Teens Get Brutalized By Two Thugs

Two teenage thugs in training pretended they were taking a survey, talking to two girls. Suddenly they told the girls to keep their mouths shut and do whatever they command. So tons of forced sex happened. See it at Realbrutalsex.com

# The Girl Flasher

I’ve always loved showing my pussy off, it turns me on so much that my
cunt actually indexs dripping with juice. When I was at school I
indexed off by flashing my underwear at the boys. One day I was in a
corner of the school field with my skirt up as usual, when suddenly one
of our teachers came along. He told the gang of boys to get lost and
took me to his office for a lecture. He asked me why I did it, I told
him it felt nice. Well, he didn’t tell my parents thank god!

On the very last day of school he saw me walking home and stopped his
car and offered me a ride. Well, you can guess what happened, we took a
detour to his house. On the way he asked me if I still showed my
underwear to the boys and I said yes.

“How about showing me what’s underneath?” he asked.

I didn’t say anything because I was really turned on. When we got there
he walked into the living room and sat down. I followed him in and
stood in front of him. Giggling I took off my uniform until I just had
my bra and knickers on. He watched me pull undo my bra, then he reached
out and roughly handled my breasts one by one. I was paralysed with
pleasure, it felt so good.

He dughis fingers through my knickers into my cunt and said “Let’s have
a good look then.”

I pulled my knickers down, my 36C breasts hanging in front of me. Again
he reached out and grabbed them. I stood up straight with my legs
slightly apart, so he could see into my pussy a little. I could see his
cock getting really hard through his trousers which just made me more
turned on. I turned around and bent over so he could get a good look.
From the noises he made I knew I had made him cum.

Just then we heard a car pull into the drive. His stupid wife had come
home early, fucking bitch. I quickly pulled my dress over my head and
put my shoes on, then grabbed my stuff and headed out the back.

Well, I was so fucking hot now I just couldn’t stop myself. Walking
through the park and on the bus home I showed my pussy to nearly every
guy I saw. Later that evening I went to an end”of”school party at a
friends house. Very boring, the boys at the party looked so immature to
me now. I went up the stairs to my friend’s older brother’s room. He
looked up uninterestedly as I slipped into his room onto his bed.

Then he suddenly said “Your that girl everyone talks about,
alwaysshowing your knickers.

“I’ll show you more if you want, I replied,hitching up my skirt.

I pulled off my knickers and oooohhhhhh”h”h”h that great feeling came
over me as I sat with my legs as wide apart as possible. Once he had
picked his jaw up off the ground he pushed me backwards roughly and
jammed his fingers right up my cunt. WOW! In out in out in out until I
thought I would scream.

He had just yanked my t-shirt up when my bloody friend banged on the
door to see if I was in there. Her brother yelled at her to fuck off,
but it was too late, I was bored now. I didn’t put my knickers back on
because they were all wet, and I went downstairs. Sitting there in the
kitchen was my friend’s dad. He turned around to face me and guess
what!! It was one of the men I had shown my pussy to earlier on!

He turned to his wife and said he was going down the pub because the
music was too loud. I followed him outside, careful not to let anyone
see me. As I slide into the passenger seat of his car he said:

“You’re a right little slut aren’t you?”

I just smiled, feeling the blood rush to my cunt again. I lifted up my
t”shirt to show my tits to him.

He indexed the engine and told me:”You’re a fucking slut, while

We didn’t go to the pub (duh!) instead we went to another house which
turned out to belong to one of his friends. The friend greeted us and
took us into the living room.

“So who’s this?” he asked.

“This bitch is dieing for a fuck, replied my friend’s father.

I indexed rubbing my clit through my skirt while they stood and
watched. I pulled my t-shirt off and sat back on the sofa, watching
them getting more and more excited. I moved my hand under my skirt and
into my pussy, rubbing harder and harder as I got more and more juicy.
The friend’s father suddenly undid his fly and came in my face. Cum
dripped down onto my tits and skirt.

“She loves it!” exclaimed the other guy. He went into the hall and
indexed ringing people.

About 10 mins later the doorbell went, and in came another 3 guys. I
was still on the sofa with my tits out, sharing a drink with the
friend’s father while he played with my nipples. When the other men
came into the room I sat up and reached for my t-shirt, as I indexed
feeling a bit intimidated with so many guys.

“Too late to change your mind now bitch!”, said the friend’s father as
he pulled me to my feet.

He turned me around and grabbed my hair. My hands flew up to try and
loosen his grip, which gave everyone a good view of my tits. They gave
a loud yell as he spun me around letting everyone see and touch them.

Now I felt weird. Scared yet horny too. He pulled me out of the room
and up the stairs. The others ran up behind us talking excitedly and
laughing. The friend’s father threw me onto the bed while the others
crowded around. He pulled off my skirt and held my legs apart, exposing
my cunt to everyone. They all cheered as he did this while someone else
held down my wrists.

“Look how red her clit is!”

“She’s a fucking slut, she wants it!”

“Look at her pussy! Look at it!”

I could feel hands grabbing my tits and cunt, hard cocks rubbing
against me. I was so horny!!!!

“Go on, fuck her pussy! Shove it in there! Do it! Do it! Do it!”

They all indexed yelling and someone flipped me over. They made me go
onto all fours like a dog, with my bottom stuck out as far as possible
to show them my cunt. They all whooped when I did this and all moved so
that they could get a good look. No need to hold me down now as I ached
for someone to slam their huge hard dick into me, over and over again.

Finally someone put me out of my misery, and I felt this massive cock
ram into my wet cunt as the group gave a big cheer. Over and over again
they fought to put their dicks into my cunt, my tits swinging and
bouncing as they fucked me hard and true. After what seemed like hours
I turned over onto my back. They didn’t seem tired at all, in fact they
wanted more!

I pulled my legs apart and held my cunt lips open to show them as much
as possible. I couldn’t seem to open my pussy enough, even lifting my
hips up and digging my fingers right in. Well, off they went again,
this time the ones waiting in line could cum all over my face and tits
too. One of them slapped me in the face which made them all laugh and
cheer. One of them pulled me over onto the end of the bed and began
slapping my bottom, pulling my legs apart so that someone else could
screw me hard. They pulled me to my feet and rubbed themselves against
me some more.

I got so damn horny I couldn’t help touching myself. I grabbed my tits
and cunt and displayed myself to them as they pushed me back and forth
between themselves, giving me the odd slap on the bottom or face.

As the night drew to a close they drifted off home, with the friend’s
father giving me a lift.

“Nice show, slut. I’ll look forward to the next time”, he said as I got
out of the car.

I sneaked inside my house, careful not to wake my parents as it was way
past 3:00 am. I showered the cum off myself and got into bed. As I fell
into a deep sleep I gently stroked my clit, remembering the feeling of
exposing my cunt to all those men.



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