Young Woman Gets Violated By Two Men

A young couple were having their time with each other when two men came into the scene, with brutal intentions on their part. They tied up her boyfriend, and let him watch all of the nasty and cruel things they did to her. Watch this scene unfold only at GirlsRavished.Com.

# 2 A Sister Betrayed

John was desperate. He needed an A in his Sociology Final exam AND his
term paper to pull out a B- average. That was NOT going to happen. He
had never gotten lower than an B- in High school, but all of that
changed. The problems at home were not helping matters. His parents
were fighting all the time and seemed to be heading for a divorce. He
used to be close with his older sister Susan but now that every guy in
school seemed to be interested in bowing down before her, she had no
time for her nerdy little brother. Lately Susan and her friends seemed
to take pleasure tormenting him. When John got home from school he went
straight to his room to work on his paper. He turned on his computer
selected the MS Office icon and went to pull up the most recent file he
had been working on. It wasn’t there. ” Where the fuck is my Term
paper!” This could not be happening. He checked every word document,
and could find no trace of his 15 page Term paper. It was due in two
days, his life was over.

” Having problems squirt?” Susan laughed from his doorway. Missing
something… the next time I tell you to get off the phone maybe you
will listen.”

John felt like killing her, ” Please tell me that you made a copy, or
at least printed it out,” John begged. Susan walked over to him and
ruffled his hair.

” Of course I did squirt, I was just teaching you a life lesson. Don’t
fuck with your big sister,” Susan smiled as she handed him the disk and

As he loaded the disk he thought about how close he had come to losing
control. He had almost smashed Susan’s pretty little face in. It was
weird, he had never even thought of hurting her before, but she had
been such a bitch lately he did not even feel like her brother anymore.

” She had better be glad that she made a copy. Big tits, a pretty face
and that tight, round ass are not going to help her if she pulls a
stunt like this again,” John promised himself. Just then a small square
box appeared on his monitor ” 1 File corrupted 0 files retrievable” .
John did not scream, he did not storm into Susan’s room and pound the
shit out of her, he did not go crying to his mommy and daddy. He began
to plan.

” Vengence is mine say the brother, you are going to regret the day you
were born little Susie bitch. No, check that, you are going to regret
the day I was born.”

The plan was simple. His parents were going out of town for the weekend
to make one last attempt at patching things up. John had decided to
drug his sister, strip her naked and distribute pictures of her firm,
ripe tits, spread pussy, and plump juicy ass, all around school. She
would be humiliated, and no one would be able to prove he was involved.
As they waved goodbye to their parents, John began to get more and more

” I expect you to be the man of the house while I’m gone, take care of
your sister.”

John shook his father’s hand and said ” Don’t worry dad I am going to
take good care of her.”

As soon as they pulled away Susan indexed barking orders.

” Ok squirt I am the oldest so I’m in charge. I want this house cleaned
from top to bottom, the yard will be mowed, and my car will be washed
before mom and Dad get back. But first things first, get in the kitchen
and make me some pancakes and sausage.”

John lowered his head to hide his smile and said, ” Ok Susan you win.”
He walked off to the kitchen to make his special morning fresh Valium

John was vacuuming the living room while Susan finished her breakfast.
She indexed feeling really tired.

” I’m going back to bed so do not disturb me, and turn off that
machine,” Susan said as she staggered upstairs to her room.

” Wow she looks really out of it, oh well I guess six valiums will have
that effect on a gal.” John went to his room and got his Polaroid
camera, and 2 extra packs of film. He waited 5 minutes before going to
Susan’s room.

” Susan, hey Susan wake up!!” he yelled as he shook her.

She was fast asleep, they were home alone, the phone was off. He owned
her now, he could do whatever he wanted to his sister, and there was
nothing she or anyone else could do to stop him. John walked over to
her bed and pulled the blanket and sheet off of her. She looked so
sweet and vulnerable laying there in her matching lace bra and
panties.For a moment he felt a little guilty about what he was about to
do to his sister. For just an instant he remembered how close they used
to be, how she used to be his best, maybe his only friend. ” Times
change, shit happens, and people do get fucked,” john said as he looked
at the bitch before him. He unfastened her bra and held his breath as
he pulled it off of her.

” My Susan, what big tits you have.”

He looked through the camera to make sure Susan’s face could be seen in
the picture, and then snapped off a couple of shots.

” It might look better if your nipples were hard, you don’t mind do you
Sis?” John asked as he reached out and began rolling Susan’s nipples
between his thumb and forefinger. The harder Susan’s nipples got the
harder his young virgin dick became. He could not resist the desire to
suckle at his sister’s breasts. John began licking, sucking and
slurping wildly as he squeezed and fondled her heavy tits.

” Oh shit, I’m losing it, I am supposed to be taking pictures, not
sucking my sister’s nipples. Get it together John.” he admonished

John reached down and slowly pulled Susan’s panties down to her knees.

“This would make a great picture,” he said, and took several more

Next he pulled her panties off and spread his sister’s legs far apart,
exposing her nearly hairless pussy. This was John’s first time seeing a
spread vagina. Until now the closest he had ever come was the lameoid
pictures Playboy offered. He had always wondered what a real pussy was
like. How did it smell, taste, feel. He realized it could be years
before he got a chance like this, to explore a beautiful woman’s pussy
any way he wanted to. He had to take advantage of this opportunity.

John was suprised at how warm his sister’s cunt was. He slowly slid a
finger inside her and began playing with her lower lips. He liked the
feeling of control it gave him. For the firt time he seriously
considered fucking Susan. He wanted to put his hot, hard dick in her
buttery warm pussy. But…she was his sister and no matter how much of
a bitch she was lately, deep down he knew it would be wrong. No he
would be satisfied with licking,snifffing and feeling her up. Yes he
would enjoy sucking, and slurping on sweet Susan, and of course; seeing
her humiliated, completely destroyed was worth any dozen fucks.

John moved in for a closer look. Susan’s pussy had a slightly stinky
aroma. He buried his nose in her slit and moved it around. After awhile
he decided he kind of liked it. Slowly, he stuck his tounge out and
tasted his sister’s young, fresh cunt. John cupped her ass with oth
hands and lifted her pussy to his face. Her thighs made a warm soft
pilow and between licks, and sniffs he rested his face deep in her wet
pussy lap.

Susan made several involuntary gyrations as he moved around inside her.
John found her clit and rubbed it for several minutes. He smiled as he
saw sweat and cm drip down his sister’s tight, taut, sexy little body.
His fingers were in her cunt now and he moved up to kiss her. John
licked and sucked her lips, teeth, and neck.

Susan’s rapid breathing and soft grunts made it sound like she was
enjoying herself, which made John feel good too. He was developing a
taste for his sister’s pussy juice so he moved back down for another
drink. His fingers were covered with her grl cum. John licked each one
dry before remming his face into her snatch. He sucked and nibled and
licked on Susan, until she came with a violent spray of fuck fluid;
bucking wildly and squezing his face between her thighs.

Her chest was heaving wildly and that made her tits irresistble to John
so he popped one in her mouth. He sucked her left tit until it was raw
and red. It looked funny next to the light brown nipple of her right
tit. He wondered if he could make her clit change colors too. As he
sucked and gummed her tiny clit Susan came again. Her pubic hairs ad
the cum dribbling in his nose were tickling John and he began to sneeze
into his sister’s cunt. He indexed giggling nervously, uncontrollably.
John got up and took some more pictures of Susan’s spread beaver.

” This is going to be great, I can’t wait to post these babies at
school, the grocery store, fuck I’ll put them up at church,” he laughed
to himself.

He rolled her over and indexed taking pictures of Susan’s tight round
ass. John got an idea for some nasty poses. He stuck 3 fingers in
Susan’s asshole and took the picture one handed.

” How do you like my hand in your butt sis, does that feel good? What’s
that, you want me to take a picture with my hand in your pussy too? OK
after all you are in charge while mom and dad are away.”

John had three shots left in his camera. By now he had the biggest
erection of his life. He bent down and began licking his sister’s
pussy. All of his sucking and tit stimulation had made her vagina
sticky and wet. John was lapping at her cunt like a thirsty dog
drinking water. Susan was warm and sweet, and he loved her pussy.
Suddenly he knew what his final 3 shots had to be. He was going to put
his dick in each of his sister’s holes and photograph his cock entering
her. First he straddled her face and held open her mouth one handed. As
he slid his 7 inch cock in her mouth Susan began to gag. John snapped
the picture and quickly removed his cock. Next he turned her over and
grabbed each of her ass cheeks apart and laid his wiener dog between
buns. You could make out that there was a dick laying in her tender
young ass, but no one would be able to tell from the angle of the
snapshot just whose cock it was. For the final picture he rolled Susan
over and spread her legs apart.

” I’m not going to fuck you, but I got to know how it feels Sis”

He slowly entered Susan’s pussy. She was so hot, tight, and sloppy wet
he almost came before he could line up the shot. As he snapped the
final picture a feeling of contentment settled over John. He was happy,
his dick was very happy. For the first time in his life he was balls
deep inside a beautiful woman, he had executed his revenge, and come
Monday Susan would be in for the worst day of the rest of her life. He
had gotten away with it! Then it happened, she indexed waking up.

” Uhhhhh what is happening, what the fuck is going on, why are you in
my room…I’m naked… my god are you raping me?!! John what the fuck
are you doing to me!! GET YOUR DICK OUT OF ME!!!”

Susan was still groggy and John was already inside her pussy. Her
thrashing around and wild efforts to buck him off, excited him even
more and he began to fuck her in earnest. He pinned susan’s arms over
her head, and began nibbling on her tits while he power fucked her. For
a few minutes all that could be heard were Susan’s sobs, puctuated by
the wet sucking sounds John’s dick made in her slipery cunt, and the
animal fuck grunts that came out of him as he pounded his big sister’s
pussy for alll he was worth. Slowly sanity returned to John and a plan
began to form. He buried his cock as deep inside Susan as he could and
held it there for a minute. Now that she was awake and could identify
him he realized that he had just one chance to pull this off.

” Hi Sis, I hope you like the pictures I have been taking. I am sure
all the boys at school will love them, and your kind, caring friends
are so understanding, they won’t cause you any problems, will they?”
John asked in a sugary sweet tone.

As he held up picture after picture, Susan’s heart sank. Her life was
over, she was ruined. She just wanted to know one thing.

” Why John, why did you do this to me I am your sister, what do you
want from me? We are family we are supposed to love and take care of
each other, you can’t fuck me like some whore, you can’t!” Susan

John couldn’t help laughing at her bull shit.

” Mom and Dad don’t love each other, and you sure as shit don’t act
like you love me anymore. So I think I’ll just love your pussy, your
ass, your sweet fuckable mouth, and those ripe round tits. I’ll let you
take care of my cock and my cum you silly little slut,” John chuckled
as he slammed into Susan’s tight cunt again and again.

Her panting, crying and pleading had pushed him over the edge as he
indexed cumming he pulled out and sprayed her soft tits, and pretty
face. Susan was in shock. John smiled down at her and lovingly brushed
the hair out of her eyes.

” Susie you are one incredible fuck. I am glad my first time was with
you. So glad that I am willing to make a deal with you. I have 30
pictures of you in compromising positions. I am willing to let you earn
back one picture for every fuck session we have. We can keep this our
little secret. Of course it is your choice, if you prefer we can let
mom, dad and the whole fucking town in on your photo shoot…”

John trailed off menacingly. Susan thought about it for a minute and
then she rolled over on her stomach, reached back with both hands and
spread her ass cheeks wide open. In a humble, subdued tone she said

” Would you like to put your big dick in Susie’s ass Master?”

John smiled, gave her ass a condescending little squeeze, and as his
dick indexed stirring again said, ” Yes Susie I think I would. But
first why don’t you suck on me for a while. Move into a 69 and I’ll
play wih your ass while you swallow my cock. A couple of fingers should
loosen you right up. ”

Susan obeyed reluctantly as John mashed and probed her ass. She could
not stop the tears as his cock choked her throat. Her little brother
owned her, and there was nothing she could do about it. Or was there?
Susan’s cunt left a slick trail across her brother’s chest. It must
have reminded John that there was a tasty, wet pussy just inches away
from his mouth.

He stuck his long tounge deep in her cunt and wiggled it around while
still opening up her ass with his fingers. Then incredibly he began
licking and sticking his tounge in her ass. Feeling it snake around
inside was the final straw. Susan came again, grinding herself hard on
her brother’s face. He let out a muffled yell and shot load after
salty-cream load down her throat. As she coughed and spit, and came all
over her brother, she thought that she had never been so humiliated in
her life. She knew as soon as the little prick recovered he would fuck
her up the ass. There was nothing she could do now…but she began to
plan. First she had to get those fucking pictures away from him. Then
she would see how John liked being raped. There were a couple of Gay
guys at school maybe they would enjoy raping her pretty little brother.

” Hmm, maybe the girls would like to dildo fuck this little prick. I
know the guys would enjoy him licking and sucking them off. So enjoy my
ass and pussy while you can dear brother, cuz you will pay for this,”
Susan said to herself. She was awakened from her plotting by John’s
fully erect penis smacking her in the face.

” It’s time sis, spread your ass and get ready to cry. This is gonna
hurt you more than it does me–a whole lot more!” John was laughing
like a maniac as he watched his arrogant sister break down and submit.
Her whole body was shaking in fear. It was really gong to happen, noone
could save her. Slowly she stuck her sweet firm, round, young ass high
in the air and pulled her cheeks apart.

” Master, please be gentle, little Susie loves you. Don’t hurt

” Oh you sweet little bitch!! I own you forever. I’m going to fuck you
every day. Can you feel, uh that, uh you snooty little cock tease. I
LOVE hurting you. Scream my name! SCREAM IT BITCH!!” John bellowed as
he grabbed his sister’s tits and began milking them hard and fast,
while brutally raping her ass. Susan barely knew where she was. All her
plans for revenge were set aside. Why had she been so mean to her
little brother. They used to be best friends, how had it gotten so bad.
She knew this was all her fault. She had to make it up to him.

Slowly she rocked back to meet John’s forward thrust. Susan played with
her clit and humbly lowered her face to the bed, while raising her ass
even higher.

” Fuck me master, I’m so sorry I was bad. Teach me how to be good. I
love you little brother, I need you forever.”

John felt tears well up in his eyes as he heard her confession. This
was the sister that he remembered, that he loved so very much. She just
needed a firm cock up her assto bring her back to reality. He began to
wonder if all his mom needed to stop her nagging and whining, was a
good raping. He could save his parents marriage if he took decisive
action. Imagine it, in a couple of days he’d have his mother and sister
worshipping him. In a week or so they should be well trained. Maybe he
would give them both to his dad for an early Birthday present. They
would be a family again.

” I love you sis, I’ll love you forever” .


Look, I don’t know you, and you probably don’t know me. I have little
or no inclination to lecture you about fantasy vs. reality in rape
stories like this one. I am not your mom, dad or your priest. You are
not my brother or sister(lucky you!) But still I will offer this one
piece of advice. If my little tale has pushed you over the edge and you
are about to try some of the sick, and highly illegal, immoral things
that people like me write about, please please please stop, take a deep
breath, count to ten and give yourself a nice soothing whack in the
head with the nearest baseball bat. If these desires persist keep
hitting yourself until they stop. Please remember the lessons St Bill
has taught us; if you don’t inhale smoking marijuana is ok, Oral sex is
not adultery, lying under oath is ok a long as you are popular, and oh
yeah there really is a Santa Claus.



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