Suitor Roughs Up Woman

A suitor who got dumped decided to get his revenge by forcibly fucking the woman he courted. Disappointed and angry, the young lady was left traumatized and drained by said suitor. See what happened in

# Pretty Good But She’s Mine

I am a 18 male and my nick is Monkey. I use to hang out with my friends
to disturb girls around my neighborhood and I always get fucked up by
my parents. This new season is going bored. There are no georgous gals
to look for. This neighborhood really sux!

When I returned to school, my eyes glance for some good looking gals
around me. Some can be graded OK but some don’t, really don’t. But once
my eye caught to a gal, cute and sexy. Her hair is yellowish brown but
not blonde. She has a pair of brownish eye, never lose to anyone else
around. To my estimation, she has a body shape of 34, 26, 36, which is
consider quite good to me. She is wearing a tight pink blouse and a
glossy shining pink mini skirt with a black jacket around her body.
Erm.. she is wearing a red shoe as well.

I can’t control myself and got up to her after school. I get to know
that her name is Crystal, 16 of age. She lives with a friend of hers
down the road just in front of the school. Great! I make up my mind to
court her. At first I don’t have any violance on her. But you will get
me towards the end of this story. HEHE!

Early tommorrow morning, I go up to her with the intend of courting
her. I try to chat with her but she seems to ignore me. This gave me a
great emotional slap on my face since she is so attractive.

I asked, “What’s wrong, can’t you give me a chance?”

“You are not the type for me and stop borthering me.”

I am so angry at that time and walked away. I will make that bitch pay
for this. I went home and make my preparation. I get all my tools
ready, –rope, duct tape, and i brought my two baby monkeys along
(that’s why my nick is monkey). I put my instruments aside and I go
down to her dwelling for a research.

For your information, I have learned some break lock skills when I was
in 15. So this skill came in handy. Within seconds, I got the main door
opened. There is nobody inside. I search the entire house for her info.
I get to know her friend is Kelly, which is also 16. I also get Kelly’s
picture and she look as pretty as Crystal. Yeah! Double bonus. I
checked the diary of Crystal, and know that she will be going for the
school play tomorrow night. Kelly is going too.

They go for the school play about 7 pm and I break into their house at

waited for them to come home. At around 10 pm, I heard the door being

I made my hide in the kitchen as they went upstairs. I followed them as
they close the door of their rooms. I opened Kelly and I went inside.
Her back was facing me and I can make my move easily. Slowly as she was
keeping something into her drawer, i put my handkerchief with cloroform
onto her face and she soon into unconciousness. I tied her onto the bed
without any noice. I gagged her with a rubber ball.

Making no noice, i tip toed onto Crystal’s room. She is in the
bathroom, cleaning herself up. I lied on her bed while waiting for her
to complete. As she turned off the tap, i make my position ready. I
stood just by the side of the door. As she walked out, I push her onto
the bed. She is wearing a white T-shirt with a pair of black jeans.
This shaped her round ass clearly on view. I think she is on to some
midnight program with Kelly. She looked at me at surprise and…

“What are you doing in my house, get out of here!”

“You don’t have to be so angry for we are going to have some fun my

I jumped on here and pin her on the bed. With my strength, I tied her
four limbs to the post of the bed, making the shape of an X. By now,
she was unable to do anything. I go on top of her and gave her a deep

“By right, I liked you very much but you turned me down.”

I get off her and unzipped my pants. I took off my shirt as well. When
I took off my brief, she looked into fear and..

“No, please stop that, I will be your girlfriend, ok”

I ignore her exclaim and went up to her with a knife.

“Are you a virgin, my dear?”


“I see”

I cut off her shirt and her jeans, leaving her with only bikini. I
cupped her breast and fondle with it while giving her another french
kiss. She turned her face away. I cut off her black bra, revealing her


“Yess!!!!!” I replied.

“You know what fun am I giving you? Hahahaha!!!!”

I sucked her left breast and I squeeze her right with my hand. She
screamed. Next I cut away her panties revealing her pink little pussy
into the air.

“Here I come..”

I pushed my tool slowly into her cunt. She scream like mad and it
pierces the silence of the night. I stopped my first thrust as my whole
cock went deeply into her pussy.

“Isn’t that nice, my dear”

“Please stop! It hurts!”

“That’s what I want”

I continue my thrust, with every pump it went faster. She screams and
moans loudly. I can see she indexed crying. Well, it’s normal. A 16
year old teenager will have this kind of respond. She is tight, real
tight. That’s why I like raping virgins. I hold her hip and continues
my fuck. She struggles hard to escape but no use. I push as fast as i
could, and I no longer be able to hold my load and I cum in her. I
collasped on her, and kiss her. I noticed that there are blood flowing
from her pussy. Virgin blood!

“Aren’t it fun, Crystal”

She just kept quiet. I rested for about 3 minutes and I came back in
action. I untied her and turn her around.

“No! Not that!”

I continues and soon her ass are facing me.

“You wore this fucking tight jeans to tease me isn’t it?”

“No, I don’t mean that!”

First, I just inject my cock head into her ass, and she screams like
hell. But I don’t care. I continues my push and the whole meat enter
her ass! Ouch! It hurts to me too. It’s mother damn tight. Ahh!!! I
pushed and pull and push and pull. While fucking with her ass, i fondle
with her cute little pair of breasts. At last I cum in her anal.

“I almost forgotten, your friend is waiting for me. Hehehehe”

I went next door and Kelly is now return consciousness. She looked at
me naked in front of her.

“We will have some fun. I am sure you just hear the screams, don’t

“No! Please, I am still virgin!!!”

I tied her the same way I tied Crystal, the X shape. But now i
signalled to my baby monkeys. As soon as i tear off her blouse and her
bra, I told my baby monkeys to suck her breasts. You know, monkeys
don’t know how to suck properly, and they suck as hard as they could
and they seems to enjoy themselves. Hehe. Now she is moaning hardly.
Next i cut her mini skirt away and her panties as well. I couldn’t
control myself to be gentle and I fucked her as hard as I could, and as
fast as I could. She screams loudly, but nobody could listen to her. I
kissed her hard and her virgin blood is recoloring my dick. At last, I
cum in her making her cry. I overturned her and do the same way I did
to Crystal. Without stimulating her, i push my tool into her anal and
she screams heavily. Both of them are tight, real tight. I really like
this. After all my pleasure, I left.

I saw them in school early tommorrow morning and they never tell
anybody about this. 3 months later, I got the news that they are
pregnant. Wow, am I going to be father?


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