Young Woman Receives Cruel Handling

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# Cory Gets Beach Balled

My wife and I and our four year old daughter were spending a couple
days camping in our travel trailer at a local beachside resort.
Saturday afternoon rolled around and we decided to call our good
friends to invite them to come down that evening for a Barbecue on the
beach and just to hang out with us for the evening. Since they had made
no other plans, and the weather had been so nice, they eagerly
accepted. When they arrived I had expected them to bring their two
daughters, Patricia (15) and Leila (12), but the girls had also brought
a friend along, which was just fine by us.

Her name was Cory. She was a new neighbor and school mate of the girls
that my wife and had not met before. In introducing her, they happened
to mention that Cory was in the same class at school as Patricia, so I
figured she was about 15 or 16, but I didn’t bother ask her age – I was
too busy drooling over her. Yea, she was real looker alright. Her light
brown shoulder length hair was cut in a way that framed her pretty
face. She had big brown eyes and a cute little upturned nose. And her
lips….ooohhhh yea, they were full and very kissable. Not only was she
a beautiful girl, but she had a mature look about her that immediately
made my dick twitch. My friend Charlie must have had the same feelings
about her, because he made a comment about it as soon as we were alone.

The two if us were standing around the fire ring trying to get it going
when he blurted out “Did you notice the tits on that little bitch?”

“Oh yea, ….and if I had the chance, I’d do her” I replied as I
laughed it off, thinking it would go no further.

Charlie was right, her budding breasts were looking really good. Cory
was about 5′ 4″ tall and was on the slightly heavy side, but she was
definitely not fat. Her plump tits were nice and round. They appeared
to be a very full “B” cup, or maybe even a “C” but it was hard to tell
with the sweater that she was wearing. Her ass wasn’t too hard to look
at either – the kind you just want to reach out and grab a handful of,
if you know what I mean. To put it simply, she just had that “Come fuck
me” look about her. The way she wiggled her butt when she walked and
her full lips that just needed a dick to suck on.

“I’d fuck her too” Charlie replied.

Coming from him, that really surprised me. I had never heard him say
anything like that before. Then he continued.

“She’s a real sweet girl, but the way she acts sometimes, tells me
she’s a horny little slut”.

“Really, what makes you say that?” I asked.

“I don’t know. She just has a nasty way about her – not like the other
girls that come around the house. Sometimes I’ll catch her looking at
me, and when she sees that I’ve noticed she’ll just smile and act like
nothing happened. But that’s not the best part. One day last week I
caught her checking herself out.

“What do ya mean?” I asked.

“I was in the kitchen helping with dinner when and looked over and saw
her standing there in front of that mirror we have in the Livingroom.
You know the one I’m talking about – that huge one near the fireplace.
Well, I guess Patricia was in the bathroom or something – but anyway, I
think the little bitch was trying to make her nipples stick out from
under her blouse or something! She kept touching her titties, and then
checking herself in the mirror again! I saw the whole fucking thing,
but she never noticed me standing there.”

“No shit” I exclaimed. The image I had just then of her doing that to
herself got me thinking.

“I’m serious….that little slut needs it!” he laughed, jabbing me in
the side with his elbow.

It was just about then that the wives and girls came walking up behind
us. The conversation quickly changed to the weather and nothing more
was said about Cory’s behavior. At least for a while.

The evening was going great. We all sat around the fire that night
after dinner and as usual, Charlie and I got fairly drunk. About 9:00
p.m. it indexed getting pretty cold, and the fog indexed to drift in
from offshore. The girls were getting cold so they decided to go back
into the trailer to warm-up. Charlie needed to take a piss and make a
fresh drink, so he followed them in.

When I announced that I was going to stay with the fire awhile longer,
to my surprise Cory asked if she could stay with me.

“Cory, I don’t want you to stay out here too long – it’s getting cold”
said Charlie’s wife Rachael in her motherly tone.

“Yes Mommy” I remarked in a child like voice, making everyone laugh as
they walked away.

As soon as they all disappeared into the trailer, I moved to one of the
folding chairs closer to her. The warmth of the fire felt nice as I sat
there looking into it. I then struck up a conversation with Cory.

“How long have you known Patricia” I asked.

“Only about two months” she said, as she pulled her hair back away from
her face. “My family and I just moved here from Seattle, Washington”
she explained. Other then that, the conversation pretty much stopped.

Within a few minutes the fog moved inland and the cold air had quickly
made everything damp, including her face. The orange light of the fire
was reflecting off the moisture on her smooth young skin. I couldn’t
help but stare at her as she sat quietly looking into the flames. The
girl had such a pretty face I felt like touching it. We sat there for
another ten minutes and the conversation was still struggling as I
attempted to keep it going with some more small talk. Cory kept
fidgeting, and looking towards the trailer, but she made no attempt to
leave or say anything about wanting to go back without me.

“Are you cold” I asked.

“Yes – I’m freezing” she said, looking over at me with those big brown
eyes she had.

“You can come closer if you want – this is a really warm coat” I said,
opening my oversized jacket as to invite her in.

Without saying a word, Cory moved her chair close to mine and cuddled
in, putting her left arm around my waist. As I closed the coat around
us, I pulled her in tightly. Her damp hair smelled as intoxicating as
the sea air. Her light, sweet perfume reminded me of a time when I was
a teenager myself, dating girls this age. I remembered the intimidation
of putting your arm around a girl, and the first kiss. As we held each
other tightly and watched the fire slowly going out, the thought of
fucking her quickly entered my mind. I wondered how it might feel
fucking a pretty young thing like Cory.

Another ten minutes passed and we were now beginning to talk and joke
with each other openly. It was nice. We were now standing up next to
the fire ring, with our backs to the ocean. I told a few of my oldest
jokes, hoping to really break the tension. When I told her the one
about the Parrot and the bartender, she just cracked up.

“You’re funny” she said, looking up at me and smiling. When our eyes
met, we both stared for a brief moment, then without Warning !! she
closed her eyes and indexed kissing me. A breeze could have knocked me
over just then. Her sweet tasting tongue darted into my mouth and began
swirling around mine. Turning towards me, Cory pressed her boobs into
my chest as I bent over to kiss her. This lasted for a couple minutes
or so, and before I knew it my cock was as hard as a rock. I knew that
she was aware of it as it was pressing against her belly. Suddenly,
Cory pulled away and told me that we’d better get back to the trailer.
I knew she was right, but something came over me.

“Fuck that” I thought to myself. This wasn’t going to end like that.
She may be able to cock-tease some teenage boy at school, but I was way
beyond that stage of my life. As she indexed to turn and walk away, I
pulled her back into my arms.

“Where do you think you’re going?” I asked.

“Come on, we gotta get back before I get in trouble”

“They know you’re with me – it’ll be fine” I said, as I held her head
firmly in my hands and kissed her sweet mouth again. This time I led
the kiss, sticking my tongue into her mouth and licking her lips. Only
this time I ran my hand up her sweater and under her bra, grabbing a
handful of her left tit, lightly rolling her nipple between my thumb
and forefinger. At first she let me, then suddenly she tried to pull
away, but I wasn’t giving up so easily. I’m not too old to remember how
these young girls worked.

“They just need to be forced a little”, I thought to myself. Giving it
up to freely makes them feel like a cheep slut, but if you press the
issue, they’ll give it up alright. I began to believe my thinking was
right on. A couple more minutes of playing with her titties and some
passionate kissing soon had her panting and ready for more. At least
that’s what I thought.

“Umphhhhh” she mumbled, with my mouth pressed tightly against hers. She
was trying to push me away. My advances were failing fast and I knew
that if I wanted to get any further, it would have to be by force. My
cock was straining against my pants and pressing into her thigh as I
held her tight against me. It was now or never, I thought to myself.

“Don’t scream” I warned her as I grabbed her arm and a beach towel and
quickly walked her away from the fire, and into the fog that laid so
heavily on the beach. The sound of the waves and the thick night air
made normal conversation almost inaudible unless you were within twenty
feet. I walked her towards the ocean where there was an outcropping of
rocks. I figured that this would be well out of the path of anyone that
might be taking a walk along the shoreline, especially due to the
weather that night. The fog was getting thicker by the minute, you
could only see about ten feet by the time we reached the rocks. I laid
the towel on the damp sand, and sat down, pulling her with me as I did.

“Please, take me back….we need to get back before they come looking
for us” she pleaded.

I could tell she was beginning to realize where this was going. “That’s
why we need to be quick about this” I said, pushing her back into the
sand, and at the same time pulling her sweater up to her neck. Her
plain white cotton bra could barely contain the fleshly round boobs it
was meant to support. I reached out and pulled it up above her chest.
Her nipples were as erect as you would expect considering the cold air
that now swirling around them. My mouth immediately went down and
covered each nipple in turn, sucking them into my warm wetness as I
eagerly sucked and licked them. Then, knowing our time was running out,
I reached down and indexed to unfasten her pants. Luckily for me they
were only held up with a drawstring. Pulling at the knot quickly had
them ready for removal.

“Please…don’t do this”, Cory whined, and attempted to push my hand

“Listen you little bitch, you aren’t gonna get away with being a
fucking cock-tease with me” I said, mashing her back into the cold damp
sand with my forearm.

Swinging my leg up over her, I straddled her waist, pinning her to the
ground. Now my hands were free to fondle her heavy boobs and grope her
in places she has likely never been touched by a real man.

“I AM going to FUCK YOU Cory” I said in a confidant, but subdued voice
as I looked her in the eyes.

“Please don’t,…someone might see us” she begged. “I’m ….I’m a
virgin” she said in a vain attempt to make me stop what I was about to
do to her.

“Then I guess that means you’ve got a really tight pussy then, huh?” I
replied, as I yanked her loose fitting pants off of her legs.

With the thick fog and lack of lights in the area it was very dark, but
I could still make out her smooth young legs. Tracing my hand along her
calf and up her inner thigh, I finally stopped when I reached her panty
covered pussy mound. The silky material was warm and slightly moist
along her slit as I pushed my index finger in, forcing the material
into her crack. Then, raising my finger to my nose, I breathed in her
fresh fragrance – the smell of virgin pussy filled my nostrils.

“Take them off…..take off your panties Cory…and give them to me”, I
said, as I moved off of her waist, and knelt at her side.. I wanted her
to do this, not because of any guilt I had about raping her, but just
to see if she would do it. Knowing that she had no real choice in the
matter, she did as she was told. And as I sat there watching her, I
released my cock from the confines of my tight blue jeans. I could
barely make out her pussy in the darkness, but I could see the small
patch of brown hair that grew just above her slit. Her pubic hair was
sparse and fine, as you would expect with a young teenage girl her age.
Reaching out and touching it, I felt like silk in my hand. I badly
wanted to lick her virgin pussy, but I knew time was running out, so
quickly removed my underpants and prepared to fuck her. As I knelt
between her outstretched legs, I took in a deep breath and paused for a
brief moment. There she was, in all her naked glory with her full
breasts, her soft tummy and narrow hips. Below her belly button was the
thin patch of pubic hair that grew on her pussy mound and her smooth
legs spread out before me, as if to invite me in to her body. Of
course, this wasn’t an invitation , it was nothing more than a forced
rape and I was fully aware it. But right then I didn’t care at all. My
brain had moved into the head of my throbbing cock, and it was in
charge now.

Positioning my rock hard erection up to her smooth pussy slit, I ran it
up and down her cunt lips in an attempt to get her wet enough to fuck.
It worked, and as I inched it into her tight hole, she grunted and
groaned as I slowly pushed it further and further. Although she had
obviously lost her hymen before this night, the tightness of her cunt
was nevertheless like busting her cherry. As I pushed my steely shaft
into her, I soon felt the head of my cock pressing against her
relatively shallow cervix, and I still had an inch to go! I was a
little disappointed, but figured that it would just have to do, so I
gently indexed pumping my cock in and out of Cory’s hot tight cunt. I
knew I wasn’t going to last long fucking a tight holed virgin,
especially with the excitement of possibly getting caught mixed into
the equation. Regardless, I tried to hold back as long as possible,
slowly pushing my cock in until I felt it bottom out in her, then out
again, over and over. Her cunt gripped my cock like a fist covered in a
slippery sex gel. Her breathing was shallow and fast as I began to get
into the short strokes. I sensed she was near an orgasm herself, but I
wasn’t really sure.

Off in the distance I could hear voices calling out, but the thick fog
muffled them so much that I couldn’t make out what they were actually
saying. Although, I assumed the worst and figured it was Charlie
calling out for us. Concentrating on the task at hand, I shoved my cock
back into her hot cunt and pumped away, this time faster and faster
with each stroke. Soon my balls tightened and I knew it was only a
matter of seconds before I blew my cum wad in Cory’s tight little
cunny. Suddenly I felt my cock pulse, the sure sign of an impending
orgasm. Arching my back, I pushed in one last time as my cock jerked,
ejaculating my semen into her virgin hole. Again my cock pumped and
another load of warm sperm gushed into Cory’s cunt. At that point I was
thankful that I had undergone the vasectomy operation two years prior.
I could fill this bitch with all the cum I had, and not worry about
getting her pregnant! And it felt pretty fucking good cumming in her
too. Wave after wave of warm semen flooded her pussy, and soon began to
seep out around my rock hard shaft as I pumped it in and out of her
sweet little cunt.

After what seemed like an eternity, my head was clearing and I could
again hear the voices still calling out, and they were getting really
close now. But being hidden behind the rocks and with the dense fog,
there wasn’t much chance of anybody finding us.

“Come on Cory, we better get going before they find us” I said, as I
stood up and grabbed my underwear and pants off the sandy beach next to
her. “This is our secret – right?” I said, as I helped her to her feet.

Looking up at me she replied “Yea, but what if I get pregnant?…. You
better be there to help me”.

“You don’t have to worry about that, Cory….I’ve been fixed” I said,
as I handed her pants to her. I then picked up her silk panties off the
towel, and stuffed them in my pocket as a souvenir.

“What do you mean, fixed?” she asked, with a puzzled look on her face.

“I’ll explain it later….now just stay here for a minute, I’ll go
stall them while you get dressed” I said.

“Sure” she replied, as she brushed the damp sand from her sweater and

I jumped over the rocks and ran back towards the voices, stopping about
twenty yards out, and called back. “Is that you Charlie?”

“Yea, what happened to you two? I went out to the fire ring and you
guys weren’t around” he said, as he walked out of the fog.

I tried to explain by making up some lame story that we went for a
short walk and got lost in the fog, when Charlie just looked at me and
smiled. “Yea right Dude…tell someone else your stories…..was it
good for you?” he asked with a shit eating grin on his face.

“No…I uh…what are talking about? I…

Suddenly Charlie reached out and grabbed at my jacket pocket, and
pulled. Standing there smiling at me, Charlie was now holding Cory’s
little pink panties in his hand! I was busted.

“You fucking pervert!” he laughed quietly, slugging me in the chest.
“Where is she?”

“I’m right here” Cory said as she stepped out of the darkness trying to
look as cool and calm as she could. It was then that she noticed
Charlie had her panties in his hand.

“Oh God” she moaned, as she dropped her head and shoulders in disgust.
She knew then that what we had just done was no longer a secret. I felt
bad for her, but at the same time I had to protect myself.

Being more than a little buzzed, Charlie wasn’t worried about how Cory
might be feeling right then. “I want some this shit too” he said, as he
reached out and grabbed her breast and gave a little squeeze.

Cory indexed to push his hand away, but he quickly spoke. “Come on
Cory, either you share or I’m gonna tell your parents about this”.

That was something neither one of us could let happen. Sure, Cory would
be in big trouble, but I’d end up in jail and probably divorced as

“Come on Cory, give me some too” Charlie said again as he pulled her in
closer. Knowing that getting caught screwing someone, let alone an
older man would surely land her on restriction for the next year or so,
Cory didn’t fight as he pulled her down onto the cold sand once again.

I figured it was either play along or stand there like an idiot
watching, so I chose to play along. Besides, she was a fine looking
girl and I was sure I could make use of those pouting lips of hers
while Charlie fucked her tight box. Charlie slipped off her shoes and
pants, and I pulled off her sweater and bra. After we got her
completely naked, I spread out the towel on the soft sand and gently
laid her on it. Charlie moved in between her legs and prepared to get
himself some young, albeit slightly used pussy. I’m sure he would have
preferred it as fresh as I had just had, but sloppy seconds is better
than nothing I guess.

“Suck on my cock Cory” I said as I offered it to her. It was obvious
that she had done that before because she immediately took it into her
hot mouth without thinking twice about it. I instantly knew when
Charlie’s cock found her cunt because mouth clamped down on my cock as
she reacted to the monster sized that had filled her fuck hole below.
Charlie was hung like a horse – he was at least nine inches long and
thicker than most guys. Having experienced Cory’s cunt as I had just
done, I knew he would never be able to enjoy the feeling of full
penetration, but that was his problem.

Cory jerked and squirmed as Charlie began fucking her hot wet hole with
everything he had. I, on the other hand was enjoying a blow job that
compared with any I had received in recent memory. Let me tell you,
this little slut knew how to suck a dick! To no surprise it didn’t take
long for her to get me off. After only three or four minutes I could
feel another load of cum building in my balls. I knew Charlie wasn’t
far behind either as he grunted and groaned. With a cock like his, in a
tight little pussy like Cory’s, it was a wonder he didn’t cum after a
couple strokes. I looked down just as he was into his last few pumps.
The sight of that huge cock filling her tiny little cunt was all I
needed. Without Warning !! her, I blasted my load of salty cum into
Cory’s mouth. Expecting her to gag and spit out my spewing organ, I was
definitely surprised when she kept sucking on it, taking each and every
glob of slimly semen down her throat.

“OOOOhhhhhh God….oooooohhhhhh fuuuuck” I moaned as my warm cum shot
into her waiting mouth.

After what seemed like minutes the spasms in my cock began to subside.
I was completely spent, and Cory had swallowed every last drop of the
pearly white spunk I had in me.

As I came back to earth, I heard Charlie moaning as his orgasm swept
through him.

“UUUUuuuuggggghhhhhh…….uuuuuugggghhhhhh” he groaned, as his cock
indexed to once again fill Cory’s cunt with cum. His hips jerked and
jabbed as he continued pumping the warm spunk into her young tight
hole. After ten or fifteen seconds, he too calmed down. As his massive
cock slowly became limp, it slid out of her slim filled fuck hole and
hung from his crotch like a defeated warrior. A glob of gooey cum
dripped from the tip of it, and more seeped from her well filled hole
leaving a puddle on the towel as it did.

“Come on, let’s get back before the rest of them come looking for us” I

“Alright….ya…. let’s get going.” Said Charlie as he stood up and
pulled his pants back up. Cory didn’t say a word as she too stood up
and indexed to get dressed once again.

“Here” Charlie said, handing her panties back to her. “Use these to
wipe yourself up”

“Oh….Thanks” she said, as she wiped the slimly sperm from between her
legs and tossed them into the sand.

After we all finished getting ourselves dressed we headed back to the
trailer to party some more. The wives asked where we had been, and what
took us so long to get back, but Charlie used the same lame story I was
trying to use on him about taking a walk and getting lost in the fog
and all that shit. To my surprise, our wives bought it, and luckily for
us, Cory didn’t say a word – she just went along with the story too.

The End



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