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# Janie’s (Car) Jacked

Janie is a good looking lady in her early 30’s. She has short dark
brown hair, pretty green eyes and a really nice figure. Her 34B cup
tits are smallish, but are pretty firm for her age, and she works out
regularly to keep her waist trim and her butt tight. She’s been married
to a wealthy man in his early 40’s for just over five years. This story
takes place on a weekday morning at about 10:30 a.m. when Janie was on
her way to meet a friend for lunch. You see, because Janie’s husband
makes such a good living as a Stock Broker, she doesn’t need to work
like so many other women these days. Therefore, she spends her free
time running around with her rich girl friends, shopping at expensive
clothing stores or maybe having lunch with her husband and his clients
at the country club.

This particular day seemed like any other. Janie had just pulled her
new S600 Mercedes-Benz sedan into the service station near her home to
get fuel. After deciding that she wanted to grab a soda for the drive
across town to her friends house, she sauntered into the stations
mini-market, and didn’t think to lock her car door first. That small
detail, would prove to be a huge mistake on this day.

Across the street sat Jerome, a young black man from South Central Los
Angeles, an area well known for gang activity. His only concern on this
particular day was to bring back a nice car for the gang leader, as an
initiation to the 3rd Street Gang.

” Jack-pot” exclaimed Jerome, when he spotted the shiny black Mercedes
sitting across the street. ” I gonna get that mother-fucker…, bitch
and all” he said to himself.

With that, Jerome quickly ran across the street, and after looking over
his shoulder to make sure nobody had noticed him, he slipped into the
back seat of her car. After pulling a coat that she had left on the
seat over himself, he laid on the floor to wait for the lady’s return.

After Janie paid for her drink, she casually returned to her car as it
sat with the fuel pump nozzle still in the car’s tank. Jerome peaked up
at her as she stood at the side of the car removing the filler, sipping
on her soda.

” Shit” he mumbled to himself, hoping she didn’t spot him lying there.

But she didn’t. Janie replaced the filler on the pump, and after
grabbing the receipt, climbed into the car, and indexed the engine.
Jerome waited patently for the right time to make his move. He could
tell by the way the car turned and braked frequently that they must
have been in a residential area. When he felt the car come to a stop,
he popped up behind her, and placed his handgun up to her neck.

” Don’t make a fucking sound or I’ll blow a god-dammed hole in you,
bitch” he yelled into her ear.

” Shit” Janie screamed, in complete terror. She was totally taken off
guard, and didn’t know what to do. She could feel the cold stainless
steel barrel of his 9mm Smith & Wesson pressed against her throat. As
she sat there at the stop sign, the car began creeping forward because
her legs were shaking so bad, she could barely hold pressure on the
brake pedal.

” Go Bitch” yelled Jerome, ” Turn left here” he ordered.

As Janie drove off, Jerome shouted directions as he crouched behind
her, trying to stay out of sight.

Janie knew then that she would certainly be killed that day. As they
drove on for several miles, Janie tried pleading with her captor, but
it was no use.

” Shut-up Bitch” was all he would say as they headed deeper and deeper
into the inner city. The surrounding buildings had bars on the doors
and windows, and graffiti was painted everywhere she looked. Suddenly,
Jerome ordered her to turn into an ally behind a shabby old apartment

” This is it” she thought to herself. ” He’s going to kill me now”

” Move over” he ordered, as he climbed into the front seat, shoving her
into the passenger side of the car.

Janie indexed to reach for the door handle, when the man pushed the gun
barrel into her ribcage hard enough to cause her cry-out.

” Oooouch, shit”

” Try that again you fucking whore, and I’ll put a cap in ya” warned

This was the first time she had actually got a good look at the man who
was car-jacking her that day. He wasn’t a man at all, but a teenage boy
was a better description of him. He looked about 17 or 18 years old. He
had very short hair, and a goatee. He was wearing long legged baggy
shorts, expensive tennis shoes, and a black tee shirt. She also noticed
his watch, it was a gold Rolex. ” No doubt stolen” , she thought to

” Get down on the floor, bitch” he screamed, pointing the gun just
inches from her face.

Janie did as she was told, hoping that maybe, just maybe he’d spare her
life that day.

The tires squealed as he raced down the narrow ally, and the car leaned
hard and bounced as he turned down the street at the end of the road.
Janie had no idea where she was, but knew it was an area that she would
never go into by choice.

After a couple more miles, the car slowed down, and stopped abruptly.
Jerome lowered the drivers window, and another black man approached the

” Hey, nice ride Brother” said the man, as he stepped back and admired
the car.

” Check out the bitch that came with it” said Jerome as he pointed at
Janie curled up on the floor next to him.

” Yo, Brother, you got yourself a new girlfriend” his friend said

” Come on Bro, I’m heading over to Jackson’s… let’s go” said Jerome.

Kenneth, who was one of the other gang members, jumped across the hood
of the black Mercedes and climbed into the passenger seat, practically
sitting on Janie.

” Brother, this is a fine ride you got, but the white bitch is gonna
make Jackson one happy mother-fucker” laughed Kenneth.

” Ya, I know, I just hope the bitch fucks good, you know” said Jerome.

Janie’s nightmare was quickly getting worse. At this point, she was now
wishing that he would have just killed her. Her body shook, and her
head spun. She felt like she was going to pass out with fear. The two
men laughed and joked as they drove the car to the next destination.
Kenneth kept reaching down and grabbing Janie’s breasts and ass as they
drove through town. At one point Kenneth reached under her lacy bra,
and pinched her nipple hard. When Janie cried out in pain, he just
laughed and did it again. Soon, Janie felt the car slow down, and pull
into a driveway. Then it got darker as the car was slowly pulled into a
garage, and the door was closed behind them. She could hear voices
surrounding the vehicle making comments about how nice the Mercedes
was, but as soon as Jerome pointed to the beauty curled up on the
floor, the conversations switched gears.

” Whoo, little Brother” exclaimed Jackson, the gangs leader. ” You done

” Get out the car” ordered Jackson. ” I want to see that white bitch on
her knees in front of me, ….right now” he yelled.

” You heard the man” replied Jerome, ” Get the fuck out of the car,

Fearing for her life, Janie sat up and opened the car door slowly, and
indexed to walk around the car towards the man called Jackson.

” Hurry up you little fucking rich whore, get your white ass over here
now” he yelled impatiently.

Janie walked up to Jackson, and stood before him in her $400.00 short
satin dress, and Italian made sandals. She felt pee running down her
leg, and she stood before the man that towered above her, in that
dingy, dirty garage.

The other men laughed as they noticed the wet stream running down her
leg, and onto the concrete floor. Janie’s legs were trembling beneath

” What the fuck is that?” Jackson yelled, pointing at the puddle she
had just made. ” Turn around whore” he ordered.

As she turned and faced the car, he grabbed the back of her dress and
indexed to pull it up in back to check out her ass. Out of sheer reflex
she reached back to stop him, but a slap to the back of her head
stopped her quickly. Tears ran down her cheeks as Jackson shoved her
down onto the trunk of the car, and pulled her dress up over her ass

” Nice Booty huh?” he said, laughing to his friends.

” Ya, it looks good enough to fuck, Jackson” said one of the guys
standing next to them.

” Come on Bro, lets fuck this bitch” said another.

” Please, just let me go” pleaded Janie ” Keep the car, but let me
go….I won’t call the Police”

” Ya right, Bitch” said Jerome ” You’d have my black ass in jail in a
no time” he said as he reached over and grabbed her by the back of the
neck. ” I say we just fuck this whore, and dump her ass in the ocean
when we’re done” .

” We ain’t killing nobody, you dumb mother-fucker” replied Jackson. ”
But we is for sure gonna fuck her white ass” .

” Please noooo” cried Janie. Her nightmare was fast becoming a living

Jackson reached down and cupped his hand over her cunt mound from
behind, and gave it a squeeze. Then, sticking his fingers under her
silky panties, he ripped them from her body with a hard yank upwards.

Janie winced from the pain caused by the material digging into the
delicate skin between her legs. She indexed to struggle, but two men
quickly grabbed her arms and pulled them across the car’s trunk. As she
laid across the deck lid, with her arms held tightly, Jackson stepped
up between her legs, and pushed them apart with his knees. She heard
the sound of his zipper, then felt him drop his pants between her
outstretched legs. She knew she was about to raped as the gang of men
watched, but could do nothing to stop it. Looking around the garage,
she counted seven men, but could even hear more voices behind her.

” I ain’t fucked a white bitch in weeks” commented Jackson ” I bet your
pussy never had a black man before, …..ain’t that right?” He asked.

Janie didn’t say a word. She was in total shock, and could not believe
what was happening.

” He asked you a question, whore” yelled Jerome ” Now answer him”

” Noooo” cried Janie

” NO, WHAT?” he yelled into her ear.

” I’ve…..I’ve never been…. wwwwith a black man” she mumbled, with
tears streaming from her eyes.

Jackson rudely spat on his hand and smeared it on his eight-inch cock.
Pressing it against her cunt, he said ” Well, here it comes bitch” as
he forced it into her slit.

” Ughhhh” groaned Janie. Not only was she not physically ready for sex,
but the man was much bigger than she was used to.

” Oh ya, the little white bitch’s pussy is real tight” commented
Jackson. ” I’m gonna fuck her good”

Janie was being pounded against the side of her Mercedes as the big
black man power fucked her from behind, slamming deep into her body
with each thrust. Soon her pussy began producing moisture, making it
less painful.

” The little whore is getting all wet down there” laughed Jackson. ”
You digging this, aren’t you slut? I bet you enjoying getting fucked by
a real man…..and I bet being watched make it even better, huh? One o’
them exhibitionist bitches, right?” he said looking over at his

Of course, Janie didn’t say a word as he continued his assault on her.
She just hoped that soon it would be over, and the men would let her

Without Warning !!, Jackson pulled his cock from Janie’s pussy, and
guided it to her anus. ” I gonna fuck your white ass now bitch, so get

” Oh God, please noooo” pleaded Janie ” Not that”

Jackson held her hips tight, and forced half of his fat cock into her
tight ass with one hard push. ” Ugh, ugh, ugh” he grunted, as he
attempted to bury his shaft into her tight puckered hole.

” Ohhhhh God, ohhhhh owwwww” Janie cried out loudly as his cock pushed
deeper and deeper into her asshole. Janie had never had anal sex
before, and the pain was overwhelming. It felt like his cock was going
to tear her asshole open, and push into her stomach.

The feeling of her tight ass was too much for Jackson, he could feel
himself getting ready to cum his load. ” I’m gonna shoot my funk into
your white ass bitch” he said, pumping as hard as he could. ” Oh
yaaaaaa” he groaned as his sperm shot deep into her.

Janie could feel his cock twitching and pulsing as he pumped his male
seed into her bowels. His warm cum was seeping out, and was indexing to
run down her legs. Jackson held her tight as his orgasm subsided. Then,
as he pulled his deflating cock from her ass, a big drop of slimy cum
dripped onto the floor below them.

” Your next” he said to his friend Kenneth. ” Fuck her little white ass
reeeeal good” he said with a smile on his face.

Janie knew then that this wasn’t just going to be rape, but rather a
long brutal gang rape, and there was nothing she could do to stop it
either. Succumbing to the inevitable, she laid her head on the cold
steel of the car’s deck lid, and let the men take turns fucking her in
the ass, one after another. After the third man indexed doing her ass,
that pain she had experienced the first couple times, was gone. Her
body was almost numb, she felt no pain, only the constant pounding of
her hips against the side of her car, and an occasional groping of her
breasts by the two men that were still holding her arms. One after
another, then men fucked her ass, and shot their load of hot cum into
Janie’s once virgin anus. Only a couple of the men decided to fuck her
cunt. One was a large man, they called Dwain. He was about 61/2 feet
tall, and weighed about 250 pounds. His cock was huge, at least 9
inches long, and as thick as your wrist. Janie was thankful he decided
to take her vagina, rather than her ass, because he would have surely
caused serious damage to her colon had he attempted to stuff this
monster into her small puckered asshole.

” Come here bitch” said Dwain in a deep voice. He easily lifted her up
onto the rear deck of her car. Stepping between her legs, he pushed his
massive cockhead up against her pussy lips. ” I’m gonna fuck that white
pussy of yours…..real good” he added. With that, Dwain inched his
huge fuck stick into Janie’s cunt.

Her eyes rolled back, and she watched his long black cock disappear
between her legs. She could feel it going deeper and deeper into her,
filling her like no other man has ever done before. His thick cock
stretched her cunt, and the massive head soon pressed against the back
of her womb. As he began to piston in and out, she could sense an
unwelcome feeling. His fat cock was rubbing hard against her now
engorged clitoris. Janie wanted nothing more that this ordeal to be
over… the thought of this man making her reach orgasm, sickened her.
Thinking that she had to be mentally into it, to actually have an
orgasm, she let her guard down, and soon her body made the decision to
cum for her.

” Oh God” she moaned. How could that be? she thought to herself… this
is not right. But just moments later an orgasm hit Janie like a freight

” Oh, oh, oh Goddddd” she moaned out load. She was cumming like never
before as the man continued fucking her tight cunt. Before she realized
it, she had clamped her legs around the mans waist, and he was shooting
her full of his sperm.

” I made the little white bitch cum” Dwain bragged to his friends. ” I
bet you never want a white man again” he said, as he pulled his shiny
black cock from her dripping wet cunt.

Janie was so ashamed she could have died right then, but Jackson broke
up the laughter with an order.

” Get on yer knees whore” he yelled at Janie ” It’s time for a blow job

Janie pleaded with him. ” Please let me go now, I’ve done everything
you’ve asked” she cried.

Jackson slapped her across the face hard enough to send her to the
floor. ” Don’t make me tell you again, whore”

Janie knelt before him on the dirty floor of the garage as the men
gathered around to watch.

” Now suck my black dick” he said, holding it out proudly.

Janie took it in her hand, and did as she was told. The smell and taste
sickened her, he hadn’t cleaned it since he had fucked her ass earlier.
But she knew if she resisted, he would surely beat her into submission.
Soon she was sucking his cock with as much enthusiasm as she could
muster. Knowing that the sooner he came, the sooner it would be over,
so she tried to make him cum as quickly as she could.

Within three or four minutes Jackson grunted, ” Gonna cum”

Janie could feel his cock twitch, then pulse once and then twice.
Suddenly a gush of warm semen rushed into her mouth. Janie indexed to
pull away, until Jackson held her head tight in has large hands, and
pressed the back of her head against the car door, forcing his cock
into her mouth.

” Uuhhhggg” Janie indexed to gag on it as he pushed it down her throat.

” Oh ya, swallow my cum whore” he ordered.

Not wanting to choke on it again, Janie concentrated on breathing
through her nose as his slimy sperm kept flowing from his cock, and
into her waiting mouth. She had sucked her husbands cock many times,
but never did he cum as much as this man. His cock pulsed again, and
another shot of cum squirted from his erection, and went straight down
her throat. Janie milked the remaining cum from his cock, and let it
slip from her saliva and sperm covered lips.

” You know, you white bitches are good cocksuckers, you know that” ?
commented Jackson. ” I reckon you can go now” he said, while looking at
the other men standing around the garage. ” What you think, boys?” he
asked the gang.

” What about me” called out Jerome ” I didn’t get my turn with the
white slut”

” Ah man, I almost forgot about you” said Jackson.

” Ya, I want some of that Bitches ass too” Jerome replied.

” Turn around and get on yer knees bitch” demanded Jackson ” Put your
head down on the floor, and stick your ass up in the air. I want my boy
here to have easy access to that white ass of yours” he laughed.

” Come here Jerome, you can have all you want” said Jackson.

The gang all knew what was coming, so they broke out in laughter, and
patted the young man on the back.

” Go for it Jerome” they all cheered, as he stepped up behind her and
pulled down his shorts.

” Wait right there” said Jackson. ” Give him the straw” he said to one
of the other men. A tall thin man handed Jackson a glass straw that was
about 18-inches long.

” Straw, ….what’s that for?” questioned Jerome.

” That’s for sucking the cum from white bitches ass” he laughed out

” No way” said Jerome ” You’re fucking joking right?”

” You either suck the bitch clean, or we all gonna fuck your black ass”
said Jackson, with a very serious look on his face.

Jerome stood there with a surprised look on his young face, not knowing
what to say.

” You want to be a 3rd Street Brother, right?” said Jackson.

” Ya, you know I do Jackson” replied young Jerome.

” Well then, index sucking Boy” said Jackson.

” Fuck” grunted Jerome as he took the straw, and slowly knelt down
behind Janie.

One of the other men held her head tight against the cold and dirty
concrete floor of the garage. ” Don’t move, or that glass tube will
break right off in that pretty white ass of yours, Bitch” he warned.

Janie felt the cool glass tube slip into her ass as Jerome carefully
pushed it in about three-inches, then held it still. Looking up at his
buddies, and hoping maybe all this was just a bad joke, he smiled.

” Do it” ordered Jackson.

Jerome put his lips to the tube, and indexed to suck, but nothing

” Put it in deeper” one of the men said. ” My cum is real deep in the
Bitches ass” he laughed.

Jerome pushed the straw in another three or four inches, then tried
again. This time he was getting resistance, and the men’s milky fluid
was indexing to rise in the clear tube. He watched carefully as he
slowly sucked on the tube, seeing the cum rise towards his mouth. As it
got closer, the men indexed to cheer and laugh.

” I think that’s my cum” said one man.

” No that’s mine” said another. ” Tell everyone how good my cum tastes
Boy” he continued.

As Jerome tasted the first bit of semen, he considered spitting it out,
but knew he too would be raped if he did. Besides, he really wanted to
be a 3rd Street Brother like his friends. ” Fuck it” he thought. With
that he sucked hard on the glass straw, and the slimy cum shot into his

” Ugh, ugh, ugh” Jerome gagged and almost puked, but he finally
swallowed the cum from Janie’s asshole.

” That was good, Jerome, but I never told you had to swallow it”
Jackson said laughing.

” Fuck you guys” said Jerome. ” You guys suck, man”

” No, …… ha, ha, ha, You suck” replied Kenneth, almost falling to
the floor he was laughing so hard.

” Okay, you’re in” said Jackson to Jerome. ” Now fuck that Bitch and
then get her white ass outta here. And don’t let nobody see you dump
her off either.” He added.

With that, Jerome pulled the glass tube out of her ass, and mounted
Janie like a dog, sticking his cock into her well fucked cunt.

” My turn Bitch” he grunted, as his cock slid into her cum soaked

Janie was beyond humiliation at this point. All she could hope for was
that this was truly her last taking, and that they would be letting her
go soon.

Jerome pumped his meat hard and fast into Janies abused pussy, the
slapping sounds filled the garage as he pounded her from behind, making
sure he fucked her good.

” Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh” he groaned, as he kept fucking and fucking poor
Janie’s cunt.

With her face still pressed to the concrete floor, Janie just knelt
there and waited for the young man to cum, and hoped the nightmarish
ordeal would soon be over.

” Oh yea” he grunted. ” I’m gonna cum all over you Bitch” he said as he
pulled his erect cock from her cunt.

Jerome pressed his black cock between her ass cheeks, and gave it the
last final strokes needed to send his cum flying. The first shot
squirted from his cock head like a string, landing across her back,
nearly hitting her on the back of the head. The remaining shots sent
white globs of his pearly semen landing all over her well tanned back.
As Jerome milked the remaining cum from his cock, he wiped it on her
smooth white upturned ass.

” That’s a good Bitch” he said, as he stood up behind her, and gave her
a slap on the ass.

Suddenly, Janie felt a sharp pain in her hip, then she blacked out.
When she woke up, she found herself laying in a drainage ditch next to
the freeway, about a mile from where she had stopped for gas. Her
pretty dress was dirty and torn, her ass and pussy were sore, and her
new car was never found, but she was thankful to be alive.

The End



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