Jenny Pressured To Fuck

Jenny was walking in the park with a friend Bill, when suddenly he grabbed her and lead her into a secluded part of the park. He handled her roughly and fucked her without remorse, and nobody was there in the woods to rescue her. See it at

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Giving her pain she never felt

Giving her pain she never feltThis freak hiding his face under a scary black mask seems to be a real expert in pain. Here at Violent Comix you will see him making his victim scream her heart out as he claws into her nipples and fucks her tiny pussy with his huge cock!

# Bikini Baby-sitter Gets Paid!

My name is Jodi. This a story about the day some kids broke me in. I’m
a freshman in college. About three months ago I got a call from My
collage advisor asking me to baby-sit their kids for the next weekend.
My advisor name was John wilcox. He is about late fifty’s. Nice but
very ugly. Unfortcanly his kids were even worse. Luck would have I was
taking a class with Mr. Wilcox as my professor. I wasn’t doing very
well, so I said I’d be happy to watch their kids for them.

The week flew by and before I knew it I was at Mr. wilcox house
watching the kids. They left me with $200 dollars, and a criedt card.
It had been a busy week so I had deiced to what to sit out till I got
there on Friday since they had a great big pool and finced in yard. As
soon as the parents left I told the kids That we were going out to the
pool so I could lay out. While they went to get dressed I slipped into
the guest bedroom and began to take off my clothes. I am Cheerleader at
the University so I am very fit. My measurements are 32D-23-34. I have
long brown hair and big brown eyes. As soon as I took of my shirt I saw
Mr. wilcox’s oldest soon Marcus looking through the crack in the door.
It must have been more then an I full for those 14 year old eyes. I
slid down my shorts slowly so he could get a good look at me in my bra
and thong. I ran my hand from my breast to inside my underwear. I
thought I could hear him beating off outside the door. Suddenly I shut
the door. I must have given him a good scare because he ran like a
mouse right after wards.

As soon as I had made it into my bikini I slid out the door on to the
back poach. I noticed that Marcus had a couple of his friends over and
that they were all looking at the strings on my bikini wishing that
they would come untied. I just laughed at them as I turned my Thong
covered ass towards them hoping to give them something else to jack off
to. I laid down on the nearest sun chair. I got one last look at Mr.
wilcox’s other two kids Kevin and Matt. They’re twins, about 11 years
old. They too seemed very interested in what I was wairing.

About ten or fifteen minutes went by. Then suddenly I opened my eyes to
find all the boys (about Five in all) surrounding me. Marcus asked me,
” Have you ever had sex Jodie?” . I just looked at him with disbelief
of what he just said. Suddenly one of his friends hit me across my face
knocking me to the ground. They all grabbed me and pulled me into the
house. They put me on the dinning room table. Marcus’s friend Danny
looked at him and said,” we got her, I’ll go get the camera.” Soon I
realized they were setting up a video camera. I began to fear that they
would rape me.

Marcus’s other friend was Tommy More. He was a big fat kid, about 12
years old. He was so fat the most people laughed at him when they saw
him. He was holding on to one of my arms, while the younger boys were
holding the other down.

Marcus got in my face and said, ” If you fight I won’t kill you, I’ll
just FUCK your face up so bad that you’ll never look this pretty

” Please don’t do this,” I said fearing the worst.

He moved to my arm where the kids were and Grabbed the young boys and
told him he could do what ever he wanted to me. Kevin came first. He
looked my dark tanned body up and down. Then he sat on my chests while
the others held my arms down. He began to laugh at me while he grabbed
the back of my head to make me look at him. With the otherhand he began
rubbing one of my breast. I begged him to stop. All the boys laughed.
He slid a couple of his fingers into my bikini top. He indexed rubbing
my nipple trying to get it hard. It wasn’t long till it did. The others
flipped me around on the table so I was side ways on it. Kevin moved in
front of my face. All of the boys were talking about how the could see
my nipples.

Marcus grabbed me and told me to open my mouth. I did. Kevin then took
off his pants and began to push his little six inch Dick into my mouth.
I had never had a Dick in my mouth before. But I knew what to do so I
sucked him while he pumped his cock into my mouth. I couldn’t help from
coking since his balls kept slapping my face. His whole hand was
playing with my tit. Slowly he let go of my breasts and began to move
to my string bikini. I tried to struggle but Kevin just keep pumping by
face. He didn’t undo it he just slid his fingers around the bottom and
then fingered my ass and my slit.

My pussy was shaved very finely so it would fit my little g-string. I
heard some of the other boys talking about how I was shaved. Kevin’s
balls were slapping my face pretty hard. I could taste his salty precum
and feel his balls getting tighter. I knew he was close to cuming. I
broke free and begged him not to go in my mouth. He just grabbed my
head and began fucking it again. His hand was on my breast as he began
to groan. All of a sudden he blew his load in my mouth. He kept fucking
my face till I sowaload his load. I couldn’t believe that the first
blow job I gave was to an 11 year old boy.

He placed my head down on the table, and said, ” You got nice tits

My string top was all mangled and twisted. My nipples were pushing
through like Thorns. Suddenly Tommy moved towards me. He looked at
Marcus as if asking for permission. Marcus just winked. Now like I said
Tommy was fat, and I wasn’t about to let him fuck my face. He moved
between my legs. He began sucking on one of my nipples.

He let go of my tit and put a small kitchen knife to my throat and
said, “I’ll cut you bitch,” he bent down and looked at my g-string and
begun to untie one side of it.

I begged him to stop this, that I was a virgin. He just laughed and
said, ” Not any more.”

He pulled bikini bottoms away from me, exposing my little shaved brown
mound to everyone there. He undid his pants and put some sun tanned
lotion on his Dick and my pussy. I told him he could fuck my face as
long as he wanted, just as long as he doesn’t bust my cheery. He put
his dick to my shaved lips and begun to slip it inch by inch till all
ten inches were in. This fat kid was hung! He began fucking me hard,
while I kept begging him to stop. My back was arched and my tits in the
air bouncing as he pounded me. He got in my face and made me look at

He said, ” I’m going to pump you full of cum Jodie.”

I told him not to that I wasn’t on the pill. That just made him fuck me
harder. I was so embrasured being fucked by this kid in front of a
group of other boys. His balls were tight and thumping my naked body.
He held tight to my dark, long muscular legs pulling me into his Cock.
I knew he would come I screamed, ” NO !” . He just pushed in me and
Shot his warm load deep in. I felt warm all over as he kept pumping me
making sure to get all of it in me.

When he pulled out of me he grabbed me Bikini bottoms and put them in
his pocket and said, ” Thanks Slut.”

I was in shock that I had just been fucked. So much so that I didn’t
notice that Matt had come to make me be his bitch. He slide in me with
ease. My pussy was wet with Tommy’s cum. He began pumping me hard.
Everyone indexed screaming for him to fuck me harder. By back was
arched and bouncing with every pump. He began sucking on my tits while
fucking me. Soon I felt his dick pulse inside of me as he moaned. I
could feel his warm load swimming in my depths. I indexed crying as
hard as I ever had.

The kids flipped me over on my stomach so my feet were on the floor.
Marcus got be hind me and put his dick in my cunt just to get it wet
enough to stick in my ass.

I yelled, “Please don’t! “.

He rammed himself in my ass hole hard and fast. I just let out a grunt
with every pump he put in me. His pumps were making my ass bounce up
and down. I could tell by the way he was pumping me that he was going
to cum in my ass. I was wrong he pulled out and out himself into my
cunt and pulled my hair back while he gave his last strokes before
blowing his load in me.

I was on the verge of passing out. Danny quickly grabbed my head and
said, ” Not yet.” He then suddenly put his Dick in my mouth and fucked
my face while I tried to breath. He would push till his balls were on
my face, hold, then pull back. He repeated this a couple of times then
pushed as far as he could in the back of my throat and came.

They all took turns on me the rest of the night. I stopped fighting
after my sixth rape. I would just lay there and let them pump my face,
ass, or cunt.

Some time in the night Mr. Wilcox came home. He saw my young fit body
laying there nude on his table. He undid his pants and mounted me
easily. He began fucking me.

While he was pumping me he said, ” Did you like fucking my kids slut?
did you like feeling them cum.

He bent down and sucked my tits, When he came back up he got right in
my face while he was fucking me. He kept pounding me making my body
bounce with every pump. I looked down and saw his gray haired balls
slapping my body. He grabbed my face and made me look at him.

He said, ” If you don’t want this tape to get out you’ll come and see
me and my kids a couple of times a week.”

He then grabbed my thin waist and began pumping my cunt with a
vengeance. He put both his hands on my head and forced me to make eye
contact with him while he came in me. He jerked and pumped wait felt
like gallons of cum in me.

After he was done all the kids went a couple more times. Then they sent
me home. Every week for the last three months those boys and Mr. Wilcox
have fucked me. I’m beginning to wonder if it will ever end.


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Carly Gets It Rough

Carly was minding her own business. Pleased to go home before midnight after wrapping up overtime work, she was forced to have sex with a random stranger who trespassed in the office. For more of this, visit

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