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# How I Raped Jennifer

It was the fall of 1984 and i was 18. I had just moved into my sisters
house in Bristol CT. As had moved for a job and staying there until I
found my own place. I was only 18 and my hormones where running wild.
But I am not that good looking and still was a virgin. Working the
night shifts i would usually sleep until 2pm.

My sister told me about the baby sitter and i thought nothing of it.
She would watch my sisters infant daughter. She usually arrived around
the same time I got up until my sister got home around 5:15 PM. She was
in the living room when i came out the first. I could not believe this

tits and the slut never wore a bra. She always wore very tight jeans
and a ass that would make you come just on contact.

As we sat and watched tv and talked her boyfriend Mark arrived “Damn
it!” I said to myself.

It became quickly apparent that she was a cock teaser. She use to leave
the bathroom door open a crack to tease me. On the third day the little
slut came out of the bathroom with her shirt open and braless her
melons sagged slightly. The hottest pair of tits I ever saw. She tried
to act as if she thought she was alone.

The little tramp was an bad actor. I realized that night while at work
I was going to have to rape her to get her hot cock teasing body. I
would fantasize about raping her from behind as she lay face down. I
ached all over to have a chance of slapping my balls on her ass mounds
as I raped her.

As can be expected Mark was now making sure he was there every day. But
then on day 9 i over heard them and as he told her he could not come
tomorrow. That was it I got my opening. When I got up on the 10th day I
decided to make one last effort before raping her.

Walking into the livingroom i sat next to her on the love seat. Her
reaction sealed her faith. Looking at me in disgust she held up her
hands and shoed me away ” Your gross get outta here ”

My blood was boiling and i got up storming into the kitchen to get a
drink to cool off. I saw a steak knife in the strainer and before i
knew it i was walking out into the livingroom clutching it in my hand
at my side.

Barking at her “Take your clothes off ” as I stood behind her while she
still sat. She tried to play it cool and not show fear when she said
“I’m not going to do it so go put the knife away before it goes to far”
But she was scared shitless and the hairs on the back of her head
curled in fear.

I ordered her two more times to undress before I finally lost it and
grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her to her feet. I held her
from behind with the blade to her throat while her trembling hands
opened her shirt and undid the buckle on her pants.

“Oh god please don’t do this, PLEASE!”

Not answering I just reached around and her whole body cringed and skin
crawled as i mauled them. Holding the knife to her side i forced her
into my room and made her undress.

Suddenly she stopped at the panties. Pointing and gesturing with the
knife at her panties.

” Those to and turn around i want to see your ass.

After doing so I could no longer wait and I shoved her across the bed
face down and quickly mounted her from behind. She began whimpering
again as I reached between us and free my cock saying “Remember tramp,
you asked for this”

I rammed my cock into her unwilling dry pussy and she screamed ” No No
stop take it out it hurts.”

Laughing i pull free and say “Oh does that hurt” “Well try this i
rammed back but this time into here shit hole”

The pain was unbearable for her as I pumped her ass like a true rapist
brutally. Grunting and telling her how good she felt and that next time
she teased me I would make her suck me all the way off. She would never
be so savagely raped again as I did. I was raping her ass so hard my
balls began to ache.

“OHHHH GGGOOOOODDDDDD Jen I’m cuming I’m cuming.”

With one final lunge my load began filling her battered ass and
collapsed on top of her ass.

She cried pleading “Please get off you got what you wanted now let me
up please”

She grabbed her panties and pants and ran from the building as i
watched from the patio she fled with only the panties on and clutching
the jeans. She was crying and had blood and semen trickling out of her.

Jennifer had indexed me on the road of mayhem and today im 30 and i
have raped a total of 19 women and 7 guys. I was only arrested once and
found not guilty. My next rape would be 5 months away and the span
between them closed.

The End

To be continued: Rape of my X

The Raper



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