Raunchy redhead in sex trouble

Raunchy redhead in sex troubleLooks like this smiley redhead still doesn’t understand how much she is screwed and still hopes that the two delivery guys about to violate her are simply fooling around. Well, they are not! Watch them prove it at Abusing Uniforms!

# Husband’s Night

Slipping the drug into her drink, John watched his wife laughingly
sample it with her finger before downing it, unaware that what she was
drinking would put her under. For John, this was the culmination of
years of fantasy.

John had married Lea three years ago after a whirlwind romance. After
they had met, life had improved much for John with Leah at his side.
The only part that had John fuming and upset with his marriage was
Lea’s constant refusal for exploring any of the wide realm of sexual
ideas and the fun that could be had.

As time went on, Lea’s constant refusal grew into an outright drop in
all sexual activity that they had enjoyed before. John hadnt counted on
Lea denying him sex but only once every few weeks and that began to
burn in his heart.

One day while working in an experimental drug lab for his
pharmaceutical company, John began doing research into the effects of
GHB and found that certain aspects of the drug could be altered. As he
worked further, he found that he could change one of the aspects of the
drug. By cross cutting the chemical compound with a certain stimulant,
he could manipulate a sexual stimulus in the subject while keeping the
subject in an amnesia or comatose state. This breakthrough was shocking
to him at first, but as he worked on the project, his mind kept turning
to Lea.

He had tried to subtly arouse and fondle Lea in her sleep before and
was rebuffed for the attempt.

” If he felt horny,” Lea had informed him coldly, ” Take it inot your
own hands.” Then she had rolled back over and went back to sleep.

This rebuff had thrown John over the edge. He then began to fantasize
about having lLea any way he wanted without her ever objecting about
anything that was done. Visions of her at his mercy began to dominate
the dark side of his mind.

The more he worked on his pet project, the more the visions and
fantasies came unbidden into his mind. Two years he had fought them off
until he had finally perfected what he thought was the perfect mixture.
Carefully he had pre-measured the mixture and calculated the dose to
weight ratio for his wife. Six more months had passed before he finally
decided to use the dose.

Another fight had broken out because he had bought her some sexy
lingerie for an impromptu gift. She had angrily thrown them in his
face. The painful rejection tipped over the edge and now he had no
remorse or guilt about testing his new drug on his new subject.

A few nights they had a dinner party with some close friends. During
the party John waited for the opportunity to slip in the drug and wait
for its effect. The time finally came when the couple announced that
they would have one more drink while waiting for the cab to come. John
had his opportunity.

Quickly he mixed up one last cocktail in the kitchen. Gathering up the
glasses from the drinker’s, he came back in and made the special drink
for Lea and then passed out the rest. Lea laughingly took the drink and
began sipping it while enjoying the festivities. Soon the cab arrived
and she downed the last of her drink and then said goodnight to the
couple. John watched her as she waived good bye and then shut the door.
He began to clean up the small mess while watching Lea out of the
corner of his eye.

Swaying a little, lea looked at John. ” Honey, I am tired and feel real
sleepy. Do you mind if I go up to bed?” She asked. John just nodded and
smiled as he picked up the glasses.

He watched as she turned around and unsteadily went up the stairs,
placing one small sandal clad foot in front of the other. He watched as
she swayed up the stairs, he slim five foot four frame only weighing in
at one hundred and five pounds. Lea had slim legs which were covered by
loose black slacks that only tightened around her waist and buttocks.
Lea had a fantastic ass that curved and swelled perfectly. Her hips
gently tapered towards a small waist that measured in a twenty two
inches. Her body then curved back into nice sized thirty six c cup
breasts covered by a black blouse. Her milky complexion held the
slightest bit of a tan that was offset by her auburn colored hair that
fell to her shoulders. John watched as she reached the top and looked
back and waived with a small giggle, her almost elfen featured face
smiling as she went into the upstairs hallway going for the bathroom.

John put the glasses in the sink and then came back out to listen as
she brushed her teeth. Normally she would brush for at least two
minutes, but tonight she was done in one. He listened as she used the
bathroom and then went into the bedroom. John waited until he heard the
bed creak about one minute later and then finished cleaning up.

His heart pounding, John went up the stairs and walked into the
bedroom. Lea had managed to take her sandals and pants off before she
had fell asleep on the bed. Her practical black panties covered her
luscious butt cheeks just barely and her legs were curled up almost to
her chest. Her black blouse had rode up exposing the small of her back
as she lay sleeping with her hair sprawled around her head, covering
her face.

John reached out and tenderly pulled the hair back, looking at her
face. He reached out and tickled her nose and waited for a reaction.
When Lea didn’t move or even wrinkle her nose, he decided for a more
legitimate test. Reaching out, he gently pulled both sides of her
underwear into a wedgie, separating the cheeks of her ass. Lea hated
wedgies more than anything and that was why she never wore thong or
g-string underwear. Even in a drunken stupor he had watched her pick
her underwear out of her crack many times. In sleep she would move
slower but they were always taken out. Pulling up just a little to
insure that there was pressure on her anus and vagina, John sat back
and waited again.

About one minute had passed when he watched as Lea’s ass cheeks flexed
briefly one time, then she remained still. John took her under the arms
and pulled her further onto the bed, towards the center and then rolled
her on her stomach. Straightening each leg, he then spread them apart
so that each foot almost touched the edge of the bed. With all the
movement, Lea never quivered or changed her breathing. Convinced that
she was truly out, John spread her arms out so that she looked like a
big X. Satisfied with her positioning, John went straight to her
vagina. According to his theory, she should be wet and aroused

Even though she was out cold and never would remember a thing. Pulling
the underwear back out of her ass, he took his finger and felt down the
crack till he got to her inner most private place. Gently pushing in
past the lips, he felt her very moist inner warmth. She was slick and
ready for action. John moved his finger around feeling her wetness with
satisfaction. The more he pushed in, the wetter she seamed to get. John
pulled his finger back out and sampled her slightly tangy taste.
Pushing the underwear back into place John then pushed the center of
the nylon cotton crotch as deep as he could into Lea’s slit. Sitting
back, John viewed his handiwork. Auburn hair sprouted on both sides of
the crotch and then you could see the red lips appearing to hold the
underwear in place. Everything glistened just little in the light,
showing a light moisture.

John went to the closet. Opening the door, he went to the bottom and
moved his shoes out of the way. Carefully pulling up the center board
revealed a small space that was filled with a shoe box and a small
brief case. John took these items out and placed them on the bed next
to Lea.

Opening the shoe box, John pulled out black sheer stockings with
elastic tops. Then he pulled out a pair of five inch high, strap
sandals. Next, John opened the brief case. Inside the brief case was an
array of small nylon straps, items of lingerie, several sex toys and a
small bottle of lubrication. All of the equipment had never been used
before, but that would change tonight.

John pushed Lea’s legs back together and then pulled her underwear off.
Smelling the crotch and feeling it, he noted that they were soaked
through. Putiing them down, he picked up the stockings and pulled them
on to Lea’s legs. The stockings stopped just short of her hips,
completely covering her thighs. John then put the heels on her feet.
Surveying his work so far, John was very satisfied with what he saw.

John kept feeling his heart pound as he rolled Lea over and began
taking her blouse and bra off. Once he uncovered her body, As he took
her bra off, John roughly fondled her tits, rolling the stiff nipples
in his hands and watching her face. Her breathing had taken on a little
faster pace but she was still out. Gripping the first nipple, he gave a
little pinch. Still no actual real response from her made John relax

John then picked her up from the bed. Going down the stairs, he took
her to the couch and laid her down. Running back up the stairs, John
grabbed the briefcase and ran back down. Going to the table, John took
out the nylon strapping and place two on two of the legs. Going back to
Lea, he picked her up and laid her carefully face down on the table
with her waist bending down with her legs off the edge. John then took
one leg and quickly bound it at the ankle against the table leg. John
then took the longer strap and bound Lea’s thigh to the same leg.
Moving to the other leg, John did the same thing. John then grabbed two
more straps and went to Lea’s arms. Straightening them out, he then
tied them to the other end of the table.

Once finished, John then moved back Lea’s back. Not able to help
himself anymore, He quickly took his pants off then his underwear. John
then went back behind Lea and began rubbing her. With the heels on and
her legs tied to the table, both of her holes were just right. John
quickly placed his dick in her pussy. She was so wet that he slid in
all the way in one shot. The warm velvety wet feel along with the sight
of his wife so compliant had John cumming in a matter of seconds.
Standing and enjoying the feeling of a good orgasm. John affectionately
kissed Lea’s back and pulled out. Semen and her juices joined each
other and then ran down her leg, pooling a little at the tops of her
thighs and then slowly draining down her stocking clad legs.

John was still excited after the first go. He never had it so easy.
Going back to the brief case, he pulled out a small digital camera.
Taking careful aim, John snapped the first picture. Getting close ups
of the vaginal area, he snapped a second shot. Moving to the front, he
then took a picture of her face as her head lay on the table
angelically asleep.

It was now time for the next series of fun moves. John untied her arms
and legs and rolled her over onto her back. Taking out the rest of the
lingerie consisting of a one piece fishnet body suit. Putting the suit
over her head, he pulled it down and then pulled the crotch piece,
which consisted of a piece of string and pulled it down to her pussy.
Lifting her legs as if he were changing a diaper, John pulled the back
down and then snapped the suit in place. He then pulled the crotch
piece into place. The result was picturesque to John as her swollen
labia enveloped the string almost burying the thin crotch piece in her
pussy. Therefore John took some more pictures.

Taking the nylon straps, John proceeded to bind Lea’s ankles to her
thighs. Situating the top of the suit, He pulled her breasts out so
that they were pushed against each other. John then began rubbing the
nipples. The more he rubbed the harder they got, going from a light
pinkish color to a darker pink, the aerola’s flushed with blood. John
took more pictures of this and then moved on.

John rubbed the exposed flesh of her labia, playing with the rapidly
slick lips as they began to get darker also. As he rubbed and teased
her pussy, John watched for signs of arousal in Lea. As he had hoped,
she began to get aroused. Trapped in the bondage of her drugged state,
she didn’t wake up, but her legs began to strain against the nylon
straps as her ass moved around, desperately trying to gain more
friction against the crotch of the suit pressed against her clit and in
her pussy. John enjoyed this moment greatly. Teasing her mercilessly,
he pulled the soaked crotch strap out of her pussy and began to rub
circles around the hood protecting her clit. At the same time John
moved forward and began rubbing his dick against the entrance to her
ass. The small puckered hole was exposed at the perfect angle for him
to penetrate. Moving slowly while teasing her pussy, John used the
juices flowing from her aroused cunt to lubricate the head of his dick
and then began the slow push into her ass.

John placed more pressure as the head of his dick slowly began sliding
into her anus. The tight muscle ring put up a lot of resistance but he
kept up the relentless pressure as he watched his dick slowly go in.
Lea began writhing more as her arousal kept going up, soon John felt
the give as the muscle gave around the head of his dick. Now he was
almost in. Inch by slow inch John kept moving inward, still rubbing
around Lea’s clit without giving her satisfaction. Her arms tightened
and flexed against the restraints as well as her legs while he pushed
into her ass till his shaft was buried.

John could feel the muscles contracting form the arousal and it felt
heavenly, like a gloved that squeezed and pulled in at the same time.
John stopped rubbing her as he began thrusting in and out of Lea’s ass.
Grabbing the top of her knees, John pumped in and out, slowly gaing
speed. Lea began to moan as he pumped faster and harder. The sight of
his wife getting off from getting fucked in the ass caused John to
begin pumping harder. Throwing her legs as wide as he could, he stroked
in and out of her once virgin ass with all his might, feeling the flow
of semen coming to the front again. Pumping harder, he watched As Lea’s
mouth opened wide and she indexed to cry out and cumm. The strong
rhythmic motion of her ass muscles contracting from orgasm set John
off. He poured his semen into her ass while she came in her drugged
stupor. John watched as Lea’s eye lids fluttered once and then twice
before her body relaxed back into its drugged state.

John pulled back out and grabbed the camera back up. Getting close, he
took a picture of Lea’s ass, still distended from his fucking her,
while cum was leaking out onto the table.

Taking a break, John went into the kitchen and grabbed a Coke from the
fridge. As he was getting ready to open the Coke, he saw a large
cucumber. Smiling to himself, John picked it up and looked at it. It
was a large cucumber measuring a good thirteen inches long and almost
three inches in circumference. Taking it with him, John walked back
into the dining room table and looked at Lea. Making a decision, John
walked back to the edge of the table. Carefully taking the cucumber, he
lubed it, then placed it at Lea’s cunt. Sowly he began to rub her clit
as he indexed to work the cucumber in. Steadily he pushed the cucumber
in and out as he watched Lea’s face. Again the muscles began to strain
and he watched as her face seemed to grimace in a little pain. Slowing
down with pushing the cucumber in, he rubbed her clit a little faster.
Her face relaxed as her mouth opened and she indexed to moan again in
arousal. Pushing a little harder, John began to work the cucumber in
even more till a good five inches was pushed inside her. Her ass began
to move with the fucking sensation as he pulled the cucumber in and
out, slowly going in farther and farther with each push and pull. John
stopped rubbing her clit as he used both hands to push the cucumber in
harder and harder. Lea was panting and moaning with mounting excitement
as he watched the cucumber stretch her pussy out almost unbelievably
wide to accommodate it. Soon he only had n inch and a half to hold onto
as he drilled his wife with the vegetable. Stopping for a quick moment,
he took another picture as the cucumber was buried as far as he could
get it in. Quickly getting back to the task, John resumed fucking Lea
until again she shrieked in orgasmic bliss.

John then took the cucumber out and took another picture of her pussy,
gaping open and almost cave like from the intrusion.

The last thing John wanted, was a picture of the cucumber in another
place. Sliding the tip of the cucumber against her asshole, John began
to push. Slowly, he worked the head of the cucumber like he did with
her pussy, carefully pushing in and out. Fucking Lea like it was a big
dick, John kept pushing the cucmber further and further in. he wanted
to see and hear if she would cum with something this big rammed up her
ass. If not, he still would have the picture of the vegetable sticking
out of her ass. Pushing harder and harder, he watched as her face again
stretched in pain as the cucumber stretched her ass.

He heard her groan and watched as she tried to move against the nylon
restraints. Then he watched as she began to take the fucking and, in a
sense, enjoy it. He knew she would never know or remember the events of
the evening, but he would know that she got fucked in the ass by a
thirteen inch vegetable dildo in the ass and liked it. Pushing harder
he watched as her ass strained to compensate around the cucumber,
stretching impossibly tight as her legs closed together in an
unconscious attempt to pass the large object. Her face relaxed as her
ass got used to the makeshift dildo and she began to enjoy the ride.
Pushing deeper and deeper, John took pictures with one hand as with the
other he began ramming the dildo into her ass harder and harder,
shaking the whole table with the force of the thrusts. Soon he heard
and watched as Lea had her last orgasm of the night. Satisfied, John
withdrew the vegetable and took one last picture of the distended
asshole that he had just abused. Quickly he put the vegetable back in
the fridge and began cleaning up.

Lastly he quickly cleaned up lea and placed her in bed with her
original underwear on. Carefully he placed all the new toys back in the
hiding spot and saluted himself for a well designed drug.

The next morning, Lea woke up and climbed out of bed. Groaning a
little, she realized that she was extremely sore in her ass and that
her pussy felt like it had been well used. Checking herself quickly,
she realized that she must have just had a bad night and was dehydrated
from the night before. Shrugging it off, she leaned over and gave John
a quick good morning kiss.

” Good Morning, Honey. What do you want for breakfast?”



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