Kate Gets it Rough

Kate is a harmless young woman, she think violence is a disgrace. So it was a shock when a man trespassed in her apartment then abused and fucked her on all of her holes against her will. Watch her ordeal only at Girlsravished.com.

# Cock Slave

The following is a story written by a woman. It is based primarily on some
of my own childhood, sexual fantasies, and nightmares. It contains scenes
of forced sex between grown men and a teenager. I do not condone the
actions in this story. It is written soley for mature adults for the
purpose of entertainment for them and primarily therapy and release for
me. By Imma Scared I thought life was pretty bad before Mom brought Edward
home. I would learn over the next months that my life up ’til then was
heaven compared to what life with Edward turned out to be. in some ways
grew up pretty fast. I can’t remember a time when Mom wasn’t drinking or
drunk, I really can’t. Somehow I learned how to find food, cook it, and
eat fairly well. I learned how to scrounge clothes, keep them and myself
clean. And I learned how to make myself disappear into the woodwork when
Mom came home with the strange men she would pick up at the bars she
worked/hung out in. Once when I was 12, Mom brought home this “creature”
who looked more like a bear than a man. The man grabbed me as I tried to
duck out the door, and says to Mom, “Cute little cunt. I’ll give you $10
extra if ya let me finger fuck ‘er” Mom says sure, tells me to strip, and
stands there laughing as the man mauls my body and my poor pussy. It was
after that incident, I learned how to hide and hide quick when I heard a
key in the door. I would have run away, but I had watched enough Donahue
shows to know that life on the street for a preteen was a hell of a lot
tougher than my life with Mom. Anyway, I was about 15 when Mom brought
Edward home, and just my luck I was in the bathtub, and didn’t hear them
come in. This guy comes charging into the bathroom with his limp cock
hanging out, stops, and takes a long look at me with his mouth hanging
open. Then he indexs licking his lips like he is looking at something good
to eat. I was trying to cover myself with a wash cloth, and trying to see
how I could get out of there. The “bear” from four years ago looked like a
friendly dwarf compared to this guy! He was 6’4, around 280 pounds (mostly
muscle, with a small beer gut), bald, scarred, and nasty looking. He
finally says, “Well aint you the pretty little thing, what are ya, 12?” (I
always did look younger than my age, tiny breasts, baby face, still do God
help me.) Mom, comes up behind him, and says, “Nah, she almost grown,
another year, and I can put the bitch out.” The man keeps looking at me
and licking his lips til Mom pulls him out the door, “C’mon you can piss
in the sink and then ya fuck me like I promised.” He goes, backing out
still looking hard at me. I jumped out the tub, dressed as quick as I
could, and ran out the house. I spent the night in a nearby park. To my
surprise, Mom brought Edward home again, and again, and again, ’til Edward
finally moved in. The first couple of weeks, tho I didn’t like Edward, I
felt grateful, life and home took on a sort of normal look. We indexed
living the way my friends at school seemed to live. Edward made Mom stay
at home when she wasn’t working, and he brought in groceries for me to fix
meals with on a regular basis. He made Mom help me clean up the house, and
even had her buy me some new clothes. The downside was that sometimes I
would be washing dishes, and I’d turn around and Edward would have snuck
behind me, watching me and rubbing that HUGE bulge in his pants. Once he
asked me if I liked to fuck, and when I told I was a virgin and planned to
stay that way, Mom told him about how she had let the “bear” finger-fuck
me for $10. Edward laughed, and said if it had been him I’d been more than
finger fucked. “Don’t nothin’ feel as good as havin my dick up a nice
fresh tight pussy. Certainly wouldn’t have passed up the chance at virgin
kiddie snatch!” He and Mom almost bust a gut laughing at that! Edward had
been there about a month when the “Honeymoon” period for me had ended. Mom
was getting ready for work when Edward said ” It’s time Dawn indexs
earnin’ her keep, wouldn’t you say babe?” Mom nods. “I think I’ll stop by
Edna’s house on the way home from work. She ain’t been feelin’ to well. I
may stay with her for awhile. may stay gone ’til Monday.” “Good,” Edward
says, “that’ll work out just fine. Me and Dawn gonna have some…..” my
heart is up in my throat. I *know* what’s coming, I don’t know how I know,
but I know. I feel like I’m going to faint. “Mom….”, I index. “Edward’s
been real good to us Dawn. Now you be good to him.” and she just walks out
the door! I look at her retreating back, watch the door close, and hear
Edward growl, “Get ya clothes off, I’m gonna teach ya how to a be slut!”
For a moment, I measured the distance between myself and the door. For a
moment, my eyes strayed to the kitchen, and I measured the distance
between myself and the butcher knives. But those moment were long enough
for Edward to close the distance between us, and grab me by my hair. He
yanked my hair hard, first down, and then up to look into his face. At the
risk of sounding corny, I have to tell you that his face gave meaning to
the phrase “pure evil”, his face a mask of lust, and determination. “Look
at me bitch, you strip now, make it sexy or I’ll beat the shit out of you,
and still rape the daylights out of you.” He let go of my hair and shoved
me to the floor. I got up and began stripping slowly, making myself move
as I had seen the strippers in movies dance. I looked at Edward, and saw
that I was pleasing him. When all my clothes were off, I stood waiting for
Edward’s next order. “Finger yourself, Dawn. Get your pussy nice and hot
and wet for me” I began to rub myself, stroking my clit, and sticking a
finger in my pussy. “Now stop, and stay right there. You move, I’ll hurt
you bad. You be a good girl, and you’ll be alright”. I stayed put, as
Edward went into Mom’s room. When he returned he was naked, and I saw for
the first time in my life a man’s hard erect cock. I had nothing to
compare it to, but it looked HUGE. I couldn’t imagine that thing going
where my small finger had been without splitting me open. Edward was
carrying some rope, and a bottle of baby oil. With his free hand, Edward
pushed me toward the card table that served as our dining room table. ”
Sit up on the table”, I got on the table. Edward put the rope and table
beside me. Then with both hands he laid me down on the table so that my
legs were hanging down. He bent and tied each of legs to a leg of the
table, and then stood up. Grinning at me and picked up the baby oil, put
some in his hand, and then began rubbing his cock with it. “I’ve always
wanted to fuck a little girl, but could never get close enough to a broad
with one that would let me. Now with your itty-bitty tits, and your little
body, this’ll be just as good.” He grabbed his cock, and began rubbing the
head of it on the outside of my pussy. “Now, here is what we’re gonna do.
I am going to put this into you, just the head of it, and tease your pussy
until you beg me to really fuck you… You understand?” I nodded.
“Allright then, here we go!” Edward slid his cock against the lips of my
pussy a bit more and when it was thoroughly lubricated, he begins
inserting it so that just the head is engulfed in my pussy. The pressure
is both odd and uncomfortable, but not yet painful. Edward reached down
with his hand and began rubbing my clit. Does that feel good?’ It did, it
felt so good. “Yes, it feels very good.” “Being fucked feels even better”,
Edward pushed a little more, “so ask me to fuck you.” “Please” I whimpered
“Please What, Bitch?” came the reply. “You know…. Please” “No I don’t
know… Say it!” “Please…” “Please what? I can keep this up for a good
long time.. Now say it! Beg me to fuck you! Beg me to let you have some
more cock in you..” “Please… Please fuck me” I whispered “What? I
couldn’t hear you. Speak louder!” “PLEASE…. PLEASE FUCK ME!!!” I finally
got the words out. Edward says “That’s what I wanted to hear… You
finally begged!! Now you’re going to get the fucking you so badly want and
need…we gonna have some FUN!!” Putting a hand on each of my hips, Edward
suddenly pushed forward and with great force shoved the entire length of
his hard thick long cock violently and deeply into the most personal and
private place in my body. I screamed in pain. “That’s what I want want to
hear, scream Dawn! Scream!” And with that the fucking began. At first his
thrusts were slow, but hard and long and deep. And I swear, it felt with
each thrust that his dick got thicker! “Oh God, PLEASE! Stop! it hurts so
much!” Tears were rolling down my face. Edward paused, and took a hand off
my hip to wipe the tears from my face. He put the hand to his mouth and
licked the tears off. “Better than any drug”, he sighed. Then put his hand
back on my hip, and resumed his violent brutal raping of my pussy with
harder thrusts than before. “Scream! baby! Scream! I need to hear you
screeamm…” I couldn’t help myself, I screamed! Edward began to thrust
harder! It seemed my terror and distress made him harder, my screams
turned him on more and more, my tears gave him more energy. He thrust and
plunged into me like a machine, laughing and grunting and moaning in time
to my own cries of pain. I cried as Edward seemed to thrust his cock even
harder into me. Then he slowed, drawing the long length of that piston
like dick slowly out of my pussy till it was almost totally out…and then
he RAMMED it back in. Slowly, I felt the thick cock slide through my
aching pussy, than SLAM and pain shot through me and I saw stars. Slow
slide of thick cock, SLAM, like a battering ram. He kept repeating these
strokes stabbing into me with savage force, ramming deep into me, smashing
his body into me again and again. All the time laughing with insane joy.
Then Edward gripped my hips hard, beginning to jerk and twist his huge
cock inside me, laughing at my whimpers and cries, enjoying the pain he
was causing me. He threw his hips forward hard thrusting his massive cock
into me till I though it was going to come out of the top of my head,
thrusting and pounding and punishing my pussy with his hard massive
manhood. “Yeaaahhhh. How’s it feel, babe How’s it feel with a real man’s
big cock in your belly? OOOOOOOoooooooo you feel so good, so hot. I think
I love yooouuuuuu….” He fucked me with hard, brutal strokes, the pain
was almost unbearable me. I felt like I was being disemboweled, ripped
open from the crotch inward. And his hard body was hitting my clit so that
in the midst if the painful punishment of my pussy I was also feeling
waves of pleasure. Edward didn’t slow down a bit as he rutted into me with
hard strokes. SOOOOO goooooddddddssssUh, yeahhhh!” he grunted, thrusting
harder still and then giving me more pain and pleasure! His thrusts into
became harder, longer and slower, and I found my arms of their own will
were holding on to Edward,as if to urge him to thrust deeper into.
Suddenly he speeded up, and I came as he came with a series of hard, sharp
thrusts into my pussy. Edward bent, and licked the tears from my face. “Oh
yeah, that was good. And the night is still young, you still have a few
more lessons to go and then you’ll be the perfect cockslave.” Edward
withdrew his now soft cock, and leaving me tied to the table, he walked
over to the phone. He picked it up, looked at me and said, “But first,
I’ve got to you get you some more instructors.” Then he walked into the
kitchen with the phone, leaving me lying there in fear and in pain. II
When Edward came back into the room, he came over, and again stood between
my legs. His cock was hard again, and he began rubbing it against the lips
of my pussy. “I was looking forward to being the first one to shove my
cock up your ass, but money talks, and looks like the honor is going to
another man. I’ll still be there tho, to listen you your screams.” Edward
grinned evilly at me. “In fact, if things work out right, this gonna be
night of extreme pleasure for me, and a lot of pain for you!” And with
that, Edward shoved the full length of his hard thick cock suddenly and
violently into my pussy. With his hands cupped under my butt, he began
slamming into me his cock like a battering ram, pounding and pounding and
pounding. This was just as painful as the first rape! His breath came in
loud gulps and hisses. He grunted and moaned obscenely, his cock pumping
in and out my poor sore pussy relentlessly. I couldn’t, wouldn’t cry
anymore, I just stared at the ceiling, letting the pain take me away,
waiting for it to be over. Edward slammed into me one final time and
screamed, “NNAAHHGGGAAAOOOOHH!!” and l could feel his cock begin to spasm
around the tightly stretched lips of my pussy, then hot cum flowed out of
me and ran down my ass! It seemed like buckets of the stuff were coming
“UUUUAAA! UUUUAAA! UUHHH! UUHH!” He jerked hard into me, and then my pussy
with was scaled once again with his lava like flood. He stood there with
his hands on his hips, admiring his handiwork, “you didn’t scream too much
this time babe, I like it better when you scream.” He reached down and
rammed a fist into my thigh.. I screamed. “That’s better! Now when the
guys get here, you’re 12, understand 12? Now get up, and make yourself
look like a pretty little girl!” Edward untied my legs helped me off the
table and I went to wash myself and make myself “pretty”. I had put on a
pink “sun dress” that I kept for the few times I was able to sneak away to
go to church, pink panties, and some pink socks trimmed with lace. In the
back of my closet, I found some patent leather shoes which I had found a
years back, and discovered that they still fit. I was just putting my hair
into a pony-tail, when the door bell rang. I heard muffled voices, and
then “Dawn, get your ass out here NOW!” I came out of the bedroom. to see
that living room was crowed with men, Edward standing among them grinning
like a crazy person. I looked at them, and my heart sank. Every one of
them had that same look in their faces, that Edward had on his face just
before he raped for the first time “Aint she pretty? She’s all ours, our
own little fuck toy!” One of the men, who was even taller than Edward by
at least six inches, says. “Aint enough room here for us to fuck her
properly, why don’t we take her to my studio, where we can do her in
proper style AND film the event?” There were a few grumbles at this, but
most of the men seemed to approve, so Edward shoves me out the door, and
hands to me to two of his cronies., who pick me up, and just about throw
me into the back of a pick-up truck, and then climb in beside me. The men
held on tight to me as the truck moved out behind the other cars, as if
they knew I would try to jump out. I would have, if I could have,
especially when we hit the Interstate, because such an action which have
killed me. And I felt that death might have been preferable to what these
men had in store for me. III We pulled up in front of what appeared to be
an abandoned warehouse and I was led inside. Just to the left of the
entrance was a large room, with the biggest bed I had ever seen in it, and
one huge wall that appeared to a mirror. The really big guy walks up to
me, and with a quick jerk, tears my dress off me. “I wish I coulda busted
your pussy, but bustin’ you ass is gonna be fun.” ” Make her scream Joe,”
Edward says. “You’re sick, Edward”, someone laughs as Joe leads me to the
bed. “The way I want to do this,” Joe says, “is to have a cock in her
pussy, while I’m bustin’ her ass.” The men acted like a bunch of school
boys volunteering to run an errand for the teacher! “Let me!” “I’ll do it”
“Hey man, I’m nice an’ hard!” Joe waited a minute, and said “Phil, you get
on the bed there and lie on your back.” And then Joe seemed to be speaking
to the mirror, “You boys ready to film back there?” I heard a muffled
sound which could have been a yes, and it seemed to satisfy Joe. “Okay
Dawn, you do exactly like I tell you, and I won’t hurt you more than
necessary, okay? I don’t want have to punch your lights out!” I nodded.
“Okay, now. Dawn, I want you to get on top of Phil. Climb on your knees
and put the head of his cock in your pussy..” Phil undressed and had lain
down , his huge cock sticking up from his body and twitching. ..I did as I
was told, Phil helping to guide the head of his penis between my tender
lips and let my weight push his cock up into me. The men gathered around
the bed, and someone pushed me down until my chest met Phil’s. at least
two men held me there, putting pressure on my back and holding my arms so
that I couldn’t move. Suddenly, I felt a cool sensation on my ass as a
hand rubbed some kind of lotion on my ass’ entrance. A finger began to
probe that small hole, completely exposed in this position, and with
almost no delay,it was thrust up into my rectum. i let out a small cry
pain. “That hurts… Stop.. Please..” “No way, baby. I got the lucky draw,
sweetheart, and I’m gonna fuck you in the ASS!” “OOWWWW.. No.. Please
No… Ow.. Stop.. Please…” I was begging, knowing that my pleas fell on
deaf ears. “Boys, watch as I show you the proper way to bust a virgin
ass!” Joe had removed his finger from my ass. I could feel his weight on
the bed as he positioned himself behind me, aiming his cock at my virgin
rear entrance. The head of his cock touched me, and I tried, uselessly to
get away from it.. “Man, do you really think she can take that thing?”,
someone asked. “Sure, man.. .and if she can’t, well too bad! Do it, man.
Fuck that tight virgin ass!” Edward laughed “She’ll take every one of my

fuckin’!” And he began to pressure his penis forward pushing in my
asshole. I was shaking with fear. Someone was “helping”, my ass cheeks
were being held apart by one man, while Joe slowly impaled my ass. With a
sudden pop, the head of his cock broke through the resistance of my young
sphincter! “Oh wow, you guys should feel how good this is.”
pressing forward, ! Slowly his cock sank between my spread ass cheeks.
“The heat and tightness of her ass is sooooooo sweeeeet.” My cries and
sobs and struggles, just added to the enjoyment of the men watching Joe
rape my ass. I couldn’t move because I was held down and someone was still
holding my ass open to Joe’s advancing cock. Slowly and painfully he
pressed on. Suddenly I could feel Joe pause and lean over me. I heard him
breathe in, and then he gave one last hard thrust.
couldn’t move, couldn’t get away, could barely breathe because of the men
holding me down so hard, to allow Joe to thrust into me. The pain was
unbelievable. I completely forgot that Phil’s still thick penis was deeply
imbedded in my sore pussy. Compared to the pain in my ass, my pussy was
just fine! “SHIT!! FUCK!!! GOD DAMN.. THIS GIRL IS TIGHT!!!” Joe had
indeed managed to fit his whole 12 inch erection in the me. “OH MAN.. THIS
WON’T TAKE LONG!'”, . pulling cock slowly out and violently pushing his
large cock back into me. again and again It seemed like Joe’s cock filled
my entire world with pain. Then he fell forward onto the me, resting his
weight on my back and increased the speed of thrusts. The blinding pain
subsided a bit ,but I now felt a burning sensation deep in my ass.
Joe’sthrusts hurt, but I didn’t feel like I was going to black out from
the pain anymore. I could now feel Phil under me, making feeble attempts
to thrust into my pussy from below, because he was having to carry the
weight of two people. I was also aware that the other men had stood back,
as no longer needed to hold me down , and watched as Joe raped my ass, and
Phil tried to fuck my pussy. “NOW! NOW! NOW!!…. YAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!” Joe
suddenly shouted. His penis seemd to expand and blasted me with white hot
wetness deep into the my ass. With each blast he slammed his hips forward,
as if trying to impale himself as deeply as possible into my ass! He
thrust so hard that he rammed my body upward, and Phil’s cock popped free
of my pussy. I could feel Joe lift his heavy body from me, and then Phil
pushed me off his body. I laid face down on the bed and soobed, as Edward
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