Rough sex lesson for a nerd

Rough sex lesson for a nerdThe people from Abused Witness are sure that this four-eyed nerd doesn’t know how to fuck right – and they are here tonight to give him a lesson! Watch one of them hold him while the other fucks his bellowing girlfriend!

# I Know My Daddy Loves Me Because He Raped Me

A lot of people think my daughter is the perfect little angel. Susan
has straight A’s in school, is popular and really has never caused me
any discipline problems. I know I am her father but even I noticed she
is one sexy young lady. Susan has perfect barbell shaped breasts, I’d
guess she was about a 36 D. Combine that with a trim waist, a very firm
ass and a pretty face I am sure you can understand why boys are
constantly asking her out and competing for her attention. That is the
only thing about my daughter that I am disappointed in. I am afraid she
has become something of a cock tease. I mean there is nothing wrong
with flirting but when she turned 17 I noticed it has gotten out of
control. My daughter has always worn a robe and pajamas before getting
dressed in the morning or lounging around our house at night.

My wife died when Susan was 8 and I explained to her the importance of
modesty. We both lock the door when showering and give each other
plenty of privacy. Imagine my surprise when my 17 year old daughter
began prancing around our house in bikini underwear and flimsy lace
bras! Case in point, I came home from work one day and Susan’s door was
closed. I knocked and asked if everything was OK.

“Come in Dad.”

I entered the room and my daughter was in bed under the covers. I asked
if she was sick.

“I do feel a little funny dad,” she said.

“Well sit up honey and let me take your temperature.”

When she sat up the blanket fell away and revealed that my daughter was
completely naked!

“Oh Daddy I forgot, I was so hot I took my clothes off to cool off. You
don’t mind do you daddy?” She asked sweetly.

“Well since you are sick I guess it is ok.”

I quickly got up and planned to leave the room when she stopped me.

“Daddy I guess I have chills, now I am freezing. Daddy will you please
hold me for a little while like you used to do when I was a little

Now this was my daughter and I was concerned that she was really sick
so I reluctantly got into bed next to her and put my arm around her
shoulder. For a few minutes she stayed still, but then she began
snuggling up against me.

“Daddy the sheets feel uncomfortable against my bare skin. I can’t get
to sleep.”

“Well honey do you want to put some clothes on?” I asked.

She got a shy smile on her face and asked, “No Daddy will you be my

Then without waiting for an answer she climbed on top of me and
stretched her naked body all over me. By now I was of course very
uncomfortable. I was begining to doubt that my daughter was even sick.

“Daddy you promised you would hold me but your arms are just laying by
your side. Please daddy you promised.”

As I wrapped my arm against her warm smooth skin I began gently rubbing
and massaging her arms, back legs and finally, lightly, hesitantly her

“Oh Daddy that feels sooo good, but I have one more favor to ask. Your
shirt is all scratchy. Take it off Dad.”

This was the first time I felt my daughter’s bare nipples, and that’s
when I knew for sure that this was more than a sick little girl coming
to her Daddy for comfort. Susan’s bouncy breasts were apparently very
sensitive, and when they came in contact with my hairy chest they
became visibly erect.

“Daddy I can’t sleep with that light on.”

Before I could move my sexy young daughter crawled up my body and
reached to the end of her headboard to flick the switch. This placed
her swaying breasts right over my face. Then it happened her arm gave
out and both of those beauties fell on my face. It was almost a reflex
as I was breathing in one of them slipped in my mouth and I
accidentally suckled it. Susan’s nipple had a salty sweet taste and
made a wet smacking sound as it came out of my mouth. As a parent you
always want to believe the best of your child, but there was no denying
it now. My little Angel was an incestuous cock teasing, whoreslut! Well
I certainly was not going to have any part in such behavior. I made her
lay back down and go to sleep.

As I held her small naked body in my arms I began planning a punishment
that would fit the crime. Susan wasn’t a bad girl and I knew that if I
acted swiftly I could save her. Since her problem seemed to be that she
was over sexed, I needed to find a way to make her less interested in
sex in general and men in particular. After giving it a great deal of
thought it came to me. The best way to bring my daughter’s wild sexual
behavior under control would be to give her a firm, brutal raping. It
was for her own good. I realized that it was critical that Susan not
know that her Daddy was her Rapist. A young girl has to be able to
trust her father, and I was very concerned that if she found out I had
raped her she might not understand that I had done it for her own good.
I want to make it very clear I was not doing this for pleasure, or out
of some depraved desire to fuck the living shit out of my little girl.
I was not going to enjoy spreading her legs, and sticking my 10 inch
monster deep into her wet little snatch. I am not that kind of man. I
had to save my daughter from a life of sexual depravity, after all I
loved her, I am her Daddy.

I let 2 weeks go by before I put my plan into action. I must admit I
did not want to do anything rash, and I was hoping the sexslut who I
was currently living with would somehow be replaced by my little girl.
I was hoping that I could avoid having to rape my daughter. I know it
was poor parenting for me to attempt to avoid responsibility. But I
also knew that there was a danger in the type of vicious rape that I
had planned for my little girl. Her mind could shut down, she might
lose the ability to trust any man (except for her Daddy of course).
That’s when I remembered the danger of Aids and other sexual diseases.
By living the life of a whore my daughter was exposing herself to these
dangerous diseases. If I really loved her I realized I had to carry
through with my plan. I told Susan that I had an out of town business
trip planned, and asked which of her Aunts she wanted to stay with for
the week I would be gone.

“Daddy I am 17 years old now I do not need a baby sitter,” she

“Now honey I know you are a responsible young lady but I am worried
about your safety if I leave you alone and a burglar or something broke
in. I would feel safer if you were with your Aunt. Please Susan do it
for me,” I whined.

Sensing weakness, Susan flatly refused to be reasonable and insisted
that I let her stay in the house alone. Finally I gave in as long as
she promised to have no one over to the house and call me every morning
when she woke up. She was so happy that I trusted her enough to leave
her alone, and I was happy to make her happy. I know it sounds corny
but that is the kind of caring, trusting relationship we have always

Next I needed an alibi. I rented a room at a Holiday in CT. We live
less than an hour away by plane in NJ. I reserved plane tickets for 3
am on Thursday morning. As my daughter gets home from school around 4
pm I would have approximately 10 hours to rape her and catch my plane.
I figured that it would take a few hours for her to recover from the
thorough fucking that I was going to give her. I planned to be in bed
at my hotel by the time she had collected herself enough to call Daddy
and tell me the terrible thing that had happened.

Next the disguise. It was simple really, I purchased a black ski mask,
black pants, and a black shirt. I bought shoes with 4 inch lifts.
Finally I bought a bottle of flowery heavily scented perfume, and
drenched myself and my clothes with it. Most people don’t realize it
but when you live with someone you can recognize their scent. I was
almost ready. The last thing I had to do was shave my thick matted
chest hair. My daughter’s sensitive nipples had pressed against them
for several hours and she might remember their touch. I was ready. In
retrospect it was almost too easy.

Susan came home right on time. She had her Sony walkman on and was not
paying attention.

I came up behind her in the kitchen and spoke in a gravelly voice,
“Slut I saw you get off the bus and I bet you are home alone. You are
gonna be my fuck toy. If you scream I’ll hurt you, if you try to get
away you are dead.”

Susan turned around and saw a 6 foot 6 inch monster towering over her
and agreed to cooperate. First I took some black masking tape and
sealed her eyes shut. When I was sure she could not see I removed my

“Alright bitch get naked for me… now!!” I demanded.

My daughter looked so pretty standing there helpless, trembling and
afraid. She knew what was about to happen, but still she tried to find
a way out. She made me proud that day.

“Would you mind if I hold your penis first?” she said.

I knew what she was going to do as soon as she got her long nails
around my dick she would try to scratch a hole in it. Now is that
anyway to treat your father? So I reared back and gave her a hard smack
across the face. Since she was tape blindfolded it caught her totally
off guard.

“…Wh wh why did you do that?” she cried. “I am a man. That means I am
your master. Your master gave you an order. When a slutslave disobeys
she must be punished. Now get your fucking clothes off before I beat
the piss out of you,” I roared. Susan was crying uncontrollably as she
unbuttoned her blouse and stepped out of her jeans.

“Take off that bra and those panties too,” I ordered.

She just indexed crying harder

“I am sorry but.. I can’t make myself do it, Please don’t do this to me
I don’t deserve this. We have money I’ll give it to you please,” she

I responded by grabbing her bra and ripping it apart. I then savagely
shredded her panties right off her ass. When I picked her up and
carried her towards the stairs she became desperate and began thrashing
wildly about. It did her no good. I took her to her bedroom and threw
her on her pretty pink bed. She looked simply delicious sprawled naked
and blindfolded, waiting to get fucked by her daddy. I took my clothes
off and jumped on top of her knocking the wind from her body. As she
lay there stunned I savagely spread her legs apart and began eating out
her cunt. I had to moisten her up. This was my little girl and I did
not want to cause permanent damage, I wanted grandkids someday.

“Oh please what are you doing, stop it stop,” she whimpered.

I did not stop licking and teasing her pussy lips. Her smell was musky
and sweet and I loved the gentle pussy breeze that enveloped me.” Ah
hah you are enjoying yourself now you little cunt, you are getting wet
I knew you were a dirty little slut,”

I pronounced. I could see the shame on her face the total humiliation.

“Lets see what happens if I suck on your big fat titties.”

I already knew how sensitive they were. Susan could not take my
concentrated nipple sucking and massage. As I twirled my tongue around
her nipple she gave a soft little moan. I stuck a finger in her pussy
and it came out sopping wet. She was as ready as she was going to get.

“I want you to remember that this is your fault. You asked for this by
the way you dress and act. Even now I would have let you go if you had
resisted harder, but now it is too late. Your pussy is wet and you are
moaning like a filthy bitch in heat. It is not a rape if you are
enjoying yourself.”

With that I stuck my fat cockhead at the entrance of her vagina and
rammed it in, HARD..

“Ow please no it hurts.” she screamed.

Slowly, deliberately, masterfully I continued filling her. She was so
small, and warm and tight. Then I looked down and could not believe it.
There was blood on the sheet. My daughter was a virgin! I knew then
that I was not too late, she was not a total slut she was just a
cocktease. After tonight I was sure she would not be doing that
anymore. We would be closer than ever. I was going to get my baby back.
I was so happy that I decided to make her come. I finally got all 10
inches inside her and began gently rubbing her clit with one hand and
suckling first one breast then the other. With my left hand I kneaded
and massaged her ass and finally stuck my pinkie in her asshole. Susan
was receiving too much erotic data at once and began moaning and crying
at the same time. She could not believe it but she was having an orgasm
with her rapist.

“Noogodnoooo! This isn’t happening ohh shit oh SHIT! I am coming!!” she

I felt a gush of warm liquid splash down my leg and I was disgusted and
confused. Had my baby just wet the bed. Had she just pissed on her own
father?! Then I realized what had happened my little girl was a multi
orgasmic squirter. I still had not come, after all this was not a
pleasurable experience for me it was a necessary part of my parental
role. I never wanted to do this again so I had better make sure Susan
got the message. While she was still dazed and stunned by her savage
fucking and orgasm, I flipped her over on her stomach. I scooped up
some of her fuck juice, blood and my precome and gently lathered and
lubed her anal canal. She did not seem to realize what I was about to
do. When I slowly pressed my errect 10 inch dick into that tiny hole
she began screaming in fear, and frustration. She had thought the worst
was over. It wasn’t.

“Take it out, get it out of me I can’t take this please I am sorry I’ll
do anything Fuck my pussy again, I’ll suck your cock anything but take
It OUT!!” she begged.

But I couldn’t. Her ass was so hot so tight that I was indexing to lose
control. I began pounding in to her as hard as I could.

“Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck” I screamed.

I was coming inside my daughter deep in her ass deep in my girl’s
pretty little butt. I felt my balls twitch and I knew I was about to
shoot my load. I grabbed both of her nipples and shoved my dick in as
far as it could go, and then I erupted.

“Yeahhhhh baby, you are the best the absofuckin lutely best I have ever

I took a tissue from the nightstand and cleaned the sperm and shit out
of her ass and pussy. I then looked down at my little girl and could
see she was going into shock. She was curled up in a little ball and
she looked pitiful. I wanted to do something nice for her so I
stretched her naked body out and gently massaged and caressed her tits,
ass and back. I nibbled and softly put my tongue in her ear and cleaned
it out for her. I slid down to her stinky little belly button and
licked and kissed it. Then I flipped her over and tongued her asshole
for her. I did not like it, but I wanted to make her feel better.
Finally I know that I am a good kisser so I made out with Susan.
Sucking her tongue and gently licking her lips.

Satisfied that I had done all that I possibly could, I wrapped her in
my arms and held her tender young body tight as she slept. I let her
rest for a couple of hours, and then I began to clean up. It was
important that there be no DNA evidence so I led Susan in the bathroom
and gave her a thorough bath and then a shower. I washed the sheets and
burned the soiled tissues. I tied Susan naked and still blindfolded in
a chair and made us both some dinner. I put lots of garlic on
everything. I hate garlic but she loves it and it would further enforce
the idea that her Rapist was very different from her Daddy.

Susan had stopped crying by now and I wanted to make sure that she did
not regain her senses too soon. It would take me at least 30 min to get
to the airport, 20 min to get airborne, and I estimated 90 minutes to
reach the hotel room. Now I realize that I should have just tied her up
and left. But I love my little girl and was concerned there could be a
fire or even a real Rapist could break in after I left. I did not want
to leave her completely helpless. But I did need her dazed and confused
so I could reach the hotel. I decided that making her suck my cock
would be the kindest, safest solution. After feeding, bathing and
massaging her she was not expecting another sexual assault. The anal
attack was much more brutal, but it was this final oral fuck that broke

“Suck that cock and you better swallow every drop or I’ll open up your
ass again,” I warned. She sucked every last drop of come and then
collapsed in a heap on the floor. I bent down and said,

“Well little lady I have enjoyed our date and hope to see you again
real soon. If I ever see you acting like a slut again I promise I’ll be
back. Next time I won’t be do gentle,” I said in my gruff Rapist voice.

I then wrapped tape around her hands (just enough to slow her down a
little) and kissed her tenderly good night. My little girl was going to
be all right thanks to what I had done tonight. It made me feel good
knowing that I had set her back on the right course.

I got to the Holiday Inn by 4:30 am. Susan called just after 6 am and
woke me up.

“Good morning sweetheart did you sleep well last night”, I asked.

“Daddy I have to tell you something, but I don’t know how to,” she
began. “Susan you can tell me anything, did you have a party or any
boys over last night?” I asked in a serious tone.

“No Daddy but… Daddy something bad happened Daddy I was ruh ruh
raped.” She began sobbing uncontrollably.

“Oh Susan I am so sorry My God this is terrible. Honey I love you and
this isn’t your fault.”

“Oh yes it is Daddy you told me not to stay home alone, and to dress
modestly, and be a good girl but I would not listen, oh Daddy this is
all my fault,” she cried.

“There there baby, Daddy is coming right home and I will make it all


It has been 6 months and my little girl is back. Oh she is quieter than
she used to be and doesn’t hang around with her friends as much. Her
grades have slipped a little, and sometimes she cries alone in her
room. But I am her best friend again and we are closer than ever. Most
nights she prefers to sleep in my bed. Often she asks if I will bathe
and massage her. At times I find it is easier to cut her food and feed
her but all in all things are better than ever. One of my wife’s nosey
sisters insisted that I take her to a psychiatrist. Finally I agreed.
After a 3 hour interview with Susan he called me in.

“Mr. Johnson your daughter is very very sick. She is losing the ability
to communicate and is withdrawing completely from all men with the
exception of you. I am afraid that if we are not able to reconnect her
to society quickly irreparable harm may be done.”

Of course I was very alarmed to hear this. At this point Susan came
over to me and asked to sit in my lap and be held.

“Shush Susie the adults are talking now” I said sternly.

She looked so sad that I held out my arms and let her scramble up in my
lap and snuggle.

The doctor observed this and said “See this is what I mean. She loves
you so much you are her only chance for leading a normal life. It is
not going to be easy for you but if you love your daughter you must do

I was getting scared now.

“Dr. I love my little girl and I will do whatever it takes to make her

“Mr. Johnson you are already her father, mother, and best friend, but
you will need to be her lover as well. I know it is radical, and I wish
I had a better solution, but I don’t. Only you can teach her to trust
men again, to trust sex, and her decisions. Only you can love your
daughter back to normalcy. Will you do it?” he asked.

I looked down at my little girl and I was concerned. Make love to my
baby? It was unnatural, but if this doctor was right I was her only

“Susan what do you want your daddy to do? Do you want me to fuck you,
and suck you baby, like a big girl? Do you want daddy to lick your
pussy, taste your sweet little tits and fuck the shit out of your juicy

She sat up and looked me in the face with tears in her eyes. For the
first time in months she spoke in her old, confident voice.

“Yeah Dad I want this, I want you bad. I want to be your wife, please
dad fuck me. Take the taste of this Rapist out of my mouth. I have
wanted this for a long time but was afraid to ask. Daddy will you marry
me? Please.”

I love my little girl but I could tell she was all grown up now. It was
time I indexed treating her like a woman and respect her decisions.

“Let’s go home Mrs. Johnson,” I said.

I then took her mother’s weeding ring off my pinkie and slipped it on
her left ring finger.

” I love you dad and I can’t wait to make love to you for the first
time. ”

Daddy would make everything better…


I am not your mom or your dad so you don’t have to listen to me. But if
you are unable to control yourself and my little tale has pushed you
over the edge here is one final suggestion. Take a knife and castrate
yourself before you hurt anyone. To hear some people talk you have no
protection from my seductive siren song and can’t make any decisions on
your own anyway, so I know you will follow this final command from your
lord and master.

There now I can rest easy.



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