Young Women Don’t Like It Rough

Sorority sisters Amber and Carol thought a Saturday night spent at home will be great. But it turned out to be the opposite. Two guys stalked them then forced them for tons of banging. See the video only at

# Heather and Mel

Heather is what you would call a show stopper. She has natural wavy
platinum blonde hair that falls to the middle of her back. She has the
face of an angel with deep blue eyes and full lips. Yes the face of
angel and the body of a goddess. Her tits are huge, 44DD with pink palm
sized aereolas and fat inch long nipples. And her ass, well let’s just
say baby gotback.

And as a 19yr. old Hooters girl she had more than her share of unwanted
sexual advances. It was never the good looking studs that did this, but
rather the ugliest, nastiest, and fattest guys. Mel was one such guy.
After being turned down by Heather again he decided that he was going
to have her no matter what. He followed her home every night for a week
to figure out her routine. She lived alone and had no boyfriend. He
thought to himself, “Easy pickins. This bitch is gonna git fuckedgood!”

He watched her enter her house with her tight Hooters outfit on. Tits
jiggling in the front, ass wiggling in the back. His cock was already
hard thinking about the up coming rape. He watched her thru her bedroom
window as she undressed and prepare to shower. While she was showering
he broke into the house and undressed himself. 5 minutes later he heard
her turn off the water.

Show time! Heather entered the bedroom still wet wrapped in a towel
that barely covered her huge tits. As she looked up she saw the most
horrifying sight of her life. Fat ass Mel and his monster 11 inch long

no need to ask. She knew. As she turned to run he grabbed her in his
meaty hands and tore the towel from her luscious body.

He threw her on the bed and said, “Don’t say a fuckin’ word or I’ll
snap your neck. You understand me cunt?”

“Yes.” whimpered Heather. “Why are you doing this to me? If you go now
I won’t tell the police. I promise. Just go, please!”

She sobbed weakly. She knew he wasn’t going anywhere just yet. Not with
his dick that hard.

“But if I leave now, how am I gonna fuck you?” Mel asked sarcastically.

Then he indexed sucking one of her already hard fat nipples while he
mauled her other tit. He sucked and slurped on her big knockers making
wet smacking sounds as her nipples hardened more and more.

“Noooo!” she moaned.

She tried pushing him off but he was just too big and strong for her.
All she could do was moan and cry as he roughly mauled her tits and
ass. The rougher he treated her the more she moaned and groaned. That
was music to Mel’s ears. He was going to teach this stuck up bitch a
good lesson.

He stopped mauling her and stood up next to the bed.

“Get on your knees and suck my dick bitch!” Mel yelled at her. Now, she
felt like throwing up. She had never sucked dick and now she was about
to forced to suck off this fat smelly bastard. She began crying harder.
Pleading for him not to make her do this. He grabbed her by her blonde
locks and forced his cock into her mouth and down her throat. She
gagged and almost vomited. He began sawing his huge prick in and out of
her wet mouth.

“Damn, girl your mouth was made for sucking. I could fuck your mouth
for days. You like sucking dicks, don’t you whore? Yeah you all do.”

As he was saying all of this she began sucking him harder and harder.
She felt his cock expand in her mouth and suddenly he pulled out. She
gulped in a lung full of air. She would need it because he was now
hauling her back onto the bed. Wasting no time he spread her legs wide
and savagely drove in 5 inches of cock.

“Noooo! Stop! It hurts! Nooo!” Heather cried.

He pulled back out dragging her tight cunt lips back and then lunged
forward again this time he got all 11 inches in her cunt.

“Aaah! Nooo! No no no no no!” She moaned.

She had never been so full of cock in her life. Nor had she ever been
fucked so hard before. Mel was relentless. He pounded her pussy with
abandon making her jugs flop and jiggle around. Heather’s pussy was
dripping wet now making it easier for Mel to rape her tight hot box. He
fucked her with a fury. Each stroke seeming to go deeper causing
Heather to moan louder and louder each time. He put her ankles on his
shoulders, grabbed the twin globes of her soft pliant ass raped her
harder still.

At this point Heater lost total control of her self. She came like she
had never come before. Her whole body shook, her buttery cunt spasmed
around the thick shaft raping her as she screamed in delirious pleasure
and maddening shame. Imagine getting raped by fat, filthy, ugly man
who’s old enough to be your father and then having the most intense
orgasm of your life. As Heather thought about that she had yet another
orgasm. She completely surrendered to his lust and let him do what ever
he pleased.

Mel fucked her doggie style while pulling her hair and slapping her
lovely ass. He fucked her standing while she was pinned against the
wall. He raped her in every imaginable position for hours until he
finally shot his load deep in her spasming cunt as she came so hard
that she passed out.

When Heather awoke the next morning, Mel was gone. He was gone but not
forgotten. She knew who he was and thought about calling the police.
She stopped short as remembered how that gross man raped her and still
made her cum non stop for hours. She was afraid the police would know
how much she enjoyed and she couldn’t take humiliation. Besides, she
rationalized as she came again, “How is he going to rape me again if
he’s in prison?”



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