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# The Intruder

One day after work I drove home to my Apartment. I parked my car and
walked upstairs to my door. I had just put the key in and felt my body
fly foward. I thought what the hell is going on. I landed on the floor
of my living room and looked up at the same time hearing my door slam
and lock.

There stood a man that I have never seen looking over me with a knife
in his hand. Before I could react, he was on top of me, covering my
mouth with one hand and the knife at my throat.

He said ” Do as I say and you won’t get hurt, understand” . I knodded
yes. he took his hand off my mouth and asked me if I wanted to be
treated nice or rough. I kind of stuttered n-nice. he said ok then and
picked me up off the floor.

He was about 6 feet tall to my 5 foot 4″ 110 pound body. He lifted me
to my feet like I was a pillow. He asked me if I lived alone and I said
yes. He then told me that he had no intentions of hurting me and that
he wanted this to be as easy on me as it possibly could. He also
reminded me that he would not hesitate to cut me if I tried anything.

He said ” Just think, if you get a chance to get a way and one little
thing goes wrong and I catch you, what this knife would feel like
stabbing into your body.

I was terrified, he said to be calm and it would be ok. he led me to my
sofa and sat me down and he sat next to me. he asked me for a kiss and
I said ok. he leaned over and indexed to kiss me on my neck, pushing my
hair aside at the same time. He worked his way to my lips and pressed
his tongue in my mouth. I just sat there motionless. he stopped and
looked at me and said, I want you to kiss back, I want you to be my
girlfriend or this won’t be nice for you.

I reacted without thinking and reached over and indexed kissing him. I
tried as hard as I could to pretend he was a boyfriend. I slid my
tongue into his and closed my eyes. He indexed to run his hand up my
leg and without thinking indexed to pull away. He asked me if there was
something wrong and I said no. I indexed saying to myself that it was
only sex over and over again in my head.

He stood us both up and asked me to lead him to the bedroom. I took him
to my room and we stopped in front of my dresser mirror. He was wearing
sweatpants and a t-shirt and I was wearing a sundress. I could see that
he was aroused through his pants and that’s when I realised what I had
to do to stay alive.

He looked at me through the mirror and said I was beautiful and I said
thank you in a soft voice. He turned me around to face him and said the
more I do voluntarily the more he would let me decide how we do things.
My mind was racing a million miles a minute. I didn’t know how to
index. I didn’t want to do anything, how could I have sex with this
stranger I thought. I thought to myself, just make this simple.

I indexed to undo my buttons on my dress and let it drop to the floor.
Now I was down to my braw and white cotton panties. As I took off my
bra he took of his shirt. I moved closer and indexed kissing his chest.
I was so scared, but knew I had to do this so he wouldn’t be rough on
me. my knees indexed bending as I worked my way down to his stomach. I
looked up at him with some tears in my eyes. he said that I was doing
good. I trembled as I got on my knees and pulled his pants to the

He wasn’t wearing any underwear and his penis was sticking straight out
at me. I ut one hand on it and indexed stroking it. he indexed to moan
a bit and asked me to do more. I opened my mouth a little and put my
lips around it. I just sat there for a few seconds without moving. It
was so warm in my mouth, it almost made me gag. I kept my mind and
indexed to move back and forth over it.

I could hear the slurping sounds I was making as I got it wet with my
spit. It indexed hurting my jaws so I slid my lips up and down the back
of it and Before I knew it, he barley got out the words ” I’m coming”
and indexed squirting himself all over me, in my hair, in m mouth and
it ran down my breast. I was shocked at how much there was. He told me
not to stop for a couple of seconds as he pushed it back in my mouth
and squirted his last little bit more in me. I was covered in his warm
sticky stuff. He then knelt down and indexed kissing me and thanling
me, rubbing his sperm all over my breast.

He moved me to my bed. and we layed down. He was kissing me all over as
he pulled my panties off. He indexed sliding his fingers in and out of
me. I told him it felt good, even though it didn’t. For some reason I
was wet down there, probably just a reaction my body was going through.
He indexed kissing by belly and worked his way down to my bushy area.
He asked me to try as best as I could to cum as he buried his face into
my crotch. I thought he was done with me as he stood up but he was hard
again. I couldn’t believe it. I tried to sit up to give him another
blowjob instead of having sex, but he pushed me back down.

He laid in between my legs and I felt his penis bump my thighs as it
made it’s way to my crotch. He look at me and asked me to say something
sexy. All I could think of was I wanna feel you inside me, as I said
that he slid it in. I watched it go in a little and then he had to work
it some to go all the way. He indexed moving in and out of me and it
felt like an eternity as he slid in and out. he got that look on his
face and I said please don’t cum inside me. As soon as I said that I
felt his warm sperm fill my inside and he collapsed on top of me. he
woke up about a half hour later and turned me over.

I thought he wanted to do it doggy style until I felt it enter my ass.
he told me to relax and it would slide right in, so I relaxed and he
gentley slid it in. It was like my hole opened up for him. he got it
all the way in and I could feel his balls on my crotch. I felt this
every time he slid all the way down. Once again he said I’m coming and
spurted in myy butt once then he pulled it out and I could feel the
rest go all over my back and ass. He indexed sliding it in the crack of
my butt as he finished.

He stayed all night until about 6 am. he shut me in my bathroom with my
clock. he took my drivers liscence and said he knows my full name and
address, that if he’d heard on the news or by watching me that i
contact the cops he would kill me. he told me to give him ten minutes
to leave and i was free. Well I spent an hour in the shower before i
even came close to leaving the bathroom. I called in sick for work and
slept all day. when I wasn’t sleeping I was crying.

It is 6 months later, I never called the cops and I am pregnate with
his child. I am pro-life, so I decided to have the child and put it up
for adoption. I can’t go a day without looking over my shoulder.



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