Young Lady Gets The Harsh Treatment From Masked Attacker

Daisy gets plenty of brutal handling from her masked attacker. Ripping off her shirt to reveal her tits, the attackers mashed and squeezed them hard, making her weep out of humiliation. Witness her terrible experience in

# Jenny

Jenny was a seventeen year old freshman at Saylor University and was
currently feeling the effects of the beer and tequila she had been
mixing. Jenny was not an experienced drinker and was unaccustomed to
the effects of alcohol. However, this was the first fraternity party
Jenny had been invited to since arriving at college, and she did not
want to seem like a goody-goody. In an effort to look ” cool” , Jenny
had drunk far more than she could handle. In an alcoholic haze, Jenny
had unwisely decided to walk back to her dorm without telling her room

Halfway back to her dorm, the tequila really began kicking in. Jenny’s
head was spinning and her legs were wobbly. She felt herself beginning
to fall when two pairs of hands caught her by both arms, steadying her
and keeping her on her feet.

” Easy, sweetheart,” she heard a voice say. ” You’ll hurt yourself if
you’re not careful.”

” I don’t feel good.” Jenny slurred. ” I feel sick.”

” Obviously.” said a second voice. ” Where are you headed?”

” My dorm. Bryant Hall.”

” No sweat. We’ll walk you over and make sure you get there okay.”

Jenny was grateful for the assistance. She was pretty sure that she
wouldn’t be able to make it on her own. Time blurred for Jenny, and
before she realized it, they had arrived at the Hall.

” What room are you in?”

” Sixteen,” Jenny mumbled. ” Second floor.”

When they reached her dorm room, one of the men supported her while the
second rummaged in her purse for her keys. Opening the door, they lead
her into the room and laid her on the bed.

” Thank you,” Jenny smiled at them, and promptly passed out.

The two men smiled at each other, and began removing Jenny’s clothes.
In no time, Jenny was laid out naked before the two strangers who had
helped her home. ” I’m going to fuck those pretty little lips.” said
the one as he removed his pants and underwear. ” Go for it. I want her
cunt.” his friend replied as he also removed his pants.

The first one knelt over Jenny’s face, one leg on each side on her
head, and settled his buttocks onto her chest. Taking his dick in his
hand, he began rubbing the head back and forth across Jenny’s lips,
growing harder as he did. He used a finger to ease open Jenny’s mouth
and slipped the head of his dick between her lips and past her teeth.

The second man had pushed Jenny’s legs apart and knelt between them. He
separated the lips of Jenny’s vagina and pushed a finger inside her. He
played with her until nature took it’s coarse and Jenny indexed to
become wet. Putting his elbows under Jenny’s knees, he raised her legs
high into the air and guided his dick to the entrance to her vagina. He
heard Jenny, still unconscious, moan slightly as he slipped his dick
deep into her. He began slowly moving in and out of her, using her body
as he pleased.

The first man was beginning to slip his dick in and out of Jenny’s
mouth, going a little deeper with each stroke. Although unconscious,
Jenny moaned and tried twisting her head away from the intruding
object. Taking her by the hair, he closed his legs in on each side of
her head, holding it in place as he began stroking faster and deeper
into her mouth. He heard her begin to choke as he moved deep enough to
begin entering her throat. With the next thrust, he drove himself
completely into her throat. Her lips were around the very base of his
dick and her nose was pressed into his pubic hair.

Jenny came to gagging. Disoriented and confused, it took her a moment
to realize that it was a dick thrusting in and out of her throat that
was choking her. She tried twisting her face away, but the man sitting
on her chest had her head clamped tightly between his thighs. His hands
were twisted into her hair on each side of her head, pulling her
towards him as he thrust his hips forward and backwards, fucking
Jenny’s mouth.

Jenny tried to push her assailant away, but the effects of all the
alcohol she had drunk left her weak and uncoordinated. She wanted to
push away with her legs, but something was wrong. It was at this point
that Jenny suddenly realized that her legs were being held in the air
by someone’s arms under her knees. Whoever it was, was kneeling between
her legs, driving himself in and out of her vagina with great force.

Jenny couldn’t believe that this was happening to her, couldn’t believe
that she was being simultaneously raped both orally and vaginally. She
didn’t want this! She never wanted this! Panic gripped her mind and she
began fighting as best she could. Pushing at her rapists and trying to
twist her body away from them, Jenny waged a futile battle that was
lost before it indexed.

The man on her chest began thrusting deeper into her throat. Jenny was
having trouble breathing. Her panic grew as her lungs began burning
from lack of air. Twisting and turning to try and break free had the
effect of further arousing her attackers. She felt them driving into
her faster and harder, fucking her mouth and vagina brutally. Jenny
wanted to scream in pain and frustration, but no sound could get past
the huge piece of meat that filled her mouth.

She heard the one on her chest begin moaning. Oh God no! He couldn’t!
Please God NO!!! He pulled Jenny’s head towards him, burying his dick
deep in her throat and holding it there as he groaned. Jenny felt the
dick in her mouth throbbing as wave after wave of hot, thick sperm shot
down her throat. Jenny had no choice but to swallow his foul load. As
his orgasm abated, the rapist again began stroking his dick in and out
of Jenny’s throat to milk every last bit of sperm from himself.

Finally done, the rapist withdrew his dick from Jenny’s mouth. Jenny
was sobbing and crying as she gasped for breath, finally able to get
some air. Her head was still clamped between his thighs, his wet dick
laying on her cheek as he rested his weight on her chest. Jenny could
still feel the second rapist as he repeatedly plowed himself into her.

” No more!” Jenny begged through her tears. ” Please, no more! You’re
hurting me!”

The second rapist ignored Jenny’s pleading as he continued to drive
deeply into her. Jenny whimpered and groaned with each brutal thrust
into her battered vagina. She felt his pace quicken, heard him begin to

” Don’t cum in me!” Jenny pleaded. ” Please don’t cum in me! Oh God, oh
God NOOO!!!”

She felt him explode inside her, felt the heat of his sperm as it shot
deeply into her body. He kept pounding into her, pumping more sperm
into her with each thrust. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity,
his pace slowed, and then stopped. Jenny could feel his dick shrinking
inside her. Pulling out of her, the rapist let her legs fall to the
bed. As the two rapists climbed off of her, Jenny rolled onto her side,
pulling herself into a fetal position.

Still drunk, she couldn’t focus her thoughts. Jenny laid there crying,
the tears burning her cheeks while she listened to her attackers get
dressed. She heard the door to her dorm room open and close as the two
men left. Burying her face in her pillow, Jenny continued crying until
finally, mercifully, the alcohol again rendered her unconscious.



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