It no longer belongs to her BF

It no longer belongs to her BFThe poor dude getting dominated in this scene from Abused Witness will have to withstand one hell of a brutal show when a bossy freak opens his GF’s legs in front of him and… Fucks the hell out of her sleazy cunt!

# Breakdown

” Just what I needed” thought Sandy. Bad enough that she had to work
late to get that report out for Mr. Davis, now her car just up and quit
running. She turned the key in the ignition, and frowned as absolutely
nothing happened. Realizing that she would have to call for a tow
truck, she looked around the rundown neighborhood. There was no phone
booth on the street, The drugstore and a small mom and pop grocery were
both closed at this time of night The apartment buildings were dark and
mostly deserted. The only sign of life was a seedy looking bar halfway
down the street. Sandy considered staying in her car in the hopes that
a police cruiser might show up, but realized that she might wait all
night for that to happen. Although the bar wasn’t the type of place she
felt comfortable going into, she reasoned that since she would only
stay long enough to use the pay phone and then quickly leave, she
should be safe enough.

Sandy opened the car door and stepped out onto the pavement. At 28
years old, she was an extremely attractive young lady. She stood five
foot five and weighed 118 pounds. She had a good figure with long, well
shaped legs. Her light blond hair fell below her shoulders. On this
particular night, Sandy was wearing a black wrap around skirt decorated
with yellow-gold flowers, a yellow-gold satin blouse, light colored
nylons and black patent high heels with straps around the ankles. As
she indexed down the street, a gust of wind caught her skirt, blowing
it open for an instant, revealing that she was wearing a black cincher
and nylon stockings rather than pantyhose.

Sandy reached the bar and pushed open the door. The place was dimly lit
and smelled musty, She thought that you could probably cut the smoke
with a knife. The patrons became deathly quiet and stared at her as she
walked towards the bat. It was only now that Sandy realized that the
dozen or so patrons were all rough looking black males, as was the

” Excuse me,” she addressed the bartender, ” my car broke down and I
need to call a tow truck. Do you have a payphone?”

” Before the bartender could respond, the man sitting next to Sandy
turned to her and said ” You think that gives you the right to come
into our place, bitch?”

Sandy was taken aback. The blacks she knew at work were educated, well
spoken people, She wasn’t accustomed toe being addressed in such a

” I…I..ju..just want to…..” Sandy began to stammer.

” Nobody gives a shit what you want, bitch. You got that?” the big man
interrupted her.

Sandy looked around, hoping that someone would stick up for her. It
became quickly obvious that nobody, including the bartender would side
with her. Sandy was becoming afraid. She turned to index for the door,
but a second man blocked her way. Grabbing her by the arms he pulled
her against him.

” Where you think you goin’ bitch.”

” Let go of me!” Sandy pleaded as she struggled in his arms.

” Oh, we’ll let you go alright. Just soon as we done with you. You come
into our place, you got to pay the toll.”

” You tell her, Nate” she heard someone yell.

With his left arm crushing Sandy to him, Nate grabbed her hair with his
right had, pulling her head back.

” No! Let go of me! Pleasmmummph…” she began pleading as Nate’s mouth
crushed down on hers. She felt his tongue forcing it’s way into her
mouth. She struggled against him, but he was too big, too strong.
Suddenly she felt herself torn from Nate’s grip.

” Quit hoggin’ her, man.” It was the big man who had first spoken to

” Please don’t! Stop it! Please leave me alone.” She begged. He had her
pinned against the bar. Kissing her neck while he kneaded her breast
with one hand. Sandy was terrified. He was being rough, hurting her,
and she knew he was doing it on purpose. He grabbed the top of her
blouse and pulled sharply, tearing all the buttons off and exposing her
black lace bra.

” Somebody help me! Please! MAKE HIM STOP!!” Sandy only heard laughter
in response.

” Get her to the pool table” she heard someone yell, as two more men
grabbed her arms and began dragging her across the floor.

” Don’t! Please don’t. Oh God, please help me. Somebody PLEASE HELP

The two men threw Sandy onto the pool table and pinned her arms down.
Her hips were on the rail and her legs dangled off the edge of the
table. The wrap around skirt had fallen open, exposing her lower body
to everyone in the bar. She felt the big man’s hand reach for her, felt
him grab the crotch of the panties she wore under the open bottom

” Oh no! Please leave me alone! Please don’t hurt me!” Sandy was crying
as she begged, the tears burning her cheeks, but the big man couldn’t
have cared less. The delicate nylon panties were no match for the force
placed against them. Sandy heard the material ripping, then felt it as
the panties were torn from her body.

” Shit man” the attacker said ” the bitch is a real blond!!”

Sandy tried to kick him, but her position was to awkward. The big man
was moved between Sandy’s legs, rubbing her nylon encased thigh with
one hand while he undid his pants with the other.

” Bet you ain’t never had a black dick before, have you bitch? You in
for a treat tonight.”

Sandy felt the head of his dick press against her vagina. She tried
squirming away from him, but there was no escape.

” Don’t!! Please don’t” Sandy begged as she felt him begin to enter
her. ” Pleas leave me alone, I don’t want to please stop please please
oh God NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!” she screamed and arched her back as he slammed
himself full force into her dry vagina. ” Oh God pleas stop!! Please
STOP! It hurts. Oh God you’re hurting me.”

The rapist grabbed Sandy’s legs, placing his arms under her knees so he
could lift her legs and penetrate her more deeply. Her blouse was
hanging open to each side of her. He pushed her legs high enough that
he could grab her breasts with both hands. Sandy could see her high
heeled feet pointing towards the ceiling. Sandy felt as if she were
being torn in half as the big man continued driving into her as fast
and as hard as he could. She had never before felt so much pain or
frustration. She was being used like a piece of meat, and there was
nothing she could do to stop it.

She could hear her attacker beginning to groan, his breathing getting
faster as he approached orgasm. A new terror filled Sandy as she
realized she could end up pregnant.

” NO,'” she screamed as she began crying harder, nearly hysterical now

Sandy felt him drive himself deeply into her and hold myself there. She
felt him squirting his cum deep inside her vagina. She was crying,
weeping uncontrollably. This couldn’t be happening to her. It couldn’t
be. She felt him withdraw from her as he dropped her legs.

” NEXT!” he yelled, and Sandy was filled with a new dread. She thought
it would be over when the big man had finished with her, but now she
realized the horrible truth. Everyone of the men in the bar was
planning to use her, and she was completely helpless. She could see the
next one moving toward her, opening his pants as he came. Sandy clamped
her eyes shut, shaking her head back and forth as she pleaded.

” No more. Please no more. What did I do? Why are you doing this to
me?” she sobbed out the words. ” Nooo, please, you’re hurting me. NO
MORE! IT HURTS! OHHHGOODDD!!” she cried as the rapist jammed himself
deeply into her.

He continued his assault, withdrawing almost completely from her and
then driving suddenly back into her. He continued pounding into her,
faster and faster until he unloaded his cum inside her, ignoring her
begging him not to.

Sandy didn’t know how much more she could take. Three more times she
was raped, her legs still dangling off of the pool table while her arms
were pinned above her head. Three more times her rapists ignored her
pleas and came deep inside of her. Sandy was sure it couldn’t get any
worse as the sixth man approached her. She was wrong.

” Dat pussies gettin’ sloppy, man,” he said .” Flip her ass over!”

Sandy’s eyes got huge as she realized what he meant. ” NO!! GOD NO, NOT

The two men who were holding her arms down now pulled Sandy off the
pool table. Sandy tried to fight, but they were to strong. While she
was up, they finished tearing off her blouse and skirt, leaving her in
nothing save her bra, cincher, nylons and high heels. Turning her
around, they forced her to bend over the table, face down, her feet
still on the floor.

Sandy was terrified. She had allowed her husband to try anal sex with
her one time. It had hurt to much and they had to quit before he had
even entered her all the way, even though he had been as gentle as
possible. Sandy knew that the animal about to mount her was not going
to even consider being gentle. She knew it was a waste, but still she

” Don’t do this. Please not this, I CAN’T TAKE IT. God PLEASE don’t do

Sandy felt him move between her legs, felt him place his dick against
her rectum. The only lubricant was the cum of her previous rapists that
had run down between her legs. She felt him pressing against her ” Oh
God please don’t” felt her beginning to spread her asshole ” Don’t!
Please don’t” felt him beginning to enter her ” N-N-N-NOO-OO-OO PLEASE”
felt him driving into her, withdrawing and then driving deeper ” JESUS
PLEASE STOP! PLEASE STOP !!!” felt it as she suddenly opened up to him
and he dove the full length of his shaft deep into her bowels ”

He held himself inside her, impaling he on his dick, pressing as deeply
as possible into her while gyrating against Sandy’s hips. This was
intended to cause Sandy as much pain as possible.

” No more!” she cried ” Please no more. Oh God I can’t take this!
Please stop!”

” Go man, go! Fuck her good!” somebody yelled. Sandy realized that as
well as being raped, she was a floor show for these animals. Her shame
increased with that realization.

Now the anal rape began in earnest Her attacker withdrew his dick until
nothing was left inside her but the head. He moved slowly for a moment,
moving into her just a little and then withdrawing again. Suddenly and
without Warning !!, he lunged forward, driving himself brutally into
her. Sandy screamed, her back arching and her head snapping back. The
rapist kept pounding into her, driving himself into her as fast and
hard as he could. Sandy felt as if she was loosing her mind. She only
wanted it to be over, to have this animal out of her.

” Please,” she begged, ” please hurry. Please hurry. Ah ah ah ah ah
oohhwwwww please hurry!”

Faster and faster he drove himself into her, until finally he came,
spraying his cum deep inside Sandy’s bowels. Sandy was sobbing as he
withdrew from her. Then, to her horror, she felt a second one move
between her legs. Well lubricated with the previous rapist’s cum, the
next one had no difficulty entering Sandy’s asshole and driving into
her. Sandy continued crying and begging, but it did no good. One after
another, seven men raped Sandy anally, each one shooting his cum into
her bowels. Sandy had given up fighting. Nearly in shock, she laid on
the table, her eyes closed, waiting for it to be over. Once they had
all used her, Sandy was pulled all the way onto the pool table and left
laying there, curled into the fetal position. In shock, Sandy laid
there, not moving, terrified to do so. The men were at the bar,
drinking and laughing. Sandy had no idea how long she lay there before
she heard on of them say ” Shit, I think I’ll have some more of that

Sandy heard him coming toward her. Still she lay there, not moving. She
felt his hand on her shoulder and she didn’t resist as he rolled her
onto her back. He climbed onto the pool table and knelt between her
legs. She watched with a dazed expression as he undid his pants,
pulling his dick into view.

” No…” Sandy said softly as he lowered himself on top of her, her
voice hardly more than a whisper ” …please no more. Please.”

She felt him enter her, his weight crushing her to the pool table. He
took a handful of hair, bending her head back, kissing her and forcing
his tongue deep into her mouth while his other hand fondled her breast.
She felt him moving inside her, faster and harder, his breathing
becoming more ragged. She closed her eyes tightly and whimpered as she
felt him cum, depositing his load inside her. This show aroused the
others, and Sandy lay unresisting, staring at the ceiling and crying
softly, while the other men again began taking turns on top of her.

Seven of them had finished using her when the eighth climbed onto the
table, and instead of moving between her legs, knelt over her chest.
This brought Sandy out of her lethargic state, filling her with a new

” No! You can’t! I WON’T LET YOU!!”

” Grab her hands!” the rapist yelled as Sandy again began fighting.

Two men ran up, one on each side of the table, and pinned Sandy’s
wrists straight out to her sides. Sandy was kicking with her legs,
digging against the table with her high heels, trying to move herself
away from her attacker. She was arching her back and snapping her head
from side to side. Her rapist grabbed the hair on each side of her head
and twisted forcing Sandy to scream in pain.

This was the opening he had been looking for. As Sandy screamed, he
jammed his dick into her mouth. Sandy was once again helpless, her arms
pinned to the table as she choked and gagged on the dick that was being
forced in and out of her throat. As her rapist continued to fuck her in
the mouth, Sandy kept trying to get away from him. Arching her back and
digging her heels into the table, her hips moving back and forth as she
tried to free herself. As the dick was driven deep into her throat, she
felt a second man move between her legs.

She tried to scream as the second dick entered her pussy, driving into
her without mercy, but the dick that was choking her prevented it.
Sandy couldn’t believe that she was being fucked in the vagina and the
mouth at the same time. The rapist fucking her mouth began keeping his
dick lodged in her throat so she couldn’t breathe. As she began to feel
as if she were suffocating, she began fighting harder, digging in her
heels and flinging her hips wildly in an attempt to break free. This
had the unintended affect of impaling herself on the vaginal rapist,
almost as if she were trying to give him the ride of his life. She felt
the second rapist begin to cum inside her almost instantly, the one in
her mouth drove as deep into her as he could and began shooting cum
down her throat. Sandy was choking, but had no choice other than to
swallow the cum.

As the depleted rapists climbed off of Sandy, two more climbed onto the
table, one kneeling between her legs and the other sitting on her
chest. Sandy tried to fight, but it was useless. She screamed and cried
and begged for mercy, but there was no mercy. Once again she felt the
dick of a rapist violating her throat, choking and gagging her, while a
second drove himself into her pussy. Sandy lost track of how many times
she was raped. She had no idea how many times people had cum in her
vagina. She had no idea how many times people had cum in her bowels.
She had no idea how many times people had cum in her throat. Sandy
completely lost track of time.

Finally, after hours of abuse, her rapists were satisfied. Her skirt,
blouse and panties completely destroyed, they pushed her purse into her
hands and shoved her out the door. Still wearing only her bra, cincher,
nylons and high heels, Sandy stumbled down the street towards her car.
Reaching it, she climbed inside and locked the door. Collapsing onto
the seat, Sandy laid there crying. She was still there when the police
found her the next morning.



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