strokes, he groaned..grabbing the pony tails he pulled her
mouth deeper on him.

“Eat it bitch! ”

She screamed, the other men goaded him on.

“Go on man, give it to her!”

“Let her taste a real man, do it!”

Sweat began to bead around the mans lips, his violent pace even quicker
now, Britneys head was a blur as she was pulled onto him time and time
again, suddenly the man let out a scream and held her head towards his
body, making sure she would get all her reward..their was a second
pause, Britney looked up to him, his head held skyward..suddenly a
thick rush hit the back of her throat, she tried to get free but his
grip tightened as he rhythmically pumped his foul seed deep into her
mouth and throat, the man let out a low sigh as the gelatinous liquid
oozed into her tiny mouth, she struggled, he held her tasted
so wretched, so foul, she could feel the thick cum swill around her
mouth,a wad caught the back of her throat and she recoiled, choking on
his seamen, he let her go..and they watched her as she coughed and
spluttered, his white jism arcing out of her mouth in thick lines, some
splattered onto her thighs, some to her tight shirt, some dripped onto
her panties, making them opaque..

She rasped for breath, he head lay low..wretching and coughing. They

“You should have swallowed it you dumb bitch..”

She looked up, barely able to speak..and barely able to stop herself
from vomiting back up his load..

“Please..why me..please let me go, I promise I won”t tell anyone..”

“Shut up bitch!”

Another hand swiped down and she again felt the painful crack across
her face..

The man lifted her and dragged her towards the middle of the room, the
third man drew a knife.

Britney drew breath sharply.

quot;Relax bitch..this is for your legs, we need to get to you cunt
don”t we?..”

He sneered as he slit the tape on her legs and threw open her thighs.
The men paused, viewing her..her hair was still in bunches, although
now ragged, seamen mingled with saliva and tears glistened around her
mouth and was splattered up and down her breasts..he tanned stomach
also had strands of cum slowly oozing their way down to her tight,
tight cunt..

The first man in one swift movement ripped off her flimsy panties to
reveal her trimmed little pussy, she began to cry again..

“Please!! PLEASE NO! NOO!!

Her body was instantly pounded by the weight of the three men, one lay
on top of her and smeared his thick prick along her stomach, leaving a
clear white trail along the ridges of her taught muscles, another began
to crudely finger her pussy, roughly opening up her tight flesh, while
another forced her hand around his prick, making her jerk him slowly..


“Oh the bitch wants it!”


She felt the prick on her stomach move down , moving to the entrance of
her virginal cunt..

“Ready bitch?”


With one violent forced thrust the man was deep in her, Britney could
hardly stand the pain, it felt as if he was filling her stomach, every
stroke ripped open her cunt more, burning pain increased with every
pounding thrust.

She now felt a second stiff prick forced into her hand.


Among tears she wrapped her slender fingers around the hot pricks and
began to jerk the two fat cocks as well she could. She was almost dazed
by the pain of her rape, he seemed to grow with every pounding stroke,
he groaned..

“She”s got a nice cunt..wanna go boys?”

“I want something else”

Still tearful, crying, confused she was grabbed and flipped over onto
her front, her pert brown ass now at their mercy.

“Well look at that!”

She felt rough hands open up her butt cheeks, squeezing them
felt sore and hot near her tiny ass hole..surely they weren”t?*

She felt the heat of a prick forced between her ass cheeks, not in her
yet, but waiting..a voice whispered in her ear.

“Wait for this bitch..tell me you want it..tell me you want me to stick
this up your ass hole..come on, tell me!”

Britney was hysterical, tears rolled down her face, stale cum dripped
from her chin and neck..she managed to turn to the voice.



She sniffed back the pain and the fear. “Yes*I want it*”



She was suddenly stopped by the pain as with a single thrust he sank
his stiff prick deep into her ass hole, half way it stuck, the sheer
size almost ripping her open, but a grunt and he was fully in her..a
tear of blood oozed from her destroyed hole.

“That”s what you deserve bitch!”

Pounding, pounding, another then another, her ass hole was almost numb
with pain as his strokes became more and more deep, more and more
violent,she felt she was losing consciousness, the pain, his grunting,
groaning, the mens laughter..her buttocks were red as he lay on top of
her and pound her mercilessly, he held her neck up and whispered into
her ear.

“All you school sluts deserve this!”

Just as suddenly as he entered he pulled out and she was once again
brought onto her back, dazed and confused she felt him lay on her
chest, thrusting his prick into her mouth, forcing it into her smeared

“Now taste you own shit bitch!”

She looked into his eyes, she saw him jerk off his glistening prick in
front of her, then shot after shot of white cum sprayed across her
face, it dribbled down her neck, splattered into her hair, her eyes,
into her mouth, her face was plastered with white goo..she coughed
again, trying to clear her throat, he smeared his flaccid cock into her
cheeks, along her lips and around her nose..laughing..

The other two joined him, one aimed his cock at her firm young breasts,
the other at her stomach.


She heard a groan and then the thick liquid spat out onto her breasts,
the clear fluid collecting between her tiny tits, oozing down to her
stomach, this too was soon lined with thick jiz as he screamed and let
rip another wad over her belly..there she lay, covered from head to toe
in cum, buggered and raped..but he ordeal was not over.

Britney rolled her eyes and fainted into a deep restless sleep*.

She was found three days later in a park, he hands and ankles bound by
tape, he mouth covered with the same, a van had been seen, she may have
been thrown from it, the police weren”t sure.

After a few days in the hospital she told the police what she could,
she may have been raped twelve thirteen times, it was hard to remember,
how many men? She didn’t know..there could have been many*her stomach
was pumped to reveal nearly a litre of seamen within her*

Several months later she indexed going back to school..but Mark never
looked at her anymore, she was the gross one now..




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