The roughest fuck in her life

The roughest fuck in her lifeMaking a girl take your cock is just the beginning – here at Abusing Uniforms we show that rough sex goes far beyond that! Watch one of our best brutes totally break a girl in during the 30 minutes he spends destroying her cunt!

# Jamaica trip Gone Bad

Cindy and Dave where very excited about there trip to Jamaica they
saved for a year and Cindy was excited about wearing her new thong
bikini, so she really worked out hard. She is 30 5.6 125 pounds
brunnette 36,26,36 and very cute, but her best feature is her long legs
and gorgeous round plum ass. She would never wear anything like that at
home because she is very reserved your typical accountant.

Jamaica was everything they dreamed of beautifull resort, beaches just
alot of fun untill the day before they where to go home they rented a
moped to go and check out the countryside, they went out into the
mountains. It was beautifull but a little intimidating seeing all those
big Jamaicans with the huge hair I think they call them rastas.” they
would really check Cindy out on the back of the moped she looked great
tank top and a pair of jean short shorts,we had a great tan by then.

This clean cut kid rode up to us on his moped and asked if we had seen
the under ground waterfalls and would we like him to take us there as
our guide. We thought it would be alot of fun. It was very neat we had
to go into a cave and follow this underground river to the falls. When
we got there it was amazing a waterfall going to a pool we wanted to go
in for a swim but we didn’t have our bathing suits. Our young tour
guide assurd us there was none else there or would be coming, that he
would leave us alone for a half an hour to go swimming. We jumped at
the chance it was a very hot and sticky day in notime we shed our
clothing and were swimming in this fantastic natural spa.

Then we heard some guys chuckling and laughing we turned around and
there where three big rastas smoking ganga .” marijuana.” . One said
you two get out of there you dont belong there. So I climbed out first
to get Cindy her clothes.

Another said .” Thats alright man I will help her out.” .

I got very nervous I could tell what they had in mind the way the
looked at her. I jumped in front of him and he hit me in the face with
a big hardwood walking stick I was almost nocked out then one grabbed

.” Mmmm what a nice looking little white peice of ass to play with we
hit the fucking jackpot. He grabbed her and indexed to kiss her, he
forced his mouth on hers and rubbed her breast she get one hand free
and hit him. He backhanded her so she fell to the ground.

He said .” If you and hubby want to live you be a good little white

I could see Cindy understood how desperate the situation was. He picked
her back up and indexed kissing her again this time she didn’t protest
.” Thats a goooood bitch.” he was cramming his tongue down her throat
sucking her tits and kneading her exposed ass as if it where dough. His
buddies where chearing him on.

One was by me with a large knife told me if I moved he would kill me
and her. .” Just relax and enjoy the show man.”

He grabbed her hair .” on your knees bitch.” he undid his old torn
jeans and pulled out his cock it was semi hard very thick and dark
black Cindy just looked at it with fear. .” Come on bitch put it in
your mouth.” he pushed it between her lips and indexed to pump it in
and out of her mouth I could tell she wanted to get sick. .” Thats it
mmmm buddy your bitch sucks good cock.” . He really indexed pistoning
in and out of her mouth he was very hard now it looked like Cindy had a
bat going in and out of her mouth he grabbed the back of her hair and
drove his cock all the way in so her nose was buried in his pubic hair,
he was comming. .” Mmmmmmmm bitch you are goooooooooood. She had no
choice without to swallow it his cock was already half way down her
throat all I could hear was her crying gagging chocking noises.

He pulled his cock out and she just laid on the ground the second guy
said .” Mmmmmmm she sucks a good cock man lets see if she can take a
good cock.” with that he took of his pants he was very large 6.5 225
pounds, very long hair he laid her on her back got in between her legs.

I couldn’t see his cock but he was getting very mad. .” I can’t get my
cock in this tight little bitch. Ok lets see what white pussy taste
like.” . He went down on her, she was crying pleading for him to stop
he just laughed and kept on slurping her pussy .” This is the best
pussy I ever had man your women got a nice cunt.” . Then he got ontop
and drove it in he must have been very large because Cindy screamed of
pure pain. He pumped her like a animal with his buddies cheering him on
he fucked her unrelenting for what seemed like forever.

All I could hear was his grunting and her wimpering and then when he
would get her legs up and could get deeper that scream of pain, he
would just laugh and say .” I guess I just found some new pussy.” .

Cindy could tell he was about to come she pleaded with him .”
Pleassssse don’t come in meeeee.” sobbing. He just laughed picked her
legs up to his chest and went in as far as he could and came, he
moaned. Cindy screamed .” Nooooooooooo.” . He got up she just laid
there wimpering with her pussy opened and his jiz flowing out.

He said .” Your women has a nice tight pussy well had.” and laughed. He
took the place of the guy with the knife the third guy went over to
her. He was not the tallest but he was very strong looking with tattoos
but he looked very mean almost crazy.

.” This bitch looks all used up that pussy aint no good no more.”

I thought maybe it was all over that they would just leave.” then he
said .” Get on your knees whore.”

Cindy just cried and begged. ” Please I can’t take anymore.” .

.” Get on your knees bitch or we will gut your husband like a fish.”

She saw his crazy eyes and knew he meant it. She got on her knees. He
knelt behind her pulled his pants down. He said .” Cunt you have a
great ass, the nicest I have ever seen its going to look nicer when my
cock is in it.”

Cindy realised what this animal was going to do and she cried .”
Pleeeeeeessse nooo moreeeeee, no moreeeeee.”

He rubbed her asshole with the jiz that was still comming out of her
pussy and put one finger in her asshole. She screamed in pain .”
Arggggggggg.” . He said .” I feel bad for you bitch your husband if he
was doing his job right would have loosen you up but it looks like I
will have to do all the work for him..” then he pushed his cock in she
was screaming and crying he was grunting and saying. ” Mman you one
tight bitch.” h

His buddies where cheering him on. He was trying to rip her ass open
pulling all the way out then driving all the way in.

I think she was in so much pain she was coming in and out of contisness
he looked at me and said. ” Look what you missed man she has a great
ass for fucking and she loves it don’t you bitch, you love black cocks
up all your holes. I am afraid man she will never want to leave the
island.” Then he pumped her so hard and fast grabbing her hips with his
huge hands with the pistoning she wouldn’t get driven into the dirt
floor then he came and filled her bowels with his come he collasped on
her got up and said to his friends. ” Let’s get out of here this bitch
did good maybe she wants to come with us.” [laughing]

She didn’t even move just laying on her stomech in the dirt with come
from three black men all over her.



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