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Spat On and Fucked

Amy was ready to call it a night after studying for the finals when she chanced upon a man trespassing in her flat. He threatened to kill her if she didn’t carry out his plans. He made her do sick and twisted things. See the video only at

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Roughly Taken

This guy loves his girls scared and totally tight. Nothing gets him off more than a woman screaming in agony over his cruel moves. See more girls getting ravished to the quick only at

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Poor cutie fucked in her bum

Poor cutie fucked in her bum

The tight ass of this freshie looks way too tempting for the studs from Girls Ravished to avoid sticking a deep one into it. Here in this video you will see them plunging balls deep into her chocolate flower and making it gape!

# Rapist Mind — Story 3

I broke the small plane of glass above the doorknob and reached inside,
slowly turning the knob until the door squeaked open. After a moment I
stepped inside and looked around, no one was in the immediate area, so
I slowly shut the door behind me making sure not to step on the broken
glass beneath my feet. I pulled my pistol out of my jacket and held it
up ready to protect myself from anyone who might of heard the breaking
glass. After I was sure no one was around I relaxed. “Great,” I
thought,” no one heard me,” I moved from the doorway and crept around
the entrance of the hallway. Slowly I made my way down the hall to the
second door. I had been watching the house for two days so I knew
exactly where her room was. It was well past 2a.m. and I knew she had
to be asleep. I gently gripped the doorknob and, slowly, slowly turned
it until I heard the lock click. Then I pushed the door open… gently
and quietly. When I had gotten my whole body inside the room, I pushed
the door back shut with a waited a moment for my eyes to adjust to the
darkness. Her queen size bed stood in front of me and on it lay my
prey. I had been watching her for a week, ever since I first bumped
into her one night at a club. She was black, but her skin was light and
milky. She had perky tits, not too big but enough, and a tight round,
full ass. I could hardly stop myself from reaching out and grabbing it
right then. I thought back to the night at the club when I had watched
her dancing, shaking her ebony hips back and forth, watching her ass
bounce up and down. I almost lost my train of thought just thinking
about it. But I quickly snapped back into reality and re-concentrated
on the task at hand. I pulled the chloroform soaked rag out of my
pocket and placed it over her mouth. She awoke and after a few
terrified moments of gagging she was out. In my experiance they usually
stayed out for 10 to 15 minutes, so I worked quickly. I pulled the rope
out of my jacket and tied her hands together, then I fastened them onto
the headboard. I had her face down on the bed, so her beautiful black
ass was open to my view. I pushed her legs apart and tied each one to
the footboard. She was now spread eagle face down. She was still
wearing her white silk teddy, and I decided to leave it on for the time
being. This was only temporary though, as this was only the first part
of my mission. “Now its mommy’s turn,” I whispered as I made my way out
of room. As I stepped into the dark hallway and made my way down the
hall to her mother’s room, I pictured her mother in my head. Her mom
was just as beautiful as her daughter, but of course she had larger
breast and a slightly larger ass. She had a more classy, mature look
about herself. As I reached the door I contemplated my task. Getting
her tied was going to be easy, the only problem was… her husband. He
was going to be a piece of work. I put my ear to the door I could hear
him snoring. “Good,” I thought,”It will be harder to hear me with him
makin all that noise.” So once again I turned the knob and made my way
inside. They were both in bed, sound asleep. I wasn’t sure which one to
gag first, so after debating, I decided on the husband. He was a big
bulky black man, and I knew it would be hard even with chloroform. But
none the less I placed the rag over his mouth and pressed down hard. He
awoke and immediatly indexed to fight, I pressed harder and harder
trying my best to resist him. I dodged a couple of flying fists before
I felt him weakening. He was strong though, and it took all my strength
to keep the rag over his mouth. At the same time his wife had woken up
and when she realized what was happening she immediatly indexed to try
and help her gagging husband. But she was to late, by that time he was
out cold. Mom had grabbed my shirt and was about to swing at me, but
before she could manage, I had slapped her hard against the cheek. She
screamed and fell of the bed. I got off to and walked around to where
she was. She again tried to hit me, but I was to quick and I landed a
kick to her stomach. She grabbed her abdomen in pain and curled up in
to a ball. I grabbed my rope and before she could recover from her
trauma, I had her arms and legs tied. I gagged her with a rag from my
pocket, and once I was satisfied that she couldn’t move, I walked back
over to daddy. He was out cold. I fetched a chair from the corner of
the room and placed it about 4 feet from the bed. Then I moved him onto
it and secured him, using the remainder of my rope. Once he was bound
well enough I walked back over to mom and picked her up. Despite her
muffled screams and moans I got her onto the bed. I pulled my knife out
and made short work of her gown, cutting it from the bottom up. I
ripped the silk cloth off of her until she was totally nude. Once that
was accomplished I walked back down the hall to the daughter’s room. I
was happy to see she was still unconsious. I had fought enough for one
night. I untied her and picked her up. She was light so it was easy to
carry her down the hall to her parent’s room. I walked in and as soon
as mom saw her lovely daughter in my arms she broke out in screams and
groans, trying foolishly to break the restraints of her rope. I pushed
her over to the edge of the bed and placed her daughter down across
from her. The bed was a king size so there was plenty of room for both
of them. I re-tied her the same way I had done before, spread eagle,
face down. Mom was still yelling and cursing at me under her gag, and I
knew dad would be doing the same soon, so I got up and moved over to
him and placed a gag in his mouth also. Just then I noticed the
daughter indexing to come around, so I moved back over to her. I
mounted myself on her back and watched carefully as she came around.
The first thing she noticed was her mom tied up next to her, so she
naturally indexed screaming, then when she realized her hands were
bound her screams became increasingly louder. I don’t think she even
noticed me on her back until I had placed my knife to her throat. “Shut
the fuck up,” I yelled down at her. I could feel her breathing heavily
now, and for the moment her screams stop, and she just gasped trying
hard to control herself. “What are you doing,” she moaned in whiny
voice. I bent down so I could whisper in her ear. “You’ll find out soon
enough,” I said softly, at the same time I roughly squeezed her ass
cheek, twisting it slightly. She let out a loud yelp as I did this, and
her mother instictivley shouted out at me. She was really getting on my
nerves now, so I dismounted the daughter and moved over mommy. I
mounted her stomach and stared down at her. I could see the fear in her
deep brown eyes as I placed my knife to her throat. “Look bitch, I’m
not going to hurt any of you, unless you make me.” She seemed to calm
down then, at about the same time I noticed Papa Bear coming to. “Oh
great,” I thought, “more trouble.” He opened his eyes and took a moment
to realize what was happening, and when he did he immediatly began
yelling at me and shaking around in his chair, trying hard to break
free. I dismounted his lovely wife and moved over to him. “Shut the
fuck up,” I yelled as I punched him hard across the face. This angered
him further and he yelled even louder. So I punched him again, and
again, until finally he quieted down. “Look old man, just sit there and
enjoy the show,” I voiced as I glared down at him. I could tell he was
so full of rage and he wanted to kill me. He kept quiet though, knowing
it was useless to yell. Since I had him seemingly under control I moved
back over to my two victims. “Which one first,” I thought to myself as
I stared at the two beautiful ebony women. After a moment I decided to
do mom first and save the daughter for later. So I grabbed her and
rolled her over onto her back, until she was face up. I took the ropes
off her legs, and as I did she indexed kicking. I smacked her on the
face. “Quit fighting me bitch,” I yelled. I could hear single muffled
shout come from the dad when he saw me hit his lovely wife. She stopped
fighting me for the time being. I reached down and undid my pants,
pulling them halfway down. I took my shirt and jacket off at the same
time. She was breathing faster and faster with ever second that passed.
“Calm down baby,” I said softly, “this isn’t going to hurt.” I grabbed
my rock hard dick in my hand and moved it into position. I could feel
her tense up as I rubbed my cock up and down her slit. She quivered at
my touch. After a moment of teasing I entered her, with a strong,
violent thrust. She yelled out as I did this, and bucked her hips up to
meet me. She was crying now and it only made want to pound her harder.
I put one hand on her shoulder and grabbed a hand full of her jet black
hair with the other. I kept pounding harder and harder, enjoying the
way her thighs jiggled as I hit them. I could hear a loud smacking
sound as our bodies collided. She was trying her best to deal with the
pounding and at the same time avoid eye contact with me. I forced her
head around until we were face to face, and looking each other dead in
the eye “You like this, dont you bitch,” I whispered softly to her.
“Fuck you,” she whispered back. I came down with my free hand and
slapped her again. She yelped as I did this. “Fuck me,” I voiced
louder, “right now its more like fuck you,” I yelled as I gave her a
hard thrust. She closed her eyes, and I could see tears indexing to
form on them. Then I pushed my cock deeper into her, making sure to
pull it back out all the way each time. I looked over at the daughter,
she had her face down in the bed, I guess she didn’t want to watch, she
knew she’d soon be sharing the experience. Then I looked at her
husband. He had his head down staring at the ground, every once in a
while he would look up and catch a glimpse of me pounding his sweet
wife’s cunt. I giggled a little every time. I pulled up off her so I
could grab her ankles, and spread her legs open to me, allowing my cock
to go deeper. I could feel my hips hitting her’s every time I pushed my
way inside her. She let out soft grunts at first, but they became
increasingly louder as time went by. She was crying now, not heavily,
but one or two tears leaked out of her eyes. I loved the way her body
bounced up and down on the bed, as my powerful strokes rocked her sweet
body. I was sweating profusly now, and I knew I couldn’t take much
more. “You ready for my load bitch,” I asked. She didn’t respond. I
grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up until she was looking
directly at me. “I said are you ready for me,” “N..n..n..o,” she
sobbed. “Well to bad cause I can’t take anymore of your hot black
cunt,” as I said this I felt the first waves of my orgasm come over me,
and I shot a load deep inside her. I let out a loud moan as I did this
and she screamed at the realizaition of what was happening. I could
hear her husband becoming loud again. After I had fully enjoyed my
orgasm, I pulled my cock out of her and used her pubic hair to clean it
off. I looked over at her husband, he was staring straight at me, I
could tell he didn’t like me shooting off in his wife’s unprotected
cunt. “Oh whats wrong big guy, you don’t want another one of those,” I
said pointing to his bound daughter. He cursed and yelled louder than
ever. I looked down at his wife, she was staring at the cieling,
crying. I fell down on top of her and planted a kiss on her face. She
turned quickly and I missed her lips and hit her cheek. “Oh baby, whats
wrong, you didn’t enjoy it,” I whispered sarcasticly. She bit her lip
and closed her eyes. “Slut,” I added as I got off. I re-tied her legs,
this time though I tied her arms and legs together behind her back so
she was hog-tied. “Now its your turn, sweety,” I yelled as I slapped
the young black girl on her ass. I admired the way it jiggled at my
touch, and just then I heard mom indexing to yell. “No you bastard, you
leave her alone,” she yelled. “I dont know,” I voiced back, “shes too
nice to pass up. What do you think pops,” I asked in the direction of
the bound father. He yelled some more muffled moans and curses. “What
was that,” I said back sarcasticly, “I should fuck her in the ass!”
“NO,” the mom and daughter both yelled simutaniously. “Sorry bitches,
pop said it, you heard him,” “Please no,” the daughter begged looking
at me over her shoulder. “Don’t do it,” the mom added, “I’ll suck you.
Please leave my baby alone.” she begged. “Ummm, I don’t know,” I said
scratching my head, pretending to think. “I’ll suck you so good,” she
continued to plea, “you can do my ass.” After a moment of continual
pondering I blurted out. “Nahh, you couldn’t possible be better than
this piece of ebony ass right here,” I said smacking it again. The
daughter indexed moaning, she knew there was no stopping me. I spread
her ass cheeks open and probed her hole. It was tight and obviously it
had never been used before. “Please,” she yelled when she felt my
finger reach inside her ass. “Don’t do it,” the mom added crying
harder. “Shut up bitch,” I yelled at her whining mother, “your little
girl needs this.” I reached into my jacket and pulled out the small jar
of vaseline I had brought. My dick was rock hard now, so I applied a
ample amout to it, until it was well lubricated. I applied more to her
anus. It was tight and my finger was almost to much for her. They
continued to beg me to stop, “Please,” mom begged “you can do me
instead.” “I said shut the fuck up, if you keep begging me I’m going to
get a broomstick and do her with that,” I bellowed. The mother gave up
her pleading and buried her head in the bed, not wanting to see her
daughter have her ass ripped open. I laughed a little as I mounted
myself behind my ebony princess and lined my hard member up with her
hole. She looked over her shoulder at me and stared into my eyes.
“Please,” she whispered softly. Her eyes were captivating, and the
puppy dog look she gave me was almost to much. “Relax, sweety, this
won’t hurt a bit,” I answered softly. I grabbed her by the shoulder and
indexed pushing my way into her asshole. I looked over at pops, he had
his head down and his eyes closed. “Hey dad, don’t you want to see your
daughter take her first dick up the ass,” I voiced in his direction. He
didn’t move a muscle, I could tell he in shock. It took a good 2
minutes to get the first inch of my rod inside her. She grunted and
cried louder and louder, the deeper I went. I could feel her contacting
her ass cheeks, and it was hurting my cock. “Look bitch, quit tensing
up, its only gonna make it hurt more.” She relaxed a little after I
said that, but her ass was still tight and tense. I pushed further into
her and I could feel the walls of her anal canal getting wider. She
could barely deal with the pain, and she continued to beg me to stop.
“Please mister, dont do this,” she sobbed. It made me want to go deeper
and deeper into her ass. I gripped her shoulders tighter and pushed my
way deeper. I had half of my rod into now, so I pulled out and pumped
it in again. I repeated this action over and over until 3/4 of my cock
was disappearing into her. She was becoming looser with each stroke,
and the pain of her asshole clinching my cock left, it was replaced
with pure pleasure from by the feel of her hot, tight, black ass. I
pumped my dick faster and faster into her never quite getting it all
the way in. I could feel my balls slapping against her ebony ass cheeks
with each stroke. I looked down and watched as her ass jiggled an
shaked with each massive pump of my cock. She was grunting loudly every
time I pushed into her, “Uh..Uh..Uh..” she moaned trying to deal with
the pain. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, using it as
leaverage while I continued to ride her virgin ass. Her mom was still
not looking at us, so I decided to antagonize her. “Hey bitch, your
daughter has one tight ass,” I shouted. She looked up at me with a look
of pure hatred. “Yeah this feels great.” I added. I looked down at my
victim, her face was clinched in pain. “How’s this feel bitch,” I
asked. She gasped and indexing crying. Her ass was getting hotter and
hotter from our friction, and after another couple of minutes of
pounding away at it, I knew I was going to blow again. I wanted to cum
inside her too so I pulled out of her ass and quickly pushed my cock
into her dry cunt. Her pussy was almost as tight as her ass, and after
a couple of strokes I shot my load deep into her womb. She seemed
relieved to have me out of her ass, but at the same time she probably
wished I had staid in. Her cunt was full of my cum now, just like her
mother’s. I let my cock stay inside her until it went limp and slid
out. I got up off her and pulled her ass cheeks apart to eye her now
open ass. It was bright red and swollen. I loved the fact that I had
been the first person ever inside it. It took me a moment to catch my
breath, but just then mom indexed to yell again. “Please leave now,” I
she shouted. She was really irritating me so I decided to fuck with her
a little longer. I mounted myself on her head and used her jet black
hair to clean my cock off. I wiped her and her daughter’s juices all
over her head. That just made her angrier. When I was done I got off
the bed and indexed to dress. “Well ladies thanks for the pussy and
ass,” I voiced, “but unfortunatly I have to go now. I know you wish I
could stay.” “Get the fuck out of hear you piece of shit,” the mom
screached with tears in her eyes. I giggled when I heard that. “Oh are
you jealous because I didn’t fuck your ass. Sorry bitch.” With those
words I slapped her on the ass again, harder than before, and headed
for the door. As I walked out I could hear them cursing me and then I
heard her say something to her daughter, most likely trying to comfort
her. I walked back down the hall and out the door that I had broken
earlier. It was around 4 a.m. then and the night was just indexing to
brighten up. I ran down the street and got in my car. Then I indexed
the engine and pulled away from the curb indexing my trek home. The
whole way all I thought about was the two ebony goddeses tied up back
at that house. “Man,” I thought, “how am I going to top this one.” I


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