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# Five On One

It was afternoon in the late spring of that year. There was the smell
of locust blossoms and honeysuckle wafting in the air. Billy Bob and
his four brothers–Earl, Lester, Zeke and Jimmy–were sitting in the
shade of the front porch of their mother*s home. It was a peaceful
Sunday; mostly everyone in the small town of Regis had been to church
that morning and would now be eating a dinner of mashed potatoes, green
beans, tomatoes, fried chicken, and store bought cole slaw, with a
thick, hot slice of crisp, buttery corn bread on the side. Or, most
likely, something of the kind which had been canned last summer by the
womenfolk and still having that fresh from the garden taste only home
canning can preserve. And maybe for dessert there had been some
steaming hot blackberry cobbler topped with ice cream or a cold peach
custard smothered in swirls of sugary whip cream.

Whatever, the five brothers had forsaken all the culinary possibilities
to indulge themselves in a pint or two of bootlegged whiskey clear as
mountain dew and hotter than a stew of Mexican peppers.

Billy Bob, the oldest of the brothers, breathed in deeply the fresh
afternoon air, his body tingling with the vibrancy of youth. The joie
de vivre. As the fruit jar of lightning passed back and forth among the
brothers, he rolled a joint and sucked its pungent smoke deep into his

” You know what would make this a perfect day?” he asked, more or less
thinking out loud.

” What?” Earl, the next oldest, asked back. Earl was the hippie of the
group with his dirty blonde shoulder length hair and gold ear hoop.

” A little pussy,” he replied. Unlike Earl, Billy Bob kept his hair cut
short in a burr.

Jimmy, the youngest, sniggered and ran his hand down the well-defined
abs of his tanned belly. Like the rest he was shirtless and barefoot,
only wearing a pair of faded denims. Unlike the others his hair was a
tangle of thick brown curls, his eyes blue as the sky over their heads.

” A little pussy wouldn*t be bad,” he agreed.

” How would you know, one of the twins, Lester, teased.

” You ain*t never had any.”

Everyone laughed at this making Jimmy hot, but he had to grin since it
was true. Zeke, the other twin, reached out with a lazy stretch and
mussed Jimmy*s hair playfully.

All the boys were tall and slender with broad shoulders and
well-defined muscular bodies. The twins were the tallest, though, and
the best basketball players in Regis. Billy Bob was the smartest and
strongest of the group and had always been their acknowledged leader.

” Tell yuh all something if you don*t repeat it,” Billy Bob said all
around, squeezing his words out through fiercely clenched teeth as he
held the acrid smoke in his lungs; his face turned red, the veins stood

” Yeah, what*s that?” Earl asked.

He finally released the smoke with a loud hiss, then looked around at
their expectant faces. Lanky Zeke and Lester were trying to grow beards
with scraggily results. Little Jimmy with his tight, good looks was
destined to be their Casanova. Long-haired Earl was already
demonstrating a talented business acumen for growing weed and
distilling some of the best whiskey in the county. If he didn*t kill
himself from indulging in his own product, he would probably be a
millionaire before he was thirty.

Billy Bob*s eyes took on a glazed look as he spoke.

” I fucked mom,” he said.

There was a kind of a shocked silence.

” Aw, bullshit, man,” Earl said.

” Naw, serious,” Billy Bob replied.

” No, bullshit. I fucked her for real.”

There was a space while they let all this sink in. They all knew Billy
Bob, when he was shitting and when he wasn*t. This was one of those
times when he wasn*t, and they knew it. The familiar image of their
mother was now going through their minds in a new fashion. His
confession had put a new meaning on the word mother. One that was
suddenly provocative. Mother had been moved to a whole new category: a
woman available. Lustful phantoms prompted their imaginings. Their
mother*s head transmogrified onto the bodies of nude women in slick
magazines. A sick feeling of excitement began to churn in their hard
bellies. Cocks stiffened.

” And was she tight,” he added, softly.

” How? When?” Earl asked, the doobie Billy Bob had passed him forgotten
in his hand.

” The other night, while you assholes were sleeping. I couldn*t sleep.
I had this massive hardon and no place to put it but my hand, and that
just didn*t seem enough at the time. You know, there comes a point when
you just have to have the real thing or you*ll go nuts. Well, that*s
the way I was. I had to have it real bad. That*s when I indexed
thinking about mom. What a nice firm body she has, those full tits and
jutting ass, and I made up my mind to fuck her. I was too horny to give
a sweet goddamn about the consequences. I got up and walked into the
living room, my dick stuck up under the waistband of my shorts, and
crossed to the hallway; mom suddenly came out wearing only a white
slip. The moonlight was streaming through the windows lighting up both
of us. Clear enough that I could see the look on her face and it was a
look that told me she was as hot as I was.

You know, maybe it was that ESP shit brought her out just like me.
Anyway we were both kind of shocked at seeing each other. It was
obvious to both of us what we wanted, yet at the same time
embarrassing. She passed by me and went to the front door pretending to
check and see if it was locked. Then as she indexed back, I took her
arm and pulled her to me. She pulled back, and I pushed her back up
against the wall and indexed kissing her. Man, I was fucking hot by
this time and nothing could have stopped me. She tried to push me away
with the palms of her hands against my chest, but she was too weak–or
wasn*t trying all that fucking hard. I slapped her and yanked hard on
the straps of her slip, popping them. She struggled with me, and the
slip fell to the floor leaving her naked. She bit my lip and scratched
me and tried to squirm out of my grasp, but she wasn*t trying hard
enough, and I knew she was wantin* it as much as me. She could have
called out or screamed, but she didn*t.

” I turned her and held her wrists together with one hand while with my
other I pulled her head back by her hair and forced her into the
bedroom. She kept making squealing sounds in her throat as I lay her on
the bed. She was on her back, and I held her hands over her head by her
wrists. She struggled a lot, but she wasn*t half as strong as I
thought. I could feel her tits rise and fall against my chest. The
nipples were hard. She kept whispering. Begging me.

Man, my cock was hard. I slapped her hard. I think she was getting off
on it. She liked it rough. I could see her face in the moonlight. The
window right by the bed. It was all screwed up with clenched teeth and
grimaces while she was writhing beneath me trying to buck me off. I
slapped her hard again, and she gave off this gasping, muttering kind
of sexy, throaty sound. I kneed her legs apart and waited for her to
tire out some, then I rammed my cock in her. Oh, God, it was so good!
Her face just kind of froze. You should have seen it. All at once she
became still as a stone. Her eyes went wide with this far off look in
them, and her mouth dropped open into a circle. She made a sound
something like *uh…uh* drawing her breath in sharply each time.

” I swear, I fucked her all night and didn*t stop until the morning
light was coming through the window.”

” Well, I don*t know ifn you*re lying or not,” Zeke said, after a
moment, ” but you sure as hell made my dick hard.”

There were chuckles at this. Jimmy was rubbing his crotch and gazing
off down the street.

” Here comes Annabelle,” he said.

The boys glanced down he street to where a pretty girl with long blonde
hair had just rounded the corner coming in their direction with long,
shapely strides. She was wearing a blue and white checked dress with
white buttons up and down the front and a white, mandarin collar. Below
the snug fitting bodice the skirt hung down full from the hips. In her
right hand she clutched a flap-over, slim, white purse and a small
Bible; on the wrist of her other arm was a set of white plastic
bracelets. Her feet sported a pair of white, high-heeled pumps.

” D*yuh get salvation, Annabelle?” Earl teased, fondling his earring as
she turned in at the sidewalk.

She paused at the bottom of the porch steps and perched a foot on the
first one. She took in the fruit jars setting on the edge of the porch,
one full, the other half empty. She swatted a fly away from her face.
She could smell the ferment in the air–not only the whiskey but a
certain animal rawness emanating from the brothers; she saw the joint
being passed around, could smell the acrid odor. She placed a hand on
her hip, the long-nailed fingers pointed toward the ground.

” Maybe more than you all got, I reckon,” she said, with mild reproof,
her back arched, her breasts full against the thin cotton of her

Someone snickered.

Billy Bob was leaned back against one of the pillars at the top of the
steps. He stared at her with a faraway look in his eyes as if he were
thinking something over.

” Where*s mom?” Jimmy asked.

” She went over to visit with Auntie Ellison. And it*s a good thing she
did. If she could see you sorry bums now there would be hell to pay.”

” Um, such language,” Lester grinned, punching Zeke lightly on the

” She won*t be back till late, then,” Billy Bob mused.

He was staring at her with a strange look. It was a look she had never
seen before. Kind of cold and impersonal. It made her nervous.
Especially when she saw that same look in the eyes of the others.

She had seen what liquor could do to a person. Their father had been a
drunk. Nice when sober, but a screaming, wife-beating monster when he*d
had a few. And lately she had seen a similar change being wrought in
her brothers. Anymore they were like strangers. Always drinking and
smoking dope. Being rude and obnoxious. They hadn*t bothered going to
church for ages. And hardly ever dressed decently anymore. She stared
at them. None of them had a shirt on. Nothing, in fact, but denims–not
even shoes. They looked like hillbillies. She felt ashamed of them.

Jimmy, who was sitting near the bottom step, reached up suddenly and
tugged on the hem of her skirt.

” Stop that, Jimmy!” she scolded.

” What are you doing?”

” Helpin* yourself to a little, squirt?” Earl grinned.

” Aw, what are you guys all talking about?” Annabelle said glancing
about, suddenly feeling like the class clown being made fun of. Their
jokes no longer included her, as they once had in the past, but were
now more and more of late directed at her. She didn*t like it. Somehow
they made her feel dumb, out of it, square–but worse, objectified.

Blushing she indexed up the steps.

” Where you off to?” Billy Bob asked, thrusting his leg out in front of
her, blocking her path.

” I*ve got homework to do,” she replied. She sighed and rolled her
large, blue eyes.

” Let me by, Billy Bob. C*mon. I*m in no mood to play games.”

” Who says I*m playing games?”

His eyes were focused on her tits.

” I*ve taken daddy*s place,

” he said, cryptically.

” I don*t know what you*re talking about,” she replied, irritated.

” You will,” he smiled, looking round at the others.

Jimmy indexed tugging on the hem of her dress again. She wanted to slap

” Stop it, Jimmy!,” she demanded. She realized that from where she was
standing now on the steps he could see up her dress.

” Having fun, twerp?” she chided. She looked down at him over her

” Why don*t you have a drink?” Billy Bob said. He held up the half
empty jar of liquor toward her in a lazy, relaxed manner.

” You might like sinning a little.”

” C*mon,” Zeke chimed in.

She could feel Jimmy*s hand brushing up and down her calf. His hand
moved down to her ankle and encircled it. Gripped it. She could feel
the warmth of his hand radiate up her leg. She shivered involuntarily.
Goosebumps formed on the nape of her neck.

Haughtily, she shook out her long, blonde hair and stepped over Billy
Bob*s leg and reached for the handle of the screen door. But Lester and
Zeke stepped between her and the door. She felt a pair of hands on her

” Why don*t we have a little fun,” she heard Billy Bob say. His mouth
was only an inch away. She could feel his hot breath on her cheek,
smell the reek of whiskey and marijuana.

” Let me go!” she said, suddenly scared.

Lester and Zeke stood in front of her. Billy Bob was on her right. Earl
came up on her left, and from behind, she felt Jimmy*s hands suddenly
resting on her hips.

” We just wanna have some fun, Annie,” Billy Bob said.

” Let*s fuck her, Billy Bob,” Jimmy said.

Annabelle froze as the four-lettered word seemed to hang tangibly in
the air. She couldn*t believe what was happening was happening.

She felt herself being lifted off the porch floor. The screen door
banged open. They took her inside. Hands held her wrists and ankles.
Her attempt to scream was cut off by a hand over her mouth. Her face
was crushed between warm hard bellies. Knees prodded her. She felt her
hips bang against furniture. She was jostled about like a sack of

Suddenly she was on a bed. She was lying on her back staring at the
ceiling. They held her arms and legs spread-eagled. It was their room.
They all shared one large room. She and her mother had separate
bedrooms. There were basketball posters on the walls. The room had the
stale, sweaty smell of dirty socks and underwear.

Billy Bob stood at the base of the bed watching. Zeke and Lester were
on either side of the bed holding her wrists. Earl and Jimmy held her
by the ankles. She writhed helplessly, straining to break free; her
face was red with the effort. Her smooth, white teeth were gritted
fiercely. Beads of sweat formed on her forehead.

” Let me go!” she cried. Her long, blonde hair fanned out on the pillow
beneath her head. She glared at the hands holding her prisoner. Grunted
as she tried to jerk free.

Her struggles only served to raise her dress higher up her shapely
legs. She banged her head up and down on the pillow in frustration.
Whining in her throat. Her full, round breasts straining the buttons of
her bodice. Flesh could be seen through the openings between the
buttons where the fabric was pulled apart.

Jimmy slid a hand tentatively up her leg stopping at mid-thigh where
the hem of her dress had risen.

Annabelle squeezed her eyes shut, trying to block them out of her mind.
Their heavy breathing; their sweaty, whiskey smells; the heady, sick
sweetness of marijuana fumes. The palm creeping up her thigh left a
warm, moist trail.

Not Jimmy! Not him, dear God! No, please!

” Go ahead, Jimmy,” Billy Bob coaxed.

” She wants it.”

” Two cherries with one fuck,” Lester chuckled.

” That*s right, ain*t it?” he whispered, close to Annabelle*s ear.

” You*ve never had it before either, have you, baby sister?”

” Damn! I wanna see her naked,” Zeke said.

The boys were beyond good and evil now. The girl writhing on the bed
was their sister, yes, but she was also a female animal undeniably made
for the purpose of slaking male lusts. They were hotly aware of the
shapely body straining beneath the cotton fabric of the dress. And they
wanted to see it in all its blonde glory.

” Let*s strip her,” Zeke said, his voice hoarse with need.

” Hold on, guys,” Billy Bob said.

” Let*s give her a choice.”

” What the hell?” Earl exclaimed, he looked up from where he was
kneeling at the foot of the bed holding Annabelle*s ankle.

Billy Bob gave a mocking smile. ” Sure, it*s only fair. He looked at
Annabelle who gazed fixedly at him.

” Drink a little of our bootleg and smoke a little dope and we*ll let
you go. What do you say?”

She glared at him; tried once more to jerk free of Zeke and Lester,
then seeing the futility of her position, sighed with frustration and
sank back against the pillow; she clamped her eyes shut and nodded.

Billy Bob strode out onto the front porch, letting the screen door flap
shut behind him. The head of his swollen cock stuck up from beneath the
waistband of his jeans several inches higher than his bellybutton.
Flies crawled along the rim of the uncapped jar. He picked it up.
Floating belly up in the clear liquid was a bluebottle. He dipped his
finger in and withdrew it. It was still kicking its little legs as he
squashed it against the porch pillar. He wiped the tip of his finger on
his jeans and took a drink.

” Like blood to a vampire,” he said, imitating W. C. Fields, then

Their house was situated in a perfect spot, he reflected idly, gazing
about. There were scrubs and trees blocking their neighbors* view.
There weren*t that many anyway since they were outside the town limits
by a couple of stone throws. And there was plenty of ground between
them and the nearest. There was enough through traffic, too, so that
the occasional car stopping at their place would go unnoticed. In the
fall that would be important when they indexed selling their dope and

Billy Bob took his cock out and pissed off his hardon at the edge of
the porch, unmindful of the dribble down the front of his pants as he
shoved it*s semi-erectness back in and zipped up. By the time he had
walked back to the bedroom, his dick was hard again. Fully a third of
it sticking up from his waistband.

He noticed Annabelle*s eyes taking it in, then glance away. He sat down
on the edge of the bed and held the jar out, sloshing some liquid on
her breasts.

” OK, you take a big swaller,” he said.

Annabelle remained silent and still for a moment, only her swollen
breasts rising and falling. She bit at her full lower lip, then looked
at Billy Bob. She wasn*t stupid enough to believe they would really let
her go, but she would pretend.

” And you*ll let me go?” she asked.

” And smoke a little grass,” Billy Bob added, nodding.

” OK,” she said softly, lowering her eyes in a demure fashion.

Billy Bob moved the jar toward her lips.

” Can I sit up, please?” She asked. ” It will be easier to drink then.”

” Sure,” Billy Bob answered. ” Why not?” Billy Bob stood.

” Let*er go, boys. She ain*t going nowhere.”

Reluctantly, the brothers released their grips on their sister*s wrists
and ankles and settled back on their heels.

Slowly, Annabelle sat up rubbing her wrists, then swung her legs off
the edge of the bed, letting her, now, bare feet touch the hardwood
floor. The hem of her dress had risen high up her thighs. She touched
the hem for an instant, as if she were going to lower it, but instead
released it with a slight, shrug of her shoulders as if she had
resigned herself to her fate. A strand of long, blonde hair hung over
her left eye. She brushed it back, her white, plastic bracelets
clicking. The brothers stared at her hungrily.

The door of the bedroom-living room was in front of her. Only Billy Bob
directly blocked her from it. She took the jar of lightning he handed
her and slowly raised it to her lips, all the while keeping her eyes
fixed on her goal: the door. If she could reach it before they could
grab her, she could get out onto the porch and out onto the street and
pray that a passing car would stop for her.

Suddenly she flung the contents of the jar at Billy Bob*s face and
leaped up off the bed dashing toward the door.

Billy Bob lurched drunkenly to the side and grabbed her around the
waist with a strong, muscular arm. Jerking her off her feet he flung
her lithe body around in a circle and cast her sprawling on the floor.
The brothers quickly surrounded her as she scrambled to her hands and
knees. Earl placed his barefoot on her ass and shoved her sprawling

Annabelle realized with a sick churning in her stomach that she had
played her only hand and lost.

They were going to rape her!

They let her get to her feet the next time, then the fun began.

The brothers formed a tight circle around her. Hands shoved her roughly
from behind, propelling her forward in a stumbling fashion into Earl*s
arms. He kissed her savagely on the mouth and ripped open the top
buttons of her bodice. A stinging slap sent her reeling backwards into
Lester*s and Zeke*s waiting arms. Hands flew under her dress and jerked
her panties down. Rough fingers raked at the soft down of her cunt,
pulled the hairs out by the root. She tripped forward with the panties
tangled around her ankles. Greedy hands pawed at her dress. A stern
yank on her collar pulled the bodice off her shoulders. Hands fooled
with the catch of her bra. She felt the bra loosen. Hands popped the
straps leaving red welts on her pale shoulders. The bra fell to the
floor leaving her tits exposed. A mouth found one of her nipples and
began sucking harshly on it. Another wet mouth found the unused nipple.
She felt the bite of teeth.

She felt her dress being pulled apart. There was a ripping sound.

Then she was naked. Fists and palms found her naked flesh. Fingers
prodded her. Entered her. They tossed her back onto the bed. Hands held
her wrists and ankles as virgin Jimmy climbed onto the bed between his
virgin sister*s legs.

” C*mon, Jimmy, fuck her!” the brothers encouraged.

She would have screamed, but there was a tongue in her mouth.

Suddenly she felt Jimmy*s cock enter her. The soft, velvety outer skin
loose over the hard, unyielding inner core. The pain blinded her. She
felt his warm, hard-muscled belly against her own soft, womanly one.
Both were wet with sweat. His belly began to make smacking sounds
against hers. She tried to raise her hips to force him out of her, but
the brothers held her too tightly to move.

They raised her legs up and bended them so Jimmy could force his cock
deep into her. He moved rapidly in and out of her panting like a dog.
Even though he was the youngest, his cock felt huge in her. All the
other brothers had kicked off their jeans and were stark naked. The
ones who held her by the wrists–Zeke and Lester–had enormous, swollen
cocks. They were uncircumcised and the heads were a dark purple with
congested blood. She almost thought she could see them pulsing and
throbbing. From her position on the bed she couldn*t see Billy Bob*s or
Earl*s cocks, but she was certain they would be enormous as well. At
any rate, she figured she would soon find out. For it was certain that
all the brothers intended to fuck her, to fill her with their cum.
Would she become pregnant with their seed?

Suddenly Jimmy tensed and rapidly began pounding his cock into her. Her
tits jiggled from the force of it. After several quick thrusts, he
stiffened, then let out a cry and hung his head, breathing in rapid
gasps, holding his weight off her with arms straight on either side of
her. His sweat dripped onto her belly. She glanced down as he withdrew
his cock and saw blood covering it.

Bloody Mary.

” I don*t want no fuckin* bloody hole,” Earl said, standing up, his
large cock quivering rigidly out in front of him.

” Turn*er.”

They turned her over on her belly, spread-eagled. Her anus was a small,
smooth pink hole resting between the half globes of firm, unblemished
ass flesh.

” That*s what I want,” Earl said, rubbing the palms of his hands
together greedily.

He squeezed his tanned fist tightly around the base of his cock. There
was still half a cock extending beyond it, thick and swollen. The
foreskin had slipped back over the plum-sized head and a thick, gooey
strand of opaque liquid hung from the pee hole and dripped onto her ass

He stuck his fuck finger in his mouth and wetted it down.

” Hold her tight, boys, cause she*s gonna buck like a mule in a moment
or two.”

He slowly inserted his finger into her asshole, the first joint
disappeared, then the second. He could hear her inhale faintly. He
worked the finger, joggling it from side to side to spread the muscles
of the tight hole. He wasn*t preparing her in order to spare her any
pain–he couldn*t have cared less about her feelings, but he knew he
would never be able to get his cock in her unless he could stretch her

After working his finger about for a minute or two, he inserted a
second finger. This caused her some discomfort, and she groaned
sharply. After wallowing his fingers around in her butt for another
minute or two, he placed the head of his cock at the rubbery-ringed
entrance of her asshole. He spit profusely into the palms of his hands,
then greased his cock all around.

She did indeed try to buck. Zeke and Lester held her face into the
pillow so that her screams were muffled. The huge head of Earl*s cock
buried itself in her ass. Her back arched and her legs quivered
violently. Her pleas for mercy were distorted by the pillow. Earl
forced more of his cock into her. The muscles beneath her skin were as
taunt as compressed, steel springs. Her long, slender fingers were
spread wide and straight on the bedspread. Then as his cock went in
deeper, her hands clenched tightly pulling at the spread. After several
minutes of forcing his dick into her, Earl felt his hard belly come to
rest against her asscheeks.

” Aaaaah!” he sighed, his body melting as his cock squirted load after
load of creamy cum into her.

” Oh, God…Oh, God…Ooooohaaah!”

After a moment, he rolled off the bed and took a swig of liquor.

” Boys, that*s some tolerable fuckin* there,” he said.

” We should have been fucking that years ago.”

” You bastards!” Annabelle cried, half sobbing.

Lester and Zeke forced her up on her hands and knees.

The three biggest cocks had been reserved until last. And with horror,
Annabelle realized she was going to have to take all of them at the
same time.

Billy Bob got on his back underneath her. She stared in disbelief at
his massive cock. It was as big around as her forearm. No woman could
take all of that and live, she thought.

Lester got in front of her, his huge, purple veined-dick bobbing
sluggishly inches from her face as if weighted with lead. She could see
the hairy balls scrunched up tightly against the base of his cock.

Behind, she felt Zeke*s sweaty palms slap her ass cheeks. She didn*t
believe she could stand another intrusion there. Her ass was throbbing
with pain from Earl*s reaming.

Billy Bob gripped her thighs and slowly pulled her down so that her
cunt was touching the head of his cock. It might as well have been a
doorknob it was so big. When she made a slight motion to resist, Billy
Bob raised his fist. Resistance, it said, was futile.

Slowly, painfully, she felt the enormous head spreading her labia
apart, entering her. She felt the iron resistance of her sphincter
subside; the cockhead pushed and thrusted, spreading it wider, until it
passed by. She watched the thick shaft began sliding into her, like a
huge tropical snake down a river bank as it vanishes into the water.
She stared in disbelief as her belly swallowed all of it. She felt a
trickle of blood down the inside of her thigh mixed with Jimmy*s cum.

Billy Bob placed his hand on the back of her neck and forced her face
down toward his until her tits lay on his chest. He forced his hot, wet
tongue into her mouth while Zeke kneaded her ass cheeks and placed the
head of his cock on the entrance to her asshole. He buried his cock in
her with one, swift thrust, greased by Earl*s previous load. Her
whining protests were smothered by Billy Bob*s tongue.

Zeke slapped the cheeks of her ass and yelled ” Squeal, bitch! Squeal
like a pig!”

And she did until Lester shoved his thick-veined dick in her mouth
plugging her up.

All three brothers worked her like a two-bit whore. They worked their
huge cocks in and out of her young, virgin flesh in unison. They dumped
their huge cargo of cum in her until every orifice dripped with their
rapeseed. Then all of the brothers took turns fucking her again.

* * *

Sheriff Beauchamp climbed out of his cruiser, hid off the road and in
the shadows, and lit a panatela. His fat belly hung over his duty belt.
His gray shirt was wet around the collar and under the armpits. His
silver badge blinked in the starlight. It was a hot august night;
already the locust trees had begun to shed yellow leaves in preparation
for winter.

He gazed with a leisurely attitude at the brother*s house and blew a
ring of smoke into the warm, moist air. The lights were on and there
were several cars parked in the driveway sheltered from view on one
side by a long row of privet hedge and by the garage and house on the
other. There was a tolerable level of hard-rock decibels emanating from
it. Just tolerable.

Sheriff Beauchamp waited fifteen more minutes. He counted five cars
coming and going as he occasionally tapped the ash off his cigar. The
brothers were doing a right smart business. Earl, the sheriff was
thinking, was the one with the ideas, but he was lazy, lacked drive.
That*s were Billy Bob came in. He was the risk taker, the ramrod of the
outfit. Together they could go far. It wouldn*t surprise him if Billy
Bob didn*t run for political office someday. He had what it takes.

The sheriff waited until the last car pulled out of the driveway, its
yellow beams darting off down the street. Tree frogs set up their
shrilling trill. A twig snapped under his shoe as he indexed for the

The front door was unlocked. The lights had been dimmed. The rock
music, duller now, came from the back of the house somewhere. The
sheriff entered quietly, then turned to his right and walked a few
steps to another door and opened it.

A naked girl with blonde hair gave him a indexled look. She was tied to
a straight-backed chair by her wrists and ankles. There was a ball gag
in her mouth. On a small table to his right was an envelope. He picked
it up and opened it, puffing on the cigar clenched between his teeth.

There was ten thousand dollars inside.

Yes, indeed, business was good–very good!

He took the money out and put it in his wallet. After a moment he took
his clothes off. His portly cock was still jerking to an erection as he
walked over to the struggling girl…and put his cigar out on her tit.

He picked up a coil of whipcord lying on her lap.

It would have been better if he could have heard her screams without
the ball gag…but one can*t have everything, can he?



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