Wanker watches his boo fuck

Wanker watches his boo fuckThis wanker’s addiction to porn movies is taking a new twist at Abused Witness tonight. This time he will be watching a hardcore show live – bound to a chair, his dear girlfriend getting nailed by a rude freak in front of him!

# A Happen Chance

I am 26 years old and my fiancee Linda is 23 years old. We have been
seeing each other for two years now. Although things have been going
fairly well, we’ve got good jobs, we’re engaged, got a house and in are
love, something is missing. Linda really doesn’t like sex that much.
Whenever we have sex it would seem like she was going through the
motions, this is driving me fucking nuts.

It indexed to get to the point where I needed indexed thinking about
other women while I was banging Linda. After a while that got boring
too, so now I have indexed dreaming up scenarios during sex. Linda has
noticed this new resurgence as well. During our last fuck session she
really got into it when I indexed getting rougher with her. I thought,
hey maybe I am on to something here.

I had planned it all week, I was going to greet her at the door on
Friday afterwork and just take her, no questions asked, and give her
all 8 inches of my fat cock. I told her that morning I had a big
surprise for her when she got home and she was pretty excited to here
that, little did she know what it was. She told me she would rush home
and we’d go for dinner. I thought about it all day at work and it made
me hard as a rock during the day.

Even the receptionist, a real hottie at work, 19 year old blonde bimbo
with a set of tits to die for, and an ass she loved showing off when
she walked noticed the bulge in my pants, that only made me more horny
than ever. More than once I have fucked that blonde bitch in my mind
when Linda and I shagged. When I got home that day I had a couple shots
of JD and waited for her to come home. The phone rang and it was Linda
explaining that she had to stay late to finish a deadline her boss gave
her today.

“Fuck! Just fucking great” I thought, “I am too fucking worked up and
horny to wait for that bitch, I am outta here” and left to get some

I took my usual route when I needed to blow off some steam, I’d walk
down by the golf course and catch the occasional peeping tom show at
the local houses. As it turns out I walked for quite some time and it
was pretty late, as I was heading back I noticed a house with three
young chicks in it laughing, drinking and listening to some music. I
snuck up beside the rear sliding kitchen door and looked in.

“Holy shit, these little tighties are fucking hot” I said to myself.

They were maybe 16 or 17 and delicious. The first one, Angel, as I
overhead them talking was clearly the best, platinum blonde, tall and
super model looks. She was wearing a tight top that showed her yummy
tits, easily 38 D’s. Her friends, Jessica and Shannon were pretty
fuckable too. I overheard them talking about what a great house it was
and how lucky Angel was to be able to house sit this weekend for her
parent’s friends.

“BINGO” I am getting lucky tonight for sure I thought.

I waited around for another hour before it indexed to wind down,
Shannon said she had to go and got her parents to pick her up. As it
turned out Jessica was going to sleep over since she’d drank too much.
ahhhh too bad Jessica I thought. They went into another room to watch
some TV.

It didn’t take long for Jessica to feel the effects of the booze and
she indexed to nod off. Her feet were tucked up close to her ass and it
gave a great view of her ass to me, and as it turned out Angel too.
Angel surfed the channels on the dish and came across a porno channel
showing a scene on the TV with two bitches going at it. I guess she had
a little lesbo in her, cause she indexing stealing peeps at her friends
ass and crotch that was exposed to her under her friend’s mini-skirt.

“Holy Shit, she’s getting hot looking at her friend, fucking eh!” I
said to myself, and couldn’t believe what she did next, she got up and
checked to see if her friend was really passed out, and guessing it was
safe leaned down and sniffed her crotch. Scared she would get caught
she took quick sniffs, but kept taking a little longer each time.
Getting more daring she lifted the side of Jessica’s satin panties to
one side and sniffed her puffy cunt up close. Jessica had a great cunt,
soft brown pubes and one of those cunts guys love, looking like a
flower petal. Angel was a closet dyke! Ha!

I guess it stirred Jessica a bit and she woke up and said she was going
to bed. Angel hugged her good night and said she could take the down
stairs guest room and she’d sleep in the master bedroom, and indicated
she was going to take a shower. They said good night and went their
separate ways.

I looked in the downstairs window and saw Jessica stripe down to just
her pretty satin panties. Fuck, she has nice tits too, not as big as
Angel’s but the nipples were nice and pink, pointing up to greet the
sky. She put a T-shirt on a fell onto the bed and passed out again.

I heard the shower go on upstairs and thought, here’s my chance. Do I
do it or not?

My heart was thumping so much I could see it out of my shirt, and my
cock was ready to bust a hole in my jeans.

“Should I, or shouldn’t I?”

“Fuck it, look out you little cunts, you’re getting the fucking of your
life tonight.” And so am I, I thought.

I slid the door open grabbed a big knife from the kitchen and went
downstairs to the guest room. Jessica had left the night table light
on, and she was spread eagled on the bed, passed out. I could hear the
shower going upstairs, so I knew I had some time to think. I knew Angel
was probably upstairs fingering herself after that little lesbo
peepshow of hers, I figured she might come back for more, so I set
Jessica up for her.

I tested Jessica’s sleepiness, she was definitely out like a rock. I
gently removed her panties, took a quick sniff too, shit she was
fucking yummy. What an ass! I wanted to bang her right then. But, I
thought two is better than one, I know that dyke will come downstairs
again for another look and I’ll get them both.

I heard the shower stop and sure enough, five minutes later I heard her
walking downstairs. I hid in the closet and got a good view from there.

Angel knocked on the door, not hearing a response she looked in, she
was wearing a robe and was still wet (fucking hot!) and I saw the look
on her face, she wanted Jessica, no doubt about it. She walked in –
fuck my heart is just pounding, I hope she can’t hear it, its that
loud! She walked right up to the bed and stared at Jessica’s pussy.

Her back was now turned to me and I thought this is it, its now or
never! I opened the closet door slowly and grabbed Angel from behind,
one hand on her mouth the other with the knife at her throat. She
struggled a bit, and the knife gave her a quick cut, not deep, but
enough to know I would use it.

“Now, shut up or you’ll die, Understand?”

She nodded yes. I walked her over to the door and told her to shut it
cause she was about to get the fuck of her life, and she would also get
the chance to lick Jessica’s cunt too if she was nice. She closed the
door – I knew then I was getting some great poon tonight – I told her
to put the big chair against the door.

I told her I’d remove my hand if she cooperated, “if you don’t, I’ll
kill her first, just to let you know what its going to feel like when I
kill you” This scared the shit out of her.

I let go, and she immediately said she’d not call the police if I left
right now.

“Fuck you, see this bulge” she looked at my pants and her eyes widened,
“its been hard for over an hour, I saw you sniffing her pussy in the TV
room, your getting banged good tonight, so just shut up, and enjoy it”

This freaked her out a bit that I caught her sniffing Jessica’s crotch.

“Now, be a good girl and stand still with your hands in the air would

She slowly put her hands over her head and I took the knife and slowly
ran the tip down her neck to her cleavage, she was shivering now and
shuddered when I reached her big tits.

“You’ve got the best set of horns I’ve ever seen, now its time to see
them in the flesh and up close” I said.

I took the knife and sliced the waistband of her robe and it slowly
fell open. Her tits were so big that the robe wouldn’t open past them.
I loved how the agony was killing her, and making me even harder. I
pointed the knife at her tits and traced the tip over her exposed
globes, then I slowly edged it into the robe and Holy Shit! They were
fucking perfect. Great nipples, hard a pencil erasers, pink and waiting
to be sucked. They hung there, but being young, they were stiff and
firm. I couldn’t wait to put my cock between them and spray her face
with my love goo.

She had put underwear on after her shower, I traced the knife down her
navel to the top of the panties.

“Please don’t, I’ve got money, I’ve got credit cards, take whatever you
want” she said

“Oh I will take what I want for sure, you can bet on that, now turn
around and bend over” I instructed.

“Lift your robe up, and get ready”

I took the knife and dragged it along the curves of her ass and down
into the crack of her panties and patted her lips. “They are a little
puffy right now, did you finger fuck yourself Angel – she didn’t like
that I knew her name – in the shower, did you dream of licking Jessie’s

No answer.

“Did you?” I demanded, she sheepishly nodded yes.

“Oh you are a horny one, you’re never going to forget tonight. Its
going to be a dream come true and a nightmare all at once”

With that I sliced open her panties in one quick swoop of her beltline,
and it exposed half her ass. Her pussy was magnificent, blonde &
trimmed so that just a little hair was in a neat triangle on top and
the lips bare.

Unbelievably Jessica was still passed out, God bless her! I thought.

“Now go lie on the bed with Jessica real slowly and with one hand
finger yourself, and do the same for her” She didn’t hesitate.

She laid down and exposed her cunt to me freely, I guess she couldn’t
wait to get to Jessie’s cunny. She indexed to play with Jessica’s pussy
slowly and with hers too. Man, this was hot, two sex slaves and one of
them is a dyke. Fuck Linda, who needs her when I’ve got these two
bitches ready to get fucked till they can’t walk.

Jessica indexed to stir a little, Angel whispered in her ear to be
quiet, and don’t scream but that there was a rapist here. Jessica
bolted up and was scared to death.

“That’s right, I am here to rape you, to fuck the living daylights out
of you” I said “you have two choices, going along with it, or die,
which one do you want?”

Not much of a choice really. Angel told her to just stay calm.

“Let the asshole do what he wants and we’ll be OK” Angel said.

“I know why you want her to cooperate Angel” I said, she gave me a
nasty glare.

“OK, Jessica, do you understand that for the next while you are going
to get fucked in every hole God gave you?”

She indexed to cry, and sobbed “please don’t, I am a virgin, I’ll do
anything but, don’t take my virginity”

Angel didn’t say anything, that little slut probably has had it tons of

“You know what, as a sign of good faith, I’ll leave your pussy alone,
but I don’t think Angel will be able to leave it alone” I went on to
explain about the crotch sniffing, and she just looked at Angel like
she wanted to kill her. Oh well, how does the saying go? With friends
like that.

“OK, show time Angel, do me a favor and rip that T-shirt off your

She reached over slowly, said sorry and then reefed on the shirt and
tore it open. Angel just stared at Jessica’s tits.

She tried to hide them and I said “Uh ah, sorry, those are mine and
Angel’s tonight, hands off”.

She removed her hands.

“Now turn over Jess, and point your ass into the sky”

She turned over and pointed her ass into our direction. What a sight,
that ass perfectly outlined her pussy. A promise is a promise, I
wouldn’t fuck it, but her juicy bud hole was free game. I told Angel to
do the same but to lick Jess’s cunt, cause I wanted to index with her.

“What an ass Angel, I can’t wait to put my cock in it”. She turned
around a yelled “no way, fuck my pussy but leave my ass alone” ”

“Excuse me, Fuck off, just for that, I am going to fuck it until it

“No, please, I am sorry, please”

“Anymore trouble and I’ll fuck it with my knife, got it” they both

Angel turned around again and indexed licking Jessica’s cunt, I could
hear the slurping sounds. Jessica was crying, but had her eyes shut.
Angel was really getting into it.

I’d been waiting long enough and indexed to play with Angel’s pussy,
she didn’t even flinch. I stood up and took my shirt off, and indexed
to unzip my pants. Jess opened her eyes and stared as I slipped them
off and took down my boxers. Shit, it felt great to let it out, and it
was a hard as granite, pointing up to the ceiling and twitching, ready
for action. Jessica tapped Angel on the shoulder and she looked back
and gasped.

“Look at it long and hard girls, cause you’re going to get to know it
really well”

“You’re not putting that in my ass are you?” Angel asked,

“Oh yes, its going to be a tight fit, but we’ll manage” I joked.

“Now, keep eating Angel”

She resumed her munching, and Jessica just stared at my cock. I liked
that she was scared of its size, and also it was making her a little
worried and horny at the same time.

I stroked Angel’s cunt with the tip of my cock and could feel the wet
smoothness of her bare cunt lips. Shit, this bitch was horny and loving

“Hey, Jessica, Angel is soaking wet, I think she loves your pussy”
Angel just kept slurping.

I pushed the head of my cock into Angel slowly and made sure she felt
every inch of the 8 inch rope I was going to fuck her with. I guess she
never had anything so thick in her before cause she looked back and
moaned. Fuck, this was great.

I then slammed it into her, it banged her mouth into Jessica hard, and
I guess she was right on her clit, cause Jessica just exploded with an
orgasm into Angel’s mouth.

I just rammed Angel as hard as I could, I was ready to blow an hour
ago, let alone being inside this young tight box. I fucked her really
hard for about 5 minutes and told Jess to open her mouth cause she
about to taste my cock, my sperm and Angel’s cunt all at once. I aimed
my monster at her mouth and fucked her mouth until I blew what felt
like a quart into her throat. She gagged and it indexed to drip out.

“Angel, help her out, lick up the rest would you” She gobbled up the
rest from Jess’s face and even frenched her looking for more. Fucking

“OK, now I want you Jessica to do the same for Angel” I explained.

Jess hesitated, so to restore a little respect I gave her a hard slap
in the tits, and pointed my knife right at her jugular. She indexing

I smeared the saliva and orgasm from Jessica’s cunt onto her asshole,
and she shuddered because she knew what was coming next. I put my now
rehardening cock against her shitter and indexing pushing. Little slut,
indexing pushing back, seems she likes it in the poop shoot. OK, lets
give her a good one. I fucked her so hard, and so good. Her skin was
gripping my cock so tight, I blew my load deep into her ass.

“Angel clean me up would you please” She loved it, tasting Jess’s ass
proved to much for her and she came into Jess’s mouth too.

I fucked these girls for 3.5 hours that night. They seemed to enjoy it
after awhile, which was good, cause that’s all I wanted, I didn’t want
to hurt them, just fuck them senseless.

When I left it was around 4:00 in the morning, and they were lying
there naked, fucked over, exhausted and dripping cum from there asses
and from Angel’s pussy. I kept my promise and left Less’s pussy alone.
I don’t think these two honeys will ever be the same with each other

When I got home, Linda was in bed, I said I went out with the guys, and
she bought it.

I gave her a kiss goodnight letting her taste all my fun that night.
She rolled over and pointed her ass at me, I gave her a little love tap
on the cunt, and felt it was soaking wet and smelled like cum, but
that’s another story.



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