Doctors say rough sex helps

Doctors say rough sex helpsThere’s no easy way to treat the exceptional case of super-hotness that we have in this naughty red-haired patient but the docs from Abusing Uniforms are ready to go the hard way. Watch them team up on the girl and fuck her raw!

# That Bitch, That Bitch, That Little Fucking Bitch!

“That bitch, that bitch, that little fucking bitch!” John kept
repeating that phrase over and over again in his mind. He was trying
hard not to lose his composure, not to hit his wife in her pretty,
confused, disloyal little face. John was not usually a violent man. Oh
the potential for it was always there, just beneath the surface, but he
knew how destructive, how dangerous an SOB he could be; and he didn’t
like himself when he let the asshole out of the bottle. Maybe he was
being unfair, maybe he had not heard his wife correctly. He thought she
said, “Mom will be staying with us for a couple of weeks.”

“Beth we have already discussed this. Your mother and I do not get
along. She is a rude, conniving little bitch who almost ruined our
wedding, and I do not want her in my house. Ever. Period. End of
discussion.” Susan did not want him marrying her little girl. Let’s see
— he was too old for her (29 to her 20), did not make enough money
(Asst. Principal was not too bad, and he got summers off), lazy, and
she could do a lot better than him. This barrage of negative comments
kept up right to their wedding day. He overheard her talking to her
daughter 15 minutes before the ceremony was to begin.

“For the last time Beth don’t be a fool. This man is a complete loser.
It is not too late. Take my hand and let’s walk out of here right now,
or you will regret this for the rest of your life. You are only 20
years old, you are intelligent, beautiful and could have any man you
want. Don’t make the mistake of getting married, and pregnant too
young. I love you, but having you at 17 was a mistake, marrying your
asshole father was a mistake, I don’t want you to make the same
mistakes that I did. I will do whatever it takes to save you from
ruining your life.”

John remembered listening in the hallway outside the room in shock.
This woman was his enemy. She had the power to ruin his life. John
wanted to storm in there and kick the living shit out of her, but he
knew that was the wrong way to go. He had to know who came FIRST to
Beth; he or her mother.

“Mom you might be right, but… I love him. I am not pregnant, and I am
lucky, I have you to help me avoid mistakes. If you are right and John
is a loser I’ll leave him, I promise,” she smiled and hugged her mom in
a tight embrace.

On that glorious note, he was allowed to marry the woman that he love.
John had dodged a bullet, his life was allowed to continue. But he knew
he had to get his wife away from her mother’s influence. Within six
months of their marriage he had secured a job in San Jose, CA on the
opposite side of the fucking country from Susan. His wife did not like
it but she finally agreed to the move. He made it very clear that it
was time for them to index their lives together and that until her
mother began to show him some basic respect she was not welcome in
their house. Beth said she understood how he felt and would comply. How
dare she invite that bitch out for a visit? Beth and John were about to
have a fight. A big one.

“Stop being so silly and give me a hug. The past is the past — we are
family now. You aren’t stupid enough to think I would stay away from my
daughter forever,” a smug, superior voice said behind him. John turned
around and there was a tall, blonde woman in her late 30’s smirking at
him. From frosty blue eyes to her stubby upturned nose and full
breasts, to that tight round ass; every aspect of this woman reeked of
condescension, wealth, and barely contained hostility. His mother in
law was not COMING for a visit, she was already here!

“I’m sorry John but I missed her so much. Can’t you two please try and
get along for me?” said his wife in that humble, pleading tone she knew
he liked. He loved his tiny little girl-wife, and the bitch was already
here so….

“Susan I’ll meet you half way. We may never be friends but we both love
Beth. Let’s try and get along,” John said as he held out his hand.

After a moment’s hesitation she gave him a limp little handshake and
said, “Be a dear Jonathan and carry my bags back to my room. Beth and I
have so much to plan. I am only going to be here for a little while and
there is so much shopping to be done. Her wardrobe is just pitiful, and
this living room will need a few things to make it well — livable.
Don’t worry Jonathan I don’t expect you to pay for it on your salary,
I’ll take care of everything. ”

And so it begins. The jibes, digs and put downs. It was going to be
annoying couple of weeks but really how bad could it be. John was in
his own home, married to her precious daughter, and she WOULD be
leaving in 2 weeks, check that,13 days, 23 hours and 59 minutes. Let
her play her little mind games, he had already won the war. At least
that’s what he thought. If he had known then the real reason for
Susan’s visit he would have kicked her pretty little ass to the curb,
locked the door, took his wife and ran, His ordeal was about to begin.

The next day he went to work. Frankly he was glad to be away from the
incessant background babble of his wife and her mother. The only thing
worse than when they left him out of the conversation was when they
forced him to join it.

“Let’s ask John, it’s his house too Mother. Honey do you want lavender
or mauve on the balloon curtains in the living room. Should we add
track lighting under the window sill? Does this pattern bring out the
highlights in the carpet or is the contrast too strong?” Yadda yadda,
snooze. Yep it was time to go to work. He had a peaceful uneventful
morning. He went to the cafeteria for lunch. There were a few people in
there. He could not help but notice a young attractive redhead with big
tits and green eyes. She kept staring at him. Finally she walked over
to where he was standing leaned in to him and gave him a long, wet,
hungry kiss. John was so stunned it took him a few seconds to register
what was happening. It took a few seconds more to decide what he should
do about it. Another 5 seconds were lost because she stuck her tongue
deep in his mouth, rubbed herself against his crotch, and grabbed his
ass. He felt himself get hard and the next thing he knew he had a soft
tit in each hand. John must have lost control then, cause he was ready
to fuck this young girl, in the middle of the cafeteria. He wanted to
shove his 9″ monster deep in her pussy, and make the little slut beg
for mercy. She indexed playing with his cock until he was fully erect.
He was about to spread her on the table and lick her little red pussy
raw, when he glanced down at his wedding ring. It was like a bucket of
cold water had been splashed on him. He was about to piss his marriage
away for a piece of ass. A piece of succulent, tender, juicy young ass,
but it was still ass meat nonetheless. As he looked around the
cafeteria he became aware of the uncomfortable silence that permeated
the air. What had once been a handful of people, had grown to a crowd
of 40 or more, all looking at them. “My god what if my boss walks in.
I’ll lose my job.” he managed to push himself away from the young slut
and said, “I’m sorry I can’t do this. I am a married man.”

She looked at him for a minute with laughter in her eyes and said,
“Anything you say lover. It would have been the best you’ve ever had.
See Ya.” John watched her meaty tits jiggle as she walked across the
room and out of his life. His cock was still hard, as he tried to
straighten his clothes. He didn’t know what had happened or why. But he
did know one thing for sure. “Susan you better cover your ears, turn up
the TV, or get the fuck out of my house, because your little girl is
going to get her ass fucked good tonight.”

“Hi honey I’m home” he called out. John entered the living room and it
was a mess. Clothes (his clothes) were spread out all over the floor. A
suitcase had been haphazardly packed, and his wife was crying into her
mother’s arms.

“How could you do it John, You bastard. I hate you. Get out of here and
don’t ever come back!” Beth shrieked in a near hysterical frenzy.

“Beth what’s wrong, talk to me damn it. Why are you crying? ”

“Don’t you dare stand there and play dumb with me, you sonofabitch! I
hope you and your redheaded slut will be very happy together,” Beth
said as she threw a stack of pictures at him.

“Oh no, oh shit, oh shit, oh shitty shit shit.”

Someone had taken picture of him in the cafeteria. It was all here in
close up color. Him sucking, grabbing another woman. Oh look here is
one with her pulling on his big dick. The best part though was that no
matter what, John managed to keep a big, silly — “Boy ain’t I lucky”
— grin on his face.

“Honey I am so sorry this happened. I know I fucked up but I want you
to know two things. I love you, and I did not fuck her. I’m sorry, I
love you and I did not fuck her. I can understand if you don’t want to
talk tonight so I’ll sleep on the couch in the basement. But I am not
leaving this house. I am not going to lose you over this. You are my
wife. You can be angry at me, we can fight. But you love me and you
have to forgive me. It may take some time, but you will forgive me.
Please baby forgive me,” John begged as his wife indexed crying even
harder and making these pitiful groans on the couch.

“I warned her about you. The very first time I met you I knew you were,
vulgar, common and that you would break my daughter’s heart,” Susan
said as she crossed the room and slapped him and then spat in his face,
“Now get out and let me take care of Beth. ” The last thing John heard
as he was walking downstairs was his mother in law encouraging his wife
to divorce him. That bitch, that bitch, that little fucking bitch!

Needless to say John was not having a restful night. Besides all the
emotional crap, cramming his 6’4″ frame onto a rickety, wiry, 5’9″
couch was no picnic. So he was wide awake when John’s mother in law
came downstairs. They stared at each other for a moment and then she
began to speak.

“Jonathan, we need to reach an understanding. It’s time we be
completely honest with each other. I despise you. The thought of you
touching my daughter with your filthy hands sickens me. I will never
forgive you for moving her 3,000 miles away from me. About two months
ago I came to a decision. I am going to end your marriage. I hired a
stripper to set you up and a Private Investigator to take the pictures.
There is no turning back now, I will do whatever it takes to get you
out of Beth’s life. I will break you, break her if I must but your
marriage is over.” she said in a cold merciless tone.

John knew then that Susan was not human. She was some kind of evil,
devil witch, bitch. He knew that he could kill her. He said to himself,
Look at it this way. If you can avoid a rattlesnake you do. But if it
comes in your home, threatens your family, well then you cut it’s head
off and roast it on a stick.

“I suggest you leave in the morning, if you do I’ll talk her out of
asking for alimony. Thank god there are no kids involved. You can both
index over. Maybe one day I’ll even let you be friends.” Susan patted
him on the head and left .

John watched her tight full ass, as she climbed the stairs. As it
swayed from side to side her butt seemed to be taunting him, laughing
at the position he was in. He was horny, his marriage was all but over,
and Susan had finally beaten him. A slow rage began to build. No matter
how tough Susan was, he was tougher. He would find a way to make her
pay for fucking with him. All bets were off. How did the saying go?
“All is fair in love and war.” Well John loved his wife and Susan and
he were about to go to war.

Beth was up early. Her boss was out of town and she was running a
fairly important meeting in his absence. “Good luck today honey, I know
you will do a great job,” I said in a cheery tone.

“Please John; it hurts to even look at your lying face, don’t ask me to
speak to you as well. We need some time apart to figure out where we go
from here. I’d really appreciate it if you were not here when I get
home tonight,” his wife said in a tired, bitter voice that was too old
for her 22 years.

She then got her purse and keys, kissed her mother goodbye and left for
work. This was really happening, John was losing his wife. He thought,
Damn it I deserved better than this! I should have been allowed to
explain, been given the benefit of the fucking doubt! I mean if our
marriage is not worth that much — then,

“Fuck you Beth, you are not good enough for ME!” he screamed inside his
head as he began to cry hot, salty tears.

“Oh for chrissakes don’t tell me you are a crier on top of all of your
other faults. No matter what women say about liking sensitive men who
are in touch with their feelings; there is something a little pathetic
about a man who does not have the strength, the pride, to be a MAN.
Stop your sniffling, pack your bags and get out of my daughter’s house.
Now!” Susan’s voice snapped as she ordered him out of his house.

John looked up at her though his tears. She was wearing an emerald silk
robe, over a black silk nightdress. As he listened to her taunts, and
looked at her full heavy breasts straining against the sheer material;
he felt a wave of heat crash over him. It was more than just anger, it
was primal, bestial. John wanted to hit her, rip her open, to make his
mother in law howl. To beg, pant, plead for mercy — and then see the
look in her eyes, the smell on her when she realized that there was no
mercy in him. A deep manly laugh bubbled up from deep inside him as he
rushed across the kitchen, and snatched Susan to her feet. He shook
her, jerked her, and then tore her flimsy robe off her body.

“What are you doing, how DARE YOU! Get away from me you disgusting
pervert!” Susan commanded in a shocked voice. He quickly sat down and
then pulled her stomach over his lap. Her arms and legs were dangling,
her heavy tits were hanging over his right thigh, and her plump full
ass was staring face up.

“You have been a very bad girl Susan. So I am going to beat your ass
raw. Scream as loud as you like, cry for me you bitch, I’ll enjoy it
more. Now pull your panties down and your dress up. I want to see your
nasty ass,” John said as he lightly smacked her butt.

“You bastard, I’ll see you in jail for this; no I’ll see you dead for
this. I will never cooperate with you. You might hurt me, but you will
never break me.”

At that a plan came to John. It was perfect. “I’ll make you a deal
Susan. You want me out of Beth’s life. I want you out of her life. It’s

gets home then I win. You tell Beth what you did, and encourage her to
work it out with me. Then you go home, and stay out of our lives. If
however 5pm comes and you are still a defiant snob, then I lose. I’ll
leave the woman I love without a fight. Even if she asks me back, I’ll
stay out of her life forever. I’m going to rape you anyway — this just
raises the stakes and guarantees it will be interesting.”

Susan could not believe it. She was about to be raped and there was
nothing she could do about it. It infuriated her to be helpless. She
loved her only child very much though. Since this was going to happen
anyway she might as well get John out of Beth’s life for good. Even
after all her pressure, the pictures, and an admission of sorts from
John; Beth had not kicked him out. Given time and love he might
actually get her to forgive him. She couldn’t take the chance. “Fine, I
agree. I’ll do whatever it takes.”

John quickly flipped Susan’s skirt up. He felt himself get hard as he
looked at her full, round bottom. The sight of her panties disappearing
into the crack of her ass was intoxicating. He began probing the
outline of the flimsy silk material with his finger. Susan’s outraged
squirming against his cock only made him hornier. Ever since
yesterday’s encounter with that slut in the cafeteria John had needed a
hot nasty fuck. That was of course denied him when he got home and
found that all shit had broken loose. He was sorry about his marriage,
but that did not change the fact that John needed a hot, warm, wet
piece of woman meat in the worst way. He did not want to give Susan the
satisfaction of knowing how desperate he was. So he decided to
humiliate her first.

“Do you know how long I have wanted to beat some respect into you. I am
going to enjoy hurting you, making you scream. I am going to smack your
snooty little ass until snot drips from your nose, your throat is raw,
and you beg me like a good, humble little girl to stop.”

Susan knew she would be in for a terrible ordeal, but she felt more
resolved than ever to get her daughter away from this dangerous loser.
John grasped the waistband of her panties and slowly pulled them down
and off. He held them up to his nose and said, “Ew Susan is a little
stinky puss.” She felt herself blush at his crude comment. Now that her
ass was exposed John began to rub and massage; to mash and to knead her
firm butt cheeks. He was not gentle. “Susie you have a very pretty ass.
It’s too bad that you are such a naughty little girl. Now daddy is
going to have to spank you. Remember dear, this hurts me more than it
hurts you.”

Susan began to get nervous. Maybe she could reason with her son in law.
She had to at least try. From the way he was mauling her ass, and the
thick hard bulge that was pressing into her stomach she was scared of
what might happen to her once he indexed hurting her for real.

“Please John you have to stop this. Think of Beth. She will never
forgive you if you do this to her mother. We may not like each other,
but I am your mother in law. Take your hand off my ass, and get your
finger out of my pussy right now! Let me up this instant!” Susan
shrieked in fear and rising panic. <P”Don’t (Whack!) ever (Smack!)
Speak (Thwack!) to me (Pound!) like that again, you filthy bitch,” John
said in a cold, remote voice as he smacked and punched the beautiful
ass in his lap. He liked this. He enjoyed the sound of his fist hitting
the meaty part of her ass. The satisfying echo that her screams gave in
his slightly acoustic kitchen. As he continued to rip into his mother
in law he thought of every cruel thing that she had done to him, every
thinly veiled put down, every insult in front of his wife, every
attempt to ruin his marriage and destroy his life. She deserved this
and anything else he felt like doing to her. She had EARNED this
beating. Her desperate attempts to crawl out of his lap were laughable
to John. Her rich, golden tan, stood out in contrast to the collection
of handprints, and red welts that now decorated her ass and backs of
her thighs. Susan began to think he would never stop. That he might
kill her. She was crying now, sobbing and gasping, and writhing in
pain. She had never been hurt so badly. But along with the pain was a
boiling rage at what John was doing to her. She was determined to find
a way to hurt him back, to make this sick pervert pay for daring to lay
hands on her. But for now the pain was just too great. She had to do
something to get him to stop. No matter how humiliating.

“Please John I am sorry for whatever I have done. I apologize for the
way I treated you, and I promise to do better in the future. Please be
reasonable — I beg you,” she said through involuntary tears in a
soothing tone.

John stopped spanking her but continued playing with her tits and

“I really appreciate your admitting you have been bad. Maybe you are
not completely hopeless. Maybe you just need a little tough love from
daddy. Maybe you want to be obedient. Let’s find out. Lay down on the
floor for me… Good, now spread your legs as wide apart as you can for
daddy… Ok. I am going to smack your clit and cunt as hard as I can 10
times. A good, obedient girl will keep her legs open and thank her
daddy because she knows it is for her own good. Are you a good girl?”
John asked his mother in law in a sugary sweet tone. The first smack
caught Susan by surprise. She knew it was going to hurt but this was
unbelievable. The second one landed right on her clit and hurt even
more. Again, and again he struck. Susan lost all semblance of dignity
and control. She began pleading like a mad woman trying desperately to
close her legs and crawl away, but John would not let her.

“Pleeease! Stop! It hurts, it hurts, I’ll be good, I’ll do anything, I
promise, PLEEZZE, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” she shrieked and wailed and
begged while thrashing wildly on the floor. John stood, and pulled her
up into his lap. He wrapped his strong, thick arms around her and
gently kissed her tears away. It felt so good to be held after her
beating that it did not matter who was holding her.

John got a tissue held it up to her nose. “Blow. Again. Good,” he said
as he wiped the last of her tears, snot and mascara away. She just
snuggled, soft and warm and secure in her daddy’s arms and drifted off
to sleep. John kept running his hands across her smooth naked skin and
made soft shushing noises as he rocked her to peace. John let her sleep
for about an hour. He enjoyed playing with Susan’s breasts and pussy.
Her hard nipples and dripping cunt made a nice contrast to the innocent
look on her sleeping face. He gently pinched her clit to wake her.

“Daddy is so sorry you made him do that. If you promise to be good
daddy will be able to love you the way he should. Otherwise… daddy
will have no choice but to hurt you. Bad. This would make me very sad.
I need you to stand up so I can check your Boo Boos,” John said as he
took out a tube of hydrocortisone cream to apply to her wounds. He
indexed by massaging the soothing white cream into her left and right
nipples where he had smacked, pinched and twisted. He looked her in the
eye while he cupped each of her tits before sucking on her nipple for
several minutes. It was intimate and invasive, but Susan did not have
the courage to resist him again so soon. Next he dropped to his knees
and turned her around. He put his face right into her ass and began
licking and kissing the sore red flesh. Susan’s moans of protest and
appreciation were loud. It was not easy for her to submit to John’s
touch, but this felt so much better than having him hurt her. She
decided to put up with it as long as she could. He took a big gob of
cream split her ass and spread it all over and inside her butt. He then
covered his middle finger and gently inserted it as far up her ass as
it would go.

“Lay down for me Susan and open your legs wide, like you did before. I
am going to inspect your clit and pussy,” John ordered. He gently
peeled her pussy lips apart and began to lightly rub cream into the
abused area. Soon he indexed sucking and blowing up and down her slit,
as he plunged his tongue deep into her hole. Susan’s emotions were in a
state of chaos. She had not had a lover for 3 months. It had been 3
years since she had a man who knew how to suck cunt, who enjoyed
licking and liked the taste of pussy. John’s tongue had her dripping
and oozing there was no denying that; but she just could not forget
that this was her son in law and that he was raping her.

“Ok Susan, you are all better now, no permanent damage done. Licking
your tits and ass, and cunt made me hard. Kneel down here and suck my
cock. I want to cum in your hot little mouth.”

It was one thing for John to beat her, or even suck her. That was
something he was forcing on her, it required no action on her part, at
best only passive cooperation.

“No,” she said in a small voice.

John could not believe it. After all he had done for her she was still
defiant. He had planned to be gentle with her, he thought they had
bonded over her spanking and his subsequent ministrations. It was
obvious now that Susan had been playing him for a fool. She had not
changed, she was not obedient. With that single word of denial she
showed that she was not broken yet.

“Yes!” he said in a savage voice as he pushed her flat on her back and
straddled her face. He rubbed his cock into her nose and eyes, and
against her tightly closed mouth. He then indexed smacking her with his
cock. “You are going to do this, accept it!”

“Please don’t do this, don’t rapmuuff!” Susan said as John shoved his
cock in her mouth.

It was a long battle, and neither side could claim complete victory.
John did get his hard dick in her wet mouth. He blocked her nostrils
and made her suck him. But it was not a willing blow job. Susan did not
caress and kiss and suck him the way that he wanted her to no matter
how hard he smacked her, no matter how far or how fast he shoved his
cock down her throat. Did it feel good when she choked, and coughed,
and contracted her throat on his cock — well sure. Yes he came in her
mouth, and she choked down his cock and his come but he was not

“You will have to do better. That was pathetic. I am going to leave my
cock in your mouth while I recover, and we can try agiiI!!!! You
bitch!!” John said as he threw himself off Susan. She had bit his dick,
blood was running everywhere. He punched her as hard as he could in her
stomach and she curled up in a ball on the floor. He crawled over to a
chair and inspected his penis. She had broken the skin, and it had bled
a lot but it was really only a superficial bite. It had scared him
though. He was not used to seeing blood on his cock, and it hurt like
hell. He went back to the kitchen and dragged Susan to her feet.

“You are going to pay for this, “he said as he pointed to his bloody
cock. John locked her in the basement. There were bars on the basement
windows and no other exits, and no phone. He went to the first aid kit
and put some clotting spray and Neosporin on his dick. It had stopped
bleeding for the most part. He still could not believe the vicious
bitch had bit him. “That bitch, that bitch, that little fucking bitch!”
He had done nothing to justify that kind of behavior. John had to admit
that he was a little scared of Susan now. He was tempted to leave her
in the basement. But if he did that, she won. If he did that she was
right, he really would be a loser.

John believed in keeping his word. He had promised that if 5pm came and
Susan wanted him out of Beth’s life he would go. As much as it would
hurt he meant to keep that promise. He had also promised that he was
going to beat Susan’s ass and fuck her into submission. He meant to
keep that promise too. It took some time for his dick to heal, and for
him to work up his courage. John took a shower and made some lunch.
Finally, he realized he could put his off no longer. It was time to be
a man and make Susan pay.

“Susan get up here right now!” John bellowed from the top of the
stairs. It took a minute but she slowly came into view. She had found
an old pair of John’s jeans and a t-shirt and had put them on. John
ushered her into the master bedroom and told her to sit on the bed.

“I can see now that I cannot trust you. I can see now that you will do
anything you can to cause me pain. Emotional, physical, marital it does
not matter to you. Well you have a decision to make. Do you want my
dick up your ass or in your pussy? If you cooperate I will not hurt you
as bad. If you resist I will be forced to tie you up, beat you up, and
then fuck you up. What’s it going to be?”

Susan was afraid for her life. She could tell by the look in his eye
that her son in law was looking for an excuse to hurt her. The beating
he gave her last time was the worst pain he had ever received but
somehow she knew that this beating might kill her.

“I don’t want you to hurt me again. I’ll do whatever you say. I guess
I’d rather you fuck my vagina,” Susan said in a defeated tone.

“Fine, but understand you’d better make it real. You’re not just gonna
lay here while I fuck you. You have to act like I am the man you love,
and that you want my dick, no NEED my hard cock shoved deep in you wet
little snatch. Are you ready? Good.” John sat down next to Susan on the
bed. He began by smelling her hair and nuzzling her neck. His hands
gently massaged up her arms and around her back. When he kissed his
mother in law he indexed slowly, but became more insistent. He had to
admit that he loved the taste of this woman. Her lips were full and her
tongue played with his for several minutes.

“Ok Susan take your shirt off, I want to suck on your beautiful tits
for a while. Lay down on the bed.” This was the first time Susan
hesitated. She knew that once he got her naked and got on top there was
nothing she could do to stop him. She would be his fuck toy.
Unfortunately she could not think of a way out that did not involve
pain. Susan raised her arms, removed her shirt and laid down on the
bed. She watched in slow motion as John took off his shirt and crawled
on top of her. He licked her right breast softly, and massaged her left
nipple. The dual stimulation quickly had both nipples erect. It had
been 3 years since John had a full sized, amazon sex bitch in his bed.
He loved Beth and she was a beautiful, petite little pixie. But her 32B
did not compare to her mother’s 36DD. He buried his face in Susan’s
tits and licked and sucked and drooled on her for 15 minutes. It had an
affect on her. 3 months is a long time to go without sex and John’s
enthusiastic sucking was driving her wild. Susan’s breathing picked up
and she could not help but moan, and gasp as he gently nibbled on her
nipples. “Get your pants off, I want to taste how wet you are.”

“John please, stop… umm, oh god yes. Don’t make me do thisss, oh shit
that feels soo good,” Susan said as john sucked he fat tits into his

“I am tired of you pretending you don’t want this as much as I do. I
think I am the best thing to ever happen to you sexually. You know what
I want you to do? Sing me a song. Sing “You light up my life” for me.
Then beg me to lick your dripping cunt and fuck you until you cry from
joy. Sing It!!” John roared.

“You… light up my life, you give me hope to carry on, you fill my
days… I can’t remember any more. I admit it John I, I want you to
suck me and fuck me. I need it. I guess that makes me a dirty slut. I
need my son in law to fuck me. I want my daughter’s husband to fuck my
pussy,” she said as she broke into tears and pulled her jeans off.

John took the rest of his clothes off and put his face in Susan’s
crotch. He loved the smell of her fresh pussy juice. He loved the taste
even better. John slurped and licked and played with Susan’s clit until
she had a series of small orgasms.

“Put me inside of you. Beg me to fuck you whore.”

“Fuck you asshole. I sang your stupid song, you know I want it. You
fuck me right now or you leave me alone, let me get my vibrator and my
favorite dildo and I’ll do it myself!”

John rammed his 9 inch dick into her warm wet snatch. She was slippery
and felt wonderful as he began to pound his way to the bottom of her.
He fit, it was snug, and she kept squeezing her cunt muscles like a
velvety fist around his dick, but he actually fit! Beth’s tiny little
kitten hole was unable to hold more than 6 inches. She tried, but
vaginal sex always ended the same way: she was in pain and he felt
guilty. Anal was even worse. John had decided that half a dick was
better than none. He loved his wife and had gotten used to mediocre
sex. Until now. Susan was a hot fuck beast. She was kissing him and had
her arms, and legs wrapped around him.

“God, fuck me. Give me, uh that fucking piece of beef meat!” Susan
demanded as John triggered a major orgasm in her. A few seconds later
he came, deep inside his mother in law. Susan scooted down and sucked
the last drops of sperm from his shiny red cock. She then crawled into
John’s arms and they drifted off to sleep. John was still sleeping when
Beth got home from work, but Susan heard her daughter’s key turn in the

“Please you are raping me! Help police! I love my daughter don’t do
this you bastard. I hate you, I’ll kill you. RAPE!! RAPEEE!!! John woke
up as Beth ran into the room to Susan’s hysterical shouts, and frantic
sobs. He was naked with his arms wrapped around his now struggling
mother in law. His cum was still oozing out of her freshly fucked
pussy. The look of horror on Beth’s face told him his marriage was
over. He had lost the woman he loved forever. There was nothing he
could say that would make the slightest difference. Susan had won. She
had beaten him.

EPILOGUE. John moved out of his house and away from his wife. He kept
waiting for the police to come knocking on the door of he crappy little
apartment he was forced to live in but it had been a week. So far so
good. He was able to keep his job and with half their savings and maybe
some tutoring on the side, he would be ok. He got home from work and
was surprised to find Susan waiting for him in the hall way. As mad as
he was at her he felt his mouth go dry and his dick get hard. Damn it
but she was a good looking woman. She was wearing a stretchy little one
piece summer dress, that came down to mid thigh and screamed fuck me!
“What do you want Susan. Why are you here, did you come to gloat?” he
asked. Susan looked at him for a minute, paying special attention to
the growing lump in his pants.

“I came to tell you that I was right about you and my daughter. She is
finally listening to me again. I will be selling my house and moving in
with Beth. I will buy out your share of the house. In case you were
wondering, I talked her out of calling the police on your perverted
little rapist ass. I told her that I could not take the embarrassment
of having everyone know I had been raped. I have a nice young man in
mind for her to index seeing. I figure in a couple of months she will
have forgotten all about you,” Susan said as she laughed in John’s

“Fine, thanks for not calling the cops. You win. Send me my check, is
there anything else?”

“There is one little thing. As much as I hate what you did to me… I
have to admit that I have never come so hard, or so many times as I did
for you. I, I… can’t give it up, I can’t give YOU up. I want some
more. You are wrong for my daughter, but you might be just right for
me. What do you say, you want another piece of pussy pie?”

John looked down at her proud arrogant little mouth, and her mature
sexy body. He could not help but smile at what he would do to her. The
humiliation that she would have to endure. Her taste was still in his
mouth, he could still feel the heat of her, the sound of her crying,
begging him for mercy still filled his dreams. He looked down his
hallway at the several people waiting for the nearby elevator or about
to enter their apartments.

“Yes I want you. I want another chance to break you to make you my
bitch. I love it when you cry. The first thing I am going to do is lick
your ass, spread it open and fuck it until you scream my name. But
before we do that there is something you must do first.”

Susan felt her heart racing. Was she insane? No man had ever fucked her
in the ass. John’s horse cock could cause serious damage there if it
wanted to. Still… that man knew how to fuck. She felt her fuck fluids
squishing, and sloshing and making her legs slippery. She had to have

“What do you want me to do?”

“Turn around, smile and wave at all the nice people. Good. Now pull up
your dress and pull down your panties. Make sure you wiggle that
glorious, round, juicy little ass at them before following me inside
for the butt fucking of your life.” Susan did not move for 30 seconds.
Then, she looked straight in John’s eyes and slowly pulled up her dress
and handed him her panties. She could feel the shocked stares of the
people down the hall, but she did not care. She spread her legs wide
bent over and wiggled her pretty ass for all to see.

John put his arm around her shoulder. They laughed together and entered
his apartment; he could not help but chuckle, “That bitch, that bitch
that little fucking Bitch!

AUTHOR”S NOTE I would like to take a moment to apologize to all the
deeply religious people who are patrolling the erotic fiction sites
looking for smutty stories like mine. It must be very exhausting work
for them and they get very little thanks. In fact one dear lady was
subjected to such a barrage of sarcastic ridicule by yours truly, that
her tender soul is probably still crying. Tough. Here is a tip: If the
title of a story is called Rape/Betrayal, look out — there will
probably be some rape in it and maybe a betrayal or two. Following this
line of deductive reasoning a story called “All I Want For Christmas Is
My Mom’s Sweet Ass”… will probably have some incest between a mother
and son. One last hint — most erotic stories are not true. I mean,
disclaimer or not, when was the last time you had sex with 3 different
women in one day? (Without a condom, I might add.) The assumption
should be that all of these stories are fiction, BS, not true. I swear
on my mother’s virginity that I have never raped her, my sister, my
daughter, my wife, or my girlfriend (nor have I ever wanted to). It’s
just a fucking story! Even if an erotic writer tells you it is 100%
true, it’s probably not. I mean consider the source. Those guys are all
weirdoes anyway.



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