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# A Friend’s Reunion

Edmund open the door and say “Dear, I bring a friend home for dinner.”
Julia looks up and sees her husband with a well built ragged looking,
handsome 30 something man.

” My college buddy Hugh.”

Hugh gives Julia a weak smile. Julia heartwarmly invited him for dinner
and serve another helping for him.

Edmund’s 16-year-old daughter Jane takes more than a glance at the
handsome Hugh at the dinner. He still look good at 38 unlike his father
who’s definitely out of shape now.the dinner, Edmund and Hugh drink
some beer and chat merrily about old times. As it is dark by the time
Hugh realized. Edmund invited Hugh to stay for the night. Hugh readily

“It’s nice meeting you again after all this years.”

Edmund claimed. Hugh smiles and say, yes, me too, nearly twenty years
already, a lot of things have changed.”

He takes a bath and settles into bed. He close his eyes, he sure is
tired after all the running and hiding he has today. The 20-year-old,
energetic, playful youth of yesterday has become a hardcore criminal of
today. He has just escaped from prison today; unable to find a way out
of the security checkpoints, see Edmund, a forgotten college friend and
followed him home. He has to stay in Edmund’s house for a few days
until he manages to think of a way out.

Edmund persuades Hugh to stay for another night at morning, saying that
he wanted to chat again about old times tonight,

“Old times never mattered anymore to Hugh but he of course agree.”

Edmund tell his wife to take good care of Hugh and left home saying
that he will be back tonight after completing the business deal. Her
daughter Jane also left, saying she will be back late afternoon.

He is all alone with Julia in the house now. Feeling bored, he stand at
a distance, watching Julia doing the household chores. He stands,
admiring Julia’s figure and liked her plain but virtuous wife look.
“Lucky Edmund, he has such a good wife and two daughters and a own boss
while I am alone in this world, a hardcore criminal who spend the last
fifteen years in and out of prison.”

Julia opens the radio, she is busy washing the dishes when she heard
the announcement from the radio.
“A escape convict is on the loose here in the city, late thirties, 1,9m
tall, strongly-built, dark and tanned. The police have say that he is
probably still in the city and is most likely to be hiding in the
countryside houses. The police have warned the public to be careful,
this man is a dangerous criminal. If anyone has any information to give
regarding the convict’s whereabouts, Please call the special hotline
She stops suddenly and thinks. The convict suited Hugh’s description
perfectly. Edmund say he meet him in the countryside area and Hugh had
no belongings on him when he say that he is going on a trip. She did
look into Hugh’s eyes before and feel that his eyes are strange and

Julia pick up the phone, “Better to be safe than sorry.”

Hugh is watching all the time. He approaches Julia slowly when he sees
her looking at the phone. Julia did not notice him approaching. Hugh
quickly grab Julia’s waists from behind, lifting her up and quickly use
his hand to cover her mouth that is about to scream. Julia struggle in
vain as Hugh holds her very tightly and muffled her cries. Hugh is a
big strong man and Julia is only a small weak woman, only 5 feet 2 inch
tall. Hugh carries the struggling Julia to the sofa. He sits down on
the sofa with Julia on top of him. He locks his arms against hers and
warned her against shouting

“Guess right, I’m the convict.”

“I will not tell on you.” said Julia nervous

“I’m sorry but I can’t leave. The police are hunting me too closely. I
leave when I can.”

Julia’s eyes turn terrified. Hugh smokes a cigar as he thinks about
what to do next. The police are hunting him down too closely for him to
try to move about. Julia is lying quietly in the bedroom bound and

“Maybe I will have some fun with Edmund’s woman.” He smiled. It’s
Jane has come home. She longs for a good dinner now that they have
visitors here. She opens the door,

“Hello Uncle Hugh.”

Hugh smiled. Jane goes to her room to take a rest. Hugh walks by her
and suddenly grabs her and throws her to the floor. Jane’s head hit the
floor and she received a very bad knock. Hugh quickly takes out some
ropes from his pocket and tied her up. Hugh also uses duct tape to gag
the girl.

Jane is scared, what has happened. Hugh carries the girl to the bedroom
where her mother is. She is shocked to see her mother lying on the bed,
bound and gagged like her, looking dazed and scared. Hugh throws Jane
beside Julia. They stared at each others helplessly as Hugh say,

“Since I can’t go out, I might as well have some fun with you and your

Hugh takes a sharp knife and goes to Jane. Jane look on scared as Hugh
cut off her T-shirt and takes off her jeans leaving her cold in her
undies. Hugh takes a look at the 16-year-old’s small tits and squeezes

“Oh little girl, you enjoy that, don’t you.” Hugh says as his constant
squeezing and fondling make her small tits expand and harden.

Hugh then uses his fingers and rubs her panties pussy area. Jane’s eyes
are red as Hugh is sexually abusing her.

“MMMMMPHHHFFFFFFFFFFFFF !!!” comes from Julia’s mouth as she see her
even smaller size daughter being terrorized and will be raped by this

He takes off Julia’s masking tape. “You can save your daughter if you
can satisfy my sexual needs, I promise I will not touch your daughter.”

Julia nodded her head, “I do anything.” Despite her small size and weak
character and not much liking for sex, she will do anything to save her

He say,”I untied you, you know better than to try to do anything

Julia knows better than to resist this big man. She can’t outfight him.
Hugh ordered Julia to kneel down as Hugh takes off his clothes and
ordered Julia to suck his dick. Julia open her small mouth, Edmund
seldom ask her to do it, only a few times, that’s all. He know that she
don’t like it. Hugh forces his massive dick into Julia’s mouth. Julia
choke from it as Hugh force more of his dick into her gagging mouth and
her throat until the whole of his dick is inside her.

Jane watches in pain as she sees her mother being mouth-fucked. She
can’t image sex is like that.

Hugh then withdraw his dick and say, “Next time, I want you to suck and
chew it instead of me forcing it in.” Hugh instructed Julia to strip.
Julia undresses with her back facing her daughter. Hugh looks at the
naked Julia. She does look very small without her clothes on but never
mind small woman will also do.

“Now get on the bed and spread your legs far apart.”

Julia plead,” my daughter is here, can’t we do it in any room.”

Hugh uses tape to cover up Jane’s eyes. “Okay like that.”

Hugh then began to fuck Julia’s pussy ferociously. A large scream and
then some small shouts come from Julia as Hugh’s dick disappear into
her pussy and then out again. Julia dropped some tears with the
bewildered Jane wondering what is happening; she can’t see and is very
scared. Hugh stops after a while.

He say,”All right I spare the young pussy if you obey me Julia, any
hesitance, you will regret it.”

Hugh tied and gagged the naked Julia again as he waited for Edmund to
return. Edmund return at night. He smiles on seeing his old friend.
Hugh walked toward him and suddenly gives him a punch and knocks him
down to the floor. Edmund is taken by surprise and still wondering when
Hugh sit on top of him and force his face facing his floor and tied his
hands from behind. Edmund hear some muffled screams, shit, Hugh is a

Hugh gags Edmund and led him to the bedroom. Edmund see his naked wife
and her daughter in only her undies all tied and gagged. They also
looked at him with broken hearts.

Hugh say,” Edmund, I am going to stay at your house for a few days, you
blame the cops for that, they are hunting me down too tightly for me to
risk moving an inch without being caught.”

Hugh led the stunned Edmund into the storeroom, use some more ropes to
tie him up before leaving. He later put Jane in the storeroom too.

Returned to the bedroom, looked at Julia and say, “obey me and you save
your husband and daughter.”

Hugh untied Julia and say, “Now suck my dick and I mean suck or I teach
your daughter how to do it.”

Julia is feeling very cold without any clothes on. She half-trembling
kneels down in front of the dick, wrap her hands around the rapidly
hardening meat and open her mouth and slowly suck it. Julia closed her
eyes and slowly sucks the prick, using her tongue to lick it and take
it more into her mouth. She will do anything to save her family. Hugh
is satisfied as he soon cum and shoots all his semen into her throat.
Julia feel like a slut as Hugh gag her mouth with his dick and just
shoot all his semen straight into her throat. Throws her to the bed,
saying, “old pussy spread your ass apart, it’s ass time.”

Julia is scared she has never been fucked in the ass and her friends
who experienced it say that it is very painful. Hugh positions his dick
into her ass opening. Julia already feels a bit pain as Hugh squeezes
the head of his dick into her ass. And then she scream the whole house
down as Hugh generally force his dick into her tight ass despite her
ass not being big enough for the dick. It is terrible as Julia keep
screaming, it is unbearable pain and as terrible as she had imagined
then it go a bit better as she feel her ass is being loosen up as
Hugh’s whole dick disappear into her ass.

Hugh stops for a while, hold his position and then withdraw it as Julia
screamed in pain again. do it for some times, Julia still feel some
pain but not as painful as the first time. Hugh finish shooting her ass
full of his cum. Hugh feels hot, he make Julia give him a few more
blowjobs. He manage to cum a few times and make Julia eat up all his
cum. Hugh finally stop, Julia lay down on the bed, exhausted, her mouth
still dripping of cum.

Hugh squeeze Julia’s half-errect nipples, causing her to shout and
say”maybe you could save them, sweet dreams, goodnight.”
He tied and gagged her up before going away.

Julia eventually falls asleep due to exhaustion but not before worrying
about her husband and daughter. opens her eyes; she remembers the
events, a shiver run down her spine. She feels her hands, they are
still being tied up firmly. It is not as nightmare as she had hoped.
Her mouth is stiff and dry from the masking and eating of semen. She
couldn’t stretch herself. She feels really tired and sick. Julia just
lay here, eyes half-closed. What has happened to her daughter Jane, has
that man touched her. Is it going to end?

Hugh comes into the room, he see that Julia is awake. He say,” enjoy
the sleep, I get a recorded phone message early in the morning, from
your other daughter Louise. She says she is coming home in the
afternoon. Well she can join in the fun.”

Julia tried desperately to speak into her masked mouth. Hugh tears off
the tape.

“You promise not to touch my daughter you*.”

“I say the younger one, I didn’t mention anything about the older.”

Hugh left and fixes something to feed his three captives. He surely
doesn’t want them to die of hunger or thirsts. Hugh goes outside to
check on the situation; there’s no way he can leave the city and no
response from a friend he contacts. Hugh tells himself to remain calm.
Hugh waits for Louise to come home. He hid in a corner and waits
patently. He hears someone turning the key knob in the door. A
beautiful youthful fair-skin 18-year-old teenage girl comes into the

“Mom I’m home, this is James.”

A tall big man comes in alongside the smiling Louise. “Anyone in?”

“Damn it two persons, that big guy could be hard to overpower.”

However Hugh is not going to run away. Louise comes into the living
room. Hugh rushed out, flung a baseball bat at her, hitting her head
and knocking her out cold.

“Louise!!!!” as James look shocked and stared at Hugh. Hugh is big 6
feet, 3 inch frame is matched by James’s 6 feet height and James look
to be wider and strongly built. Hugh flung his baseball bat at James,
James avoided it and karate-kick the baseball bat away.

“You pick on the wrong guy today, black belt karate expert.” James
moves forward, throw a few punches, which nearly hit the living
daylights out of Hugh. Hugh hit back, which James resisted easily and
then he excated a high-flying chest-high karate kick at Hugh, which he
just avoided, by a few inches. Hugh knows that if that hit him, he
would be knocked cold and it would be the end.

“I don’t care what fucking belt, my twenty years blooded fighting
experience will not lose.”

Hugh go close to James, fake a move with his right shoulder to hit
which James instinctively blocked and he hit very hard with his left
hand to the left of James’s chin. James is rocked by that. Hugh then
jumps on James. Years of fighting experience sure help as Hugh triumph
over James’s trained arts and youth energy after a long time. He tied
and gagged both of them and lay back to catch his breath.

“I’m getting old, I almost never make it.”

Hugh claimed as he looks at his fair share of bruises and blood on his
body. Go up to Julia and say,” I have get your daughter and her
boyfriend. “Well I will rape her but you can make things a little
easier for her if you do as I say or else I make life harder for her
and you will regret it.”

Julia catches the harder word in his tone and nodded her head. Hugh
warned her not to speak to her daughter and leave. Julia shed a bit
tears, what has happen it’s only a day when everything is all right. He
give Julia a shower under his watchful eyes but keeps her naked. He
loves to see Julia’s humiliation at being naked and exposed to another

Louise slowly wakes up and finds her being tied eagle-spreaded to the
bed. She tries to say something but finds herself being gagged too. She
looks and sees James being tied upright with his hands being tied up by
ropes to a pipe in the ceiling. James awake, look at Louise helplessly
and both wonder and imagine the worst. Hugh comes into the room with
the naked Julia. Louise look at her naked mum, she looks small and
scared. She tries to say something, forgetting about the gag,
“MMMMMPPHHHHHH”. Hugh tears off the gag from Louise.

Julia feels sick, naked in front of her daughter with her two errect
boobs sticking out because of Hugh’s constant abusing. However how
small and weak she is, she is determined to save her daughter from more

“Mum, are you all right” say Louise. “Answer me, where is Dad and Jane.
Mum, say something” continue Louise. Julia didn’t speak and just stand
here. Louise is close to tears.

“Old pussy strip off young pussy.”

Julia hears it and go on top of Louise and began to lift her shirt over
her head. Louise watches in horror as her mother slide down her jeans
and then her panties to her ankles and then removes her bra. Louise
speak to herself, her mother must have been forced in exchange for her
Dad and Jane’s safety.

Dazed James looks with fear as he watches the happening. He wonder what
the fucking hell did he land himself into, it’s just a normal send
girls home routine. However he find himself getting a bit excited
despite his situation as he see his dreamgirl’s clothes being lifted
off and her naked body revealing.

She was then ordered to suck Louise’s tits and make them hard as Hugh
watches with pleasure. Julia began sucking and pinching her tits as
Louise index to moan uncontrollably in her gag to the happenings on her
tits. Her tits soon respond to it and grow hard.

“Make yours hard too, they seem to have soften” Hugh shout.

Julia smack her breasts and pinch it, soon they grow hard. She really
feels humiliated now at having to do this to herself and her daughter
in front of two men.

“Now lick your daughter’s pussy”

Julia slowly bend over to her daughter’s spread legs and index licking
her cunt flesh. Louise found herself getting excited and responding to
the constant licking of her pussy. As she is about to orgasm.

Hugh has enough of watching and pushes Julia away, drives his dick into
Louise’s pussy. Louise gives a sharp scream and Hugh holds it here,
feeling the cock’s warmness in her warm vagina inside. He then
withdraws his dick and slowly drives it in again. Louise gives a long
scream due to the slow constant pain. When Hugh withdraw his dick out,
he could see some blood on his penis and some on the outside of
Louise’s pussy opening.

“She’s a virgin.” He realized.

Louise’s eyes are red and he suddenly feels a little uncomfortable.

He then looked away and says to himself,” Damn, I’m a runaway criminal
who could be put back in jail for thirty years, what
compassion.”returns at late night. He free Louise from the bed, take
off her clothes, tied her hands from behind and tell her to go to a

He make Julia lay down on the bed and then use a cane and whip her
pussy opening. “AAAAAHHHHH”

“No*Please don’t” cried Louise as she watches Hugh whip her mother’s
pussy continually with her mother shouting in pain.

“You can save her,go over, suck that black belt’s dick until he cum and
then hold his dick in your mouth for twenty minutes. I will stop after
you finish. Drop his dick out of your mouth and both you and your mum
will be canned. Go over to James’s half-hard dick, open her mouth and
try to get it into her mouth with her hands being tied from behind not
much of a help.

She accidentally bites James’s dick, which cause him to shout in pain
and his dick drops away from his mouth. Hugh come on beating Julia’s
pussy and Julia tried to say,” Don’t make*.my daughter do it, I do
everything* I** AAAAAHHHHHHHHH as Julia screamed in real agony.

Louise can see the red hot marks all around her mother’s pussy. She
can’t bear to see her small fragile mom suffer. She tries a bit harder,
catch hold of the head of the dick with her mouth and generally move it
in with her mouth and tongue and without her teeths touching it. Could
have cum by just watching. He cum in Louise’s mouth who now has to hold
it here for another’s 20min.

Hugh see the semen dropping bit by bit out of Louise’s mouth with
James’s dick inside and say,” well done, now hang on for about 20min.
Hugh turns to his beating to Julia’s tits who just grip her teeths and
bear the pain. They both watch Louise trying to hold James’s dick in
her mouth. Hugh could see cum come on dropping out of Louise’s mouth,
that black belt must have cum a few more times, I actually giving him
enjoyment. He then see some urine began to flow out of Louise’s mouth.
Louise just bear with it as urine continually flow down her mouth, down
her breasts and her body. James gives Louise a sight as if to say

He just can’t control his pee anymore and he keeps on peeing inside
Louise’s mouth. Hugh tries to tease,” Oh black belt can’t control his
pee, Oh.” Julia closed her eyes at her daughter’s humiliation.

Then fuck Hugh Louise several times more in the pussy before tied up
and gagged both woman and go off to sleep.

Day evening 6pm, Louise and James looked at Hugh as he goes into the
room. He had left them alone apart from feeding once in the morning.
Julia had secretly hope that he has fled already but no. Hugh untied
both Julia and Louise.

“Now for some mother love to her daughter.”

The two women are tired and scared and just do as ordered. They are
forced to kiss each other all over the body, play with each
others’tits, suck the nipples and lick the pussy. Hugh then fuck
Louise’s pussy and when he pull his dick out, he makes Julia sick it
clean and then again. James say,” now can I get a volunteer for an ass
fuck and a blowjob.

Julia goes ward. Hugh fuck Julia in the ass and Julia has to suck
James’s dick at the some time. Julia shouts and groans like a slut as
she is being ass and mouth fucked at the some time. Louise watches in
disgust. Hugh fill Julia’s ass with hot sticky stuff flowing out of her
hole and Julia’s mouth is also overflowing with James’s hot white load.
Hugh makes Louise lick the two dicks clean. As Louise is licking
James’s dick, she wonder how is she ever going to face him again. Hugh
then fuck Louise in the pussy and mouth again for a long time until she
eventually breaks down and begs for mercy.

Julia cried and say,”Don’t rape my daughter anymore, Please just spare
her, you can do anything to me, she’s only a young girl”

“Okay” as Hugh throw Julia into bed and brutally fuck her pussy,ass and
mouth for 20 min and beat her at the some time. Julia never resisted a
bit. She is much tougher mentally than her daughter despite her smaller
and weaker body to her daughter’s bigger and gym-going body. She will
do anything to save her from more torment. He tied and gagged both
woman and left the room.

“It’s time to go, one last thing.”

Hugh’s friend had contacted him and will smuggle him out later in the
night. Hugh opens the storeroom, see Edmund and his daughter, lying on
the floor not moving. Edmund look at Hugh with hatred when he



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