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A Cruel Threesome

Gina’s car broke down in the middle of nowhere. Two older men passed her by and offered to help her. Suddenly they hit her head and carried her off to a secluded house for a day of cruel games. Watch more only at Girlsravished.com.

# I Need to Talk

Hello. My name is Barbara. Please don’t ask me for my last name. It
isn’t important, and for reasons which will become obvious, I don’t
want any of you to know it. I am here because I have to tell somebody
what happened to me before I go crazy, and I can’t bring myself to tell
anybody that I know. Here, I can remain anonymous. Here I can talk
without being seen. Maybe it sounds cowardly, but here on the internet,
I feel safe.

I guess I should tell you a little about myself, just so you’ll know
the kind of person I am. Maybe it will help you to understand me
better. Maybe it will help ME to get indexed with my story. This isn’t
exactly easy for me, even over the net.

Let’s see. I’m 27 years old. I’m five foot five and weigh one hundred
eighteen pounds. I have brown hair and eyes. I’m single and live alone
in a one bedroom apartment. I work as an administrative assistant to
the Vice President of a medium sized manufacturing facility. I work out
at the gym three times a week and take night courses at the Community
College two nights a week. I also paint and draw in my spare time. I
had a steady boyfriend, but that ended after…..well, it ended. You
know how it is. Or maybe you don’t know. Jeez! I’m indexing to ramble.
I guess it’s time to get to the point. Come on, Barbara, let’s go!
Sorry guys, but this is harder than I thought it would be.

Okay. Here goes. I was raped. There! I finally said it! That is the
first time I have used the word ” rape” to describe what happened to
me. Oh, I KNEW I had been raped, but it was still hard to SAY it. I had
always thought that it just COULDN’T happen to me, you know? Oh, no.
Not to me. That’s what I thought, anyway. That’s what I thought until
the night my nice, safe little world was shattered.

It was a Friday night last April. I left work at five o’clock after a
long, hectic week, tired and worn out. I decided to stay home, have a
light dinner, read a little and then go to bed early. That was all I
wanted. A quiet night at home.

I reached my apartment around five-thirty. After checking my answering
machine, I went to the bedroom, kicked off my high heels and put my
purse away. I then went to the kitchen and poured a glass of Merlot to
sip while I prepared dinner. After eating a small grilled chicken
breast and tossed salad, I took a long, hot bath. I spent quite some
time soaking in the tub, just letting the tension drain from my body.
Following my bath, I slipped into a white baby doll nightie, poured
another Merlot, and curled up in the arm chair in the living room with
a good book. I read till around ten o’clock, and then decided to go to

Back then, I would normally have no trouble going to sleep, and that
night was no different. I drifted off within minutes of curling up in
bed. I have no idea how long I had been asleep or what time it was when
I was so suddenly awakened. It was too dark to see anything. I was
confused and disoriented. It took me a second to realize that someone
had jumped on top of me. The absolute terror I felt at that moment was

I was pinned to the bed, a hand covering my mouth so I couldn’t scream.
I tried to fight, but my wrists were grabbed and held together. I felt
a rope looped around my wrists and pulled tight. My arms were pulled
above my head and the other end of the rope was tied to the headboard.

The one on top of me took his hand away from my mouth. As I tried to
scream, he stuffed a large ball of cloth into my mouth. He then forced
a length of cloth between my teeth, wrapped it around my head, and tied
it off. The gag was crude, but effective. He then used a second length
of cloth to blindfold me.

At the same time the first one was gagging me, the second one, despite
my kicking, looped a rope around my right ankle and tied it to the
bedpost. He then repeated the process with my left ankle and the
opposite bedpost. I was now completely helpless, tied spread-eagled to
my own bed! Do any of you know what that feels like? I mean being
totally helpless? If you don’t, believe me, you NEVER want to find out!

The one who had been on top of me climbed off the bed. I heard a light
switch being thrown and could just detect a lightening of the darkness
behind the blindfold. My entire body was trembling with fear as I
listened to them rummaging through the apartment. I prayed to God that
this was just a robbery, that they would take what they wanted and
leave me alone. I guess God wasn’t listening that night. Must have had
something better to do.

I heard one of them come back into the bedroom and felt him sit on the
edge of the bed. The situation would have been terrifying enough
without the blindfold. Not being able to see made it even worse. I
jumped as I felt his hand touch my leg. As he began rubbing the inside
of my thigh, I tried to pull away, but couldn’t. The ropes held me
tight. I whimpered into the gag as his hand moved up to my crotch. He
began fondling me through the silk of my panties. His other hand went
to my breast, squeezing and rubbing it. Can you imagine what it feels
like emotionally to be abused like that? Scared, helpless, frustrated.
It makes you feel sick, like you want to vomit.

He took his hands off of me, but I could still feel him sitting on the
bed. I heard a metallic click, and then something cold touched my
cheek. My blood ran cold as I realized that it was the blade of a knife
that was tracing a path down my cheek and along my throat. I froze, not
daring to move a muscle, but I couldn’t control the trembling that
shook my body.

The blade moved to my chest and cut first one, then the other strap of
my nightgown. I felt his hand grasp the neckline of my nightgown, then
heard the sound of material being cut. In less than a moment, the
nightgown was sliced down the front. He pulled the remains out from
under me and threw it on the floor.

The son of a bitch must have been sadistic, the way he played with that
knife! I hope the bastard really enjoyed terrorizing me while I was
tied down and helpless! Big man!! I hope that someday somebody gets a
hold of him and……never mind. Sorry that I went off on a tangent,
but you can’t know how….God I hate them! Calm down, Barbara, calm
down. Anyway, I felt the knife trace a path across my breasts, moving
across both nipples as it did. It then made it’s way down across my
stomach, moving from my left side to the right and back again as it
went. I felt it slide down to my left hip, felt it slip under my
panties, felt it slice the silk of the panties. The blade moved across
my stomach again, slipping under the material on my right hip and
slicing that side open as well. What was left of my panties joined the
remains of my nightgown on the floor.

I moaned into the gag and shook my head from side to side as he began
running his hands over my body. I felt him lean over me. He took my
left nipple into his mouth and began chewing and sucking on it. One of
his hands moved down across my stomach, down the outside of my thigh to
my knee. The hand then moved to the inside of my thigh and slid up
towards my crotch.

My trembling increased as I felt his fingers parting the lips of my
vagina, rubbing and exploring me. I felt nauseous, crying and groaning
as he continued playing with me. I tried twisting away from him, but
there was no escape. He began forcing a finger up inside of me, pushing
against my dryness. I moaned in pain as he forced his finger all the
way inside of me, and then indexed pumping it in and out while he
continued sucking on my breast.

After a few minutes, I felt myself getting wet. I couldn’t believe that
I was indexing to lubricate myself! I felt a greater shame at that
moment than I had ever felt in my life! I didn’t enjoy what he was
doing to me! I HATED it! I was TERRIFIED by what was happening! Yet my
body betrayed me, doing what nature had intended it to do.

The unknown, unseen stranger continued his abuse, moving his mouth to
the other breast as he shoved a second finger into me. He continued
moving his fingers into me, adding a third finger and then a fourth.
The pain was terrible as he attempted to force all four of his fingers
into me. I screamed into the gag, snapping my head from side to side as
I tried futilely to escape from his hand.

And then he took his hand away. His mouth left my breast. I collapsed
on the bed as I felt him stand up. And then I heard his zipper being
pulled down! I cried and shook my head ” No!” as I listened to him
undressing. I felt that unique feeling in the pit of my stomach that
comes with extreme fear and revulsion as I felt him climb back on the
bed and position himself between my spread legs.

I kept telling myself that this couldn’t really be happening, that it
must be some kind of terrible nightmare. But it wasn’t a nightmare. It
was all too real.

I felt him crawl on top of me, rubbing his hands over my naked body and
sucking on my breasts. He moved farther up on me and I felt his one
hand move between us. He guided his penis to the entrance of my vagina
and began penetrating me. I was screaming into the gag and trying to
twist my hips away from him as he drove himself deeper into me. I could
feel him stretching my insides as he penetrated farther into me. And
then I heard him moan with pleasure as he forced himself all the way
into me, his body crushing me to the bed.

I was crying and moaning as he continued abusing my body. He was
stroking himself in and out of me, pulling almost all the way out
before driving back into me as deeply as he could. I felt sick to my
stomach at this invasion of my body. I felt stark terror mixed with the
greatest frustration I had ever known. I didn’t want this animal inside
me, didn’t want him using me, but I was helpless to stop him. You have
no idea how terrible it can be to feel totally helpless, to be
completely under another persons control!

I could feel the sweat beginning to bead on my forehead as his pace
increased, driving into me harder and faster with each stroke. I was
moaning in pain and frustration as he continued pounding into me as
brutally as he could, over and over again. The blindfold was soaked
with my tears. I felt the sweat running down the side of my face and
into my hair as the rape continued.

I lost track of time. I didn’t know how long the rape had been going on
when I heard him groaning and moaning in my ear as he approached
orgasm. I could feel him swelling inside of me as he drove into me with
ever increasing ferocity. And then I felt him throbbing and bouncing
inside of me, felt his hot sperm shooting into me and coating my
insides. I groaned in rage and revulsion as I felt the warmth of his
sperm spreading through me. And then he collapsed on top of me, panting
from his exertions.

After a few minutes, he pulled out of me and crawled off of the bed.
The cool air began drying the sweat on my naked body as I felt his
sperm begin to leak out of me and onto the bed. I heard him get dressed
and leave the bedroom. I lay there helpless, crying and moaning,
terrified of what might happen next. The feeling of the knife at my
throat was still fresh in my mind. Then I heard someone enter the room,
heard the sounds of clothing being removed. The second one had come for
his turn with me.

I lay helpless as I felt him climb between my legs, felt him lower
himself on top of me. He guided himself to my still wet vagina, causing
me to moan as he easily slid himself all the way into me. I couldn’t
believe this was happening to me, couldn’t believe that a second person
was using me like a piece of meat. I felt that I was nothing, just a
piece of meat with a wet spot for these animals to deposit their sperm
in. Why was this happening to me? What did I do to deserve this?

He was moving on top of me, crushing me to the bed as he thrust himself
into me again and again. He was moving slowly, taking his time. Oh God
I wanted him to hurry! I just wanted him to hurry and finish so it
would be over! But he continued moving slowly as he sucked on my
breasts and rubbed his hands over my body. The minutes ticked by
endlessly as he continued raping me, continued abusing my body. It
seemed like an eternity before he finally began increasing his pace,
driving into me at an ever increasing rate.

He was panting and groaning, kissing and licking my face and neck as he
continued driving himself into me. His excitement was growing and I
could feel him swelling inside of me. I didn’t care. I wanted him to
finish, wanted him OUT of me! Still he continued driving into me. His
endurance was unbelievable! Over and over he pounded into me, driving
as deeply as he could into my battered body. I was jumping and
twitching in pain with each vicious thrust. And then, with a deep moan,
he began spraying my insides with his sperm. I could feel it’s heat,
feel it spreading and mixing with the sperm from the first rape. I
heard him sigh as he shot the last of his load deep inside me. Like the
first animal, this one too collapsed on me and lay panting while his
breathing returned to normal.

Eventually, he got off of me and began dressing. I could hear when he
finally left the room. Now that both of them had raped me, would they
leave? If they did, what would they do with me? Would they kill me?
Would they leave me tied naked to the bed? Oh God! Suppose they decided
to take me with them!! The uncertainty was as terrifying as the rapes
had been.

I tried to listen, to see if I could tell what they were doing. I heard
a cabinet open, heard the sound of glass on glass, heard a rattling
sound that it took me a minute to place. Ice cubes! Ice cubes being
dropped into glasses! And the cabinet! They had found the bottle of
scotch I kept in the kitchen and were fixing themselves drinks!

I lay there for over an hour, listening to the low murmur of
conversation from the kitchen. I couldn’t tell what was being said, but
every now and then I would hear them laugh. They were drinking and
having a real little party while I lay helpless and terrified in the
bedroom! Can somebody tell me what kind of filth would do something
like that? I mean, hadn’t they hurt me enough already? Did they have to
keep on terrorizing me? I indexed to wonder if that night would ever

Then I heard a sound. One of them was coming down the hallway. I heard
him enter the bedroom, and once again listened as he got undressed. The
thought that he was going to rape me again was sickening! I couldn’t
TAKE anymore!

I froze as I felt the blade touch my throat. I thought for sure he was
going to kill me. Then, for the first time, he spoke. He told me that
he was going to take the gag off, and that if I screamed, he would cut
my throat from ear to ear. When he asked if I understood, I nodded my
head ” yes’.

He untied the strip of cloth and removed it from between my teeth. Then
he pulled the wet ball of cloth from my mouth and threw it on the
floor. I indexed to beg him not to hurt me, but he backhanded me across
the face and told me to shut up.

I felt him climbing onto the bed, but this time he didn’t move between
my legs. Moving higher, he knelt over my face, with one leg on either
side of my head! He rested his buttocks on my chest and squeezed my
head between his thighs. He began rubbing the head of his stiffening
penis back and forth across my lips.

I didn’t want him in my mouth. The very thought of it caused the bile
to rise in my throat. But he told me if I didn’t open my mouth, he
would kill me. He said he would cut my wrists and let me slowly bleed
to death. I don’t know if any of you have ever been terrified, I mean
REALLY terrified, but at that moment, I was. As much as I hated myself
for doing it, I opened my mouth and let him slide his penis in.

I was crying, making the blindfold even wetter than it was, while he
moved his hips forward and back, sliding himself in and out of my
mouth. He grabbed the hair on each side of my head and began pulling it
forward and back, just the opposite of the movement of his hips. This
wasn’t a blow job in the classic sense. He was simply fucking me in the
mouth, using my mouth just like a vagina!

I was crying and gagging as he drove deeper into my mouth. He was
pushing the head of his penis back into my throat, pulling my head
towards him until my nose was pressed against his stomach. His penis
filled my mouth, causing my jaws to ache from holding them open for so
long. He continued pumping himself in and out of my throat, fucking my
mouth as brutally as he had my vagina. My body was twisting and
jerking, my arms and legs pulling against the ropes as it became more
difficult to breath.

I heard him begin to groan as his pace increased even more. I felt his
penis stiffen and begin to throb. He growled deep in his throat as the
first wave of sperm shot from his penis and splattered against the back
of my throat. I was choking and gagging, my legs and arms fighting
against the ropes as he continued filling my mouth and throat with wave
after wave of thick, hot sperm. I felt it coating my tongue and the
roof of my mouth as it ran back into my throat. He pulled my face
against his stomach and buried his penis in my throat, squeezing my
head between his thighs as he shot the last of his load into me. I was
choking, unable to breathe. I had no choice but to swallow. My stomach
began turning and I had to fight down the urge to vomit.

He sat on my chest, holding my face tight against his stomach while his
penis slowly softened in my mouth. Finally, after what seemed like
ages, he pulled out of my mouth and let my head drop onto the bed.
Climbing off the bed, he retrieved the wet, dirty ball of cloth from
the floor and stuffed it back into my mouth. Again forcing the long
strip of cloth between my teeth, he tied the gag back into place.

I heard him get dressed and leave the room, then the low murmur of
conversation. Maybe ten minutes later, I heard the apartment door open
and close. Then silence. I guess once had been enough for the other

I lay there all night and into the next day. Somehow, after hours of
trying, I managed to loosen the rope around my wrists and free myself.
I immediately went to the living room and double locked the door. I
then crawled into the shower, set the water as hot as I could stand it,
and sat there crying while the water beat against my skin for most of
the afternoon.

I never reported the rape to the police, so the animals who did this to
me are still out there. I’m so afraid that they will come back. Since I
never saw them. I won’t even be able to recognize them if they come
around! I still have nightmares about what happened. The slightest
noise at night terrifies me. I even have to sleep with a light on. Can
you believe that? Twenty seven and I need a night light! And I still
ask my self ” Why me?” . What did I do to deserve being treated like
that? Can anybody tell me?

Anyway, that’s the story of the worst night of my life. I don’t know if
any of you will understand, and I guess it doesn’t really matter. I
couldn’t STAND to keep it bottled up any longer. I just HAD to tell
somebody! God, I hope it helps. I really hope it helps.


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Teen Gets Violated and Humiliated

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