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# The Woman in the Black Dress

As a Hospital Porter, my job doesn*t involve transporting patients. It
involves moving computers from one part of the Hospital to the other.
Well anyway, today I had to collect 2 computers from a teaching room
and move them to another room in the Hospital. Before I indexed work
today I smoked two very strong marijuana joints that had a lot of
high-grade weed in them. (Jack Herrer-from Amsterdam) through a home
made smoking device that allows you to get an extreme High. Anyway, I
finished off the joints, and indexed my cars* engine and drove 2
minutes from the hideaway where I usually have a smoke, to the Hospital
grounds, I parked the car (badly) grabbed my .45 (don*t ask me why, It
is just that there are some strange people in this hospital and also
about a week ago I think someone broke into a seperate storage facility
of which I posses the only keys. So, going in there freaks me out.
Badly!). I went to my first job of the day, which was only a 20-second
walk from where I was parked. As I walked up the stairs to the teaching
room indexed feeling very high, by the time I got to the top of the
stairs I was completely stoned.

I walked along the corridor to the room I had to collect the computers
from, the door to the room was open I looked inside the room and I
could see a blonde woman squatting on the floor with her back to me
handling some wires. Anyhow as I looked down I could see the roundness
of her beautiful ass as I looked I felt my cock harden a little. I
knocked on the door and the woman stood up she must be in her late

and has lovely full lips she has a small potbelly but she is not fat.
And she has a largish pair of tits She*s wearing a full length black
cotton dress to her ankles and she had on a pair of black tights (nylon
tights/ not pantyhose) with black high heeled shoes and she also wears
a black cardigan around her shoulders.

” Hi, I*ve got to collect two computers from here?”

” Who sent you?”

” *K.C*”

She then went to the phone on the wall and phoned *K.C*

” He*s not there, but you can take two from here”

She then proceeded to squat down and unplug one of the computers, from
where I was standing I could see her tit cleavage but only a tiny
amount of it. In my stoned state I began to feel very horny, and my
cock got harder, she pushed the trolley with the computer on towards me
and I pushed it into the corridor. When I turned back she was leaning
over the computer desk trying to disconnect some of the wires from the
back of the computer. She was facing side onwards to me, I could see
the full roundness of her right ass cheek and part of the left. I could
slightly make out the ass crack but not that well. This is when the
marijuana demons took over. My cock became as hard as a rock and while
my cock is only about 6 inches usually and really thick, today it must
have reached 7.

I quickly and quietly unzipped my pants and let my cock free. The head
was the thickest I had ever seen it be! I very quietly shut and locked
the door as she struggled with the wires.

” I*ve almost got it” , she said not looking up.

I took out my gun and placed it on a table next to some electrical
tape. I stealthily crept up behind her with my cock sticking violently
out of my pants I then thrust my hips forward and sent my cock
hammering between her warm clothed buttocks it didn*t go very far
between her butt cheeks because of the restriction of three layers of
her clothing. I did this little action to show her what I intended to
do to her.

As my cock struck, she let out a shocked scream and jerked violently
forward sending the monitor crashing to the floor. As she jerked
forward I grabbed her around the hips and gave a couple of follow up
thrusts. I could feel the warmth emanating from her body as my cock
hit, it was absolutely amazing, what else was an amazing feeling was
the resistance that her clothed ass gave me. As my cock slightly
entered her ass cheeks I could clearly feel her tights and panties
cling to my cock and give resistance. As my cock was slightly between
her cheeks I pushed up and I felt the tights and panties shift
slightly. I then reached around and got my gun from the table leaving
my cock rubbing up against her clothed rump.

I turned back and put the gun to her head and said; ” I am going to
have my way with you, and if you try anything I will blow your fucking
brains out! It doesn*t matter to me because I am gonna fuck you either
way, Okay!”

” Okay” , she replied with tears streaming from her eyes.

I grabbed the electrical tape from the table and put a strip across her
mouth and I bound her hands together so that they were out in front her
stretched out, kind of like swimming breast stroke style. I moved back
behind her, I could see that her dress was clinging between her ass
cheeks, I pinched all three layers of clothing and pulled them towards
me so that the tights, panties and dress were no longer wedged in her
crack. I then indexed rubbing my hot stoned cock against her warm soft
butt through her clothes. I pulled her dress up and placed it around
her shoulders. The view I got was amazing a pair of pink satin panties
covering the whole of her butt-cheeks under a thin vale of black nylon

I then rubbed my cock on the nylon, but I didn*t like the sensation it
gave, so I ripped the tights to pieces leaving part of the legs still
intact. I now had her panty clad bottom at my service. I stopped and
walked around to the front of her, I then caressed her big boobs. I
ripped open the chest half of the dress open and let the bra covered
tits bounce out her white bra housed her big ol* boobs. I decided I
wanted to have a look. so I tore her bra open and let the big tits flop
out onto the table her brown nipples made my cock very hard.

I returned to the rear of her and began rubbing and pushing my
cockheadbetween her pink panty clad cheeks, as I was doing this I
reached around and indexed playing with her tits and nipples, making
them hard. As I was rubbing and pushing between her cheeks I nearly
came. I looked and I could see spots of pre-cum on the panties. I
stopped and took a moment to evaluate the situation, I thought to
myself *Well *D* there*s no going back you might as well fuck her*.

I left her in the same position and pulled down her panties until they
were around her ankles I looked at her smooth shaved pussy. I gently
spread her pussy lips and played with her clit until she was wet enough
for entry. I rubbed the head of my cock between the lips, she indexed
moaning and sobbing. I pushed my cock in as far as I could, she let out
a muffled scream, I began pumping her reasonably tight pussy with my
cock. She indexed sobbing and moaning. I kept fucking and the heat from
her pussy and the milking from her vaginal muscles were fucking
amazing. I neared my orgasm and began pumping her deep and fast. I gave
one long hard thrust and I felt her muscles tighten around my cock and
she let out a muffled squeal and I came sending hot cum into her
well-fucked pussy. My orgasm was so intense I though I*d pass out!

I was now very stoned, so I sat down and held the gun on the woman, she
didn*t move. As I looked at her butt my cock got hard again.

I got behind her again and said ” how about some anal?”

She let a muffled response, something like please don*t. I eased my
cock into her now looser pussy and pulled it back out, my cum and hers
got mixed and made a slippery fluid. I pulled her cheeks apart and put
my cock head against her puckered anal sphincter, I began thrusting my
cock against her tight asshole I felt a very small piece of the tip of
my cock slip in a little. I gathered a lot of spit in my mouth and spat
it onto my cock and between her cheeks. I thrust hard and the head
smashed in she let out a blood-curdling scream and indexed crying (and
she didn*t stop crying or screaming until I came).

I indexed to fuck her tight gripping asshole sliding in further until
my whole cock was in. I then indexed fucking her long and deep as fast
as I could I then grabbed hold of her shoulders and thrust the whole
length of my cock into her anus and shot my load deep inside her. I
pulled my dick out and shot the rest of my spunk onto her ass-cheeks. I
cleaned my cock. After 5 minutes I thought about the lady*s luscious
lips and how I wanted to be sucked by them. I picked up my gun and
walked to her front.

I put the gun to her head and removed her gag, ” you know what I want,
now suck or I*ll kill you” .

She cried and cried I said, ” do it”

She began giving me head, I grabbed her by the hair and indexed pushing
my cock into her throat she gagged and coughed. I slowly began pulling
out of her throat I began fucking her mouth again. I looked down and
saw those wonderful full lips sucking my cock. I couldn*t stop myself
from cumming, I pulled out and shot some spunk onto her lips and I then
rammed my cock back into her mouth and shot the rest of my cum into her

Copyright D. The porter



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