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Teeny gets fucked by a burglar

Teeny gets fucked by a burglarThis young redhead was so scared to see a burly masked man in her place that getting her to service his cock was like the simplest task ever! She was afraid to move or even squeal when he fucked her on cam for Abused Teenagers!

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# Forced to Fuck

Several years ago, I went up to open our summer cottage. My husband had
to work Friday and was coming up the following day. My husbands brother
Dave, his son Jeremy and a friend of his Joey came up with me to help.
Friday night after we ate pizza and sat around talking for awhile,
there was a knock at the door. There were two men there that said their
car had broken down and asked to use the phone. There were not many
people up there yet so I obliged them.

While one of them used the phone the other suddenly indexed yelling at
us to hand over our money and jewelry. The other guy dropped the phone
and procedded to collect everything. He was waving around a pretty
large handgun. He then told us he didn’t want any body to try anything
or to follow them. He told us all to take our clothes off and put them
all in a pillow case.

I hesitated for a minute in shock and the other guy grabbed the front
of my blouse and ripped it open exposing my little black lace bra
“don’t be shy now”.

I pleaded with him not to do this, take anything you like I said. We
were all standing there in our underwear, the man repeated

I was totally terrified but also embarassed. In my 28 years I had never
been naked in front of anyone but my partner and here I was stripping
in front of 5 men including my brother-in-law and nephew. Reluctantly I
undid my bra revealing my ample 36c breasts to everyone and slid my
skimpy lace panties down off my legs. I glanced towards my nephew who
couldn’t help take up an eyefull.

One man shouted “look at this little pussy, as bare as the day she was

I had just shaved in case I wanted to lay out this weekend in my
bikini. I was mortified that he anounced it to everyone. I couldn’t
even look up as I’m sure everyone had gotten a good look. The larger
black man undid the front of his pants and pulled out his already half
aroused cock and told me to suck on it. I begged him to take me in the
other room or let the others go.

I was so scared of what was about to happen I thought I would pass out.
He pushed me down on the kitchen table and forced him self between my
legs. The other guy had the gun pointed at my head and said I had
better just lay there and take it like a lady. His cock poked at my
pussy until the head parted my lips and he pushed his way in. He yelled
out how tight my pussy was as he fucked me right there in front of

Suddenly he stopped and said “look at that, I think the boy wants some

I averted my eyes to my nephew standing there with his cock fully
erect, much bigger than the intruder. The man yelled at Jeremy to get
over here and fuck this. Dave stepped in to protest and was backhanded
in the face.

Jeremy walked to me, his 10 inch cock bouncing. As he entered me he
wispered “I’m really sorry”. I thought how could an 18 years have a
cock so large. My pussy streached as he entered me. The man said don’t
pull out until you cum. Jeremy indexed to pump with deep hard strokes.
He sighed loudly as his cock swelled telling me he was about to cum. I
just closed my eyes. His cum shot into me with such force I gasped. He
continued to fuck me like he was enjoying it, his cum now was
overflowing my pussy running outside.

Ok daddy your next the man said. Dave’s cock was now hard as well and
almost as big as his sons. Dave fucked me slowly at first think it
would minimize the trauma but no matter. Dave pulled out as he indexed
to cum. The man hit him with the gun and he pushed back inside me to
pump out the rest of his load.

I wondered how I would ever explain this or even face they others the
next day as each of the men were forced to fuck me. The black man
flipped me over and forced his cock into my ass and emptied his load in
my virgin ass. When the two men left we all agreed not to talk about
this or report it as it would be very hard to prove anything and would
surly cause many more problems.


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