Sally Doesn’t Want to Do Oral

Too bad for Sally, the night didn’t end quite good. Her friend in college didn’t turn out to be a friend at all. He pressured her for sex, turning violent if she didn’t do his bidding. See what happened only at

# Happy Birthday Sherie

(Sherie get’s a co-author credit on this one. All together now,” Happy
Birthday Sherie!” ). I want to explain what happened.

I want people to understand. Shit I want to understand it better
myself. I’ve written stuff before to Soren’s Site but this is
different. This really happened. I met a woman, became friends with
her. Slowly, over time–I, I fell in love with her. I think about, no I
won’t use her real name–let’s just call her Sherie. My sweet succulent
Georgia peach. Ripe and warm and sweet, dripping with juice, waiting to
be licked and sucked and eaten. Pour some cream on top, and you have
the picture.

This woman was made for sex, made for me. She had these smoky blue eyes
and pouting lips that made me want strip her naked and just worship
her. Sherie was 5ft 9 inches of long legged, thick ass, high breasted
woman, and she needed my cock in her cunt. She just did not know it
yet. I have often imagined myself hiding in her closet while she took a
shower, and got ready for bed.

But today was different. Today was for real.

There is only so long that a man can dream, fantasize, wish he was with
a woman before he MUST take action. I’ve been in her house before. I
know where her room is. In some ways it was easy. I asked to use the
bathroom after I cut the lawn. When she let me in, I cracked the window
open. I came back when it as dark, I sneaked inside, and hid in her
bedroom closet.

Here’s how it happened:

She came out of her bathroom, naked, and glistening wet. Slowly she
walked into her room and threw her towel on the back of a chair. My
pretty Sherie was naked for me, completely exposed. She turned around
and slipped a short silk nightie over her head, barely covering her
plump, juicy ass, It was silky and blue and had lots of little buttons
down the front, and needed to come back off of her.

John made his move. He walked up behind Sherie and wrapped his arms
around her in a tight embrace, grabbing her and pressing her against
his body. She was completely taken by surprise and couldn’t react in
time to twist away from him. Her body was forced up against him, she
could feel his belt buckle digging into her back and something else….
She realized it was his hard cock! She gave a little scream, begging
for help and indexed twisting, struggling, desperate to escape but she
couldn’t get out of his firm grasp, he was a big, powerful man.

John could not help smiling, Sherie lived way the fuck out in the
boons, on a Georgia clay road. Nobody was going to come to help her,
nobody was going to hear her scream. Besides, by the time he got
through she would be begging him to stay.

” Shhh baby, calm down. I won’t hurt you. Trust me. Re-lax” John said
as he slid one hand up under her nightie, lifting it up and baring her
naked body again. She stilled instantly, waiting to see what he was
going to do, waiting to see if somehow, by some miracle he would give
up and she was going to get away.

She wasn’t.

He fingered one large breast and rubbed her nipple between his
fingers.He bent down and kissed her neck, but she was so scared, she
was stiff and unyielding to his caresses.

” Who are you???” she whispered ” why are you doing this?”

” Don’t play dumb Sherie, you know me. I’ve been cutting your grass all
summer long. It’s me John! Remember that time you made lemonade, and we
talked; or when I cut my hand and you bandaged me up? I’ve wanted you
for such a long time Sherie. I have looked for ways to get to know you,
to show you how I felt about you, I just can’t wait any longer”

Sherie recognized him now(barely).

” You’ve watched me? You’ve wanted me?” she turned her head to look up
at him, still very frightened.

” Sherie, I know you don’t love me as much as I love you–yet. I want
to be with you, I can’t wait any more. You can take me as your lover
willingly or not, but I’m going to have you tonight. I promise that I
will not hurt you if I don’t have to.” he said as he rolled her little
red nipples between his thumb and forefinger.

Damn, her body was making him so hot, so fucking hot. He had Sherie
fever. He was itching, and burning.

” Don’t do this” she pleaded. ” I don’t even know you”

” Sherie this can be good. don’t worry about anything. I’d do anything
to make you feel good baby.”

Sherie was in a tough spot. John was a large bear of a man. 6ft 3,

fact if she was honest with herself…no, what was she thinking! This
was the enemy. She just wished the enemy would stop playing with her
tits so damned well. He had large thick hands and they covered and
cupped and completely supported her. His meaty cock was inches away
from her vagina (and oh god her ass too!), she had to do something,
now. Screaming for help was useless. He was way too big to fight.
Sherie would have to cooperate, maybe John would keep his word and let
her go.

” What do I have to do?” she said in a small, humble, sexy voice.

John gave her a tender, evil little grin..

” Thank you Sherie you won’t regret this. I am going to be so good for
you. I’ll make it good for you. Now turn around and face me, unzip me.”

Sherie’ lips trembled, but she did as he instructed, she had no choice.
She unbuckled his belt, and unzipped his pants. John let her finish and
then took the neck of the silky little nightie and pulled it apart.
Little blue buttons flew everywhere as he ripped it open. Sherie gave a
little squeal and tried to cover herself with her arms. John laughed

” Sherie, I’ve seen everything you’ve got already, don’t try to hide
from me, show me your big tits honey, It’s ok, baby. It’s me.”

” Nooo” she moaned, closing her eyes for a moment. When she opened them
the nightmare was still happening, this stranger was standing in front
of her, had taken off his shirt, his pants were hanging open, and his
big hard on was sticking straight out at her. He forced her to expose
her breasts to him. He stared at her and she felt a hot blush begin to
spread, a moist heat slowly filled her.

He swung her around so he was next to the bed and sat down, kicking his
pants off as he sat.

” Sherie, come here and let me kiss you, let me taste your mouth, and
swallow your tongue. Give yourself to me completely. I want you as
close to me as possible. grind these big tits into my chest, and hug me
as tight as you can. Wrap those long legs around me. Do it Sherie, do
it right now. ”

Sherie did it slowly…but she did it.

It was awkward balancing herself on a strange man, trusting him to
support her, to keep her from falling. She grabbed on to John as she
put her knees on either side of him and could feel her pussy spreading
open. Sherie could feel the heat of his penis rubbing,and pressing
against her upper thighs, and along the cheeks of her butt.

She could smell him now. He was a delicious mixture of soap and sweat
and spice.He smelled manly. He smelled good. She had gotten a good look
at his thick cock, and worried that he might jam it into her when she
was settling in on top of him. He wanted her very badly. Every inch of
John screamed his desire. It was clear to her that he was ready to fuck
the living shit out of her–but he did not. He wanted her to give
herself to him, to submit to him.

Slowly she leaned into him and gave him a wet little kiss. somehow, she
didn’t know why, she was slowly being turned on by his obvious passion.
John was making these moans, and rumbles deep in his throat as he began
licking her full lips. He reached down and took a handful of her meaty
ass in each hand and pulled her even closer as he deepened his kisses.
How could any woman taste so sweet, feel so perfect, snug and warm in
his arms? He coaxed her into opening her mouth a little wider and
playfully sucked on her tasty, pink tongue. His hands were roaming all
over her breasts.John rubbed, carresed, massaged her thick tits to new
heights of pleasure.

Sherie felt somewhat overwhelmed at the assault of her body, her sense
of who she was. This was not her. Certainly she was no prude, she had
always enjoyed sex (a lot). She had even had fleeting fantasies about a
stranger pressuring her to have sex. Not rape exactly, just hot,
insistent, demanding sex. But this was no dream. A stranger’s cock was
brushing against her pussy. John’s thick arms were around her and she
was at his mercy. If he wanted to take her–then that was it, she was
his. If he decided to spread her legs apart and fuck her hard and hot,
and nasty; to utterly, completely rape every inch of her body, she
would have no choice, no control. That should have been a terrifying
thought, and on some level it was. But Sherie always tried to be honest
with herself. She knew her body’s arousal cues well. She was panting
heavily, her stomach was clenching tightly, she was rubbing her self
against John’s lower stomach, sucking his tongue, enjoying the warmth
of his hands on her tits–the signs were unmistakable, undeniable, she
was sexually aroused. Somehow this man she barely knew, was earning the
right to possess her, to penetrate her. She was still unsure but, if
she was honest, John was turning her on. It had been a long time, her
man had been overseas for many months, and in spite of herself, Sherie
needed some cream.

But she didn’t even know him! He was here to take her even against her
will, how could she want him? Suddenly John snapped her out of her

” Sherie, lay down on the bed, I need to taste you, before we make
love. Don’t be shy, don’t hold back. Expose yourself, give me
everything. I want to see it all, your whole body is mine. Sherie’ legs
were trembling as she got off John’s lap. A part of her resented
leaving his warmth, even for the moment it took to get in bed. She was
embarrassed to see the wet trail of her juices on the top of his
thighs. She was shocked when John took a finger and scooped it off and
licked it greedily, lovingly. He then looked her in the eye and put
some of his precum on a finger and offered it to her.

” Suck it honey, get used to my taste” .

She held his gaze as she stretched her tongue out and shyly licked his
finger. It caused John’s gut to tighten in anticipation. He eased her
back and she sat down in the middle of the bed, and tried to cover her
full breasts and kept her legs tight together. She still felt
uncomfortable about being naked in front of John, having him look at
her naked body. His eyes shined with raw desire. He pulled her legs
apart and leaned over her. His eyes held hers while he leaned down and
ran his tongue over her bare belly.

she shivered, but she was helpless in his hands and she finally gave
herself up to his right to take her and use her as he wished. and it
felt damned good too! A steady trickle began to drip out of Sherie’
pretty,pink pussy as John licked, kissed, and sucked his way from her
feet, past her knees, to her succulent, fleshy inner thighs. The closer
he got, the more nervous she felt. John was so slow, so fucking slow.
She knew he could see her arousal, smell her desire. Oh god he was
going to make her cum, hard.

” Oh my god, no oh!” She cried as she humped her cunt up to his face.
John held her legs wide open as he sucked and slurped on her nether
lips. His face stayed attached to her for several minutes, licking,
resting, and then eating her to 2 more orgasms. John was worshipping
her cunt, he cherished her and needed to see her satisfied, to smell
that she was happy. This was no chore for him, it was not a necessary
evil to be endured to get her to orally reciprocate. No this WAS what
he wanted.

She responded by rubbing her sticky pussy all over, making his whole
face shiny with her juices and moaning with pleasure.

He wanted more.

” Sherie, reach inside your cunt and rub your pussy juice all over my
face. Up my nose, in my eyes, mouth, hair–I want your smell, your
scent to cover me. Do it honey, do it now” , John demanded in his
hypnotic, rumbling, rich, baritone.

There is something erotic about touching a man’s face (especially if
you are both naked), and are rubbing your cum into him. The fact that
he wants you to mark him, to claim him as your own, your property, is
almost primal, intoxicating. Sherie enjoyed smearing herself on John,
but it made it difficult to deny his requests. She had never been with
a man like him, He was clearly dominant, but he enjoyed submitting to
her, he loved pleasuring her. Cover me in your pussy smell, (no
problem).Bury your face in my cunt while I drench you.(oh goody).
Sherie knew her overseas lover would never agree to anything like that.
He was a competent partner, and sometimes made her cum–but foreplay
like this was new to her. John loved playing with her, exploring her.
He had a big grin on his face and was savoring every minute of their
love making.

Then it happened.

” Ok, Sherie roll over I want to play with that juicy ass for a while,
I can’t wait to lick it, suck it and fuck it. Don’t worry I’ll lube it
real good and be gentle. I promise you will love it.”

John’s thick dick was waving at her menacingly, like it could not wait
to rape her tender ass apart. It was a mean looking, heavily veined
cock with a large knob at the end. It was only 3/4 circumcised and had
a funny bent to it like it had been broken and grown back a little

It was big enough to hurt her badly; and she knew it.

” Please John I really don’t want to do this, don’t fuck my ass” she
said in a frightened voice.

John was a little upset too. He loved anal sex. Sherie’s ass was
perfect. Full and round and made for fucking. He wanted to bury his
face in her butt, to tunnel his tongue deep inside her, to see her
squirm from pleasure, and yes to hear the occasional scream, the
involuntary guttural grunt escape her lips. In his experience only the
hottest, wildest, most enthusiastic, pussy sex could compare to anal
fucking. She wasn’t ready for that, but it gave him an idea.

” If I can’t have your ass, you must surrender your vagina. I am going
to fuck it. I want you to GIVE it to me, to participate willingly, with
total abandon. Any way I want you. Your mouth, your tits, your sweet,
sweet pussy–any fucking time I want you. You will own my fat cock, you
can suck it, fuck it, lick it, swallow it–it’s yours. I love you
Sherie, and I will make you happy if you let me. I am yours, and you
are MINE. Do we have a deal? ” Sherie could not believe what she was
hearing, what she was feeling. Her body was buzzing, tingling all over.
She was ready to be fucked–no that was not right, it was too passive.
She was ready to ride him, to actively fuck the shit out of his cock,
to make him scream her name, to suck him until he begged for mercy like
a good little boy. She did not love John but for tonight she planned to
make love to him. They’d sort the rest out in time. Speaking of time it
was after midnight. Today was her birthday. Yeah John made a damned
nice gift. It was time to unwrap him.

” I want you. Tonight I want all of you, she said with a mischievous
grin, as she laid back on the bed, closed her eyes an spread her body
into an ” X” .

John let out a squeal of pure delight, of child-like pleasure as he
crawled between her legs. Sherie indexed giggling as he rubbed her
clitoris to a frenzy, and then inserted his beefy, man-cock deep inside

It was going to be a long night, and an even longer tomorrow.

She indexed humming,” Happy Birthday to me” and laughing like a loon
while John fucked her long and hot and hard and nasty and oh so fucking


I get a lot of Reader mail. Most of it is positive but…some have
expressed concern about the extreme themes expressed in some (um, ok,
well really all) of my stories. It seems bloody anal rapes, and intense
incest leave an unsavory taste(so to speak) with some of you. I
understand, I share your pain.

Enter Sherie. She’s a real peach of a lady, somehow she talked me into
a story with no rape, no incest, no anal, no blood–just the tender ”
G” rated romance you finished reading. She then rewrote my first draft
and made it better. Course this means my final 2(3?) stories in 2,000
are likely to be some mother fucking evil, nasty all out rape fests.
I’ll try to do chapter 3 in Lesbian Rapist, and Rape Confessional#2, if
I can. I will definitely conclude the Christmas Ass series.

As always none, absolutely, none of my stories are true. They are make
believe, total BS. Yes, I know I said this one was different but, well
in case you did not notice, in case you were unsure–I am a rape
writing, lying mother fucker. You can’t believe anything I say. Not
one, fucking word. Ever.

There, now I can rest easy.



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