Keeping a brute in good health

Keeping a brute in good healthIt looks like pussy is the best medicine for this crazy thug. He seemed to be almost passing out but when this sexy nurse walked into his room, he got up and attacked her like a perfectly healthy man! Watch him do her at Abusing Uniforms!

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2 cocks for someone else’s GF

2 cocks for someone else’s GFIt’s a pity that this super-hot redhead has got a boyfriend. That means that the thugs from Abused Witness will not only have to force her into fucking but also dominate her lad in process. Watch them do her right in top of the guy!

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Rough sex with young couple

Rough sex with young coupleThis little brunette is yanking on her boyfriend’s sweater hard, desperately trying to wake him up and make him save her from the rapist but… As it always happens at Abused Witness, it is in vain. The kink will keep plowing her cunt!

# I Took Her Holme 1

This story contains forced sex, violent sex and celebrity rape. If
these subjects offend you, or you are under the age of 18, please
delete this file now! Warning !!: Stay in the real world! Don’t live in
the fantasy one .

I had just gotten home from work one night and was exhausted again. I
work hard everyday of the week except for my one day off, Tuesdays.
Well I come home to my small house and my small living room and what
feels like my small pride. I am a decent looking guy, even hot when I
feel confident, make good money for a 24 year old, am very intelligent
and have a great personality; but yet the girls I desire want nothing
to do with me. Sure they “like” me, but as a friend, always as a
friend. I’m sick of it! I never get my just due. Why can’t things be
easier, why can’t I ever get the girl I want. I will, oh I will.

Each week I get to watch all these pretty young actresses on various
shows and have nothing to do but dream about them. Dream about how I
want to touch them, feel them, taste them. I have got to have them,
just one and I don’t care which: Allyssa Milano, Amy Jo Johnson, Kerrie
Russel, Sarah Michelle Geller, Jennifer Love Hewitt or my
favorite-Katie Holmes, and she would be the perfect one for one
reason-I know where she lives. By chance, her family’s second house is
about two blocks over from me and although they only live there in the
summer, she will stay there every now and then in order to still hang
out with her summer friends. Well she’s gonna meet one friend she won’t

I had it all planned out. It took me two weeks to get all of my
“supplies” neccessary for my night of retribution, and after observing
her frequency of visiting, I thought I was ready. She basically comes
to visit every third weekend, getting in late Friday and leaving
mid-Sunday. She always goes out on Saturday and comes home somewhere in
the vicinity of12:30 a.m.. I knew what to do.

After preparing all of my goodies, I dressed in my darkest clothes so
as not to be seen and drove past her house and parked on the corner. I
left the doors to my car and house unlocked and made my way to the back
of her house. After prying open the back window from the basement I
quickly made my way up to the 2nd floor of the house where all the
bedrooms were.

I looked in at them and kind of looked around to make sure I was in her
bedroom. I wanted to get ready but something made me look through a
pile of clothes on the floor and I searched through it with a fevered
excitement. The first thing I pulled out was a lacey little bra, white
with blue paisley, a definite keeper. The next piece was obviously to
be her underwear. After looking through several pairs, I found the
perfect one. A pair that was the matching bottom to the top I took out

All I could do for the next minute was inhale the sweet scent that was
seeping out of the material. I could already smell what her pussy was
like and I loved it. Well there will be much more time for this later,
only if I get ready, it’s almost 12:30. After putting here undergarmets
in my bag, I got inside her closet and prepared for the night of my

Within the next fifteen minutes or so, I heard her come home and
immediately get on the phone to tell whomever(friend or parent) that
she is alright and she will talk to them tommorrow. I knew my time
would be coming up soon when I heard her walking around in the room I
was in. The only wrench she threw in my plan was when she waited to
come towards the closet and instead walked out of the room and went
into the bathroom to shower. Oh well, this is a life full of
adjustments and I knew I could handle it.

I heard the shower go on and knew she was in there. I decided to change
my tactics just in case she wasn’t gonna come back into the room right
away. I waited around the corner from the bathroom, knowing she
couldn’t see me in the dark of the hallway. My excitement level was sky
high when I heard the water stop. I had already been prepared with the
proper supplies.

The door opened from the bathroom and the light went out. As I heard
her walk out, I redied my cloth that had the chloraform on it. She
basically passed me and never saw the hand that went around her mouth
nor did she see the other hand that clamped around her waist (covering
her left arm as well). I have to hand it to her, she did put up one
hell of a fight, but I would not let the object of my desire loose now.

I knew I only had about 40 minutes to have her prepared before she
would index to wake up, so I had to move fairly quickly. I gathered
her, some of her clothes and my bag up and proceded to carry her out to
my car ( hoping no-one would see us). I knew if this went through
without a hitch, I could have her ready in about 10-15 minutes.

I got her home and brought her down into my basement. My basement is a
finished storm shelter that can be totally locked down since I had made
a few “adjustments” to it. The room is mostly empty except for a few
“goodies” and the main contraption in the middle of the room. This is
where she is going to experience every sexual thought I’ve ever had
about her.

My “contraption” is a homemade little sex table I had prepared over the
past week in order to make this whole event a little easier for me. I
laid her down on the table and strapped her hands and arms up above her
head. I put a strap around her waist to keep her down and also had a
strap loosely holding down her neck. That was loose enough not to choke
her but to still keep her head down. Then the most exciting part so
far-binding her legs in a spread open postion( legs bent, feet flat on
the ground). Although i was extremely tempted to remove her robe right
away and fuck her, I vowed to myself to wait until she was awake. The
last part left until she was ready was to put the latex oral props in
her mouth. These were to go on the inside of both sides of her mouth
and prevent her from biting down while still giving her the ability to
breathe and talk with minimal interference. Obviously these would have
more pleasurable purposes for me, but not for a little while yet. I
needed only to wait until she was awake to begin my ravishing of her
body. I decided to add a little memorabilia to this experience and went
back upstairs to grab my tripod and my video camera. After setting them
up, I noticed she was coming around so I turned it on and took a seat
near the table.

She took several minutes to open her eyes and even longer to respond to
both her environment and her predicament. Obviously she screamed, but I
was prepared, I had made the door to the upstairs soundproof with an
old trick I learned in college: cover the door with carpeting and have
it overlap the edge of the door and viola, instant soundproofing.

After letting her scream for a minute, I walked over to her to let her
see me for the first time. She just sat there with a frightened look on
her face, tears welling up in her eyes and not being able to move. To
totally throw her off, the first thing I said to her was an
over-friendly, almost buddy-buddy type “hello”. She just stared in
fear, not able to even respond back.

“No hello?” I said “How rude, well don’t worry, in the next day or so
you will learn to have some manners girl, now how does that sound?”

Obviously all I was gonna get in response was some screaming so I let
her cry for a minute then continued.

“I wanted to tell you first off that I love your work and would like to
get to know you on a more personal level which I believe this qualifies
as. I’m gonna tell you a few important things so you better get them

“Number one-as you probably know, I really think you are hot and I
can’t wait each week to see you on your show, tantalizing us men,
having us know we can’t see more than you want us to and not being able
to delve into and explore our urges you give us. I represent the
everyday guy who works for a living and deals with kind-of pretty
women. Well no longer, you are mine this night and make no mistake, I
am going to do anything I want to you. Shake your head if you
understand me!”

“I am going to look at your body up close and personal”

She hesitantly nodded as much as her restraints would let her

“I am going to touch you”

nods again

“I am going to taste you, as in, I am going to lick your pussy and suck
your clit.”

nods again

“And lastly, I am going to fuck you several times, and I probably will
come inside of you, if you don’t mind”

She didn’t nod, instead she talked and begged me not to have sex with
her, that she was a virgin and she really didn’t want to loose it this
way. I told her if she was good, and obeyed everything else I would
restrain from having sex with her. She thanked me. I was lying, of
course, but people in trouble will believe anything.

I wanted her to know all that was going on, so I told her that I am
taping everything and that I will distribute this to friends and maybe
on the internet( after some great editing of course). This obviously
didn’t go well with her but she has no choice. I asked her if she had
ever given a blowjob before.

“No”, she wimpered “I can’t, I’ll throw up. Don’t do it”

“Shut up little bitch” I yelled as I indexed unbuttoning my pants. “Not
only will I fuck your face but I’m gonna come in your mouth”

I stopped the unbuttoning and walked behind her to raise the piece that
kept her head strapped down. I had devised it so her head could be put
into the prone position. Now she was looking at straight ahead and
could see the camera and tripod and knew that everyone would eventually
see this.

As I came back around I finished getting my pants and underwear off and
knelt down over her chest. I let the end of my cock sit on her nose so
she could see my dick right in her face. I told her I might just
jerk-off like this and shoot my come in her eyes but that would be for
later. I was extremely hard from this whole ordeal anyway so I wouldn’t
have to wait. I’m glad I used the mouth restraints.

I took my cock and let it run over her lips, it sent a shiver through
my body. I figured there was no time like the present and proceeded to
enter her mouth with my dick. I could feel her toungue move around in
protest as she tried to scream but it just made it feel that much
better. I could not believe that I had my dick in Katie Holmes’ mouth.
I knew she couldn’t move so I indexed to lightly thrust myself in and
out of her mouth. This was great, and it felt great too. I kind of had
to hold her lips tight against my cock because she was’t able to close
them tight with the restraints in her mouth. It didn’t change a thing,
within four or five minutes, I could feel my ejaculation rising. I told
her about it.

“I’m gonna come in your mouth, Katie!” I panted, “Here I come” I
screamed as I blew the first load to ever touch the mouth of Katie

It was actually quite a big amount and I could hear her gag on it.
After several seconds of releasing heavily in her mouth I told her to
swallow and she didn’t at first but realized she’d better so I watched
her do it. I had her run her toungue around my dick so I could have
those little tingles you get when your dick gets sucked after you
already just blew your load. When I was pretty much over and done with
that, I rubbed my penis on her cheek and hair just to keep her humbled
and embarrassed.

I wanted to know her thoughts and feelings on what just happened so I
waited till I was fully recovered from the pure pleasure I had just
experienced and asked her what she thought about it. She wouldn’t
answer me. Well that just pissed me off. She was scared but I didn’t
care, she should have answered me.

Now I wanted a piece of her. I took hold of the front of her robe and
loosened it so her chest would be in full view. She had medium-small
sized tits with nipples that were on the smaller size, just the way I
like them. The only problem was that they were not hard at the moment.
I knew how to remedy that. I got out a piece of ice and when I showed
it to her, her eyes got big because she had an idea what I was gonna do
and she did not want it directly on her tits. Too bad!

I moved it close to her face and slid it over the side of her cheek,
swirling it down her neck. She jumped each time it would go over an
area that was dry. I liked the control I was owning over her. I
followed up with kisses to all the areas the ice went over and got very
excited when I moved the ice down the front of her neck. I was kissing
her neck and moved my kisses over her mouth.

“You have great tit’s” I told her, ” I really want to suck them!”

Following that, I wandered my ice, and my mouth over her breasts and
proceeded to lick her tits all over except for her nipples. I rubbed
and kissed until her nipples were hard and then I finally took one in
my mouth. I heard her whimper when I did this and slowly sucked on them
for about three to five minutes. I would occasionally ask her how it
feels but I would get no answer from her. No matter, I knew I had been
turning her on and I wanted to feel the proof.

I opened her robe all of the way to finally see her exposed pussy. Now,
since her legs were in a spread-eagle position, it was easy access for
me. I slowly lowered my body down between her legs almost to where I
could thrust my dick into her and I heard her yell

“Wait, you promised!”

“So I did”, with that I changed my course of action and lowered my head
to about a foot in front of her pussy. At first I was unsure of what I
should index with. I decided to just get a close look and moved my head
in about four inches. I sniffed up real close to her womanhood and took
in the sweet scent. I loved it. Then I took my left hand and reached
out to touch her. She jumped a little when my hand came in contact with
her pubic hair. I lightly rubbed on her mound without touching her slit
yet. As I rubbed I indexed to circle my hand down lower until it came
in contact with her lips. She actually let out a moan. Oh yeah.

I put my fingers on either side of Katie’s lips and opened them up so I
could see the inner folds of her most private area. I couldn’t believe
the excitement I had when I saw that she was wet and definitely excited
by this. I had actually gotten Katie Holmes wet, wow! I held her open
with my left hand and licked the pointer finger on my right hand until
it was well lubricated. I gently took that finger and slowly, real
slowly, eased it into her. She gave an intake of breath as my finger
worked its way into her, gently sliding all the way in to my knuckle.
Even with just my finger her pussy was tight, I could just imagine what
it was gonna be like with my dick. I could feel the inner walls of her
cunt tight around me while I continued to finger her. I saw her face
turn to an expression of pleasure and could feel her hips slightly move
up to meet my pumping finger. I took my finger out and licked it
several times just so she could see me tasting her juices. After a few
minutes I pulled it out and put it directly on her clitoris and
proceeded to turn her on more and more by rubbing over her most
sensitive part. I could tell by her breathing that she was getting
close to cumming so right before that was gonna happen, I stopped. She
actually had a look of dissapointment on her.

After letting her cool down for a minute, I replaced my finger with my
mouth. I moved my lips and tongue all over her pussy, gently poking and
prodding all of her womanhood. I couldn’t believe I was eating out
Katie Holmes! I was learning every crevice and fold of her body. Oh my
God did she taste wonderful. There is a destinctive difference in the
taste of a woman in her late teens compared to a woman in her late
twenties, especially one you’ve wanted for a while. She was sweet and
fresh and almost addictive. My tongue parted her pussy hole and entered
her strongly. She was indexing to get worked up again. I swirled my
mouth all over her pussy, moving it to and fro. I cirlced all around,
flicking her clit here and there until her hips indexed to move again.
This time, instead of pulling away, I concentrated on her clit. While
doing this, I reinserted a finger in her and worked it in and out of
her fuckhole.

“Come on Katie” I whispered, “I want you to cum for me”

She could only pant and breathe hard.

“Let it out baby, I know you’re gonna cum. Cum for me” I worked hard on
her clit, longing to see her orgasm.

The pumping of my finger and the licking of her clit were to much for

Between breaths I heard her whimper “I’m cumming!, I’m cumming!

With those words, Katie Holmes came on my finger and all over my
tongue. I felt her inner walls clamp hard on my finger and her orgasm
must have lasted about fifteen seconds. It was so sexy, I almost came.
But not yet. Not until I fucked her.

End part 1

I took her Holme 2

This story contains forced sex, violent sex and celebrity rape. If
these subjects offend you, or you are under the age of 18, please
delete this file now! Warning !!: Stay in the real world! Don’t live in
the fantasy one .

By the time all of this was over, I was fully erect again and desiring
to fuck her, badly. And considering how wet she was, it was going to be
easy, real easy.

I kneeled up in front of her and said “Now I know you enjoyed that,

“You came so hard on my finger and in my mouth.”

Then I decided to kind of psyche her out. I said that I was soon gonna
let her go but first all she had to do was suck me off again.

“If you don’t, then I am gonna fuck you and take your cherry. It is
your choice but if it was a matter of either doing it or losing your
virginity while being raped by me, I would think you would do it,

After a moment she indexed to say ” Fine, I’ll do it. I’m not happy
about it but I do thank you for keeping your promise.”

With that, I took the clamp off her neck and the binders out of her
mouth. I told her to be a good girl and it would be over soon. I said
that since she will be done soon, and this one is voluntary, it might
as well be under her power.

I put my dick by the base of her chin and moved it slightly towards her
mouth. She looked at it for a second then she took it in her mouth and
indexed to work it all around. She bobbed her head forwards and
backwards on my dick and actually tried to work my cock over well. She
wasn’t doing it out of the desire to make me feel good but obviously to
finish this so she can leave. I didn’t care, it felt great. I told her
to use her toungue more and then had her deep throat me. She almost
choked but I didn’t care, I was loving it. Then I decided to rock her
world. I decided it was the right time because I already had her
willingly blowing me and that would be an additional humiliation for
her to suffer.

I asked,” So you don’t mind this as much since it’s keeping me from
fucking you?”

She replied,”No, I really couldn’t bear to do it this way, thank you so
much for not taking my virginity.”

“Your welcome” I said as I pulled my cock out of her mouth and placed
it near the opening of her pussy “your very welcome.”

She indexed to protest as I slowly indexed to sink my dick into her
virginal canal. As I got the head of my cock into her, I was able to
feel how tight she really was. It was like a vice was around my dick.
She was screaming as I moved my cockhead in and out to savor the monent
of actually deflowering her.

I did want to stop her screams though so I punched her in the gut to
knock the wind out of her and told her that this was so easy to do
since she was still wet from her orgasm and since she had just
re-lubricated me by voluntarily sucking my dick. All she could do was
cry, from both what was happening and then this revelation of
humiliation. I was loving it!

Could you believe this. Here I am, an ordinary guy, sitting here with
the head of my dick inside Katie Holmes’ pussy, Katie Holes! And as I
sit here thinking about this I index to sink my cock further into her
with each successive thrust. I got it in far enough so I could feel the
resistance of her hymen. At this point I grabbed her head by her hair,
looked into her eyes and kissed her full on the mouth. At that moment I
thrust my dick in hard to the hilt deep inside of her cunt, severely
tearing her hymen and taking her virginity forever.

It felt terrific, and I didn’t want to stop. So I didn’t. I kept up the
thrusting inside of her, almost removing my cock each time I pulled
back and then slamming it all the way in again. After a short while of
this I slowed down the speed a little but kept up the depth. This got
her, against her wishes, very turned on. She indexed to move her hips a
little as I must have been sliding over her “G” spot, and I could tell
that this was going to end with a bang. Between the fucking, the
situation and Katie’s increasing climb towards orgasm, I knew I was not
gonna last too much longer, and when I heard her breathe in hard
several times and felt her teenaged cunt clamp like a vise onto my
cock, I was ready to go. Her side muscles tightened and she came so
hard that her body shook for almost 1/2 a minute. The look on her face
and the severity of her orgasm threw me over the edge and I whispered
in a breathy voice that I was about to cum. And I did. I shot at least

felt before. Her pussy seemed to milk my cock dry. All she could do was
cry while this was taking place, knowing that this might have just
ruined her life, might just have impregnated her. That would be really

I sat back and decided I should go and grab a beer and play out some of
the rest of my pleasures. I went upstairs and I grabbed the cucumber I
had in the fridge, took my drink and headed back down to Katie. She lay
there quitly sobbing and for a second I actually felt sorry for her,
not enough to let her go of course. I lay down near her and slowly went
to work on her with the vegetable. It was obviously thicker than I am
and it was freezing cold too. I was sliding into her gently back and
forth and before long she was actually turned on again and into it,
which made it easier to cucumber-fuck her with. To further embarrass
her, when she was getting real close to cumming again, I laughed at her
and said ” I can’t believe that your getting off on this cucumber, you
slut. You are actually gonna cum from it. Ha!” And with that she
embarrassingly stared at me and did cum. Then I made her eat the
cucumber, making sure she tasted herself on it.

By the time this was done, I was turned on again but decided to put a
twist on it. I told her that since I did everything else to her, I was
now going to fuck her in the ass. She returned the statement with a
scared no but I told her it was too bad. I ran to the bathroom and
returned with vaseline and proceeded to flip her on my machine. I then
smeared the vaseline all over her asshole and slowly placed my dick at
her pucker. As I pushed in I felt an incredible tightness, even more so
than in her pussy and I pumped in and out trying to get a feel for her.
I only got to do this for about three minutes and then I came so hard
deep into her asshole, She’ll be shitting my come for days.

Afterwards, I pulled out of her now non-virgin asshole and laid there
resting, with my hands on her tits. I indexed having all these weird
thoughts. Various sexual/violent themes. See the problem was that I had
never thought out the ending and I didn’t know what I was gonna finally
do with her. I knew that I had already gotten alot from this encounter
and thought that I should get everything I could from it. So I flipped
her back onto her back and punched her in the stomach as hard as
possible. This obviously knocked the wind out of her, but it was
extremely exciting to me. I did it again and found it to be sexually
stimulating and although I had cum several times today, I was hard
again. I skimmed some of the vaseline from her ass and put it on my
cock and pushed it into her pussy. I kept it deep in her while I puched
her several more times. By this time she could barely breathe so I
decided to change my tactic, so I slugged her in the cheek, and then
again, and again. As I continued this, her cheek had swelled a little
and she then blacked out. This was just what I wanted. I indexed
thrusting in her while she was passed out and then finally came deep in
her again. There is some excitement to fucking a passed out teen

I then decided it was time to end this tryst and took my cloth with
chloraform on it and had her breathe it while she was sleeping just to
keep her out. I gathered her up and rushed her out and into my car. I
had decided to drop her off several miles away in one of the “bad”
areas of town. I put her down in the alley way near some of the bums
whom are always laying around. I hate to think what they may do with
her, but then again, I’ve already done it and this tape that proves it
will make me alot of money. I must do this again, who shall it be now?

Let me know what you think


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